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jack and the bilingual bullshit
  • jack won’t watch a british show without french subtitles because it’s too hard to understand their accents, but he also watches foreign movies with english subtitles even though the french option is right there??? jack????
  • unclear on how his own name is pronounced. his parents don’t seem very sure either. he is afraid to ask.
  • jack hates english punctuation so much. so much. why is it always cramping his style. 
    • shitty can tell when jack’s writing a paper in English because his texts get increasingly capital-F French
      • shitty replies with “hello jack       .   when are we going to annie   ‘  s   . lardo says     << i   ‘ m hungry >>    .”
  • The Autocorrect Struggle
    • autocorrect is also cramping his style
    • marty texts to ask about the game schedule the next day and jack, being half asleep, forgets to change his language settings and replies “Devonshire entire la a 17 heiress pour lo dinner”
      • marty always replies to these texts with “thanks, jacques, that was helpful”
        • he is a jerk.
    • jack’s slowly teaching his english autocorrect to speak french; shitty claims that if you yell “hey siri - FUCK NO” when it corrects to the wrong word it’ll learn faster
      • autocorrect knows to leave tabarnak alone, because jack is a great teacher.
      • speaking of siri - why does she not understand anything jack says ever, any of the time. jack and siri Are Not Friends. they are not bros and jack does not like her.
  • absolutely refuses to watch disney movies in english. that is not the language of disney. he’s seen a whole ten minutes of the english version of the lion king; all of the voices were Wrong
  • he thinks bilingual puns are so funny!!!! he only gets say them every once in a while but they’re hilarious!!!!!!!
    • jack once called ransom, with an actual honest to god phone call, just to tell him a great pun that bitty didn’t react to strongly enough
      • (a key part of rans’ impression of jack is the phrase “i just told bitty this one but he didn’t laugh”)
  • he takes german for his language credit freshman year (shitty: HAVE YOU NOT DONE ENOUGH) and fails a test on possessives because he never learned how to use apostrophes in english and he can’t figure out how to translate plural possessives. he may be the first person to fail a german test because his english isn’t good enough.
    • just?? random gaps everywhere in his english knowledge, honestly. he can write a paper but he doesn’t know what an adverb is. he missed two spelling tests in high school because of a concussion and he still just lets spellcheck tell him how to write “occurred”
  • jack knows history vocabulary but he learned a lot of it out of books and he doesn’t actually know how to pronounce any of it in english
    • he does presentations with his Absolute Most French Accent just so everyone is really clear that he doesn’t know what he’s doing
    • has no idea about science words and won’t discuss it with anyone in english, no thank you
      • someone claims that jack once implied that petroleum comes from exploding fish bones; every time they try to ask jack about it he dodges the question and then runs away.

[ 16/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY • 27.11.16 ]
guess who’s back from 台湾 :D I bought those sticky notes you see from this place called 誠品书店, their stuff are nice but can be a lil pricey :0
side note of recommendation: if you go to taiwan, be sure to check out this place 墊腳石, they have super nice stuff at affordable prices! :)
anyway, as you can see I’m trying to learn korean aha (a bit late to the k-wave) my main motivation was basically watching and understanding things without subtitles :0 I started with korean I think, because I took japanese once, keyword once being I gave it up afterwards as I found it too difficult ㅠ_ㅠ there are like way too many characters haha and I might confuse them with chinese characters if I’m not careful (since I’m a native chinese speaker)
afterwards I tried taking up other languages like french or swedish but ahhh those were pretty half-hearted attempts :’) for now at least, 한글(?)(did I spell that right I hope I did) seems easier as it has a lot less characters, so I was able to move on pretty fast to things like particles, sentence structure etc. after like 2/3? days of getting the hang of the alphabet :)
If any of you are fluent in korean!!!or are korean!!!or are learning korean!!!! I am always open to be helped :’) pls share your knowledge with this absolute beginner haha
anyway :^) hope yall had a great thanksgiving, and got some gr9 black friday steals (online or in-store whatever)

I drew a Keith (^__^) And I love his hair!

the fact that we could all understand that even was manic without subtitles is incredible. we didn’t need to know norwegian to see what was happening. as somebody who is bipolar, i am so blessed to have a show that accurately represents our struggles. mental illness isn’t cute or trendy and i’m so happy to see that skam made that clear. i have nothing but praise for this show. we are so, so blessed.

because modern day dregs is my favorite au and i’m not sorry?


