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Love Always Wakes the Dragon

(and suddenly flames everywhere)

It could be worse. You do have all the luxuries befitting a princess, though one charged with treason. But a gilded cage is still a cage. And the prospect of withering away in this, the tallest tower of the Palace of Asgard, in the same place where your once-betrothed will live and marry and rule from, it’s almost too much to bear.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Thor x Jotun!Reader
word count: 4067
warnings: brat prince Thor, unprotected sex, oral sex, hair pulling, choking

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tattoo artist who can encode magic into tattoos but doesn’t want people to know she can so she just puts low-level luck spells on her clients’ bodies without telling them

jeweller who makes body jewellery and pendants which have amulet properties and draw love and luck and happiness to their wearers without them realising it

piercing artist who keeps the remnants from her piercings and puts them all in little jars in the back of her shop to work sympathetic luck spells on all her clients

and then all three of them slowly realise what the others are doing and end up in a poly relationship living in a little shop in the shitty end of town, which gets curiously less shitty the longer they stay, and people think it’s just the development of the area but the three artists know

and they’re never rich and they’re never famous but they’re always happy because they have everything they need

they have the shop and they have their customers and they have each other

and when their customers are happy and content, they pack up and move on, all together now, to find another space with skin to be coloured and jewellery to be made and magic to be done.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm planning to do a gerudo dress link from breath of the wild and I'm stuck on what fabric to use. I was thinking a cotton sateen because of the nice jewel tones, but wasn't sure if it would be too stiff to get the flowy desert feel of the costume. Do you have any ideas/recommendations? Thank you very much!!

Hello there!

For this, I’d recommend something with a soft hand that is semi-sheer rather than a cotton staeen. If you go with natural fibers and are willing to do some dyeing yourself, you can get the rich jewel tones without having to worry about what colors the fabric is actually manufactured in. If you line the top, you won’t have to worry about anything showing through while still getting the look of the soft material.

My first pick would be gauze or something in that family. Here’s a cotton gauze and here’s a rayon gauze; both would have to be dyed, which I would recommend fiber reactive dyes for. Another option would be this gorgeous silk/rayon blend, which would be dyed with a combination of acid and fiber reactive dyes, or with a ‘universal’ dye like Rit or iDye, and is more opaque than my other recommendations here. Cotton lawn or harem cloth might be good if you want a slightly more homespun look. For a much more sheer look (this is what I used for my pants for Harle), a silk organza would be lovely, but getting a bit far from the reference.

Other fabric types to look for: georgette (I’d recommend silk or rayon to keep yourself cool), silk chiffon in a higher mm (so that it’s more opaque and heavier than a more sheer poly or nylon chiffon), or if you can find a linen with a soft hand. A lightweight crepe could be another option, as could a jersey knit (which seems out of step with the world of the game but it would be a good look and is easily accessible, as a lot of these fabric types can’t exactly be found at Joann’s and have to be ordered online).

For this project, you want something that is soft and flowy and doesn’t have a whole lot of structure so that you can get the billowy look. I’m also sticking to mostly natural fibers because of the desert environment, but if you don’t mind polyester versions of these trapping heat (except the organza, which tends to be too stiff when in polyester form), then those might be easier to find. Keep in mind your method for adding the designs, as well – if you embroider, bead, or applique, fabric type can be pretty much anything, but if you want to paint or stencil, it may be better to go with something with a smooth surface rather than twisted yarns (like a crepe or georgette) so that you can get crisper lines.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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for that ask game: pynch and blusey!!

What ask game? THIS ASK GAME!

Asdfghjkl I love this so muchhhh, thank you for sending the best ships in the world, babe. I can’t contain myself so each of the replies will have a little fantasy that I associate with the assignment~~~


  • Werewolf: Adam, Hunter: Ronan.
    The Scenario: Adam has been on the run for a year, after being bitten as the culmination of a life of hardship (he’s such an hungry, angry, starved animal~~~). Ronan was born and raised in a family linked to the supernatural world, but has sworn revenge upon the creatures of the night since his father has been killed.
    When this hunter comes for this werewolf, both of their lives will change.
    Werewolf: Gansey, Hunter: Blue.
    The Scenario: Blue is frankly no sure what would bring any sane werewolf to knock at the door of a house of hunters. When Gansey starts blabbering about finding the reliquia of the First Hunter and his brother the First Werewolf with their help, she quickly reassess her judgment. The dude is evidently crazy

  • Merman: Adam, Fisherman: Ronan
    The Scenario: Everyone in the little harbour town of Henrietta knows that you’re not supposed to get close to Cabeswater Rock, sacred to the God of the Sea and home to His sons and daughters. However, Ronan always dares to get his boat a bit too close to the shores, for just a glimpse of the disconcerting, disdainful face of the merman that likes to sunbathe on the South shore…
    Merman: Gansey, Fisherwomen: Blue
    The Scenario: Gansey is very obsessed with the human world and keeps following Blue around, even though Blue is a Very Sensible Fisherwomen. She knows that you should NOT mingle with merfolks because they bring trouble and they tend to have hidden aims, but this merman can be…sort of fascinating…in the rare moment he’s not being a complete idiot, of course.

  • Wizard: Adam, Familiar: Ronan
    The Scenario: Getting a raven from the Familiar Ritual in the stone circle was a pretty cool catch for Adam. The fact that Ronan has a bit of an attitude (like a lot of a bit) and has a sharply handsome, vaguely handsy humanoid form is a totally different business. 
    Wizard: Gansey, Familiar: Blue
    The Scenario: As if being born without any real magical power is not a humiliation enough, Blue ends up paired with this insanely, unfairly powerful new wizard. She’s supposed to be his assistant or something, teach him the way since she knows more about magic in theory than him, but being called his familiar is a damn MUCH, okay???

