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As requested, an ObiQui headcanon: In a world in which Qui-Gon survived TPM, Obi-Wan would NOT have sought out a working partnership with Qui-Gon. Or, at least, not right away. A significant part of Obi-Wan's love for Qui-Gon involves wanting to prove that he is worthy of it (and we all know Obi-Wan has some serious self-worth issues). That means he spends several years taking difficult and dangerous missions that keep him away from the Temple (and away from Qui-Gon). (1/2)

However, when he DOES finally return to the Temple for an extended period of time (for a political assignment? Recovery from an injury? Yoda deciding that he’s not done interfering with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s relationship?) this long seperation has the felicitious side effect of letting Qui-Gon see him for the extremely competant (and attractive!) Knight he has become, and not as teenager Qui-Gon effectively raised. It is a SIGNIFICANT adjustment in Qui-Gon’s worldview. (2/2)

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it’s like you know all my favourite QuiObi points!

TBH I’ve realised that Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan being in a relationship whilst Obi is still a padawan is pretty squicky for me. So THIS is like my 100% #goals for any QuiObi fic. Like I can see Obi crushing hard and fast on his big, strong, competent Master, but I like there to be like a HUGE world shifting change of view before Qui-Gon can see Obi-Wan as romantic interest.

And Obi-Wan going off and kicking ass and taking names for a few years is 100% my jam.

I’m going to imagine this with Qui-Gon in a wheelchair as well, and add that Obi-Wan is one of the few people that doesn’t walk on eggshells around him (Y’know… after Obi gets over his soul-crushing guilt for letting his Master get so injured).

Obi-Wan just giving Qui-Gon shit (in his well-spoken, infinitely bitchy way) wheelchair or no wheelchair.

“Qui-Gon I swear on the Force if you keep distracting Anakin from studies I will have a maintenence droid make his doorway too small for your chair.”.”

“What’s that? I cant hear you at the top of all these stairs I just climbed.”

“I heard Ambassador Binx has just arrived, shall I tell him you need a push?”

I’m FINALLY watching the new episode and not even 10 seconds in, I’m already emotional. I’ve paused it because mentally I don’t think I can do this.