without having to know that that note is an A

Bread And Butter

Seokjin x reader

Genre: fluff

Author’s note: My first Jin fic at last! This is just a plotless fluffy drabble in an attempt to finally get me back into the swing of writing. Please let me know if you like it! Hopefully I won’t have to go so long without writing again. *stares off into space* “It’s been 84 years….”

@kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness @ji-bootyful and @dongan-chan (you asked for a Jin fluff ages ago and I’m finally delivering)

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The smell of frying sausage is what woke you up. Half asleep, you were momentarily confused. Your roommate was out of town for the week, so who was cooking? Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you suddenly remembered that your boyfriend, Jin, had stayed over the night before. Something about needing a break from his six roommates who were practically his children.

Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you pushed yourself off and walked in strides across the room. You passed by a mirror and stopped to look at your messy morning hair. It was then you noticed you were wearing Jin’s over sized shirt, which fell to the top of your thighs. You made a b-line for the bathroom, brushing your teeth and attempting to tame your unruly hair which proved to be a fruitless effort.

You wandered into the kitchen to find Jin wearing a pink apron over the boxers he slept in and flipping sausage in a pan over the stove. You gave a little giggle at how cute he looked. You approached him quietly and places your hands on either one of his broad shoulders, massaging them gently. You leaned forward and placed a kiss to the spot where his neck met his back.

“Good morning, Jin.”

“Good morning, baby.” Jin set the pan down and turned around to embrace you. His familiar scent filled your nose, and you smiled to yourself.

“Did you sleep well?” You asked, your head against his chest. 

“Yeah. It was so much easier to sleep when I wasn’t in a room with a couple of kids whose snoring is as loud as a train.”

You let out a soft laugh. “Good, I’m glad.”

“Of course, the main reason I slept well was because I got to hold my beautiful girlfriend in my arms as I fell asleep.” He smiled down at you and stroked your hair gently.

You laughed and bat at his chest.

“Well aren’t you romantic this morning?”

“I suppose I am.” He whispered, before placing his large hand across your jaw and tilting it forward, forcing you to look him in the eye.

“You really are beautiful.”

You blushed, looking down. But Jin only moved your face up again so he could stare at it with admiring eyes.

“I have bed hair and my face is still puffy from sleeping. Beautiful is not the word I would use to describe me right now.”

“It always describes you. You’re beautiful when you’re dressed up and wearing make up, you’re beautiful when your hairy is messy and your face is puffy, you’re beautiful when you’re happy, you’re even beautiful when you’re angry.”

“Seokjin….” You murmured, your face turning red.

He smiled softly down at you. “You’re especially beautiful when you blush because I’m complimenting you.”

Jin leaned down, connecting your lips with his. His arms moved to wrap around your waist and he tilted his head in order to deepen the kiss. You own arms found themselves placed on his wide shoulders which were hunched slightly as he leaned into you. 

One kiss turned into a make out session, your lips in a flurry against each other as you raked your hands through Jin’s soft hair. You were lost in the feeling of being surrounded by Jin, dragging him to the counter so that he could lift you up and set you on it. Once sitting stably, you didn’t hesitate to wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him even closer to you as your kisses became less lip and more tongue.

Your heart was beating so loudly in your chest that it almost drowned out the sudden sound of the smoke alarm going off somewhere behind the two of you. Instantly, Jin pulled himself away from your lips, eyes going wide. He cursed under his breath as his arms left your waist and his body turned back to the stove. He waved his hands in the air, trying to clear the small area of smoke.

“Damn, I burnt the food!” He yanked the pan off of the stove, a frown on his handsome features.

“Perfectly good sausage gone to waste.” Jin sighed, dumping the now blackened meat into a nearby trash. “This is what happens when I let you distract me.”

“I dare say you enjoyed my distraction.” You giggled.

“This isn’t funny, baby. Wasted food is not a laughing matter.” He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest, looking down at the trash can.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. We can always make toast or something.” You tried being positive, knowing Jin’s favorite thing in the world was cooking and he hated when he messed it up.

Jin turned to you, smiling affectionately.

“You’re right. It doesn’t matter what we’re eating as long as I’m with you.”

“So, I’ll get the bread?” You asked hopefully.

Jin stepped toward you, nuzzling his nose against yours and placing a feather light kiss to your lips before turning to the refrigerator.