  • Barista: Ronan, Coffee Addict: Adam
    The Scenario: When it’s finals times at Ivy League, it does help if the barista at your favourite coffee shop lets you stay there for 8 hours in the most secluded booth and keeps bringing you coffee just like you drink it. Adam might be getting a bit smitten, but maybe it’s just sleep deprivation. 
    Barista: Blue, Coffee Addict: Gansey
    The Scenario: The first fact is that Gansey is insomniac. The second fact is that he stopped cared about it and just grind through life with 3 hours of maximum sleep a day. The third fact is that he’s so beyond caring that he even drinks coffee and now is a vicious cycle. Then his favourite coffee shop hires a new barista and Blue is apparently having none of his bullshit. 

  • Professor: Adam, TA: Ronan.
    The Scenario: When Prof. Parrish appointed him as his TA, Ronan asked him, literally, what the ever-loving fuck was he thinking. There wasn’t much to dispute with the reply of “I need someone to put my most appalling student in their place the way they deserve and I have a reputation, Lynch. Keep glaring, you’ll be fine”. Also, Parrish is hot as fuck.
    Professor: Gansey, TA: Blue.
    The Scenario: Gansey is a really young archeology professor and Blue is the fiercest, boldest, most brilliant student he has ever brought in excavation with him. She is more than knowledgeable, she can see beyond the theory and beyond the practice to see the connections. Of course she’s his TA, he wouldn’t get anyone else this close to his course.

  • Knight: Adam, Prince: Ronan
    The Scenario: Declan had forced him, but Ronan doesn’t really want this knight with him for protection and because it’s expected of you to have a guard, Ronan, for God’s sake. Somehow, though, it does help that Adam doesn’t want to be his knight either and they can bite each other’s head off for the whole length of the journey to the neighbouring realm. 
    Knight: Blue, Prince: Gansey
    The Scenario: Blue wanted many things when she became a knight under the King. Being hired by the House of Gansey to go and recover their stupid ass second son after he got himself kidnapped by a goddamn dragon in a crazy quest for legendary tokens is not one of them. She’s gonna rescue his ass just to give him a piece of her mind. 

  • Teacher: Adam, Single Parent: Ronan
    The Scenario: These counseling sessions with Opal’s father about how his daughter is still a bit unruly in class and has the tendency to swap between three languages when stressed are turning in a bit too much of a heartfelt experience, as much as Adam is concerned…
    Teacher: Gansey, Single Parent: Blue
    The Scenario: Blue is not really anyone’s single parent, but at 300 Fox Way everyone over 18 yo is somewhat qualified to be in charge of one of the many little ones. Gansey has some serious misunderstanding about this, but what is he supposed to think when Blue is the only one coming to the little girl parent-teacher meeting? Blue will argue “maybe something else, since Daphne is 9, how old do you think I am???

  • Writer: Ronan, Editor: Adam
    The Scenario: Ronan Lynch is, without doubt, the crown jewel of Glendower Publications. He is also terrible with deadlines, with a cringe-worthy temper and a penchant for going AWOL at the worst possible moments. Adam absolutely refuses to sacrifice his first big editorial job under Ronan’s whims and tempers, though…
    Writer: Blue, Editor: Gansey
    The Scenario: Writing travel books is Blue’s dream, especially because the Publisher pays her expenses to go to all these places with her camera. She would like it so much better it being a writer did not involve so many practicalities. Luckily her editor, Gansey travels with her. Not that he’s so organized himself, but between the two of them they almost make one functioning person. 

And now I want to write ALL OF THEM. Or read all of them. If someone picks up these accidental prompts that I sprouted out, please let me know! :DDDD

More of Eleanor’s diary

@lady-eleanor-vane posted several auction pictures of several pages of Eleanor’s diary, with the request of help for people to decipher what is written.

God knows I came away not half as well pleased as when I arrived with an engagement I had little hope of shaking off. All being so ill used for want of a pleasant nature. Hither to I had no quarrel with him, not knowing of him personally tho’ stories of exploits had reached us one is not given to taking them rumours and tales to heart for that is what they be. Just exactly that. When all is said and done this is a man someone is going to have to dispose of sooner, rather than later. [10]3

Notorious Prisoner On Trial. Court reports on Eleanor Guthrie, trade boss of Nassau. ….. [? not sure on the last word]” (Courtesy also to  @betterhiddenbizarre who also figured this text out)

Not 100% sure who Eleanor wrote about here, but this is around the time of the trial. It seems to me this is about Woodes Rogers after her meeting with him on the Delicia and he almost put her on the Gloucestershire back to London. I can’t imagine Eleanor wrote this about Captain Hume or Mr. Underhill. The “engagement” Eleanor talks about within the given context is meant to be taken as “agreement”.

So, if written after the scene of Rogers wanting to put her on the Gloucestershire for “fucking Vane”, then we can conclude that Eleanor accepted to cooperate with him for her own survival, and had little hope of being able to wittle out of it, that she was more confident and pleased of her deal with him before arriving on the ship than she was after the meeting. She feels ill used by him for her bluntness. Until then she had no “quarrel” (no ill feelings towards him) because she did not know him, but she had heard of him and his “exploits” (explorations) along with some dark rumors and tales, which she still tends to reject. And at this point she thinks that either she or others (in Nassau) will have to get rid of him. The “Notorious Prisoner” seems more like a spiteful signature, signing off. 

LEFT PAGE “We need to be able to make money the way London makes money through collection - collecting not hunting which amounts to legitimacy. I need to challenge him, ask him, beg him to give up the girl in spite of how his men may feel [22]2″

This is about Charles Vane, before she goes to the Fort to ask him to give her Abigail.

RIGHT PAGE: “I failed, my evenfall (?) prepared speech. He spouted (?) his humans shall … about taking and keeping, and lording behind desks … …. or anything else. Very well. I shall follow his example and take her, and look him in the eye and give him every chance to deny me. That is also legitimate. [23]3″

Eleanor continues on the Abigail issue, comprizing Vane’s ideas, and she decides to just take Abigail, using his words about looking a man in his eyes and giving him a chance to deny him.

The numbers at the end of each write-up do not seem to be a date after all. There was not a month in between Eleanor begging him for the girl and taking her.

