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Half-Buttoned -- Dacre Montgomery

Request: “Could I get Dacre smut like reader rides him? (ALSO IDK HOW BUT COULD U ADD IN HOW READER THINKS ITS REALLY HOT AF THAT HE WEARS HIS SHIRTS HALF BUTTONED UP)” — hailhydrabarnes “I loved your recent imagine ride his face/eats her out until she begs him to stop?❤️❤️”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). NSFW gifs below the cut. Cursing. Rough sex. Orgasm denial. Edging. Lots of kinky shit. I would not recommend reading unless you’re SUPER kinky and into rough sex. Also, does shitty writing count as a warning?

Pairing: Dacre Montgomery x Reader

Summary: You and Dacre just love to tease each other, but at some point he has to teach you to be a good girl for him.

Word Count: 3143

Listen To: I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox

A/N: Yeah, so I’m highkey obsessed with Fifty Shades Darker. I’ve always had a kink for that shit, so I decided to write a Dacre fic that sort of (not really) has Fifty Shades vibes (maybe). I got WAY into this and it got out of hand, sorry if this isn’t your thing… oops.

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Bones wearing one of Spock’s Vulcan robe things but he doesn’t wear the under robe that you’re meant to and in an effort to explain how Bones has worn this wrong Spock puts on one of Bones’ suit jackets without and shirt and glares at him.

“You’re doing this.”

“Is it culturally insensitive?”


“Then imma keep doing it. You can keep that jacket on, too.”

There are Monsters 

Characters: Dean x Reader, Emmary (Child OFC), Charlie (Child OMC), Sam

Warnings: fluff, brief angst

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic SIXTEEN. The line was, “As long as I’m around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.”  requested by @amanda-teaches . It will be highlighted in the fic. I combined it with a gif submitted by the lovely @chaos-and-the-calm67.  Hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for celebrating with me! Warning: I’ve been sick all day and can’t be blamed for its awfulness. It’s hardly edited or anything. Blah! Whatever… fluff away.

Feedback Appreciated

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Why does everyone hate on The Time Monster so much?

I mean you have the Doctor dreaming about the Master

The Master without his suit jacket (I WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG YOU HAVE NO IDEA)

This awesome lady who actually calls the Master out for being a condescending jerk

This prop

The Master somehow making smoking and drinking look good

This contraption of the Doctor’s

The Doctor, Jo, and the Master all having a conversation about Jo’s tail bone

The Master putting the Doctor on mute

Baby Benton

Queen Galleia


Jo riding on the Master’s back


The Master on his knees begging

Naked Benton


Seth Rollins - Took you long enough

Prompt: Could I make a Seth Rollins request? Something cuts and fluffy where the reader has been with him for a long time. Even before him getting into wwe. And they’re still not engaged/married yet and the reader is wondering when he’ll propose. I just have this image of Seth sneaking peeks at her Pinterest to get ideas for a ring and stuff. Idk if that makes sense at all but I hope it does 🙊
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

You and Seth had been together for a long time. You went to the same high school back in Davenport. He was popular, known by everyone and you, well you weren’t the bottom of the food chain. You had your group of friendships and you didn’t really stray from them. You knew Seth from the moment you started high school. He didn’t know you. Your first official meeting was when he joined your local gym. You were both 16. You quickly found out that both of you had a love for wrestling and wanted to get into the business. From then on you spent every day together, working out and training together. At first, you just hung out at the gym but your friendship soon evolved to hanging out at school and people quickly noticed. When the two of you started dating you were the talk of your school. 

No one thought your relationship would last but then you made it to a year and then graduation. And now here you are over 10 years later, still together and now in the wwe together. Your relationship has been through a lot. Both of you decided to follow your dreams to become wrestlers that caused some problems in your relationship. Distance being the main one and injuries for both you and Seth. Over the years you went to different promotions and Seth was offered a wwe contract before you. You travelled the world while Seth worked through NXT and onto the main roster. 

You were so proud of him. Eventually, you had made a big enough name for yourself on the indies that you got offered a contract. You were in NXT for a year and now here you are, finally with Seth on raw. 

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A Friend in Need

Pairing: CastielXReader, mention of DeanXReader

Word Count: 1435

A/N: One-shot kind-of-fluffy-but-definitely-explicit smut that couples to my one-shot: I Need a Friend. If you haven’t already, I suggest you hit up my Masterlist to read that one first!

