without the drinking


This time I can’t
drop everything to help you,
pack the bags you’ve left under my eyes.
You’ve opened every box
in my home and made it yours.
Thief is your new name and
I can’t listen to your toxic words.
Empty beer cans live on the kitchen floor
from our last conversation.
I didn’t know it was so hard to talk
to your sister without a few drinks. More than a few.
Take your boxes, bags, and words
somewhere else You aren’t welcome
in a home where you distract yourself
with medication and technology.
I’m no longer small, you can’t tell me I don’t
understand anything. I’ve unloaded my love
in my home, where you aren’t.
There’s a difference between us.
When you blame Mom: I apologize for my mistakes;
when you take medication I write;
when you drink I sleep.
I’ve built myself up higher than you,
hold my parents close, push temptations away.
You need me more than I need you.
Take a Xanax, drink for awhile,
gossip on Facebook about how crazy your family
is. Pick up a mirror, won’t you? Take a look
at your blurry eyes.

- M.C.

Won’t Change

Sylvie was in a pissed off mood and whenever she got like this, the only thing that could calm her down was cleaning and organizing things. The only bad thing about that is Antonio’s apartment was always clean. Maybe it was cause he was always working or because it was only them there, but this wasn’t helping her mood.

It also didn’t help that Antonio was working late tonight. He better not stop by Molly’s for a drink without her. A drink would help her feel better and as much as she was about to text Stella and Gabby for a girls night out, she thought against it. The mood she was in, she wouldn’t be satisfied for just a drink.

She walked in the kitchen and opened the freezer, grabbing ice cream out of it. Lucky for her, and possibly Antonio, it was a lot left. Maybe by the time she finished it, she would feel better. She may end up in a sugar coma, but who the hell cares?

She grabbed a spoon and then walked in the living room. She sat down on the couch and picked up the remote. As she scanned the channels, she found a movie and put it on.

She was getting to the good part of the movie when Antonio walked inside the apartment. “Hey babe.” He said as he closed the door and walked over to her.

“Shh.” She said to him, her mouth full of ice cream.

“Did you just ‘shh’ me?” He asked.

Sylvie was already pissed off, but now he was just making her annoyed. She snapped her head in his attention. “It’s getting to the good part of the movie.”

“My bad.” He apologized. However, a few seconds later, he moved closer to her and started pressing kisses on her face.

“Antonio.” She said sternly, but no matter how much in a bad mood she was in, he could always make her feel better. She moved her head to face his and was about to kiss him when she pushed him away. “I knew you were gonna stop at Molly’s for a drink.” She stood up from the couch, getting in a bad mood again.

“So? We won a case and I was just celebrating?” He asked slowly. He wasn’t sure what the problem was. If this was Laura, he understood because she didn’t get it. But Sylvie did.

“And that’s all fine and dandy if you’d let me know.” She said, crossing her arms across her chest. “It’s one thing when I wanted to be alone but I kind of needed you here.”

He looked at her face and sensed something was wrong. “Okay, this is more deeper than me going to Molly’s for a drink.” He said, waiting for her to explain. When a few seconds passed and she stayed silent, he thought lightening the mood would help. “ “Whatever it is I didn’t do it.” He said as he walked closer to her and tried to pull her in his arms but she pushed him away again.

“I’m going to bed.” She announced as she walked away from him.

This was one thing he didn’t miss about being in a relationship. But he also knew Sylvie. She wasn’t the type to play the guessing game. So either she didn’t want to talk about it, or she just wanted to be left alone.

Although he didn’t want to fight with her tonight, he didn’t want to leave her alone. A few minutes later, he walked in the bedroom. He sighed as he saw Sylvie laying in bed.

“I’m sorry, okay? I should have checked and made sure you were okay before grabbing a drink. But it was just a drink and I was coming home.” He said as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, to let her know that he was there but also giving her space.

“I don’t care.” She said and then she turned over to face him. “I mean, I don’t care that you went to Molly’s. I would never say you couldn’t. I don’t control you.” She said and then turned her back to him again.

“Then what is this about?” He asked softly. “I know you, Sylvie. And you aren’t the type of person to get mad for no reason. You are usually a cheery person, so what’s going on?” He asked as he took off his shoes and got in the bed next to her.

If he thought this had anything to do with him, her next move proved it had nothing to do with him. She moved closer to him and laid her head on his chest.