“According to Marcus he requested their attendance in … having been confound to bed following a doggy spell. His fever worsens. Somewhere in a previous entry I have a cure for fever. It may be more ?eacuous than Marcus dethoxing and bloodletting I suspect, why/may/way I know the pressure upon him to find and recover the Cache is what ails him. Our continued … have in Marcus/Maroons/Marines (?) and allies.

grand (?) plans … around the Cache (?). All … .. makes that his health … to the additional will (?) … I have sequestered him A…. to deal with me. … …. …. I am the … … …. between Rogers and his council. The Chamberlain I expected to take issue with this. I command him though …. conditioned my state of mending on that what I cannot forget. I can move forward, which fact I think he found reassuring. [1]2″

I am pretty sure that I may be reading a word here or there wrong. But the left page relates to Woodes having been taken ill, Dr. Marcus’s treatment, and how Eleanor thinks that Rogers’ worries over the cache is what worsens it all or lies at the foundation of hm becoming ill. The right page seems to be about her now being the go-between the council and Rogers, and her struggles with Chamberlain, insofar that it seems either Rogers or Chamberlain expressed worry but that she managed to reassure him o her ability to move forward, beyond what she cannot forget.

“From the protection of the Fort we observed the mayham as the Pirates sailed into Nassau Harbour utterly oblivious to the underwater blockade below the holds sank (?) four fo the hardest waters.

Utter confusion and Ct BR watching from above, re/uncovered (?) and empowered (?) as the cannons fired repeatedly at the struggling ships. Only a man once engaged in Navy and Maritime business could devize such a scheme. And I keep the Baby open(?) of false Digestion.


Best/beat Rheubarb, grated Orange Peel f..y p… Chimway (?) seeds, browned … 3 days … guart (?) … & take … some (?) glass .. is much as … I keep the Baby open … Say sanctuary haven to mother (?)

(Mrs. Hudson’s concept for Gout)”

Obviously the left page recounts the failed Pirate attack of 4x01 with the blocked bay and sunken ships. The right page is a recipe, given by Mrs; Hudson for gout, but Eleanor uses it to keep the Baby “open” or help with morning sickness I think. Eleanor thus was certain she was pregnant in 4x01 and trying some type of drink with rheubarb, orange peel and seeds, and what seems to be a prayer.

“He finally came out with the real story behind some of his uncharacteristic behavior and decision. Money.

His intent to end his marriage to Sarah had unanticipated consequences one of which entails the intervention by her family with his more significant debtors. They have persuaded these debtors to accelerate the repayments. This will have a waterfall (?) effect and would encourage lesser creditors to also call in these loans, and Woodes would have no choice but to default. He would be in breach of the Law a fugitive. This debt, unsubstantiated previous debt was assumed to bring Nassau to order.”

Eleanor recounts what she learned of Rogers’ debts at the end of 4x01.

Given that we do not see the full pages I can only read some phrases.

LEFT PAGE: “or two, a woman ………. is going to walk ….. threat gate… Is a longboat…. I have place….. Rogers’ ship …. that she’ll …. order to … to…. have “…

RIGHT PAGE: “breach the pledge. I will … command his breath without … And as does ….. jewels ….. ….. the ….. “

Eleanor drew a ship with dolphins jumping near through the waves, and clouds in the sky. Above the little paper it says, “Taking Our Departure from New Providence.” She’s not bad at drawing, adding perspective and shadows to the sails.

Obviously we can make out enough to tell that these pages are about what we saw at the start of 4x05 with Hudson having to walk out of the fort and go out in a longboat to tell Woodes her plan. And she drew her departure as a type of wish-dream.

LEFT PAGE: “I have heard it said that a good dose of /seas…(?) …. beneficial. I fail to see how, unless of course … banting, but even … must be a better …. devesting oneself of no …. pounds than by an… …rge [16]7

Miserable day and still no news [17]8″

RIGHT PAGE PARTIALLY: “…. the “Lamb” … …. a work of art it …. …. me far … (?) I … Lock and Yeast.  … may be, even break  … me p..t… where some of …. ….. of human nature …. accept (?) with a hand which is …. while at …. [18]2

Not sure what the left page is about. Might be about some folk remedy. The miserale day mention and how near to the end of the journal this is written indicates this was written when Eleanor was in the fort waiting for news about the arrival of cache. The right page mentions a Lamb and human nature, and seem more philosophical. It may have to do with a sermon she heard or one of Lambrick’s words to other women. 

If you have corrections or additional words that you can make out, just put them in the comments and I’ll update this post.

ETA: it is possible that Starz may release the diary commercially in print after the S4 finale.

Voltron: Valentine’s Day Headcanons

Enjoy some surprise valentine day hcs from your Voltron paladins! Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday, if you’re single or not (´∀`)♡

I mean I’m single and I’m doing just fine :’ D


  • Doesn’t think much of the holiday. Would be the one to forget about it and until you remind her. 
  • She has a “oh shit” moment but tries to cover it up in front of you (“oh course I remembered!” not) But, this cute nerd would take a less indirect way (where she doesn’t need to show her blushing embarrassed face). 
  • You would wake up with a cute contraption by your bedside. Its a device that holds all the galaxies’ maps and planets, making your room a little observatory.
  •  It has a note attached to it with a heartfelt and thoughtful note with cute doodles (for your eyes only) about how much she wants to explore space with you once all this drama is over (hence the map device) along with how much she loves you. 
  •  You would obviously thank Pidge all day, but she’ll pretend she doesn’t know what you’re talking about. But, you know she’s as happy as you are by seeing the warm blush on her visage. 
  •  Pidge would be an excited child x 35678 to receive any gift from you; She would prefer chocolates over anything, so she would be able to share them with you. 