“I’ll get the butter.”

Adventures In Learning Code. #3

I’m a complete beginner but I’ve decided to type up my notes for both my own reference in case anything happens to my notebook and also in case anyone else is interested. If I make any mistakes please let me know.


Comments can be made using inline CSS, inline CSS is CSS you can do inside of the HTML file without having to create a separate CSS file. You can create notes within your html file that won’t display on your webpage, this can help you remember why you did certain things.

<!– text here –>

Font Size.

You can give tags more instructions by including attributes in the opening tag. An attribute is simple a characteristic or description for the content in the element, just like we did with src in the <img> tag and href in the <a> tag. To change font size, we use the style attribute, we make it equal to font-size, a colon, the size you want and then end it with px which is short for pixels.

<p style=“font-size: 12px>

Font Colour.

To change text colour, you place “color:blue” (or whatever colour you want) in place of font-size from the previous section.

<h2 style=“font-color-red”>

If you want to include more than one attribute in a single tag, then just add a semi-colon between each thing.

<h2 style=“color:red; font 12px”>

Font Family.

font-family is what controls the font being used, remember the fonts need capital letters on them.

<h1 style=“font-family:Arial”>

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: Magnus has never once touched Alec without his consent. Even when he shushes him his finger hovers above Alec’s lips. Even the night before Alec’s wedding he uses magic on Alec to show him what love feels like instead of actually touching him and doing so (also side note he has never used magic on Alec until this point in the show when they have gotten to know each other and when he knows that Alec feels the same way he does).

 Magnus may make suggestive comments and/or flirty gestures but once Alec tells him to back off he does. Episode 9, for example. When Magnus asks Alec if he could look at his wound Alec says that he’s fine. Magnus then persists because he cares about Alec and doesn’t want to see him get hurt, but then when Alec tells him he’s alright in a firmer tone of voice that clearly indicates that he doesn’t want him to, he doesn’t. Skip to Episode 11. Magnus says he’ll do Alec “pro bono” in a suggestive tone, but once Alec changes the subject and makes it clear that he’s not interested, Magnus drops it and moves on to discuss the bow and quiver.

Whenever Magnus offers Alec drinks, he never insists or forces him to actually drink it. They have only had two scenes like this in Season 1. The first scene was in Episode 6 where Magnus holds up two drinks and asks Alec if he wants a drink break. And Alec clearly makes the decision that he’s going to accept it by standing up and taking the drink from Magnus. Move to Episode 12 when Magnus tells Alec to come to his loft and magically makes a glass full of wine appear in his hand. Alec then says “I didn’t come to drink” and so on and puts the glass down and Magnus doesn’t persist even though he just told him that he hates drinking alone. Bonus is when he tells Alec that if he says that he loves Lydia he’ll stop pursuing him. Magnus persists after that and starts talking about symptoms of love only because Alec does not and cannot say it. If Alec had told him that he loves Lydia, as much as it would have hurt, Magnus would have given up, as he clearly indicated.

Magnus does not take from Alec just for his benefit, unlike Camille with Simon. While he doesn’t want Alec to get married because he’s interested in him, he knows how much it will affect Alec for being stuck with someone he will never love and how it will affect Lydia in the exact same way. He’s not chasing after Alec after the engagement is announced just for his own personal gain. He’s trying to also help someone who is conflicted between following his head or his heart and trying to stop him from making possibly the worst mistake of his life.

And lastly, the kiss. Magnus shows up at the wedding, yes, but he lets Alec choose what happens next. He makes it clear that he will go if Alec wants him to, therefore implying that whatever Alec asks him to do he will do it. Magnus shows up at the wedding to show Alec that he is fighting for him and that he likes him, but he respectably waits for Alec to make his move. And then when Alec starts walking towards him he doesn’t move an inch and he doesn’t even touch Alec until after Alec grabs him and kisses him. He only touches Alec after Alec touches him.

Even after the kiss Magnus still does not intrude into Alec’s space. He doesn’t try to make physical contact with him or make suggestive comments or anything like that.

Magnus Bane is flirty. He is sometimes suggestive and makes drinks. But he knows boundaries and respects them and is aware when he may be crossing them slightly and backs off. He is not a predator. If you want an example of a predator, look at Camille, who clearly takes for her own benefit without consent from the other person and does not respect boundaries in the slightest.