For the next few minutes, Antonio was just running his fingers through her hair as he tried to soothed her the best way he could. He thought just being there for her was the best thing he could do right now. Maybe the only thing he could do.

After a while, Sylvie started to tell him what was wrong. “I got a phone call from my mother, which I’m happy to always get. Except when she tries to guilt trip me into coming back home. Or back to Indiana because Chicago is my home now. I understand it’s hard barely seeing me, cause I miss her, and my dad, and the rest of my family so much. But it also hurts when she makes it seem like I don’t care about her feelings.” At this point, Sylvie was sitting up and wiping her tears away. “We have never been this far from each other before and for this long, I get it. But I made a life here, a life that I’m proud of.”

Antonio nodded his head and he sat up, rubbing her back. “How about you take a trip to visit them? That way you’ll feel better once you see them. Maybe your mom will feel better once she sees how happy you are.” He suggested.

“I guess I could.” She agreed. “I’m sure Chief Boden will allow me to take a few days off.”

“He will.” He said as he reached down and grab her hand. “I just don’t think you will feel better until you see your mother.”

She was feeling a lot better than what she was feeling earlier. How he did it, she didn’t know. And now she felt bad for freaking out on him.

“I’m sorry for taking it on you.” She apologized. “It wasn’t fair and I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “Hey, I said I’ll love you through the good times and the bad times. And that won’t change.”

marinette is the kind of person who could accidentally drink a whole glass of dirty paint water and not notice

I was that girl that wouldn’t even drink a small bottle of water the whole day, but now I’m the girl that always has to pee  with water as her bf. Here are my tips how I managed this!

I. remind yourself

You could install an app that reminds you (x, x, x) or keep a water tracker in your bullet journal. Also why don’t put sticky notes everywhere with a cute reminder! Make a goal for the day and try to achieve it.

II. make it a routine

Or invole drinking water in it. Right after you get up, before you eat, when you water your plants, before and after doing sports, just make it a habit.

III. carry a water bottle 

Wherever you’re going always take a water bottle with you. Going to school? Extra plus water. Going out with friends? Still pack a bottle. As well place a glass/bottle of water in your workspace and by your bed, not just in the kitchen. This way you always see the water and drink without thinking.

IV. find your form of water

Firstly you don’t have to drink plain water. Try tea, water with lemon or other fruits or mixed with a little bit of juice (great masterpost). Then, why always from the bottle the water is sold or a glass? You could use a mason jar, invest in a cute and practical bottle, use a straw or even use a mug. Variation makes water drinking more fun!!

V. motivation

why even drink water? Here some reasons:

  • makes your skin glow and moisturised
  • healthy body
  • less darker circels (yass)
  • if you want to lose weight it helps
  • helps a lot with headaches (srsly)
  • smooth lips
  • easier to concentrate
  • energyyy
  • improves your mood

But don’t overdrink! Remeber you get a big portion of water from your food and try not to force it. Your body know what it needs, listen to it.


highlight of my favorite things namjoon said on the vlive:

  • i love mexico i love taco
  • im staying healthy so don’t worry
  • it’s purple but it’s pink doe
  • itz your grape grape mon
  • huulololol
  • pizza sucks without you ♪ ~
  • “don’t drink too much coffee” OHH I’ll take a decaf
  • i tried taco and burrito 
  • i love you
  • “you’re the love of my life” thanksss you are 😏
  • im just on the bed
  • eat a lot of vegetables and omega 3
  • i love you guys and yeah, have a good day
  • always stay healthy, and drink a lot of water, yanno what i mean right?
The types and what I think of them based on what I've seen from my friends(and probably a little insulting)

~as an INTJ

- quiet
- can make a bitch face that makes you cry
- probably thinks u stupid
- says that MBTI is shit
- fashionista
- has an ENFP friend(“ENFP no!”)
- savage
- that friend who has ultra weird ideas when drunk
- probably most adorable smile on earth
- smart
- most of the time just rising eyebrows and blinking

- bossy af
- prima ballerina
- she is beauty she is grace
- she will punch you in da face
- always in warm socks
- also an actress
- knows how to build things
- basically good at everything
- will shout at you if you do something wrong
- probably slept with almost all male friends