  • He thinks the whole holiday is stupid. 
  • “Why would they make a single day out of the year to show that I love you?” (Of course he says this in private) 
  •  If you were that invested in the day, Keith wants to spend the day with you and only you. Being a legendary paladin to Voltron does take up some time to spend time with you and today is no exception. 
  • The ultimate result is him taking you on one of the castle’s ships (allowed by Allura) to some desolate forest planet Both of you spend the entire day going on a hike (with some stolen kisses), fighting some of the local fauna, and having a quiet mini picnic (prepared by Hunk); it’s perfect. 
  •  He would rather treat you to an memorable experience than a gift that could easily be broken. If you get him a gift, then he would turn redder than his jacket. He puts up a defensive front and says that you shouldn’t have gotten him anything, but all he’s thinking is “OH MY GOD I HAVE THE BEST S/O EVER. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH" 


  •  Is pretty ‘meh’ about the holiday until you become his S/o. Now he uses it to his advantage to spoil you. 
  •  Bandana boy focuses on one goal: to treat you like a king/queen. You’re his one and only and nothing will get in the way of that.
  • He stresses about too much about getting everything perfect for you two. Looking up recipes, preparing the kitchen, getting ingredients that hopefully taste good. The whole kitchen is off limits.
  • As expected, Hunk utilizes his cooking skills for this occasion. Chocolate, deserts, cookies, you name it. He leaves all these different sweet confections, coupled with a rose, in all the places you will be during that day. He also does breakfast in bed, lunch, and dinner (rip your stomach). 
  •  By the end of all it, he never wants see another piece of chocolate for a solid month. 
  • He kinda forgets that it’s a day for you to treat him too, so if you get him anything, then he will get emotional (aka bone crushing hugs and tears of joy) 


  • Takes the the whole thing way too seriously. It’s time to reveal upgraded flirty Lance 2.0. 
  •  He only does this to the extreme because he can’t contain his unrestrained love for you. He would yell the tens of millions of reasons why you’re amazing and great into the void vacuum of space if he must. 
  •  He plans everything to the fullest detail. In the morning you two do this…at 12, you have to go here…Plan B and Plan C… The hardest part is keeping everything a secret from you.
  •  If you didn’t think his pickup lines were bad on occasion, today is no exception. Lance did his homework on how to compliment you every hour. 
  • Lance settles on getting you an expensive gem ring that he saw at the Space Mall. He has the matching one, without the jewels. When you first see it, he panics and tells you that it’s not an engagement ring. 
  •  Lance will overwhelmed with joy and spin you around in his arms if you get him anything. He would prefer something tangible/wearable, so that he could have something to remind him of you when you’re not there.


  • Shiro feels no difference honestly. He’s been held prisoner by the Galra for an immeasurable amount of time, experiencing the worst trauma a person could go through. He has a tough time to acknowledge it since his concept of time has been tainted by the past. 
  •  But you help him make the day a team effort. 
  •  You two plan out the day ahead, doing couple things even if you are traveling in space on a royal spaceship. Sparring, cooking together, walking and chatting… It’s simple, but the love is real and he cherishes every moment. 
  •  His professional attitude is lifted during all of this. He loosens up and engages in more embraces, longer kisses, and flirting throughout the day. You couldn’t get enough of his tender affection for you. 
  •  He surprises you with a candlelight dinner at the end of the day. He couldn’t help but end the day with being a helpless romantic.  
  •  Please don’t get him anything. He’s happy that you thought of him, but feels horrible because his work and stress made him forget to get a present for you. But, he promises to make it up to you tenfold later that night ; )
Winds (A Throne of Glass Fanfiction)

Happy Holidays to @sarcasticsardothien from your DHS secret santa! So this is 10 million years late, and I apologize profusely! I feel so bad, i just kept having unfortunate things pop up that prevented me from writing. So i figured I would make this a New Years thing for you instead, so happy New Years! May it be amazing and wonderful as you are! <3
You said you love Rowaelin (same) so here is my fanfiction I wrote just for your beautiful self!
Let me know what you think! Both you and all my wonderful followers!


Terrasen was wild and ruthless, no one could deny it. The land stretched out into mountains, covered in forests with massive trees and vast caves. The screeches of eagles and hawks, and the occasion scream of panther was all that broke the air. The snow on the mountain tops had spread to the valleys, blanketing everything in a layer of white. Glimpses of grey peaks and dark green pines stood out in the infinite wilderness, the rest remained hidden from the eye. If you just scanned the landscape, it was easy to miss the two small cabins burrowed between the alps; almost invisible because of the recent silver and white covering. The occupants had watched the flakes floating from the sky the night before, though soon even the moon had been blotted out as a curtain of clouds and snow was pulled shut over the universe.

Aelin stood in a little patch of level ground on the side of one of the mountains, squinting at the new rays of sun cresting over a cliff. Her breath came out in steam, the warmth of her magic thrummed in her veins. Winter wasn’t made for her, the cold and her heat were in a constant battle of wills. While summer fires let her magic flow freely, if she wanted to partake in the wonderland before her she had to stifle her magic. Even now she could feel it beneath her skin, ebbing and flowing within her. When she had been a little girl it hadn’t been near as hard, though she was never on edge as she was now. Her magical well had grown, and she felt as if she were constantly on the verge of using it. Their lives were anything but calm, and being on alert at all times had taken its toll on her and her court. The magic wielders felt drained by the energy their magic was using, attached to their emotions it rarely settled and was always building as if to attack or defend. Those without magic were just as antsy, tired from the strain of simply surviving. That was why when the fighting ceased for a bit and there was nothing to be done but wait until the war resumed, it wasn’t hard to be convinced that they all needed to get away from the still partially destroyed castle and the duties that accompanied it. Aelin hated that when she thought of her home now she thought of war and shackles, irons that she could never throw off. War, courtesans, Dukes and Ladies, councils, meetings, plans, the list of her weights were endless. Each one a link in the chain that bound her to her crown.

Aelin broke out of her reverie and scanned the area. Straight up the slope, hidden amongst the trees she could just make out Rowan’s form. Just as she was built for heat, roaring flames, green grasses and rising golden hills, Rowan was made for this. Lately she had begun to wonder if he belonged here more than she did. Cold intensity, icy power, things that made shivers crawl down your spine. That was Rowan. Seeing him now, it looked as if he had been born of the landscape. His silver hair was long enough to fit back into a pony tail, the color fitting in yet different than the blinding white of the snow around him. He was staring at her now, and Aelin was struck mute by the picture. His skin, now pale from the lack of sun, outlined against the black trees, strands of his silver hair lifting slightly at a breeze surely of his own making, the green of his eyes standing out from the snow yet blending into the needles of the pines. He studied her for a moment before a wicked grin touched his features, and he moved with a grace someone shouldn’t possess in deep snow; going further up the mountain towards a cliff jetting out towards their hidden valley. Aelin could feel his glee from where she stood. As she watched his back disappear, she briefly felt a wind whip around her. Goose bumps raised on her arm as she caught his familiar scent before the breeze followed him up the mountain. An icy caress from her carranam.

