without him

Loving him - a poem

“Loving him was purposely walking on thorns rather then the fine grass, it was flying so high just to hit the ground, it was driving in the wrong direction when you know that it leads to a dead end.
Loving him was listening to a song in a completely different language on repeat, trying to understand the lyrics, it was filling your system with smoke instead of love and covering your wrists with scars instead of bracelets. 
Loving him was feeling chains around your throat as they tighten when you’re supposed to wear tiaras around your head, it was holding onto a cactus for help in a storm to stop the waves from taking you away.
Loving him was going on a voyage in an endless ocean, it was entering a labyrinth with no way out, it was standing under a tree during a thunderstorm.
Loving him came in waves and I thought that I could swim until the water entered my lungs and suffocated me. 
Loving him came in dark, sleepless nights you spent while waiting for him to turn up at your door (but he never does).
Loving him was like playing with the fire that you thought would reincarnate you but instead turned you into the ashes on the pyre.
Loving him was like the hue of the sky carrying a hint of pink, slowing turning into the ruby red running down your fingers while playing with broken dreams. It wasn’t wishing to learn to drive a car when you’re sixteen but instead wishing one would hit you.
Loving him was painful, it was destroying me but I did, and oh my God, I so did.”

perelka-l replied to your post “Wow. That episode was just. wow.”

“i was expecting alain to pop out any minute” after episode ended i went “wait i feel like there is something lacking…. where is alan???” and then ….ah.

I’m starting to demand a remake of X/Y with Alain in it

Otabek x Yurio

Is there a legitimate argument going on about Otario? Like. Yuri is 15. Otabek is 18. Max 3 years.
Is it about sex? Like cause that isn’t neccessary for a relationship. Like it becomes an expression once they become more serious but a couple doesn’t have to be screwing to be in love ya know.
And Yurio despite it all, is pretty mature. He flew to Japan all by himself and successfully found Viktor, without a scratch on him. He’s an international athlete which takes determination and a lot of hard work. Yurio seemed like he was living by himself before training for this season. He was also running around Barcelona alone too. So he isn’t stupid and he is taken seriously by the older competitors otherwise Viktor wouldn’t have made him go up against Yuuri.
Otabek seems like a chill dude with good intentions to be friends with Yuri. He also highly respects him as a person and a skater.
Like. Them as a couple would be really cute and fluffy but it’d probably develop slowly over time.
But y'all need to stop be judgemental about it and ship and let ship. This whole show revolves around love.


Always miss my baby Bash. He’s technically Noma’s great-great… maybe another great grandfather but I’m so putting him in town with his foreverwife Daphne and their kids from one of my gameplay saves freeplayv. Noma’s mom was born in my first try at a history challenge where he was the founder, her greatx3 grandma is not actually Daphne so only partially related here. He’s immortal alien anyway so it all works in universe. 

Sidenote like  I am always so happy how little effort it takes to setup saves in ts4 compared to ts3. I have stuff I’ve been working on getting ready for over a month that’s not done on the ts3 side. I’ll have all the hoods in Noma’s save fully populated probably by the end of the day though. I had to take a break to do this cause I was getting far too many random spawns on my community lots whenever I was trying to do scenes. Plus I’m about ready to turn on MC progression anyway and that’s more effective with a population. 


th3rm0pyl43  asked:

Hi again! First off, your blog has been super helpful - thank you for taking all this time to answer even complex questions! Now, mine is rather simple, I reckon: I've got a 52-year-old male character, about 6'4'', powerfully built buff army dude. Does 97kg/194lb sound like a reasonable body weight for him? And, uhh, how little would his scrawny sailor boyfriend (43, around 5'5'') have to weigh to border on being underweight?

Hey there! So your math is actually off a little bit. The conversion factor between lbs and kgs is 2.2 . So your big buff guy, at 97kg, weighs in at 213 lbs, not 194. (194 lbs = 88kg). Also, if he’s super buff, you could add another 10kg–210 (244lbs) without him even remotely being over-heavy.

An average male, 5′5″, should be +- 70kg / 155lbs. So someone who weighs 60kg (132lbs) or even 55kg (121lbs) might be on the underweight side of things.
50kg (110lbs) is WAY too small for a Navy type, though.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Do you think they'll make Iris a speedsuit so she can see Savitar? Or is it only if you're an actual speedster?

I don’t think a speedsuit is the reason behind why Savitar is visible to some and not others. Wally was able to see him without wearing one. I believe whether or not someone can see Savitar in his physical form has to do with an actual connection to the Speedforce, a characteristic we know Barry, Wally, and Jay possess. Ever since the show has aired though viewers have hypothesized that Iris has a connection to Barry that’s rooted in the Speedforce, which could lend way to her being able to see Savitar, but at the moment, he is invisible to her. To be consistent with that theory, something would have to change with her for that outright realization that she is Barry’s medium to the speedforce to manifest. The writers have never blatantly addressed how Iris and Barry are linked through the Speedforce if they ever plan to, but I’m hoping this could be a window to that.

Hey taylor,

Today is not a good day for me. It’s been a fews months now since I lost my daddy and the pain is still has strong as the moment he left. I don’t want to celebrate Christmas without him because there is no Christmas without my daddy. I wish I could talk to him. I hate cancer. Cancer stole my dad, and what hurt the most is that no matter how long I stand in front of the door my daddy is never going to walk through it and yell baby I am home..I am just having an hard time realizing that he’s never going to kiss me or hold me or watch me grow. I miss his voice and his kiss and I just miss everything about him. I want him back. I feel lost, afraid and so alone.

I want to go back in time and heal my dad, I feel like I could have do something to protect him, I wish I could have take is cancer and fight for him, I wish I could have take his pain. I wish I could have made him proud. I miss my daddy and I feel like screaming but no one heard a thing…