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I’ve taken to drawing fake comic book covers of our Star Wars Role-playing Campaign. We play together nearly every week, and I love our adventures together. Plus, it’s just plain fun to draw. Here’s a few of them I’ve done. ♥

Last week on “Season 5 - Embers of Hope”:
After failing a series of critical puzzles and riddles in the ancient Temple of Abeed, our heroes, Akai, Pips, Casca, and Chowdrr find themselves seemingly transported back 5000 years into the past. They quickly discovered they were not the only group here searching for “The Jewel of Abeed,” a powerful healing relic.  A small army of New Sith Order troops, led by the twisted IGG-1, clashed with our heroes across a huge dam. Hours of battle eventually resulted in Casca taking a critical wound, loosing his eyes to IGG1′s devastating missile attack.
Without the Jewel, there is little hope in saving the beloved Valen Al-Hikma… And if the dam is destroyed, all of history could be in danger as well! With Casca sightless and wounded, no lightsabers in hand, shaken by ominous Force Visions, failing to resist the call of the dark side of the Force, and the New Sith Order troops making ground towards destroying the dam and taking the Jewel for themselves… it seems like things couldn’t get much worse. That is, until Casca suddenly revealed to Chowdrr that HE was the one responsible for the destruction of Chowdrr’s village and family….
What will happen next?! Guess I will find out later this week! ♥

There were men inside the castle.

In most castles this wouldn’t be an odd occurrence, but considering only Q and his mate (who was most definitely not a man) lived there it was something to be worried over.

It was just his luck that James was off on some treasure hunt Alec had found the map for the last time he was in town. Simply James’ presence would have been enough to scare them away, provided they weren’t too terribly stupid.

Still, being left on his own didn’t mean Q wasn’t about to defend his home. He had his sword, had muscles trained by fight practice with James, and a home turf advantage. James was going to be pissed at him for putting himself in danger, but he was also a fucking hypocrite. Q wasn’t going to let his home be invaded by some half brained jewel thieves without putting up a fight.

He used his knowledge of the castle to take them by surprise, striking one of them from behind and leaving the other two caught off guard. The fight was quick and dirty, Q pulling out every low brow trick Alec had taught him in hand-to-hand. In the end he emerged victorious, three bloody bodies at his feet proclaiming his triumph, though he was bleeding heavily from a wound at his side and another on his shoulder.

He had time to bind his wounds, could first soak in a bath of healing herbs once he cleaned up his mess. The men were burly, not as big as James, but significantly larger than Q, and it was a struggle for him to drag them outside. He dumped them in the castle’s moat, knowing the large fish living there would take care of the bodies. He had just kicked the last one over the ledge, heard the splash when it hit the water, when a sharp pain stabbed at his side, his wound lighting like fire through his blood.

He pulled up the side of his bloody and torn shirt, found the veins around his still sluggishly bleeding wound turning a dark purple.

It was poison. He had been poisoned.

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So I was just here browsing my mook for the 100th time and no matter from what I angle I see it, this still looks like they’re looking at each other’s lips rather than at each other’s eyes lol

Specially Haru. Because I mean, Rin is totally looking at Haru’s eyes in this one below for example.

But here?

Not so much.

And it’s hilarious because while I know it’s probably just the way they were drawn and all, Kyoani made it so easy. Like one can literally write illustrated fic about this thing. 

A Haru who gets caught up in Rin and doesn’t even notice what he’s doing. A Rin who can’t help but to meet him halfway, inching closer and closer - until realization dawns in on him.

And Rin, being more self-aware than Haru is in this regard, knows what getting carried away could mean for him. So he catches himself, does a double take and -

Flees the scene, leaving an adorably clueless Haru behind.

See? It practically writes itself hahahah this scene is like a gift that keeps on giving, it’s hilarious and adorable in every single take.

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Lola and Stéphane - Finale

What a perfect set up for S3!

Stéphane literally burst into the king’s private chambers asking for permission and help to find and save Lola, his precious jewel. Without ulterior motif! Everyone was convinced that John was dead, and he was genuinely surprised when he saw them both alive. Saving king’s son was gift from heavens because it is his shortcut for returning ‘back on top’. Two of them, working together, and putting their differences aside, in order to save Lola is like a dream came true (BROTP since - 'I don’t like you / I don’t care’)!

Yes, there wasn’t any kissing or touching, but that one look at the end said more than a thousand words! ‘He committed act that defy sense, and self-preservation!’  

After entire season of slow burn, I wasn’t expecting anything more than this. Every other couple was rushed, and destroyed within few episodes. Lola and Stéphane are the only constant on this show.

There is a promising future for them. They will have happy ending.

We Lorcisse shippers should be rewarded for being most patient, most loyal audience, during the entire season.