Aelin’s sharp fae ears flicked as laugher lit up the area. Turning away from Rowan’s now invisible figure, she moved hesitantly to peer over the hill of the mountain. Below, just outside the cabins, Aedion, Ren, Lysandra, Evangeline and Elide were clumsily making their way through the snow. Aelin felt a moment of peace at the image, and stood still as she observed their rare happiness. Barking rang out as Fleetfoot leaped besides Evangeline, who was trying her best to walk in the ocean of snow while still flinging snow balls at Lysandra. Lysandra was clearly taking advantage of her young ward, shifting between a white wolf, a snowy owl, and herself.  She flung herself at the almost teenaged girl, before retreating into a tree, only to return as wolf that nipped at her heels. The two of them didn’t get to spend much time together of late, as Lys was constantly by Aelin’s side. Aelin valued her friendship more than all of her gowns and jewels combined, without Lysandra’s companionship the halls of the castle would have felt colder and more foreign than they already did.

Hearing the whistle of a sharp wind, Aelin looked back up the mountain once more. Her own breath caught in her throat as she saw Rowan had made it the cliffs edge. He stood with his arms lifted slightly away from his sides, his eyes closed. Wind had caught up loose snow, it swirled in all directions around him, waiting for his command. His face was turned skywards, she could see his power lift his hair, the snow floating around him in twirls and circles. He looked like a god come to life, as if though he had come down from the heavens with the snow to rule in the winter. A hawk screeched in the distance, his eyes opened, a small smile touching his mouth as if he had just been told a secret. Aelin couldn’t imagine anyone looking freer than he did in that moment. Looking at him made her feel restless and content, liberated yet even more aware of her burdens. Her invisible chains tugged on her heart again, and brought her elation back to her chest where it constricted her.

The unspoken thought of her burdens caused Aelin to turn her gaze towards Ren, Aedion, and Elide with the usual flash of pain. Terrasen’s children. Some of the only ones to have survived. She knew she wasn’t responsible for their heart ache, but when people you love hurt and experience loss, you have a way of feeling like you should have prevented it somehow. She watched with a mixture of sadness, relief, and joy as the three of them interacted. Elide, who had joined them only two weeks before, had the aura of a person who maintained a sense of innocence despite extreme trials and pain. She was attempting to get the other two to build a snow man, at least that’s what Aelin assumed they were doing. In reality Elide was lumping snow together, Aedion was preventing progress by teasing and “accidentally” knocking down any of Elide’s work. Ren stood there, just staring at them skeptically as Elide and Aedion tossed mocking words his way until he gave in with a smile and joined in their light banter; though refusing to join in the snow man making. He always seemed to insist on remaining aloof and distant from them all in small ways.  

Aelin sucked in a shuttering breath. They looked so happy. Actually care free for the first time since they were children really. Even Ren, who was the most open about his bitterness and anger, had a lighter step and was simply looking at the others with cynical curiosity rather than his usual glare of malice.

If only it could remain this way. The war wasn’t going well…but she guessed it could be worse. Though, it really could be going better as well. It was hard not to look at it that way. Aelin glanced down back to herself, and felt disappoint run down her body. About three feet in every direction around her was cleared of snow. The rocks and grass beneath her feet were brown and muddy. It seemed that the Terrasen snow didn’t agree with her fae powers. This would be an adequate analogy for how her life was going she supposed.

She was so tired, but there was no end in sight. Unless that end was a death by valg demons, in which case there was a high possibility that would happen within the next year. Aelin sighed and tried to calm the pulsing in her blood. She was always on alert, always strung out, always preparing herself.  She wanted to be happy along with the rest of her court, but all she could feel were fleeting feelings of joy before the dead weight in her chest brought her back to reality. There was still so much to be done and so many were looking to her to accomplish it. How could she lead a nation and win a war against worlds, when she didn’t even feel at home in her own country? Her turquoise eyes fell again to the mushy ground beneath her boots, and she was surprised to find those same eyes filling with tears. She missed her parents more than anything. Her mother always helped her play in the snow despite her heat, she knew how to quell the fire within her. Now it just felt like she waiting to be burned from the inside out, a loan coal in a land of ice.

A snap of wind raced past her and she immediately looked up. Rowan had left the cliff side and was standing about 20 paces in front of her. Wind whipped his hair and clothes, his eyes didn’t leave her face. It was if he was peering into her soul, looking at her like she was the only one left in the world. She knew he could feel and hear her thoughts even from this distance. Aelin gulped and looked away, when she turned back her eyes spoke. “Can I ever belong, ever be happy again? With everything I lost? Everything I will probably end up losing?”  Rowan cocked his head, his eyes searching. “Fireheart…” She saw pain in his eyes. Every beat of Aelin’s heart felt laced with needles and bruises.

Aelin released a shuddering breath when she felt snow brush her feet. Looking down, she saw her patch of dirt had once again been covered with snow. Moving snow. Furrowing her brow, she looked up at Rowan to see he had moved even closer, his face lifted to the wind and his eyes to her. Aelin was unprepared for the gust of wind that came from behind her, rushing up from the depths of the valley below them. Her coat and her hair were pulled skyward, and she gasped as she saw what Rowan’s wind took with it. It flew to the trees and pulled every last snowflake from its branches, they took into the sunrise like a million birds. Below, Aelin could hear the cries of the others as the world around them filled with blustering snow. Aelin lost her breath as she once again looked down at her court. She could barely make out their shapes through the rain of silver. Evangeline and Lysandra ran with their arms outstretched, the icy wind blowing thousands of snowflakes to their faces and above their heads, an army of white from the heavens. Aedion had his mouth open, laughter spilling out as he shoved Fleetfoot away. His eyes wide, he turned to Elide who was stumbling awkwardly in a circle, unable to move very far because of the deep snow and her club foot. Rushing forward, Aedion lifted her by the pits of her arms, twirling her gently in a circle as she laughed and squealed. Arms up lifted, her face skyward, she looked like she was embracing the world. Ren stood silently, his hands open at his sides. He just started up into the mountains, watching the patterns of snow fall and rise with the wind, an unreadable expression on his face. When Elide and Evangeline squealed, Aelin could have sworn she saw the corners of his mouth upturn.

