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Wig Hack Wednesday #4 !
Today I wanna introduce a no-sew-no-glue method to add volume to your wig with a jumbo braid (or braiding hair). Using this method will save you time and money because you’ll be getting more bang for your buck! Jumbo braids are pretty cheap and can range from around $2-$8 depend on quality of the hair fiber. Usually, they are used to add thickness to braid hairstyles, but you can use it for any “big-hair” hairstyle, really. Be careful when using hair dryer or heat tools with jumbo braids because they cannot stand as much heat-styling as other wig fibers. For this tutorial, I’m using a jumbo braid in marshmallow from Arda Wigs.
- Untie the end of the jumbo braid. Separate and cut a small piece of weft from it. Keep in mind that you’ll need the piece to be double of the length you would want for the final product because you will be folding the piece in half.
- Use a latch crochet hook to go under the elastic band of the wig and grab the folded hair
- Bring the hook back through the same hole, making sure the latch closes before you pull it through the hole
- Grab the hair with your fingers, twist it once and hold
- Bring the hair from the hanging side and pull it through the twisted loop without tightening the loop
- Bring the loop to the opposite side and twist it again
- Pull the hair from the hanging side through the loop again
- Pull and tighten the knot so it’s as small as possible
- Keep adding more hair to the other elastics and different sections of the wig. You can tease it for more volume!

I used this method to make a Sage Madara (Naruto) wig and it produced great result with high volume but still very light-weight. I hope this helps you create cool wigs with super volume at low cost (looking at Steven Universe people…lol )

more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames

dating stiles stilinski would include...


  • Being totally awkward and embarrassed around each other when you first start dating
  • Forgetting your own inside jokes 
  • “Remember that one time you laughed really hard at the one thing and chocolate milk came out of your nose?”
  • “Yeah babe, that was so funny. Wait, why was I laughing again?”
  • Having full access to his infinite collection of flannels & hoodies
  • Stealing a few of your favorites because they smell like him and returning them once the his scent wears off 
  • “I’ve been looking for this sweater for 3 months." 

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Deadly spider's unique spinning technique could inspire tougher materials

Brown recluse spiders use a unique micro looping technique to make their threads stronger than that of any other spider, a newly published UK-US collaboration has discovered.

One of the most feared and venomous arachnids in the world, the American brown recluse spider has long been known for its signature necro-toxic venom, as well as its unusual silk. Now, new research offers an explanation for how the spider is able to make its silk uncommonly strong.

Researchers suggest that if applied to synthetic materials, the technique could inspire scientific developments and improve impact absorbing structures used in space travel.

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The “science wing” of our high school was four classrooms in a square, connected via a storeroom so the teachers could move through them without having to loop through the halls. The teachers that controlled that part of the kingdom were some of the best weirdos in the building.

In one corner was an older man who’s voice was so good at putting people to sleep that his pass rate was actually pretty low. People fought to get a good grade simply because they couldn’t manage to stay awake long enough to absorb any of the material.

Next to him was a hardass who would only let kids use a specific bathroom in the school. He liked running chemistry experiments where students would light various chemicals on fire and determine what they are based on what color they burned. It was during one of these experiments that we learned, much to our horror, that he is totally colorblind and was relying 100% on our abilities to tell one unmarked chemical from another since the test would tell him nothing. 

The other two were somewhat of a shipping legend among the more romantic of the students. Both were married (to different women, not that it stopped us from talking) but were apparently friends in college or something. The end result was a playful kind of banter between them that lasted all year and amused the students to no end.

We would be having a test in one room, everything is deadly silent, when a periscope sloooooooowly emerges from the storage room door behind the teacher’s desk. It glances around until someone notices it and snickers. Teachers head whips up, periscope is GONE. Everyone calms down, he goes back to marking papers. The second teacher sneaks through the door, tip-toes behind the first teacher, makes faces at him while we struggle to maintain composure. First teacher whips around in his chair but the second teacher has silently booked it out the door and into the hall. This went on all exam. First teacher thought he was going crazy until he finally caught the imp and chased him out of the room. 

