without it looking terrible

Just wanted to share this picture with you all because I thought I didn’t look terrible without make up on for once. If not a bit tired, tonight’s the night I tell my parents! This should be fun! 😂❤

I felt spring. (my digital art is shit)

Closed - Shadow of a Doubt


     Two days had come and gone since the strange teen known as Edward Erwick explosively arrived on a certain half-ghost’s radar. After that day, he had simply vanished… The hidden crack in the Fentons’ lab floor lingering as the only sign he had been there at all.

     And then, just as suddenly as he had appeared before…

     Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.

     A familiar cloaked figure was not far outside the school, walking down the street with an odd device… It could have been a ghost detector if it didn’t look drastically lower tech. It was beeping repeatedly in a rather annoying fashion, getting louder and louder, while a black and white screen displayed a flashing radar… Clearly it was tracking something.

    It didn’t seem like he had noticed Danny yet– though it likely wouldn’t have made much difference anyway, considering he’d only met the teen while he was in ghost form.

     Erwick’s free hand was stuffed in his pocket, and he looked incredibly irritated. This irritation increased ten-fold when, not bothering to look where he was going, he turned and smacked right into the schoolyard fence and fell over with an indignant yelp.

     Smooth, Erwick. Smooth.