The lump in Aelin’s throat grew and she slowly turned away. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw so much pure joy in one place. She startled when she saw Rowan had come over closer, she could almost touch him. She gave him a small smile and gestured to the people below them, “Thank you,” she said, her voice sounding coarse and strange in the cold, harsh wind. Rowan just continued to move towards her, and the wind around them changed. The closer he got, the warmer it became. Less biting, stiff, and cold, rather more alive. The whirls of snow encased them, creating a cocoon of flakes blocking them from the rest of the world. Aelin’s coat lifted around her waist, her hair began to float in the air. Her golden splattered eyes watered, and each breath felt new. The air around her seemed to scream with something akin to electricity. She tried to withhold her magic as he moved closer, she could feel it moving within her as her emotions soared to a crescendo. 

Soon even the rising sun was hidden by the wall of snow that spiraled around her and Rowan, moved by his wind which was now mixed with a cold that sent shivers down her spine and a heat that made her cheeks turn red. She should be astonished by what was around her, but somehow she couldn’t take her eyes off his face. His own had never left hers for even a second, and the green hues of his eyes were now only a foot away, the fog of their breath mixing. She couldn’t read what was in his eyes, not because it was hidden, but because it was so vast. She saw hurt and pain that matched her own, but she also saw love and passion, manic desire, and a something that almost willed her to understand. “You,” his soul screamed, “Are not alone”.  He didn’t tell her to forget her fears, or that they were unfounded or that she wasn’t allowed to dwell on them. No, it was if he had walked into her terror and grabbed a hold of her, rooted her, braced her. Took her emotions and ran them throw his heart like a sword, feeling every painful heart beat and wished them gone with each matching beat of his own.

Aelin’s skin was on fire, but it did not burn. She felt every twitch of hair, every caress of wind, every snowflake that brushed her cheeks. There were only inches between them now, and she moved to cup his face but was stopped short. Her hand was encased in flame, her magic unknowingly having unfolded when she felt her soul joined by another in the darkness that surrounded her every day. She stared at her hand, and for a second was afraid that it would melt the snow flying around her still. Yet Rowan’s wind held fast, and it continued on around her. She looked up into his face as he joined his hand in hers. The flame did not burn him, rather it looked to unthaw him as the heat traveled up his arm and into his face. The paleness of his skin become less sharp, a slight blush filling his cheeks. It was if her heat had melted away the cold, dead, sharp exterior and revealed instead a living, gentle intensity that for mere moments stopped her heart completely.

Her eyes widened as white flame flew between them, so bright that it looked colorless. The snow reflected it back, glowing like small orbs of light embracing and protecting them. The fire came up from the earth and tenderly wrapped around them, binding them together in something that she understood completely and yet not at all. Where her hand grasped his as his soul clung to hers, she could feel his heart beat and the breath in his lungs. Her self-blame and guilt melted from her and was chased away by his wind. A sort of frantic contentment took its place. It wasn’t still or peaceful, but it was fast and all powerful.

They remained still in their wall of magic, fire and ice meeting together in a beautiful embrace. Neither one destroyed, remaining separate yet together, both combining but each one not erased.  Rowan’s forehead moved down to meet her own, and something in her core purred and unfolded in a wave of relief she didn’t know she needed. Tears fell from her face and hissed into her fire, steam being whipped into the whirling cloud of glowing snow.

“Fireheart,” he whispered out loud, his voice a shout in the void as his other arm came around to pull her close to him, and she felt cold and hot at the same time. He bent his head lower but didn’t have to go farther as she rushed up to meet him, their lips touching in a way that felt as if it were the final step to a plan that was written into their beings. For a few moments, as his kiss swept through her and she felt his cold breath fill her mouth, it was if the universe paused. She felt his blood, his magic, his hopes and dreams, his pain. She knew she would never be alone, if the darkness came to overtake she would have his wind to hold her. She could fling herself into another realm, and there he would be to fall with her into oblivion.

They broke away with a sigh and the cloud of snow vanished to fall around them gently. A small candle of a flame was still between them, tying them together, a visible sign of their bond. As Aelin pulled back and looked into his face, a tingle of happiness ran through her. She had almost forgotten what that felt like, happiness. She knew now…knew what it truly felt like. She reached up and ran her hand down the tattoo on his cheek, his eyes still searching her, trying hear her soul’s whispers. She never thought she would know this, know this so much that there was no ounce of doubt in her. The fire and wind had driven out all doubt, instead replacing it with a single feeling that moved from her heart into her finger tips.

Feeling her emotion, his face changed to a question. Aelin smiled through the pain, happiness intermingling with the fear and the sadness, and all of it was overridden by this singular emotion. And she knew that she could find small moments like this for the rest of her life, no matter how short it may be. Moments where happiness and fear and anger weren’t at a battle of wills, instead they embraced and worked together under one emotional that moved with a power greater than all those feelings combined.  Nothing felt forced, no nervousness clutched her heart as she looked into the green of his soul and said in a clear voice that range out in the silence like a bell, “I love you”.


 Let me know what you all think! Happy New Year!

Preparation: Honeymoon Vacation fanfic

On a bright, sunny day in July, there was a lot of activity in the streets of Zootopia. Mammals of all sizes walked them. From porcupines, to the timber wolves with their shedding spring fur, to the weasel within the shadows. Cars honked whom were close to being rear ended, mammals shouted and talked on their cell phones. Shop owners yelled out their businesses name , traffic officers blew there whistles at cars to stop or go, and birds chirped in the sky.