Warning: Smut after the cut.

An involuntary whimper escaped your throat, “Sweet mother of God, Castiel. Keep talking like that and I’ll get off without you ever laying a finger on me.”

With a grunt, he pushed off of the bed to stand at your feet.

“What’s wrong?” You propped yourself up on your elbows, the thought fleeting that it might have been a mistake to mention his father.

He squinted at you, tilting his head askance. “Would you like that? For me to,” he deliberately paused, “to get you off. Without touching you?”

You blinked slowly, lost for words. All you could do was nod.

(not my GIF)

“I need you to say it,” Cas said, loosening his tie.

The sexually confident seraph was absolutely nothing like the shy and uncertain companion you’d imagined he’d be in bed - he was so much better. “Yes, Castiel,” the words rolled off your tongue like a prayer, “I would like for you to get me off without touching me.”

He jutted his chin forward, fists clenched, tone serious. “Take off your clothes.”

Fingers moving swiftly to your shirt, faltering at each button in eagerness, you obediently tossed the garment aside.

The angel’s unwavering gaze bore into you, roaming over each new inch of flesh made visible as you shimmied and kicked out of your jeans and panties. Reaching back to unclasp your bra, you eyed his coat suggestively and halted your frenzied pace. “Is this a ladies first thing? I mean, I appreciate the nicety, but maybe you’d like to make yourself more comfortable too.”

He took the hint and unhurriedly shrugged out of his trench coat and suit jacket without breaking eye contact. “Better?”

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Long Way Home - Part One

This is far fetched AF but I feel it could be sick. So the reader falls asleep on the train in 2017 n next thing is waking up on the train at a platform in 1920’s Birmingham. Obviously the reader has no fuckin clue what’s going on n doesn’t let on to anyone that she doesn’t belong there. Then she falls into the hands of the peaky blinders, little bit of romance with Tommy, keeps slipping up about things from the future whilst trying to keep her little secret quiet and fit in , yeeaaaaa

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

It’s with a heavy heart that I make my way back to Birmingham. It’s been nearly three years since I was even in the country and almost five since I’d been in the Midlands, but university was over - had been for over a year - and life in the States was not turning out as I’d planned. So when news reached me of my estranged mother’s rapidly declining health I decided to make my way back to my home town. Unfortunately by the time I’d gathered enough funds to return, my mother had passed. The funeral had been earlier today in Worcester and after I’d received condolences from the three other people who turned up, I decided to head back to Brum and our old family home my mother had left for me in her will.

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Smooth Operator

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (eventually)

Word Count: Just under 2000

Warnings: Awkward, fluff (a little), some cursing, violence?

Notes: My first anon request! This was so much fun to write so thank you so much for asking for it! I hope you like it! <3 xox

Ask:  Hi, could I request a Mick x reader imagine? Mick has decided to go on a hunt with Ketch & the situation is getting out of hands quickly. The reader happens to hunt the same monsters and help them. Mick tries to recruit her, with a lot of reluctance she finally agrees. Mick tries to flirt but he’s awfully awkward and the reader just stares at him each time, not getting what he’s trying to do xD ♥

“Ketch,” Mick’s panicked voice shouted as the vengeful spirit drew closer to him, backing his sweating frame into the wall.

“Bloody thing,” Ketch grunted through gritted teeth from the opposite side of the room, desperately trying to turn the top half of a sphere. “It’s stuck!”

“STUCK?!”Mick yelled in disbelief. His eyes closed as the icy chill of the ghost closed in.

“Hey asshole.”

His eyes flew open as your voice travelled through the halls. The spirit narrowed his eye’s and growled as he turned to face you.

“Remember me? ‘Cause I sure as hell remember you,” You had a scar running across your cheek where the spirit had lobbed stuff at you last time you were here. “So get this,” You smirked and held up a burlap sack, shaking it so the contents rattled. “I got something of yours.”

A ferocious roar made the shabby house tremble as the angered spirit charged toward you. On instinct, you dropped the bag and covered every part of it with salt and gasoline. You had mere seconds to light and drop the matches before the spirit reached you. The bag ignited and an agonised scream filled the air as he went up in flames, your long hair billowing out behind you as he did.

Ketch and Mick were watching you wide-eyed as you stomped on the burning remains with your leather boots to put out the last of the fire. Glancing up at their shocked faces, a smirk pulled at your lips but you refrained.