- a n n o y i n g AF
- never shuts up
- meme queen
- so loud
- not funny jokes
- make up queen
- at least smart
- thinks she’s better than you(and maybe she is)
- if you take a sip from her mug u die
- has an ENFP slave
- kinda selfish
- another fashionista
- if she laughs the whole room laughs with her
- soooo much self confidence wow

- garbage lord
- writer buddy
- has ton of OC’s AND GAY SHIPS
- cannot into decisions
- junky food
- understands(really)
- don’t like loud people
- constant lala land
- savage without even noticing
- 4w5
- has 8 minute long video of herself eating french fries on her phone
- impressive self control
- cute laugh
- cute
- the best person to rant with

- can’t stay in one place for a minute
- suddenly disappears in a middle of a party
- daydreaming a lot
- cheerful
- likes to drink A LOT
- too many friends
- nice for everyone ugh
- that laugh which sounds like a puppy riding a pink bicycle in a tuxedo
- can bring ENTP back to earth

- mom friend
- has too many friends HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE
- gonna steal your friends without even noticing
- likes fancy drinks and kitschy things
- obsessed with doggos
- sudden outbursts of anger
- hypochondriac
- really anxious when driving
- doesn’t understand a concept of a personal space

- another bitch face
- can rise one eyebrow HOW U DO DIS?????
- doesn’t understand memes
- smart
- lack of self confidence
- secretly hates u
- wears comfy clothes but looks so good
- has a lot of savings but hardly ever uses them
- they knows better ok? don’t even try to tell them that they are wrong
- don’t particularly like pets
- perfect teeth
- so so so smart once again
- sometimes are rather calm but sometimes… don’t ask

- that kid who asks too many questions during your presentation
- constant bitch face
- hot
- stingy
- falls asleep during parties
- a rant person
- bossy
- hard working
- teachers like her

- has a lot of friends
- drinks a lot
- hard-working
- daddy’s little princess/mama’s boy
- assertive
- smoking a lot
- tells everyone what to do

- white Kanye West
- would kill u if u did something with his shoes
- likes weird electronic genres of music I can’t even name
- on 9gag all the time
- knows all memes
- League of Legends pro player
- can make funny faces
- looks like he was angry
- black humor(especially likes jokes about Jews)
- awkward silence gains a whole new meaning

- the whitest person I know
- “what do u meat it was sexist?? it was funny!!!!”
- only wears yellow pants
- likes PE teacher probably a little too much
- can’t find a girlfriend
- will massage your feet if u don’t watch them properly
- has stupid ideas
- likes basically every person
- drinks wine at parties even though he says that true man should drink only vodka
- don’t know when someone is mean to him

- loud
- hey lets go to the another city and get drunk!!! because why not
- class clown
- talks about her life too much like seriously
- and also about various secretions of her body
- probably gonna end up in jail
- smart and stupid at the same time
- lazy
- has problems with concentration
- talkative
- has problems with self-esteem which she covers acting out like a douche

Don’t take this personally lol

Much of the world watched as the events in Standing Rock, ND unfolded. Many posted in protest of the pipeline drilled through sacred treaty protected land belonging to the Natives, some even gave their physical presence to the cause, subjecting themselves to the frigid cold, mistreatment from police officers; tear gas, rubber bullets, and imprisonment. One beautiful thing about Standing Rock was the community there, if dapl had a bright side, it’s that it brought more like-minded people together to connect over a common cause. I met a guy on my flight to ND who had actually been adopted into a Lakota family, Standing Rock gave him more than just friends, he felt at home on the reservation like he never had before. When I first arrived, it was the beginning of the end of this community. There seemed to be this confusion combined with sadness, many seemed to have found a home at Standing Rock like my friend Jahnny, but what now? Regardless of it being the end of the line for many here, I was still invited in without hesitation, given food and drink, asked my purpose for coming to Standing Rock. Everyone that showed up here, had a reason for being here, and everyone took care of everyone. At one point during the evacuation, I was running from police over Lake Oahe, I fell through ice and got completely drenched head to toe in ice cold water. In a state of shock, not fully realizing the urgency of my situation, someone grabbed me and said, “we need to get you to the med tent, NOW!” A few people stripped off my clothes, gave me a space blanket and threw me on a quad that sped me to a warm tent where I was given tea and warm clothes. I felt safe and a part of this family just for showing up and standing up for what I believed was right.