  • she works at a clothing boutique. she only applied for the job in order to get the employee’s discount
  • she’s the girl to call if you’re going to be sick and can’t come into work because she’s always looking for more shifts. turns out she needs the extra cash since all of her paychecks go to new shoes
  • she has expensive tastes for someone with a minimum wage job
  • she owns every shade of red lipstick on the planet. if you ask her what the difference is between ablaze and bright red she will proceed to point out colors throughout the day and ask you what color you see because clearly your eyes are impaired and she’s quite worried
  • she signs up for all the improv classes
  • she’s watched every single rom com netflix offers. even foreign ones. sometimes she watches without subtitles and everyone is like when did you learn THIS language, too???
  • she’s an avid user of emojis. sometimes she uses them as responses and you have to spend five minutes trying to decipher what the heck they all mean as a sentence. you might randomly receive a scene created with emojis in the middle of the day because she’s bored
  • she knows every pop song. every single mainstream song on the radio. if you get into her car you’ll be attending a concert. she screams the lyrics, even when she doesn’t know them, she’ll make them up. she’ll also substitute any of her passengers into the song.
  • also that car? it’s a piece of junk. you have to use your elbows to open the doors. literally. there’s a technique, thump with your fist, a swift kick, a wriggle of the handle, a tap with your elbow. tada. yes it’s dramatic, yes it’s mostly for show, but she definitely enjoys doing it. she wouldn’t be nina if she didn’t like a scene?? also it’s fun to watch the other dregs do it
    • though matthias somehow just yanks the door open with no problem and kaz never goes anywhere near her car (he’s a car snob)
NDRV3 Demo Rough Translations - Class Trial

My Japanese is not very good, but I will be attempting to translate the NDRV3 demo. Please take my translations with a grain of salt and note they may be incorrect at times. Do not use my translations for subtitling without permission. 


(See this post by @atalantaz for a translation of the first part of the class trial. This translation picks up after the mechanics are introduced.)


Makoto: The person who was killed was Yasuhiro Hagakure, my classmate.
Angie: In other words, the victim Yasuhiro…
Angie: … and the suspect Makoto were acquaintances.
Hajime: Everyone who’s here is a suspect you know.
Tsumugi: The murder happened…
(Everyone’s a suspect?!)
(Tenko isn’t so!)
(It ain’t me… (Himiko))
Tsumugi: … in Akamatsu-san’s room, didn’t it?
(Then Akamatsu is the culprit!)
Shuuichi: More accurately, Akamatsu-san, Naegi-san, and Hinata-san…
Shuuichi: It’s the [protagonists’ room of those three.]
(The suspects are those three huh…)
Ryoma: Hm… to say some more…
Ryoma: It was the shower room in there huh.
Kaito: That guy called Hagakure…
Kaito: Was suddenly attacked in the shower room…
Kaito: And was killed [without any time to fight back!]
(Hagakure-kun will die countless times huh!)

BREAK! - Kaede: You’ve got that wrong!
(Kaito’s statement: Without any time to fight back)
(Truth bullet: Evidence of a struggle)

[Rest of massive translation under the cut.]
[Seriously, it’s the entire class trial.]

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Si eu te iubesc

Summary: Bucky knows about your obsession with Sebastian Stan, and it bugs the hell out of him. What do you see in him anyway?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word count: 787

A/N: I’m still thinking about that Romanian interview. Ended up watching the whole thing without subtitles first - no regrets. I could honestly listen to him speak for hours.

Originally posted by musicfixyou

“Oh for god’s sake,” Bucky mutters.

You jump at his voice, quickly snapping your laptop lid shut and immediately regretting it.

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That moment when you watch something in your target language, understand a chunk of a sentence without subtitles and you replay it one million thousand times to feel the euphoria and you ride on the high the whole day and two weeks later when you think about it you get those things in your stomach and blush.

NDRV3 Demo Rough Translations – Introduction

My Japanese is not very good, but I will be attempting to translate the NDRV3 demo. Please take my translations with a grain of salt and note they may be incorrect at times. Do not use my translations for subtitling without permission.

(The game begins by telling you can start by exploring the school or starting from the class trial. It is strongly recommended you play from the beginning. It gives you two options: the top is “start from the beginning” and the bottom is “start from the class trial”.)

Kaede: (As expected… I should start by introducing myself.)
Kaede: (My name is, Kaede Akamatsu.)
Kaede: (It’s not as though the cause was said to be my fiery passions as red hot as maple leaves [kaede], although…)
Kaede: (This name was supposedly really popular.)
Kaede: (… huh? Speaking of which, who was I talking to?)
Kaede: (If I’m not mistaken, I was supposed to have been on the path I always took to school but…)
Kaede: (What the…? I’m… falling into a pitch black sleep.)
Kaede: ……
Kaede: ……….
Kaede: …………..
Kaede: … nn?

(Kaede wakes up at a desk in a classroom.)

Kaede: ………..
Kaede: H…uh…?
Kaede: Where is this…? A… classroom?
Kaede: (Yes, this was a classroom. But… it was a classroom that I hadn’t remembered seeing at all.)
Kaede: I… why was I sleeping in a place like this?
???: … you woke up? Good morning, Akamatsu-san.
Kaede: Eh? Who? Why do you know my name?
Kaede: You… have we met before? Although I don’t remember seeing you…
???: Ah, sorry if I surprised you. First I’ll give a simple introduction of myself.
Makoto: My name is Makoto Naegi. I’m the SHSL Lucky Student.

(Whoosh, introduction panel.)

Kaede: SHSL… Lucky Student?
Makoto: I’m a student at this academy.
Makoto: Every year here, they randomly select one person from high school students all over the country…
Makoto: And that student is allowed to enter the academy as the “SHSL Lucky Student”.
Kaede: They only choose one person out of all the high school students in the country?! That’s amazing! You really are fortunate!
Kaede: (Huh… so there are also these types of SHSL’s. I didn’t know.)
Makoto: For the time being here… I’ll be serving as your upperclassman [senpai], I guess.
Makoto: It’s nice to meet you formally, “SHSL Pianist” Akamatsu-san.
Kaede: Eh? U-Upperclassman?!
Kaede: No… you are our upperclassman, aren’t you? I’m sorry, I’m sure…
Makoto: Don’t worry about it. It’s also fine if you don’t use honorifics.
Kaede: Oh, speaking of which… I haven’t introduced myself yet…
Kaede: How did you know I was the SHSL Pianist?

(Whoosh, Kaede’s introduction panel.)

Makoto: Ah… information on the new students was on some documents, so it’s just because I looked at those before coming here.
Kaede: N-New students?
Kaede: But… I was already going to school a long time ago…
Kaede: Hey, Naegi-san… what is all this? This academy… what in the world’s going on with it?
Makoto: In order to explain that… First, why don’t you try investigating your desk for me?
Kaede: (… investigating?)

(The game gives you an explanation on the controls used to look around the room and sets you loose to investigate the classroom. Take advantage of the hand shooting mechanic to send furniture flying all over the room.)


Kaede: (The outside of the windows are wrapped in wire…? Besides that… isn’t this barbed wire?)
Kaede: (The windows are covered in barbed wire… what’s the meaning of this?)


Kaede: (It’s a locker with nothing unusual about it…)
Kaede: (It’s weird to anticipate that there would be something surprising about it…)


Kaede: (Could this be called a monitor, I wonder? Although it isn’t showing anything right now…)
Kaede: (I have a feeling that their atmosphere doesn’t make them seem as though they were originally left behind in the academy…)


Kaede: (I wonder if this is a blackboard?)
Kaede: (This is a school after all, so having one isn’t weird, but…)
Kaede: (Was it made into an LCD display? It’s a modified blackboard, it looks like.)


[Kaede asks him again what’s going on with the academy. He just repeats the last few lines telling you to investigate the desk.]


Kaede: (The desk I was lying on until now… beneath it, there were clearly marks left on it.)
Kaede: (I guess no one cleaned it afterwards. And, on top of the desk was…)
Kaede: … a letter?

Kaede: “Please come to the gymnasium. If you do not come to the gymnasium for me, you will not be able to progress.”
Kaede: “But please be careful. The group in this place are loitering around the area.”
Kaede: “If you address them and listen to their introductions, you might find yourself in a bind.”
Kaede: “It’s a progression where you might see something! Déjà vu! It isn’t a scenario where you should say something.” [?]
Kaede: “In any case, please come to the gymnasium. Seriously, please.”

Kaede: What is this… it’s asking me?

Kaede: (I could only think of it as a joke, but…)
Kaede: (I wonder what’s in the gym. Besides, what did it mean by the group in this place?)
Kaede: (The path it spoke of… I tried searching the desk again for it, but… things had become unnecessarily chaotic.)

Kaede: Hey, Naegi-san… are there others in this academy aside from us?
Makoto: Yeah, you aren’t the only new student. I think everyone is somewhere in this academy.
Makoto: It’s a precious opportunity, so before you go to the gym you should probably walk around and greet everyone.
Makoto: Of course, going to the gym right away would also be fine… I’ll leave it to you, Akamatsu-san.
Kaede: A-Alright… I got it.

Kaede: (Is that what I should say… saying I’m a new student and all – what’s really going on here?)
Kaede: (Ah, why did this type of thing happen? Just what is this academy?)

(The game then tells you how to leave the room.)

Starting from here, if there’s enough of a desire for it, I’ll be moving to each of the character introductions. I’ll likely publish them in sets of two or three, depending on where they are in the academy.

Ah, and if I do enough of the others, I’ll make a masterlist post. 

Thank you for reading.