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Anonymous said: “Can I request an I.M scenario where you both have a really bad argument? And he accidentally slapped You? PLEASEEE, I’m an angsty hoe”

A/N: From one angsty hoe to another - thank you for sending this request in! I hope you enjoy reading it. There is another note at the end. Please read it! 

Warnings: ANGST. (no happy ending for this one lmao) 

Word count: 1.2k

Originally posted by shovnu

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New to This (Castiel x Reader)

Request: Either Insecure! Or Vulnerable! Castiel and affirmation kissing. It can be implied smut but that puppy has absolutely no idea what it’s like to be loved and I want to see how someone else would work with it!

Title: New to This

Pairing: insecure!Cas x Reader

Warnings: None.

Originally posted by heytheredeann

“This is completely unnecessary.” Castiel protested as you forced him to sit down.

You, along with Sam, Dean and Cas had just returned to the bunker from a hunt. It didn’t go so well seeing as you all were ambushed by a bunch of angels.

You all managed to take a hit but Cas seemed to have gotten it the worst. Of course, the angel immediately healed all of you but failed to think of himself.

“Don’t fight it man.” Dean told him, shaking his head as he walked away. Most likely to take a shower.

“Yeah, good luck.” Sam chuckled, also walking away from you and the angel.

Cas sighed in defeat, knowing that the brothers were probably right and he shouldn’t argue with you about it. His eyes followed your every move, watching as you grabbed gauzes and alcohol.

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Bounty Hunter Chapter 1

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Summary: You’re a bounty hunter, trying to make a name for your own. But will one night of passion ruin everything that you’ve worked for?

Beta’d by @the–blackdahlia

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, oral (female and male receiving), dirty talk, fluff and angst coming later

Word Count: 2.1k

(pls asked to be tagged in upcoming chapters!)


Cases after case, files after files. You had a busy life being a bounty hunter. It was hard and not to mention your sexist pigs of co-workers.

Being the only woman in the department at the moment was hard, but you showed them who’s boss. You showed them that you were just as good as they were, maybe even better. Bounty hunting was hard and you worked your damn ass off. And if wasn’t for the money you were making, you probably would’ve left the job a long time ago.

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Translation from Psycho-pass 下 Kougami and Akane's last scene


I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. It was a big big surprise to me. Why haven’t I heard someone talking about this scene before?????   


Kougami pointed the dominator at the refrigerating van but it didn’t change its shape into decomposer. It was stuck in paralizer mode, it couldn’t be helped.  He dodged by a hair the refrigerator van that was running against them, stepping aside from it with all his might.

The van sped up and ran away breaking through the fence dividing the factory from the wheat fields. Rolled to the ground, Kougami jumped up to his feet and — Akane’s figure, who was supposed to be behind him, was not there.

Kougami ran after the escaping van. Akane was clinging to the vehicle side.


Without realizing, he screamed her name. He started running with a desperate look on his face.


The refrigerator van was running fast on the farm road between the wheat fields. Akane was hanging to the side of it with her left hand. She was about to dislocate her shoulder but, come this far, she couldn’t whine about it. She desperately focused all her strength not to be thrusted out as well as not to let go of the revolver in her right hand.

From that unstable position, Akane aimed at the tire of the refrigerating van with the revolver. 

She pulled the trigger.

At the recoil of the magnum bullet, she remembered the tactile sensation of the time she had shot with Toyohisa’s shotgun*. 

The tire of the refrigerator van blew out. The van lost control and started weaving. Akane was thrown off and the refrigerator van fell sidelong and plunged into the wheat field.

“… ! …”

Akane, who had hit the ground, lost consciousness.


— that moment, was it  shortly before the murder case of the avatars thief started?

When Akane had entered the large office at the Criminal Investigation Department, Kougami was dozing at his desk. 

Maybe he was hot after the training or something and he had taken off the suit jacket.


Without any particular reason, Akane stared at Kougami’s face. He was resting with his chin on his hands swaying his chest slowly like he was rowing a boat.  That defenseless sleeping face was really unexpected and Akane felt her heart beat so fast.

—  broad shoulders, a thick chest. Probably the type who looked thinner in his clothes than he really was. She also watched his arms carefully and they were quite thick. A muscular, masculine body. Just looking at him, for some reason she hadn’t enough of it. An incredibly well-shaped nose. The thin mouth was attractive but the lips were a bit chapped…

The sound of a ventilating fan not fitting for a contemporary building. There was no one else apart from the two of them in the large room.