Magnus Bane is understanding and beautiful and kind. He does not harass Alec into liking him nor is he a predator. 

mbti as school things
  • istj:writing in a brand new notebook for the first time
  • isfj:making eye contact and smiling at someone you don't know very well
  • istp:figuring out a tough math problem after working on it for a long time
  • isfp:perfectly neat handwriting
  • infj:when a classmate you barely know remembers your name
  • intj:taking charge of a group only because everyone else is inadequate
  • infp:doodling in the margins of your notes
  • intp:always having a bunch of great ideas for essays and projects
  • estp:trying something out without reading the directions
  • esfp:seeing friends for the first time after a break
  • entp:working out problems different ways every time
  • estj:dividing up the work and creating a timeline for a group project
  • enfp:when someone tells you they love your idea
  • esfj:the satisfaction of finishing an assignment a week before it's due
  • enfj:having a group that works together really well
  • entj:when someone refers to you as the leader of the group

Hi guys :) here are some tips and hints to help you have a successful semester!

  • Buy your stationery & textbooks before the start of the semester
    • You don’t want to be rocking up to your first class without the notebook you’ll be taking notes in or not being able to do the homework because you don’t know the questions.
  • Buy a planner 
    • You can use weekly to-do lists if you want, but you need somewhere that you can keep all of your important dates in.
  • Organise your work in a binder
    • Your syllabus, rewritten notes, assessment information, printouts, homework, revision, textbook notes and lecture slides should all be in one place for easy referencing.
  • Know what you have to do, and when it’s due
    • At the start of the semester I go through the syllabus for all of my classes and put the dates assessment are due into a table that I print out & stick on my cork board. I also add the dates to my planner to make sure I won’t forget when something is due.
  • Go to class
    • Weird tip, right? Well, sometimes you sleep in or you need to catch up on some lecture notes or you just can’t be bothered to go to class. Unless you’re really busy I wouldn’t recommend skipping tutorials (but if you have online lectures, feel free to skip them and watch them from the comfort of your bed).
  • Take comprehensive notes
    • Notes are the first step in revision, and without complete notes you’ll be thrown in the deep end come finals.
  • Do your homework
    • Not only is it the focus of tutorials, but it’s the easiest way to revise the week’s topic.
  • Revise throughout the semester
    • Along with rewriting your notes and doing homework, actually revise the topics. You’ll thank yourself when finals roll around.
  • Schedule some free time
    • I don’t condone scheduling every second of your day (which rapidly leads to burnout) but I do suggest you set aside some time (even a day) to do something that isn’t academic. The way you do this whilst still being productive is to make sure the tasks you need to complete are finished before taking the break, work an extra hour a day so you can have an entire day to relax guilt-free.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Don’t save important stuff on USBs (use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox).
    • Don’t start watching new series within a few weeks of important assessment.
    • If you’re feeling unmotivated, divide your tasks into small sections and complete them one at a time, taking breaks between each.

My other masterposts can be found here.


Double Threat Braids (No Bangs) Recolor

I’ve made yet another recolor! I used SimLaughLove’s Double Threat Braids without bangs which you can get here. I’ve made this hair in 24 different swatches (which are shown above) . It is a standalone item in cas but you do need the mesh!

TOU: Do not caim this hair recolor as your own and please link the hair back to this post if you ever use this hair recolor. Do not re-upload on any site or pay sites. And please let me know if the hair recolors have any problems. Thanks!

**NOTE: This recolor needs the mesh in your game in order for this to show up!**


Download:           Dropbox       Simfileshare

(Please notify me if you come across any problems. Thank!)

^Thank you SimLaughLove for making this stunning hair!^

If you write dramione, you probably know LadiePhoenix007. She reads voraciously in the pairing, and leaves the kindest, most supportive reviews a writer could hope for. She is everything that is right with fandom.

Without going into details, she’s having a tough time right now and @slytherinbunney, author of Dowry of a Single Galleon (among many others), and I are trying to encourage as many people as possible to write dramione one-shots for her to brighten her days.

If you wish to participate, please just send me a link to any dramione you write for her (be sure to note in you A/N it’s for her) and once we have a passel of fics, Bunney and I will give her the list of links, and all your love and good wishes. She tends to stay off tumblr so we might even be able to pull this off as a surprise.

