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continuousspec replied to your photo: …So I caved and got a Cintiq. This isn’t a great…

Cool! How do you like the Cintiq so far?

Pricey but worth it, so far! Setup went well, no issues there. Comfortable to use. Settings somewhat unintuitive, but probably par for the course for specialized hardware. Huge improvement over drawing blind on a tablet without a screen. I feel like there’s about 50-100 ms lag between the visual position of the cursor and the physical location of the pen? But that may be a calibration issue and in any case, it’s easy to compensate for. But overall I’m really glad I talked myself into it!

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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                 ㅅeoul city. 

Nico and Will both completely losing control of their powers when they get worked up is one of my favorite things.

Especially since Nico is bound to accidentally shadow-travel them both to China at some point in the middle of it.

Art by me


Freya: See this? No one is gonna let you live this down. You screwed a HORSE!

Loki: Technically, the horse screwed ME.

Freya: HOW–

Loki: I turned into a mare. I shape shift. It’s what I do.

Freya: You still initiated it!

Loki: Because I was THREATENED! Odin said “DISTRACT THE STALLION” I don’t think turning into a carrot would have gone well!

Freya: You were threatened Because you’re the one who made the bet with the giant in the first place!

Loki: YES. I MADE A BET. Unfortunately it’s what I DO. My whole existence is centered around making an ass of myself–

Freya: in this case, a HORSE! Why would you even–

Loki: TO SAVE YOU!!!

Freya: ….

Loki: …..


“Really, I propose that we should travel incognito, so as not to cause sensation.”
“And laughter." 

Guess what ? My tablet stopped working. But that won’t stop me from drawing stuff ! Here’s Geralt’s Hansa from The Witcher books. It’s the Best Team. I especially love the fact that they are all still alive and happy.