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The Balcony

A/N: this is just a little thing I whipped up while watching Moana. It probably has a bunch of typos but yea..

Warnings: None

Word Count: 518

You were beginning to regret come here tonight. Tony had promised that Steve and Bucky were going to be gone at least through the week, but when the two soldiers walked through the door dressed to the nine’s, you knew that either Tony lied or they came without telling Tony they were.

And knowing Tony, you guessed it was the first one.

As you watched the two men, you noticed Bucky make his way through the crowd towards you.

Your quickly looked down at you glass, hoping that he didn’t notice your staring. As you watched the people on the dance floor, you heard him clear his throat behind you.

Taking a deep breath you looked at Bucky, meeting the blue eyes you used to know so well.

“Hi Bucky,” you said after you took the last drink from your cup, observing the way his eyes roamed over you.

“Doll,” He greater you taking you hand and placed a feather like kiss, but not releasing you hand “it’s been a while.” He said looking at you with an emotion you couldn’t quite place.

Nodding in agreement you looked at the man in front of you, you looked at the balcony near you and smiled “Want to get some fresh air?” You asked him.

Nodding he gripped you hand tighter and led you through the small crowd in front of your destination. Opened the sliding doors the two of you slipped out into the cool air, not saying anything for a few minutes.

“I missed you.” You said as the two of you watched the cars below you guys.

“I missed you too, Doll. It’s been hell without you.” He said as his hand slid across the railing and gripped you hand in his

Tightening his grip on your hand, he pulled you away from the balcony. Bucky grabbed you other hand he held you close to him.

A deep sigh came from the brunet as the two of you leaned closer.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, as you nose brushed against his.

With a nod from you, he closed the gap between you two and gently pressed his lips against yours.

You quickly returned the kiss, moving your hands to the base of his neck, grasping the hair by your hands. When you pulled away for a breath, you let out a small chuckle.

“Remind me why we broke up?” You asked breathlessly as you looked at Bucky, his eyes bright in the moonlight.

“Because I’m an idiot,” He laughed nudging his nose against yours. “Would you give me a second chance?” He asked looking at you with hopeful eyes.

Nodding you let out a small laugh “let’s start with lunch, yea?” You asked him pulling away a but to create a small space between the two of you.

And when Bucky nodded and pulled you in for a hug, you gladly returned it, the cologne he was wearing engulfing your nose.

It was at this moment you realized how much you missed your solider and now… you don’t plan on letting him go any time soon.

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Hello friends I need some advice!!!

So I’m going out of the country for almost 2 weeks in May (which I’m SUPER excited for btw), and I’m of course not bringing my pups. However, my mom and sister are both coming as well so we decided to leave all four of the dogs at our house with a dog sitter.

I’m just worried about leaving them all for almost two weeks. I’m not going to have my friend who’s watching them walk them, because my kids are reactive, but she will play with them and things. They usually wear each other out a lot, but I’m worried they’re going to get sick of each other after 11 days, and also that they are going to destroy my house or something.

I’m not even sure what exactly I’m hoping for advice wise. Is there anything I should do? Has anyone else left their (not easy) dogs with someone for that long that wasn’t an owner? Or maybe toys I could make to keep them entertained??? Idk but if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it

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How would da boys react to a s/o seeing them in school after not seeing them regularly and running up and greeting them and hugging them joyfully? Thank you!

Admin Mawile: ( ̄▽  ̄*)

Shuu: You’re annoying, too clingy, and too loud. If you’re really happy to see him, you’ll let him sleep. 

Reiji: That is not proper behavior for someone associated with him, and you will show some restraint or be punished for it. 

Ayato: He’s more than fine with the hugs, but you’re basically offering your blood by getting so close to him. 

Kanato: You’re just going to get screamed at for being loud, touching him without permission, upsetting Teddy, etc. 

Laito: Oh, he didn’t know you were so happy to see him~ Now, he just has to pull you away for a bit to show how much he appreciates it. 

