without knowing it was a vegan restaurant

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Vegan,

I just wanted to email you to say thank you SO MUCH for helping me regain my health and quite possibly saving my life. Here’s my story:
I found you, along with High Carb Hannah, around this time last year. I was living in Belfast, Northern Ireland while studying for my master’s, and I was literally starving. I was about 210lbs (and have been over 200lbs since I was 12-13 years old) and still stuck in the low-carb, high protein diet mentality. Meat in the UK/Ireland is crazy expensive, and I could only afford the equivalent of about $20-30/week in food. I was eating fatty chicken thighs and salmon and soaking my food in oil just to feel satisfied. At one point, I counted calories and realized I was eating less than 1000 calories a day. I lived off of the free coffee in my university’s study halls. In addition to eating so little, I was walking between 5-7 miles a day because I didn’t have a car and Belfast’s public transportation was inconsistent and less than stellar.
Despite literally starving, I wasn’t losing a lot of weight. I had lost about 20lbs before then but my weight completely plateaued from there– for obvious reasons. I knew something needed to change. I can’t remember how it happened exactly, but I stumbled across one of High Carb Hannah’s videos and from there found you two. I read the Starch Solution because of you and my life changed completely! Not only did a lose a ridiculous amount of weight– dropping from 210 to 155lbs– but I was finally eating enough food! Although meat was expensive, guess what’s plentiful and dirt cheap in Ireland? POTATOES. I started eating a high carb diet, eating potatoes and porridge every single day, along with pounds of fresh veg that I could pick up at my local farmer’s market for pennies. I tracked my calories to make sure I was eating enough, and on just $20-30/week I was able to eat over 2500 calories a day. I had tons of energy and felt healthy for the first time in my life. I am FINALLY at a healthy BMI (I’m 5'8’). I want to lose about another 15-20lbs, and I know that I can without feeling deprived or miserable.
I want you to know that your message for WSLF is life-saving, not just for health but also for people like me who were living below the poverty line. I’m back in the United States for now, and I’m planning to work with local non-profits in Orlando (where there is a huge amount of poverty) to tackle the inadequate nutrition of the working poor by encouraging starch-based diets. There is a misconception that the vegan diet is one of privilege. And indeed, if you’re eating mock-meats and Chao cheese or dining at expensive vegan restaurants, it absolutely is. But a healthy, starch-based diet is not, and I can say I am proof of that. 

Here’s my before and after, and you have my permission to share my story and pictures if you wish. 

​This ended up being a way longer email than I intended, but I really felt like I had to reach out and share another perspective/compelling reason to advocate for the starch-based diet. Thank you again for doing what you do! You’re doing more than you can possibly imagine, and I hope my story continues to inspire you.  

Marisa J.

I am SICK of people saying vegans “talk about it too much”

Every time any vegan has enough courage to stand up for animals and talk about the fact that they are vegan, or brings up the moral problems with exploiting animal, carnist will go into a rant about how vegans just never shut up. Do they fucking realize that every motherfucking ad for food is for animal products? Nearly every meal anyone eats has animals products. Every sign for a restaurant includes animal products. Nearly every restaurant has animal products. Every grocery store is loaded with animal products. Vegans cannot go 20 motherfucking minutes without being reminded that everyone they know is contributing to the gruesome deaths of BILLIONS of animals a year. You know why vegans bring up veganism a lot? BECAUSE CARNISTS SHOVE THEIR DISGUSTING IDEOLOGY DOWN OUR THROATS A LOT. I’ll shut up about being vegan when you stop exploiting animals for every meal and stop shoving carnist ads, food, clothing, etc. in my fucking face.

Rant over.

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Could you please do the gang reacting to a mc that's vegan/vegetarian? Thank you so much, I love you're blog!

Thanks a lot ! And sorry for the slow replies !