Preconceived notions

Looking up at the imposing stone building Steve let out a long slow breath. People walked past him with nary a second glance but he knew that it wouldn’t be the same once he got inside. The scholars there all knew who he was and cared- not because he was Captain America but because he was one of the last living people who could say, without a shadow of a doubt, what things had been like back then. At least he wasn’t talking about the war today. It always took him days to get over talking about that.

Moving forward Steve entered the library, got directions from the receptionist with a grateful smile and headed towards the room she’d indicated. He honestly didn’t even know how large a group this was supposed to be, or have any notes prepared. Still he hoped he could do a decent job informing them.

Once everyone settled down Steve was able to see that it wasn’t a bad size group, probably thirty or so people. He could do that many… He hoped.

“Hello-” the mic gave off feedback and he winced and moved his head back only to try again in a moment. “Hi… Uh- my names Steve Rogers and I’m here to talk to you about the early twentieth century. You’ll have to forgive me, this was kind of sprung on me and I didn’t have time ta get any notes prepared…” He said with a nervous chuckle. “The early twentieth century… What a time to be alive. The start of the spread of motor cars an’ electric lights, they cured diseases an’ helped improve working conditions fer the lower class an’ put a lower age limit on child labor…” It was easy once he got started, and thing blurred a bit in his vision, reminding him of those days of long skirts and smart jackets.


2016 Kpop Sweatshirts

This is my latest piece of CC! First, I have to thank @gohliad and @pickypikachu. Gohliad pointed me to Pickypikachu’s tutorial on making items base game compatible, so that those of you without Spa Day would be able to use this ^^ (PLEASE let me know if it doesn’t work in your base game) This comes in 9 swatches, all inspired by Kpop songs released this year (hence the name). 2 of them have designs on the front AND back (4Minute Hate and NCT’s Fire Truck).  Note that I’m sure something similar to the 4Minute one has been made, I just thought it would be nice to include since it was such a popular song. The songs they’re based on are as follows: Seventeen-Very Nice, BTS-EPILOGUE (Young Forever), AOA-Good Luck, 4Minute-Hate, Twice-Cheer Up, Monsta X-All In, Giriboy-I’m In Trouble, nct 127-Fire Truck, and Taeyeon-Why

Download Here

Credits: EA/Maxis for mesh and textures, original sweatshirt from the Spa Day pack. Any official logos/artwork belong to their respective artists/agencies. Made with S4S and paint.net, thanks to CC creators for the content I used on my models!


Requester, I apologize so very much for taking forever with this! Anyway, it’s @sintiklia‘s Sharp Nails converted from Sims 4 to Sims 2! They come in 13 solid colors and are for young adults~elders; males and females. I’ve also given them @remussims’ retextures; there are 5 of those. They should look decent on both smooth hands and regular hands - smooth hands are shown.

Please note that these may have some clipping/placement issues with certain poses and animations. If there’s any way to fix this, please let me know! For example, the peace sign pose in the first picture caused some of the nails to shift off of the nailbed… the picture is Photoshopped because I’m a cheat. Non-shopped picture is here! Luckily however, the nails liked the second pose just fine, so this may be more of an issue with poses than the nails themselves? I’m gonna warn you anyway!

Without further ado, please enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: SFS | Mediafire

anonymous asked:

Livia, baby, do you happen to know what song those Justin Bieber lyrics were from? It would make my attempt to find the person who did it easier.

Hi there, first of all thanks so much for offering to help me! Secondly i want to announce through this post that those weren’t J.B. lyrics after all, i was mislead by someone who wrote me a message about this. It seems the text is a quote from author Nikos Kazantzakis and it goes like this “The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.”.

The stolen artwork looks like this and one of the posts with it has 315,868 notes atm. My original artwork and post has like 749 notes atm. So i guess something’s not right here. Not to mention that i have seen my artwork floating around tumblr with over 900.000 notes and without credits. This is really frustrating :(


all character sprites so far

in progress: silvers casual sprite, mephiles, most character expressions, shading (debating if i even want to add shading)

things to note: sonic is a sucker for shoe brands (i would put nike but i dont wanna get in trouble lmao but u know he got them nike sandals) knuckles has a tattoo for tikal, and rouge specifically has to wear things without shoulders so that her wings dont get stuck

also, sorry but rouge is not available for dating! (for a lot of reasons but primarily because i think of shadow and rouge as being family zoned best friends, not kinda-gay best friends)

kat-yaeger  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you have any products that a high school student who is about to get an industrial size work load this year cannot live without??

