without the backgrounds lol

Dude you can't be serious!
Final Fantasy XV
Dude you can't be serious!

Prompto: Dude, you can’t be serious! AH CRAP, YOU ARE!!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

A version without the background noise from the first one 


A little Ori and the Blind Forest for you today! Enjoy looking at my happy musicianing-face 😚

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Just finished redoing this Shinrin boy of mine, Dr. Reid.
Yes I named him after my favorite character from Criminal Minds a long time ago lol.
The old original is on the right, and the redone version is on the left.

big boss daddy.png

i love him so much?? if he’s not in the Ultra Versions im starting a riot (ง •̀_•́)ง

Thanks leoraiweek!!

I still wonder how was the stelth bike’s inside when Leo saved Karai falling from Kraang ship in “Enemy of My Enemy”. The bike looks small for two people, so I think they couldn’t make space between themto close the roof. Like this.   

Don’t say I just wanted to draw something without background lol. (half true;) I fell for this lovely duo at this episode.

Thanks Leorai week for giving us wonderful time!!

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Late Inktober Day 14 | Night Owl | It wont be complete if I draw Saeran without Saeyoung lol. Ignore the cat on the background, I wanted to draw longcat plushie but ended up ruining this piece..

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Hi again lol i'm the anon who asked for the chibi close up, and the one i meant is that trio chibi from giving 1000 konpeito to each nobubu and akechi. I'm just really curious of what Yukkin is doing haha Thanks!

Yukkin is wearing a jacket and sitting on a chair XD You can view it in this post: http://daeva-agas.tumblr.com/post/160435245083/this-was-supposed-to-come-with-an-actor-au

For context:

IIRC it was released around the time Voltage released a TV commercial for the Tenka app, so this was originally supposed to be a “movie/actor AU” set. Shingen is the director, Kenshin is the makeup artist/stylist, and Masa is in charge of sound system and recording. 

Nobu, Akechi, and Yukkin are actors. Akechi and Yukkin are more senior actors who has been in the gig for a while, and Nobu is new into the acting business (he’s originally a model or something).

There is actually a story that goes with it, featuring all 12 guys (Inu is the propsmaster, Kojuro is a manager, etc)… doing stuff. Filming the commercial, maybe? IDK, I mean, there’s Hide and Mitsun too, but Hide and Mitsun and Yukkin aren’t in the commercial. 

Anyway, for some reason SLBP chose not to translate the story and just give us the chibis out of context.

I dunno about you, but I feel like… without the context, the chibis and the background really makes no sense LOL.

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I know I'm being greedy, but now I want an everlark pic. Preferably one without Gale lurking in the background please. lol

Nope. You’re gonna get the ‘Gary Ross’ treatment on every Everlark pic from here on out (they’re even retconning the past Everlark pics!)


For all new JongKey Shippers

Firstly, the SHINee world welcomes you with pearlescent aqua kisses and rainbows!

Now, Jongkey spans across 8 years worth of moments (without counting their predebut days) and of course there will be somethings I may miss or roll over, but I’m sure my fellow JK shippers will fill you in on what I have not ^^

I’d like to start with the beginning of the shipping: Hello Baby; if you have not watched it WATCH IT. It is full of cute and funny Jongkey moments. I watched the show and that’s what made me start shipping them full time. Another show that shows off their shipping qualities would be Yunhanam. LINK

But you may not be able to fully capture the moments without a little bit of background on their would be love story(lol) 

JONGKEYTV is a magical paradise and every video is a classic <3

The way they stare at each other compilation: Jonghyun   Key 

After Hello Baby era and Hello era we encountered the “scandal” that went by the name of SSK (Shin Sekyung). NOW there’s many things I could say about this topic but i’ll only leave you with these two videos so that you may come to your own conclusions. 

Jongkey interaction after the dating announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMmQmOuVck4

Key singing Rihanna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co9BWef0q68

OKay, so fastforward a couple of months and shippers are graced with THIS

we will never know what happened in between Jonghyun dating Sekyung and him breaking up with her or how they repaired their friendship/relationship. 


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