I wonder why.

Suddenly Akane got antsy. This man Kougami Shinya someday, he will surely go somewhere far. She had such a feeling.

Kougami woke up.

“…mm?” he looked around with a confused face. “Inspector…Tsunemori?”


“I…was I sleeping?”


— Akane awakened too.


At the same time she regained consciousness, she had an attack of severe pain.

that’s right, I’ve been thrown off the refrigerator van.

When Akane tried to stand up, she was kicked hard at her side.


Akane screamed, writhing in pain. She let go of the revolver.

Makishima was standing right beside her.

“Now that I think about it…Inspector Tsunemori…I should have killed you in the first place” he stated coldly. “My biggest mistake. As a result of my information gathering, I thought ‘you were the weak point of the Public Safety Bureau CID’s Division 1’. At least, that had been a correct perception until Funahara Yuki was killed…”* 

Enduring the pain, Akane crawled on the ground and extended her hand toward the revolver. Makishima raised his foot stepping on the back of her head — . 


Kougami caught up with them with the dominator at a ready.

Makishima laughed scornfully at Akane and ran away towards the field.

“…tsk” clicking his tongue, Kougami rushed over Akane.

Akane was still trying to pick up the revolver desperately.

Instead of her, it was Kougami the one who grasped the revolver. Holding the dominator in his right hand and the revolver in the left one, Kougami was comparing the two guns with a blank expression.

“…don’t…don’t do it…” sensing that Kougami was thinking about something, Akane grimaced in sadness. “Kougami-san! There’s still room for negotiating with the Sibyl System. As long as we catch Makishima alive…”

Kougami threw away the dominator. Gritting her teeth in frustration*, Akane shed regretful tears.

“That…is your choice, Kougami-san”

“Somehow, we are like the destiny that makes a different choice at each fork road. I think we’ve not been a bad pair but… we would gradually part ways, like travelers who carry a wrong map”

“I don’t want it. At this rate, going on with your escape someone will kill you…” 

“If someone asked me how precious my own life is or so, I would be unsure but…being killed by the Sibyl System wouldn’t be too pleasant for sure. So, I’ll try to put up resistance until the end. That’s really a goodbye. Tsunemori Akane” Kougami gave her a kind glance. “…this is a matter between me and him only”

With the revolver in his hand, Kougami rushed towards the middle of the wheat field where Makishima had escaped.


Akane’s cry was heartrending but it faded away without reaching no one’s ear.




*Akane: very personal note…I’d like to underline that this is the unique, only moment when Kougami calls Akane by her first name. There won’t be any other moment in all the seasons +movie where he does it. Three syllables, just a single kanji, but it means the whole world for me.

*Toyohisa’s shotgun: here the author is referring to the moment when Akane tried to shoot Makishima with the rifle he had given her (that was Toyohisa Senguchi’s one) the day Yuki died.

*until Funehara Yuki was killed: I know that this sentence may sound strange. I mean…Makishima who simply says Yuki was killed, like he has no other information about it. I translated the passive form literally for a precise reason. Japanese often uses passive form, in particular when the action and the person who undergoes it is more important that the subject doing it. I found particularly disgusting that Makishima said “Funehara Yuki was killed” and not “I killed Funehara Yuki”, especially in front of Akane and I wanted to let all the readers know a bit about the original text.

*gritting her teeth in frustration: the expression in the original text is 奥歯を噛む. It’s used to indicate the internal struggle in making a hard choice or a hard surrender or something you’re forced to do but you don’t want to. In this case, it’s regret and frustration for not convincing Kougami to let go of his objective.

Beer Run

A/N: I’ll work on the rest of your requests tomorrow guys, my brain isn’t fully functioning today <3

Request: Can you do a smutty sorry where the OFC is Sam’s twin and is in a secret relationship with Cas until they are caught in a compromising position?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluffiness

Word Count: 1.1k

Originally posted by inmysky

“Y/N I’m goin’ on a beer run, you need anything?” Dean yelled from across the bunker. You could hear him loud and clear from the library, and you were in your room.

“No,” you yelled back, “Wait, where’s Sam?” You hadn’t seen Sam, your twin, all day.

“He’s at the library!”