  • He found out when you went out for dinner and he wanted to go to a steak house
  • “ Uhm Jumin actually I don’t eat any meat or any other animal products.”
  • “ Oh alright- Should I call Jaehee to pick out a restaurant for us “
  • “ No no it’s fine . I know a good one.”
  • You lead him to your favourite restaurant
  • It’s a bit odd for him at first but he still enjoys it
  • From then on he always hired a chef to cook for you both


  • She had invited you for dinner without knowing you we’re vegetarian
  • And somehow you had forgot to tell her
  • Well know you sat infront of the beef stew
  • “ Sorry Jaehee I forgot to tell you I’m vegetarian”
  • Jaehee was very flustered but she had made a lot of side dishes so it wasn’t that bad
  • “ Next time I will cook for us “ you smiled


  • He was joking about how vegan people always say how they’re vegan
  • Well that was an akward moment for you
  • “ Yoosung- I’m actually vegan”
  • Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit
  • “ Y-You know I was joking about these jokes- It’s actually kinda cool”
  • You just laughed because we’re just teasing him
  • He’s the type that asks if it’s really okay for him to eat meat and eggs and stuff around you
  • “ Yeah Yoosung. You eat what you want.”


  • He told you about how he wanted to lose some weight and heard that eating like a vegetarian would be good
  • And that he didn’t knew much about it
  • “ Oh actually I’m a vegetarian Zen I can teach you”
  • Well then you cooked for him and he was amazed at how delicious it was
  • And he probably stayed vegetarian a little bit longer than intended because he loved your cooking


  • You ordered pizza one time
  • And tried to decide on what to order
  • That’s when he found out you we’re vegetarian
  • “ Wait does that mean you won’t cook meals with meat for me when we’re married ? I should reconsider marrying you then”
  • “ Seven !”, you punched him lightly
  • “ I’m just kidding just kidding MC.”

I think it’s great that vegan blogs and channels exist to give people resources on how to create simple vegan meals. However, unfortunately these spaces are incredibly white dominated and it can be inaccessible to PoC. One major way this plays out is with white vegans taking traditional ethnic foods and butchering them. For example, I’m Japanese and my dad has owned sushi restaurants my whole life. I’m very familiar with what is traditional and I’m even okay with places that put a modern spin on classic recipes, as long as they understand where these recipes come from. However, when I see white vegans giving their own weird take on these recipes without knowing what flavors traditionally work together I find it frustrating. I’ve seen so many iterations of “vegan sushi” with ingredients that don’t fucking taste good with seaweed, sushi rice, wasabi, etc. Like y'all please stop putting hummus or black beans or whatever the fuck in your rolls. Stop wrapping your rolls in lettuce instead of seaweed and calling it “Japanese” food. Sushi in the west has already been incredibly Americanized with the use of avocado, mayonnaise, and other ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients work really well together and I’m super fine with the evolution of Japanese food in the U.S. because it opens the door for some cool innovations and creativity. I went to a sushi place once with a whole vegan menu that substituted soft shell crab in their spider roll with panko fried oyster mushrooms and it was an incredibly smart and inventive substitute. But dear lord please don’t put ingredients in that don’t fucking taste good together and post it on your blog calling it sushi 💁🏻

i really appreciate it when my friends pick restaurants that have a vegan menu without me even asking

i love that they do the research and when i get there, they know more about the vegan menu than i do

i walk up, ready to just try to put a meal together from a side of steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries

and they’ve picked a spot with vegan burritos and the yummies guac made at the table

it’s the little things

the fact that it’s the norm

not to tease and poke fun at how i can’t eat 

but just embracing me and my needs

it’s just


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I have a story to share that I think you would enjoy... I went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner with my family and I asked for my dish without cheese and chicken because I was vegan and the waiter said ok! The rest of my family got caesar salad to share as an appetizer and the waiter didn't know what vegans ate and didn't want me to feel left out because I didn't order an appetizer so he brought me out a big bowl of grapes to enjoy before my main meal came out!

That is literally so cute and nice