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Friendly reminder that shipping isn’t a competition and that it’s simply unnecessary to start ship wars. Especially when the couples have nothing to do with each other.

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Hello, I wanted to ask what you thought about a crack theory of mine. When Ishida removes a flashback characters eyes it has been shown to be for a later reveal (ex. Renji's sister being Hikari Kirishima). That being said, both Ukina and Kasuka Mado's faces have not been shown, and they have certain similarities. Their eyes are missing while being in the foreground, they are blonde, wore high-collared shirts, and were important to others' character development. Could Kasuka and Ukina be sisters?

Hello! And sorry, but no I don’t think so, even if I once considered it, to try and link Ukina to something/someone else in the story besides Yoshimura and V. 

I believe that this is just Ishida’s way to show that these two women died a long time ago, to the point that it might be hard for the characters who loved them to remember what they looked like. 
However I’m hoping that, like with Yomo’s sister, we might learn more about them and see their faces at some point. For Kasuka, it’s not hard, we know Akira is almost the spitting image of her mom, but I’d like to see Ukina’s face, as well as know more about them. 

Sorry Anon, for now there is really no hint at all that these two might be related (even if it would be hella cool, if just because that means Eto ate her aunt and #drama) but I can’t blame you for considering it, because I did as well a long time ago. :3

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If you can’t sleep at night and you’re alone, remember that the moonlight lighting up your face is my kiss to your forehead, it’ll be alright when you wake up in the morning but you’ll have to get some sleep first.

If you wake up and the world still feels like it’s sitting on your shoulders, remember that the sun warming your back is my embrace, there’s still time for it to get better.

If our time has to stretch to infinity for you to feel better, the space between where you are and where you want to be is my hand holding yours and darling there will never come a day when I let go.


Hm, this does seem plausible. Feel free to chime in if you had this experience but didn’t have the panel missions complete (or were under level 20). Or if you’re the opposite.

And I guess I was just judging it off of what I saw from all the players that I knew myself. Small sample size, so I apologize for that. (And I suppose people that got all 9th tier wouldn’t talk as much about it.) And yeah, it must suck. :/ But it’s also a free lottery, so what can you do.

part of me really wants to start bullet journaling, another part of me recognizes that I have bad handwriting and I’ve always been pretty shit at arts and crafts

Can’t find water bottles/gallons?

By me in Orlando all the water is already gone. When Costco got a shipment today it was gone before they even finished unloading.
So what do you do if you can’t find water bottles?
This is what we did when we couldn’t find anything for Matthew

*Get gallon Ziplock bags and fill those up about ¾ of the way. Get the ones that zip closed really tight. Then stack them up in a box. Weird squishy water bottles.
Also good for making ice blocks for freezer that can be melted later if needed. For that only fill ½ way or the bag will explode.

*Fill every cup you have with water. Cover tops with saran wrap to keep little bits of dust and whatnot from getting in the water since it’ll be sitting before you use it. Don’t have many cups? Buy a thing of disposable ones from the store. 

*Go to the dollar store and get buckets, Fill and cover those. We bought 3 1-gallon buckets and those are for the animals but they’d be fine for people too.

*For someone like me there are old gatorade bottles hiding around my house. Gather up water bottles, fill them.

*Rinse and reuse other containers. Your milk won’t last if the power goes out. Finish it up, rinse the container and fill it. 

*Tupperware. Fill and close it. Can also be frozen to make ice blocks. The more ice in the freezer, the longer things will stay cold if you lose power.

No one is stocking up on ziplocs, cups, saran wrap, or buckets that I noticed. Plenty of all those still left on the shelves while the water section was empty.

Good luck with the storm friends.