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So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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Penny-bags = a huge pile of cocks. 

[Temporarily without my tablet, I make do. Cartoon violence won’t solve your problems, Benny. (also a mistake in panel 11.. His left leg is the one that’s caught.)

A sneaky hint at Bendy’s past. He’s on probation and is bade by the court to do community service. But for what, and why? Hmmm….

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Freya: See this? No one is gonna let you live this down. You screwed a HORSE!

Loki: Technically, the horse screwed ME.

Freya: HOW–

Loki: I turned into a mare. I shape shift. It’s what I do.

Freya: You still initiated it!

Loki: Because I was THREATENED! Odin said “DISTRACT THE STALLION” I don’t think turning into a carrot would have gone well!

Freya: You were threatened Because you’re the one who made the bet with the giant in the first place!

Loki: YES. I MADE A BET. Unfortunately it’s what I DO. My whole existence is centered around making an ass of myself–

Freya: in this case, a HORSE! Why would you even–

Loki: TO SAVE YOU!!!

Freya: ….

Loki: …..

Nico and Will both completely losing control of their powers when they get worked up is one of my favorite things.

Especially since Nico is bound to accidentally shadow-travel them both to China at some point in the middle of it.

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