Another day had the first teacher tired and stressed out from family issues so we were on a light day. Second teacher came in and randomly started giving first teacher a shoulder massage. The sound of manly purring had most of the girls in class in a state of crazed hormonal overload.

Even separate, those two were pretty awesome. First teacher had a soft, kind voice and loved to do practical hands on experiments like making soap or brewing our own root beer. Second teacher had enough plants in his class for it to feel like a greenhouse instead of a classroom, and he was fairly absent minded. At one point, he walked smoothly into the class, scooped up a marker, paused just as the marker tip hit the whiteboard, his eyes slowly widened and he yelled “OH SHI—-” and RAN out of the room leaving us all stunned and confused. About 2 minutes later he came back carrying a huge plant. Apparently he had left it in the girl’s shower room to leetch something out of the soil under the water and forgot about it. I wish we could have watched him trying to sneak into the change rooms in the middle of class to steal a plant! He was also responsible for the plague of crickets that tormented us during final exams. The crickets he was breeding as food for his lizard got loose and spread through the school. Imagine trying to write a final in a huge silent gym with the odd chirp sounding for no apparent reason. So annoying…

“You’re dreaming. You know that, don’t you?”


You know how you can’t play videos when you click off your phone but you wanna listen to music and you don’t wanna get Youtube Red?


But you’ll need headphones or earbuds with a pause/play button on them.

Here how to do it:
-Open the video you want to play
-add it to a playlist all by itself, nothing else with it
-select the loop option on the playlist
-click off your phone/device
-click the play button on the earbuds/headphones

The music should be looping without your device being on!


thysalworks  asked:

Do you have any tips for making a maze?

I actually had some written out for Dream Diary Jam that I keep forgetting to post, so yes, you’re in luck.  In the small Yume Nikki fangame Community, we have a term called “Hell Mazes”, named after the original Yume Nikki’s big red pulsating map that was a bit frustrating to get through.  These maps are large, confusing, and serve to frustrate the player rather than to challenge them.  Here’s some steps on how to avoid one of those.

Whatever you do, I’d plan my maze out first.  Grab a sheet of paper or MSPaint and doodle down a rough idea of what you want.  Here’s my process of making a maze:

Step 1: Draw out your starting and ending points.  
Step 2: Connect them like this so there is at least one main path out of your maze:

Step 3:  Fill out the rest of the maze with branches leading to dead ends or connecting paths.

Now you got yourself a maze.  Start playtesting it from there and see how frustrated you get with it.  Remember: if you’re not having fun getting through a map, your player is not having fun.  You don’t want your player to be bored or frustrated when playing your game - that’s when they put it down in favor of doing something more fun like cleaning the house or rearranging their music collection.

More tips under the “Keep Reading” below:

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Some ignorant: I can’t believe peter quill listened to the same songs on repeat for like twenty-five years of his life

Me, who has been obsessively listening to awesome mix vol. 1 and 2 on loop without any breaks at all for the past month and a half, laughing nervously: yes of course that’s incomprehensible,

Wig ventilating with latch hooks

For cosplayers who are new to lace fronts, wig ventilating is a process in which individual strands of hair are hand-tied to lace that is located at the front of a wig (ie, a “lace front” wig), or for a very high quality wig, over the entire head.  This process is long and tedious, but there is simply nothing out there that looks more natural, particularly for wigs that are pulled back from the forehead.  Cosplay vendors such as Arda-Wigs and WigIsFashion now sell premade lace front wigs, but ventilating your own is still a useful technique if you need a special hairline shape or are starting with a traditional wig.