“Oh okay! See you when you get back!” It was a good thing that Sam wasn’t home when you and Dean communicated by yelling at each other from across the bunker, he hated that. You rested back down against your headboard with a book in your hands. When you heard the bunker door close, you heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards your room. You looked up and smiled when you saw Castiel standing in your doorway.

You and Cas had been dating for three months, after a werewolf hunt in Tulsa. Cas had to literally swoop you up and out of the way of a werewolf charging at you. He had flew you up to the top floor of the barn you were in and leaned in to kiss you like he was your hero. Like in an actual movie. Except with werewolves; and in a barn. Ever since then, the two of you had been inseparable, at least, when Sam and Dean weren’t around. Your brothers were very protective of you. With Dean being your older brother and Sam being your twin it was like you could never catch a break. There was no way you could get away with dating Cas.

Cas stood in your doorway, without his trench coat or suit jacket. His hands were in his pockets and he was smiling at you. You were one of the few things that made the angel smile, and you loved that.

“So we have around a half an hour before Dean gets back.” He said.

“Yep.” You smiled as you put your book down on the nightstand. Cas practically leaped to your bed, pulling you down by your ankles and climbing over you, placing his arms on either side of you, planting a slow, loving kiss on your lips. When he broke the kiss he looked into your eyes, taking in your features. You smiled up at him and began to blush.

“What, Cas?”

“I love you.” he said, a smile growing on his face. That was the first time either of you had said it. You’d been waiting for him to tell you first. Your heart skipped a beat, you didn’t know how you’d gotten so lucky.

“I love you too Cas” this seemed to make his eyes glow brighter, if that was even possible. Your hands went for the front of his shirt as you pushed him over onto his back, you climbed on top of him, your legs on either side of him as you kissed him. He leaned up into your kiss as his hands went to your waist, squeezing just hard enough to make you squirm.

“Cas-” you said, sitting up- “Can you do that thing where you snap your fingers and-”

You didn’t even have the chance to finish your sentence, Cas knew what you wanted. With the snap of his fingers both of you were completely undressed. You smiled and went back down to kiss him.

“It’s been two weeks.” you said against his lips. You and Cas didn’t get many opportunities for ‘alone time’

“I know.” He responded, grabbing your hips and flipping you around so that he was now on top of you. He pulled the blanket over you both. You wrapped your legs tightly around his waist, letting him know that you were ready for him to enter you. Your lips never parting from each other, you reached your hand between the two of you to guide him to your entrance. He began to thrust slowly, you broke the kiss to let out a small moan as he continued to move a slow pace.

“Cas, faster..please.” you moaned, it was almost as if he was waiting for your say so. Without another word from you he began fucking you into your bed even harder.

“Y/N,” Castiel grunted, “I won’t last much longer.”

“Then come baby,” You said, quickly approaching your own climax. With just a couple of more thrusts Castiel was faltering as he came hard inside of you. You following at the sound of him moaning your name. He rested on you for a moment as he caught his breath, you wrapped your arms around him while kissing his neck. Castiel propped himself up on his elbows and leaned down to kiss you.

“What’s going on?” You jumped at the sound of Sam’s voice.

“Shit-” you yelled, grabbing the blanket and shoving Cas off of you- “Sam, we were just, uh-”

“We just finished having sex.” Castiel said with a smile on his face. As if it was no big deal. He looked at you, “Well it’s not that big of a deal, it’s a natural act.” Damn mind reader, you thought. Causing him to squint and tilt his head at you.

You rolled your eyes and laid back on the bed, throwing your hand on your forehead. You could feel Sam’s eyes boring into you from the doorway. Why didn’t we close the damn door, you thought.

“What Sam?!” you snapped. You heard more footsteps heading towards your room, it was Dean, he must have thought something was going on, and it was, just not something dangerous. Well, maybe dangerous for Cas.

“You two should get dressed.” Sam said. Giving you a we’re gonna talk about this look.

“Who should get dressed?” Dean said, closing in on your doorway. When he walked up next to Sam he stopped and covered his eyes before talking.

“Okay, I don’t wanna know what’s going on but Y/N-” he paused, he lowering his hand from his eyes- “Cas?!”

You rolled your eyes. This wasn’t going to be a fun evening.

“Will you two leave so that we can get dressed?” you snapped, the tone of your voice causing your brothers to leave quickly.

“We’re going to talk about this!” you heard Sam call back as he walked away. You got up to get dressed and looked at Cas.