But none was more hectic than apartment number 57, on the third floor, that was directly in the middle of it all. Doors opened and closed, drawers slammed hard, making the small table shake, bags zipped and dropped on the floor, and fast pacing paws raced across the floor.

“Come on, Carrots!” A familiar red foxes voice called out from the living room of the apartment. “We’re gonna miss the train at the pace you’re going!”

“I’m still faster than you slick!” another voice answered back.

Nick grinned, allowing a slight chuckle to escape his chest. He watched the doorway of the bedroom, the body of his wife darting back and forth across the room, her silhouette barely visible through the small crack.

Judy folded a few of her favorite shirts on the bed that her and Nick now shared. Judy had finally moved out of that dreary apartment complex named The Grand Pangolin Arms. And boy was it worth it. No nosey neighbors, a better smelling and a much larger apartment. And she had a kitchen as well, not just some old used microwave. Now, her and her husband, Nick Wilde, lived together.

It had been two weeks since their wedding. Judy, dressed in a beautiful and quite fluffy white dress, walking her way down the aisle to her soon to be, her future husband. It was one of the best days of her life, followed months after the hardest weeks of her life. After she had been drugged, unknowingly, by her own sister, Nick and Judy had split up. But after an almost fatal gunshot wound, and many hardships before then, the truth was finally told.

But now, it was as if those days had never happened. She was married to the love of her life, starting a new life with him… And a family.

She lightly rubbed her stomach, that was now starting to buldge ever so slightly. She found out about her pregnancy only a couple days ago. She hadn’t told anyone, not even Nick. She wanted to surprise him while they were on their honeymoon. And the day she took the test, her emotions skyrocketed.

She had no idea how it had happened. A fox and a bunny, two completely different species, had created a new life. But she didn’t care how it happened. It happened. And she was filled with joy and she couldn’t wait to tell Nick that they were going to be parents.

In the beginning of their relationship, she was scared of what would happen if they had sex, due to the fact that they were different species. She didn’t know how it was gonna feel, whether it was gonna hurt or not. But after her time in the hospital, and explaining to Nick why she was so nervous when the topic came up, they compromised.

He took it slow for her, just like he had promised. Every time they tried, her nerves got less and less fearful, and she began to enjoy their partial love making. And when the day finally arrived when they actually made love, it was like nothing either of them had ever experienced before. The body heat of each other filling the room, the many different sounds each one made, while they bathed in each other’s scent. It was intoxicating.

Judy had totally forgotten why she was nervous. She loved it. Every single second of it. When she looked into Nicks eyes, those emerald eyes that glistened every time they looked at her, she could feel their bond harden, as they held each other’s paw.

And for Nick? Well, he loved it. Even more so than Judy. When Judy told him that she was ready, she wasn’t exaggerating.

With her being more comfortable, she almost took control. It was like she wanted to take over the dominance that was Nicks job, which in turn made his senses even more heightened.

He liked a challenge. Part of his ancient instincts kicked in, but oh so slightly, not wanting to scare Judy off. Not now. Not when she was now ready to take that big step. And they made love. Deeper, and more sensual than the word actually meant.

The creaking of the old hinges from their bedroom door broke her daydreaming and made her ears perk up in attention. She turned around to see Nick, smiling widely at her as he paced towards her. She returned one just as big as his, probably bigger. The happiness she was feeling doubled when the father of their unborn child walked up to her with that sly grin that she loved so much.

“How’s my favorite dumb bunny doing?” He asked cheekily, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. He placed his muzzle in between her ears, placing his lips on her soft gray fur.

She wrapped her arms around his waste, barely touching her own fingertips. She loved those kisses. The sensual ‘I love you’ mixed with them. She embedded herself in his scent, rubbing her fur against his red Hawaiian shirt.

“Just folding the last of my clothes, my handsome sly fox.” She smiled widely, looking deep into Nicks emerald eyes with her amethyst jewels.

Without hesitation, she moved her paw down the middle of his back, and grabbed his bushy tail. She felt the sensation of his body react to her loving touch. She was feeling more frisky by the second, due to her increase in pheromones from the pregnancy.

Nick could feel his hair stand up on end from the electricity he was feeling. She had grabbed one of his most sensitive spots on his body, well, other than his neck and his lips, and touched it very passionately, almost teasing him.

“Woah now,” he warned, whispering in Judy’s ear. He took hold to Judy’s shirt. “You know what that does to me, Carrots” he said in a teasing tone. He kneeled down, taking his muzzle and placing his nose right on hers, feeling the warmth of her body escaping.

“You want to start this now?” He raised a questioning, bushy eyebrow with a sly smirk. “Cuz we’ll definitely miss the train then.” Not that he would have cared. A little passionate time with his love before their big trip would all be worth it.

He reached around instinctively and grabbed his bunnies fluffy tail.

The little moan-squeak she let out sent a warmness feeling through him, down to his very core. That was also a sensitive spot for his mate as well.

To his touch, she practically jumped into Nick, wrapping her legs around his waste, forcing them both to collapse onto the wooden floor. With her on top, and Nick staring with surprised eyes, she leaned in and placed a hard, loving kiss onto his lips.

That caught him more off guard. But his surprise turned into passion as he pushed his kiss deeper into hers. She parted her lips, very slightly, to inhale his scent with a hot breath, their tongues playing tug of war. She caressed his lips all around his, and started moving down to his neck.

He couldn’t help but let out a slight sigh of happiness and infatuation

To read the rest go here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8831143/chapters/20247130

[JP] Avatar Boards: Magician Donald

June 1 - 11


  • 2000 Jewels


  • Guard Up M 100% x1
  • Abi(lity) 1 & Atta(ck) L 100% x1
  • Magic Mirror x5
  • Mickey & Broom Servant x1
  • Broom Servant x1
  • Mystic Stone x1
  • Huey & Dewey & Louie x3
  • Cid 5 x3
  • Avatar part x3

Avatar Luck

  • Magician Donald Costume: Hat - Skill +6

((Tumblr murdered the quality, please open in new tab!!))

Finally got it finished!