Subaru: If you startle him, he will shove you. Not on purpose, but he’s extremely strong and it will end in bruises. 

Ruki: He doesn’t mind your affection, but you need to behave yourself while in public, or face the consequences for it. 

Kou: You’re awfully brave to hug him where his fans can see, and he’s very willing to turn that against you later. 

Yuuma: It’s a little annoying to deal with your excitement, but if you offer sugar, he might be willing to put up with it. 

Azusa: Any attention from you is a good thing, and he’s perfectly happy to drop everything and hug you back. 

Carla: You are not allowed to touch him without permission, and especially not allowed to make him look so weak for letting it happen. 

Shin: You’re practically asking to either get bitten or punished, and he’s more than willing to deliver. 

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22. “I can’t do this without you” with Gibbs? <3 <3

“Jethro, I know what I said, but-”

“But nothing.” He interrupted, and your stomach dropped at how detached his voice sounded. “You said you never wanted to see me again. I’m just trying to do what you want me to do.”

You exhaled, shaking your head with a scary wave of fear. No, you couldn’t lose Jethro like this. Not because of some stupid fight where you said something you didn’t mean. And not right now. “Jethro, please. I didn’t mean it. I can’t do this without you. You said you’ll always be there for me.”

Gibbs’ eyes stayed away from yours as he thought it over. It occurred to you just how hard your heart was beating, and it skipped a beat when he looked up. “I still will be.”

Drabbles are closed

I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz, or arrow of carnations that propagate fire; I love you as one loves certain obscure things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries the light of those flowers, hidden, within itself, and thanks to your love the tight aroma that arose from the earth lives dimly inside my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you directly without problems or pride; I love you because I don’t know any other way to love.

Except in this form in which I am not nor are you, so close that my hand upon your chest is mine, so close that your eyes close with my dreams.

—  Pablo Neruda

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You must get lots of asks about how to knock someone out without brain damage, but I'm looking for the exact opposite. Do you know if a bash on the bonce (leading to 30mins-1hr unconsciousness) could lead to brain damage that impairs a character's reading ability? Thanks!

Absolutely. A TBI (traumatic brain injury) can cause swelling that can damage cognition and reading comprehension. Also TBI sufferers tend to get headaches, and can have blurred vision or other visual disturbances. Attention spans tend to shorten during recovery, and they tend to become more irritable, so reading may be possible but they might not be able to sustain it for long.

All of this is neurological, not personal, but it’s still important to realize. It’s also important to remember that reading comprehension won’t be the only thing that changes; there are lots of other changes too.

I suggest checking the head injury and TBI tags, checking out my friend @towertumblng​‘s blog to look at the effects of even minor TBIs, and checking brainline.org for more info.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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you look at me like i don’t know
this is about the chase,
about the way you linger
on my skin when you haven’t
touched me in months.
i am too involved,
too in love with the idea
that you can still taste me
without straying too far.
i know i’m not an afterthought,
every word has settled in your
stomach so that when she
touches you, she can feel the
way i made you moan clawing
at the back of her teeth.
i am more than you let on,
a memory you keep close
when she’s too cold -
too in denial that you only
stay because you’re too afraid
of the way i would make you come.

you know, I honestly work pretty hard to be a good friend. I can’t be that for everyone and when someone is overextending my bandwidth I have a bad habit of fading (working on that) but one thing I virtually never do is pick fights or become needlessly combative with friends. if I like you, I might openly disagree with a stance you take or maybe just grumble a little, but I’m sure not gonna attack you or sever ties on a whim. so it does hurt a bit to see people I count as friends pull the soft-block/avoidance thing, when nothing I’ve done has ever warranted that. I don’t even mind being unfollowed and will happily remain friendly with non-mutuals, but the added layer of being banished out of the blue doesn’t feel good.

