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                 ㅅeoul city. 

Freya: See this? No one is gonna let you live this down. You screwed a HORSE!

Loki: Technically, the horse screwed ME.

Freya: HOW–

Loki: I turned into a mare. I shape shift. It’s what I do.

Freya: You still initiated it!

Loki: Because I was THREATENED! Odin said “DISTRACT THE STALLION” I don’t think turning into a carrot would have gone well!

Freya: You were threatened Because you’re the one who made the bet with the giant in the first place!

Loki: YES. I MADE A BET. Unfortunately it’s what I DO. My whole existence is centered around making an ass of myself–

Freya: in this case, a HORSE! Why would you even–

Loki: TO SAVE YOU!!!

Freya: ….

Loki: …..

Neck Raspberry!! ✨💋💕😆😆😆

“You wear the symbol of Amazon. Act like one. An Amazon grieves after her duty is done.”
- Donna Troy, Wonder Woman (2006) #27

In which Steve and Etta realise that there’s not much they can do to help Amazons and demigods in battle.

PS: this is still done without graphic tablet. Maybe i should get one.

Arrows / Bats / Flashes / Lanterns

Nico and Will both completely losing control of their powers when they get worked up is one of my favorite things.

Especially since Nico is bound to accidentally shadow-travel them both to China at some point in the middle of it.

Art by me


asdkjfdh i just made a post about this but,

HI I’m Phii, an RCAD student and my intuos pro tablet is on it’s final legs! i can barely get it to work without wiggling the tablet cord closest to the port a whole bunch and putting it in weird positions and it stops working mid drawing and it’s just about fizzled out. I recently bought a new cord and i’ve tested it and it’s definitely the pad itself I’ve had this tablet for a good 4 or 5 years if i remember correctly? maybe more? but i literally don’t have any money to buy a new one (bc i use all the cash i get for food or supplies for my non digital media classes.) SO WHAT I WANNA DO IS BE -THE WORST- and ask for donations !

I’m hoping for at least $300 but going to try and shoot for $800

$300 means I can get the same tablet from amazon and hopefully live until my birthday or other to try and get a cintiq 13HD (I asked for one for christmas this passed year but my parents decided not to do christmas or presents this time around so,,, yeah;;)

OR $800 so I can get a cintiq 13HD now and hopefully never worry again ??? for several years at least

my paypal is lessthenlove@yahoo.com so if you are capable of donating even a little bit, it’ll help me out tremendously! I’m going to try and get my tablet to work for as long as i can and maybe make some $25 adoptables/designs to sell and maybe offer some $10 sketch commissions or some YCH auctions that I’ll finish when i can get a more reliable tablet ghgh;; 

sorry this is such a wordwall but im desperate, half of my classes depend on my having a portable tablet and my personal work is done 95% on my tablet as well, and hopefully i can use a friend’s tablet in the mean time but i really need my own asdfg please n thank you;; 

I’ll be trying to open up a patreon as well sometime in the future so i don’t have to ever do this again and people will have more access to my work if they enjoy it so !! look forward to that if i can avert this crisis; 

THANK YOU !!!! aaa

Despite Saiki’s best attempts to keep his monthly check-ups/hang outs/bitch-fests with Shigeo a secret, and despite the younger boy’s best attempts to acquiesce to the surly high schooler’s need for privacy, the two boys were interrupted their 4th month into the arrangement, halfway through snack-time at a local cafe in Spice City, by a surly middle schooler attempting to loom over the two. 

Cluing in to the recognition on Shigeo’s face, and, more tellingly, the harried ‘Nii-san’ that scuttled across Saiki’s mind space, Saiki determined that this was the time for introductions and not for making a swift exit via teleport. Shigeo had warned him regarding the alarming number of ESPers in Spice City who were anything but friendly, but, honestly, Saiki didn’t need Mob’s ability to see psychic auras to know that he could easily take this kid down if his assumption turned out wrong. 

More stuff for the Mob Psycho 100/Saiki Kusuo crossover I’ve been thinking about. Since I’m out a tablet atm this is mixed media, for once. It’s been a while. 

Please, please, consider this crossover. Come talk to me about it anytime. 

Shun for that art trade with @plantophile-purplefusiontrash!

Sorry it took so long, and that it’s kind of messy this time… I’m pretty out of practice with my tablet right now…