This is Jewel, one of @artemis359‘s newest ocs for my world. I bought her pony adoptable off of @toods for him, since he loved her design, and we made her a Lyth to fit into my world of @ilimyr! (outfit design was also done by toods (all I added was an extra tassle bit and the gold trim))

I’ll be using Jewel as an example for the Mana Mutations concept to put onto my world blog. For example this little one has two Crystal mana mutations, one negative and one positive. 

The positive is that she can enchant jewels without an affinity for either water or earth magic (a very sought after skill for Lyth, since enchantment is so powerful), and the negative is that her Mutation is slowly overtaking her, turning her body into crystal (hence the crystal pony-esque effect) and will eventually kill her.

Chris is so mean to his characters, isn’t he? Luckily this little one manages to figure a way to survive the change, effectively making her into a living Crystal golem of sorts.

(I made the crystal effect myself this time, and holy hell it was time consuming. So proud of those hands too!!)

I got the Idol Time Mic...

(This post is image heavy.. beware….)

Hello guys!!
So after a long time thinking it through, I decided to buy the Idol Time Mic.
I wasn’t even going to buy the mic at all at first (the coords were not my cup of tea), however now that they have a system where a limited 3 month coord is installed into the mic, it tempted me to buy it. I want that green Fantasy Time CR okay.
I was bummed that my local Yodobashi was sold out on it so I went to the one in Umeda and surprise surprise they have lots of it!! So I just grabbed one and bought it with points.

The Idol Time Mic comes with the mic itself, 3 (three) jewels, and a promo myticket with the code for a blue recolor of the Fantasy Time CR. God I love the Fantasy Time CR.

Here are the items out of the box. The lid for the batteries are held with screws (so make sure you have a screwdriver around!) and the mic requires three AAA batteries. The jewels this time use clear plastic and personally I think it’s a step up compared to the old jewels. Now I actually want to collect them!

After inserting the batteries and pressing on.. I was shocked. Jesus christ, THIS THING IS LOUD AS HELL!!! I felt the need to apologise to my neighbours for making such loud noises at the middle of the night.. So I applied like 5 layers of masking tape to the speaker part.

So the way you scan jewels in Mic Mode this time is different (and less buggy compared to CJ Mic). Once you open the lid, you see 8 tiny buttons inside. The jewels are designed with pegs that corresponds with these buttons. You open the lid, insert the jewels, close the lid back and press the middle button for a long while until the mic lights up. Pretty simple.
This play style reminds me of some Precure toys, especially the current Kirakira series with their Animal Sweets. This means you can push around the buttons with toothpicks or something if you don’t have enough jewels.

This mic also comes with another extra mode: Idol Fortunetelling Mode. Without setting any jewels to the mic, you press the button on the side for 3 seconds long to activate the mode. Then you press through the buttons to listen to various idol’s voices. The number of idols increase as you scan more jewels to the mic. I think it’s a good addition to the mic as it adds play value!

In case you are wondering, yes it lights up to your singing. Sing close to the tiny hole beside the mic head and it will light up. I’m not sure if it responds to songs but I should try it soon. Should I bring this to concerts instead of glowsticks?? :D

Here’s the Idol Time Mic and Cyalume Jewel Mic side by side.
Personally I like the IT mic better than the old CJ mic. It has more gameplay modes, a better method of scanning jewels and lights up prettier.
The downside to IT mic other than the lack of volume control is.. that it’s not as customisable as the old one.. Personally I never buy the mic covers back at season 3 but I guess that’s a minus point for some people who do. And that the size is somewhat large thanks to the handle part. Bringing this mic around to the arcades would be somewhat difficult to do…

SO that’s the end of my… review? thoughts? on the Idol Time Mic. I think compared to any of the cyalume-type Pripara toys that came out so far, this one has the most play value…. as a standalone toy?
I think it won’t be a bad addition to your collection if you’re a Pripara fan!

anonymous asked:

i'm freaking out because i don't really like barry, but savitar oh my fucking god i really want to sit on his face holy shit he's so hot!!!!

Savitar: *smirks and crosses his arms* I’m loving these followers… what’s a god without his followers, right Jewel?

Me: *sucks in a deep breath and looks at him with wide eyes*

For the Baron, following the Charity Ball.

There’s some hesitation before this particular package is finally wrapped up and sent by lacquey to the Manor Dufresne. In part, it has been the sender’s tedious agonizing over how he ought to address the recipient, how familiar he ought or ought not to be – in part, it has been his uncertainty over the timing, after long procrastination and delay and distraction trying to contact the perfect jeweler without leaving his guest suite.

But at last, ‘tis sent.

To the right worshipful Baron Emmereaux Dufresne, resident at —, be these things taken.

Most worthy and generous lord, I greet you well, desiring to hear of your welfare and that of your family. I write but briefly with the foremost object of tendering my congratulations at the splendid conclusion of the Grand Tournament and its Ball, both of which I understand were excellently shepherded by Lady Eliane and the people of the Bellworks. To know that these proud traditions of the Fury’s people are carried forward with honor and respect by those who, as well, form a vanguard of modernity gives me hope for the future – and pride at the thought of mine own future affilitation with this excellent House and Company.

I continue to feel, acutely and reverently, how the opportunity to look forward to this connection was to me granted by your great generosity and goodwill. For me even to attempt to put to pen my gratitude would doubtless result in long and tedious reading, and so I pray that instead this gift may begin to convey mine appreciation, mine admiration, and my hope for a warm relationship amongst us all for many years to come. Let it be a toast to you, your excellent daughter, and your House.

I remain your humble servant and, I pray, your future friend,
Rosaire Ledigne

Within, a bottle of some very fine Coerthan cider, made from an excellent crop of apples harvested just before the coming of the Calamitous snows.

(( @tea-and-conspiracy ))


Daughter of smoke and bone —          "once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love and dared to imagine a new way of living—one without massacres and torn throats and bonfires of the fallen, without revenants or bastard armies or children ripped from their mothers’ arms to take their turn in the killing and dying.
once, the lovers lay entwined in the moon’s secret temple and dreamed of a world that was a like a jewel-box without a jewel—a paradise waiting for them to find it and fill it with their happiness.

this was not that world.“