There are already several great ventilating tutorials out there, but most use your standard tool: a ventilating hook.  Hhhhammy used one of these to ventilate her Eridan wig, but when I went to ventilate my Fishwig entry for Iron Wig I had a major problem with it.  I kept dropping the hair off of the hook portion, or couldn’t angle it easily through the loop without losing the fiber.  It was working but I had a tight deadline and I was spending WAY too much time just trying to get the thing through the netting.

So I went to Sally’s Beauty and bought this for $3:

IT’S GREAT.  A latch hook or micro fusion hook is more commonly used to weave in extensions, but I am in love with it for ventilating.  Basically, if you are having trouble knotting your hair with a traditional needle, go get one of these and rejoice because it does literally half the work for you.  The steps are almost identical to how you would use a normal ventilating needle, but with the addition of your handy dandy latch:

  1. Open your hook and push it through one of your mesh holes like normal.  Push it all the way past the latch and grab 1-3 strands of hair with the hook.  This is one place where your standard ventilating hook wins out: it does not automatically pick up the right amount of fiber the way a ventilating hook does, so be careful.
  2. Pull your hook and newly-caught hair back through the hole.  The netting will push the latch closed and trap your hair, making it impossible to fall off no matter what angle you are holding the hook at!  Holy shit!
  3. Slip the hair backward past the latch, toward your hand.  This will re-open the latch.  Take your re-exposed hook and grab the tail of the fiber that you are still holding.
  4. Slip the hair at the base of the tool forward and off.  The hair will push the latch closed once again, trapping the tail fiber and making a knot for you!  You are done!  What a miracle of modern wigmaking!!

(If the above gif isn’t working, try viewing it in a new tab)

I frigging love this thing, and feel like I ventilated so much faster because I didn’t have to sweat about the hair falling off or angling the tool correctly through the knot.  You really just poke and go, and let the latch do half the work for you.  Your mileage may vary: most people like the traditional ventilating tool, and some people even prefer using a normal needle.  But if you’re having trouble with the knotting process, give this a try!


Juniper is a flower faun! They are a breed of faun from a very odd place, comparable to a wonderland. The best description I have for her world is like an M C Escher painting but like…a forest. She possesses a few strange abilities including being able to control and summon plant-life (as well as grow it on her fur), walk on any kind of inclined surface (even a loop without falling), her eyes change colour almost every time she blinks, and when she plays the fiddle…it can sound like a whole variety of instruments. She’s all around a very cheerful girl, with no mean bone in her body. She can come off as blunt but it’s never in malice. Juniper likes to guide those who happen to stumble into her home realm.

anonymous asked:

What if S/O played a prank on Akira where they ziptied Akira's belt loop to a chair? Btw love your work, these are super cute!

Morgana actually helps S/O with the prank because he thinks it’s too funny. So he let’s them into Le Blanc to set up.

The next time S/O is with Akira, they cuddle for awhile, giving S/O the perfect opportunity to use their amateur “thief” skills and  wrap the zip tie around his belt loop without closing it.

He doesn’t see it coming :^)

S/O leaves the house and when Akira sits down to make infiltration tools, Morgana closes the tie around the edge of the chair. Akira gets up to go to bed, except, the chair comes with him.

He looks around, like what the fuck just happened. He assumes that he’s just imagining it, so he sits back down, and attempts to get up again.


Akira is just sitting down and standing back up multiple times, and hears Morgana just laughing his ass off. He turns around and glares at him, spilling the beans that S/O planned this.  Akira is extremely shook.

After struggling intensely getting his pants off and leaving them hooked to his chair, this dude actually gets on the train in heart patterned boxers just to get to S/O’s house. He calls them and asks them to come outside.

When they get outside and see Akira just sweating and standing there in nothing but boxers and a shirt, not even S/O could’ve seen their plan working out this well and they’re dying. Seeing how happy S/O makes Akira less grumpy about it.

S/O is happiest though bc he’s wearing the underwear they got him lol


Countdown to Dilwale: Top 5 SRKajol movies [2/5] → Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

“It’s alright, Señorita. In big places like this, such small things happen.”