without the hedgehog

Once upon a time, “Open Your Heart” by Crush 40 got stuck in my head for an entire week, and it has remained one of my favorite songs ever since.

Even though I’ve never played it, I love Sonic Adventure because of the sort of world building it has, adding on to Knuckles’ backstory, adding some lore… I could go into a lot more detail, but here I just want to focus on that moment just before Sonic goes and takes Perfect Chaos down.

“Thunder, rain, and lightning…”

Sonic saw the destruction of the city that, in my head, he grew up in. He saw a GIANT WATER MONSTER flood his city and kill thousands of innocent people.

“Confusion, hopeless anger…”

Maybe we didn’t see it on screen, but in my mind, there was a moment that Sonic freezes, with fear in his mind instead of the positive emotions he needs.

“Who are we? What can we do?”

Then this song comes into his head. He struggles with himself, fighting between the duty he feels he owes to these people and his own acknowledgement of his many shortcomings.

And then there’s a breaking point -

“Open your heart…”

- he pulls himself together, and he SAVES EVERYONE.

“…It’s gonna be all right.”