“Did I say something wrong?” He asked. He was so innocent sometimes that you couldn’t be aggravated with him. He was just too cute. You finished putting your clothes on and walked over to the bed and sat down next to him.

“No baby, you didn’t say anything wrong-” you cupped his face in your hands and placed a chaste kiss on his lips- “I love you, Castiel.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

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Imagine a Barba v Reagan custody trial THE INTERLUDE: How We Got Here

(A/N: Sorry I’m such a slow uploader lately! Trying to be faster! I hope you enjoy this. Trying something new is always fun) 

Masterlist with all the parts HERE


Imagine a Barba v Reagan custody trial THE INTERLUDE: How We Got Here

August 20th, 2003

Erika Reagan tapped the last keys of the song before being met by an applause better than she had expected, given that there were only a few patrons in the bar.

It was 2:00 am after all.

But then again there was that one guy. He had slipped in just as you started and she hadn’t noticed until she locked eyes with him while performing. He had almost made her mess up but she composed herself quickly. As she stood up the light shined brightly in her face so she couldn’t see anything. She made her way towards the end of the stage so walk down and standing at the bottom was the man she had seen.

“Let me help you,” He said, giving her his hand so she could use to get down the stairs.

He must have noticed the ‘ridiculous high heels I’m wearing’ she thought to herself as she stepped down and got back onto solid ground. Erika hated the dress code for this place, it was so unlike her to wear such high heels

“Thanks,” She smiled, quickly dusting herself off.

“You were amazing up there,” He complimented, with a slight blush but his eyes bright with confidence.

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Spending the last few days of class before summer holidays in Yumenosaki Academy headcanons (that no one ever asked for)

aka what mod mademoiselle writes when she has free time

  • The AC in the school sometimes breaks, and in those cases Hokuto can be seen with a genuine fan to fend off the heat. The others just die during class. Midori considers suicide.
  • Every single spot in the shade being taken during lunch break, but hey, being the transfer student means everyone will fight to get you to sit with them, so it’s okay !
  • The school’s pool gets hijacked by adventurous spirits, namely Subaru, Hinata and Chiaki
  • Eating ice cream in a cold classroom with Nazuna while he blabbers happily about his favorite flavor
  • The Sakuma brothers never going out without sunscreen and a parasol
  • Kunugi-sensei being too hot with his suit jacket but not wanting to take it off because it would look less serious that way
  • Chiaki still insisting that the Ryuseitai members run laps during the lunch break and everyone hating him for it
  • Transforming the fountain into a miniature beach with Kanata
  • 2A having huge water fights during breaks : Subaru’s literally dripping wet, Makoto’s hiding, Hokuto’s trying to get everyone to stop, Natsume’s the worst cheater ever, Souma gets really into it and Adonis just wants to shield you from the water
  • Kunugi-sensei scolding class 2A for having a water fight and being literally soaked at the beginning of the next period ; Sagami-sensei just laughs it off
  • Staying late into the evening with Trickstar playing in the pool instead of training because “it’s way too hot to train, Hokke~”
  • Skipping classes with Kaoru to go to the beach and watching him surfing
  • Attendance being a mess because a lot of not-so-diligent students prefer skipping
  • Koga being more irritable than ever because “it’s too fuckin’ hot, dammit !”
  • Rei, Shu, Ritsu, Eichi and Mika often being at the infirmary because of the heat
  • Going out with everyone after classes to have something cold to drink
  • Keito having to scold almost everyone for dress code violation
  • Kanata playing with water hoses when it gets too hot, and thus the water fights began again
  • Knights leaving their usual studio and going to IKEA instead, where Ritsu just lounges off on the beds and enjoys the air-conditioning, and Leo plays hide-and-seek
  • Eichi actually fainting in the middle of the stairs due to the heat ; Shu saw it but left him there willingly
  • Madara wanting to hold a real summer festival on the last day before school break
  • Kanata takes actual baths in the fountain rather than dips, and Kaoru and/or Souma try to coax him into coming back to class
  • Making plans to go camping or to the beach with everyone because summer holidays are near
  • Sneaking on the school’s roof at night with Leo to stargaze and contact aliens ; Subaru finding out and joining
  • Trying to get some of the more reclusive boys to go out one evening and watch the stars together, like Shu, Hajime or Shinobu
  • Trickstar (especially Subaru) sneaking fireworks into the school and playing with them at night to light up the sky
  • Holding a party with everyone before the two month long holidays and promising to stay in touch