The Kabby fandom is full of the most amazing, beautiful people, and I’m so grateful to call so many of you friends. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys, I really don’t. Thank you to @shefollowedfires @marcuskanc @griffinskane and @catalan1 for their lovely, supportive words of late. And thank you @abbykomskaikru for just everything. You are always there when I need you. I don’t know what I did to deserve any of you ❤

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"It’s a dangerous thing, pretending to be someone you’re not." W/ Matt you're a goddess

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what it means,” you counter, stepping back, away from him. “You want to pretend that you can live a life without Daredevil, but we both know that you can’t. It’s in your blood, Matthew. It’s who you are.”

You can see that he wants to say something to you, but you don’t give him the opportunity, instead walking over and pressing one last lingering kiss to his jawline.

“I love you, Matty, and I know you love me,” you whisper, holding on to the lapels of his suit jacket. “But this life was never meant for us. You can’t be the man I need you to be, and I can’t accept you putting your life on the line every night. I’m sorry.”

He tries to hold on to you, for a moment, but his grip falters and he allows you to step away.

“Yeah,” he chokes, swallowing around the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry too.”

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Hi! Congrats for the amazing work on FYCD :) I just wanted to know how to reach you guys without a tumblr. I wanted to comment on something relevant regarding your latest post --- but I don't know how without asking, which is exactly what you wrote in the submit page you don't want us to do, so... Would you make such a path available? Thanks :)

You can always ask questions via the ask box, but we prefer that contributions to discussions/posts be done on your own blog or via the reply feature.  If you don’t have a tumblr account, sign up and follow us! (lol but really).  If you can’t or really don’t want to have a tumblr account, we used to have a disqus feature, but our theme changes have caused it to be removed.  If you’d like the disqus back once we sort out our theme situation, please like this post, and I’ll look into adding it back if there’s enough demand to make it worth the code struggles.

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Number 13

My queen!

I’m really happy that you sent a number in, because I will gladly take every opportunity to tell you how loved you are.

It was such a blessing to be assigned as your clique companion, getting to know you those two weeks was so amazing. Now, you’re one of my best friends on here and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

My friend, I could write an essay that includes every reason why I love you, but I’m gonna try to keep this short for everybody’s sake 😂

You are an angel and I will always be here for you.

|Message me a number, and I will write a post about you.|

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I was able to buy the last lavender/mint puppy sweater and it just came in today and I'm just so in love with it!!! It's my first brand item and my first fairy kei item! I wanna thank you for providing tips and stuff because without you I wouldn't know what the heck to do!! Thank you so much? (♡゚▽゚♡)

Thank you for the kind message♪

I’m so happy for you! That is such a cute item, you’ll look so adorable in it ✨ I’m really glad my blog has been able to help you (*ノωノ)


yo there’s been a lot of discourse in the PL fandom lately about Bill Hawks, and I need to put my two cents in.

I wish we knew more about his motivations and his backstory- I feel like canon information would be very helpful. I honestly know nothing about him! We have Clive’s fairly complete backstory from the time he’s 13 to the present, which makes him easier to sympathize with. Does that mean that his whole London-attacking thing was okay? No! But at least we see his motivations, as twisted as they are. 

What was Bill Hawks doing in these 10 years before UF? Does his wife love him for the power and money OR is he actually that good of a person? Was the failed time-machine test the only instance of his corruption in the political world? I just don’t think that the game really gave us enough info, which makes it so hard to form an opinion about him without being hypocritical. But man, didn’t this set you on edge?

Knowing Level-5, we will be left in the dark on this one. Hawks is such an anomaly in the PL series because all characters have their stories told and they are made out to be neither good nor bad. Just human. Bill Hawks is the only ‘bad guy’ whose life story isn’t canonically told! Why? We’ll never know. 

It’s okay to have differing opinions on this one. Even I don’t quite know where I stand. Is it okay to think that Clive is a really fascinating character, and that Bill Hawks may or may not just be a normal dude, while still recognizing the damage they’ve done? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh