without sharpen

little things about Deep Space Nine
  • the fact that Sisko’s arms are eight miles long
  • Kira Nerys sitting with her spine So Straight ™
  • Rom’s little wonky bottom tooth
  • the unnatural love Worf has for his tooth sharpener (and the fact that it use to belong to Nog)
  • Jadzia Dax’s cute hair pin
  • when Odo’s hair gets a little out of place
  • Quark’s outfit when he takes off his outer jacket and reveals his nipple-high pants
  • O’brien wearing a shirt with sleeves that are designed for easy ripping

a-violist  asked:

How much do harps go for?

It’s a large range! Small lever harps can be less than $1,000 whereas large concert grand pedal harps can be like $30,000+. The price varies per maker, and also by complexity. For example, a small lever harp (such as my Ravenna 26) without any sharpening levers, is around $800. The gold Lyon & Healy Style 11 I play most the time though, was around $50,000 when it was new. I don’t have that kind of money by the way, so that is why I am renting it on a monthly basis.

Note that there are larger lever harps and smaller pedal harps as well.