Hi @kat-yaeger! Haha an industrial-size work load, never heard that one before. We do have a ton of products that are super helpful for students, and I know because I’m also a student myself! Here are some of my suggestions:

-School Collection: This is a good starting point for any student because it has the basic supplies you need & they’re really cute!

-Scheduler Kit: This helps you plan out your coursework effectively. Writing out your study plans is SO important, helps a bunch, trust & believe.

-Better Together Note Pouch v2: This is hands-down, one of our most popular school items. Not surprising because it has 10+ pockets to organize your school supplies & papers. Organization is the hardest, but most helpful tip for me! >.<

-QUUVS Pencil Pouch: Another popular item. It’s the pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets??

-Monster Study PlannerI personally use this one and I love it! It’s cute & it has so many sections to cross-reference all aspects of your busy schedule! We have other study-specific planners here

-Better Together Lined Notebook: Another item I personally use for my studies! This one is kind of plain, BUT it has Monthly Plan pages so you can write down the dates of all of your assignment due dates, exams, project due dates, etc. And I love that the notepaper has a lined down the left side so I don’t need to draw my own line when I’m writing proper notes for classes!

SO, these are my personal and general recommendations for busy students, but if you have any specific questions I can definitely help out with that too! ^_^ We have some tips about Final Prep here and they’re helpful to follow all year round so you won’t be cramming for midterms or finals at the last minute! 

Oh, and here are our most popular school supply products so you can feel free to browse if you’d like! :) Thanks for asking this question & I hope this is helpful for you!! GOOD LUCK with your busy school year, you’re going to totally ace it! ^.^

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i don't get why you think Alain sweeping everything means Ash is going to beat him, if anything its the opposite and we should be worried?

One word: arrogance. In today’s episode Alain was super cold about beating Remo, like he literally just walked off the field without saying anything. At this stage it’s the top 4 and idk i just felt like Remo deserved more respect than he was showed, especially as Alain and Remo have battled before. Alain just came off as being really arrogant (not hating on him btw) and it was definitely noted by Sycamore, who was clearly disappointed with his behaviour.

Ash is going to beat him because at this point Alain’s just… too big for his boots, which is always where people head into trouble. He knows Ash is strong and he really respects him as a trainer, but tbh i doubt the thought of him losing to Ash in a full 6 vs 6 has ever seriously crossed his mind. He just wants to battle Ash because he knows that Ash and Greninja represent the ultimate challenge for him and Charizard.

Basically the bigger they are the harder they fall. Ash exemplifies everything a Kalos League Champion should be. Alain does not. The narrative has made it obvious, and for more reasons than what i just said.

A few thoughts on an XMA line

This isn’t anything groundbreaking or insightful, but I wanted to make a note on it because it struck me so strongly:

In the scene in Charles’s office between Charles and Raven, when Charles says (paraphrasing), “I have plans for this place. I’m going to open it up for humans as well,” I literally thought, “What the actual FUCK, Charles, that is a TERRIBLE idea.”

I know it was put in to show just HOW much of an integrationist he is, and, more importantly, so that his arc can be stark: He starts from this rosy-glasses idealist and ends not only without human integration into his school, but agreeing to train an army of mutants in his basement to protect them from said humans. But it also struck me as so different from the Patrick Stewart old!Charles as well. I may be forgetting something (HIGHLY LIKELY), but I don’t think we ever see him really interacting meaningfully with humans on-screen in the original trilogy (outside elder William Stryker, but that’s forced on him). There’s no real Moira equivalent in his life (besides her showing up in the post-credits of X3 and hinting at a broader interaction off-screen), but his world is really devoted almost exclusively to mutants, though in a much, much different way than Magneto’s.

I also think it’s a flaw in XMA that we don’t get a good grasp of the world outside. I was never exactly clear on HOW are mutants viewed? We hear verbally how things are from Charles and Raven, but that is entirely based on their characters and their perceptions. We see the fight club and Erik’s town’s reaction to him, but I would argue those are contextual as well: A grubby gross fight club isn’t necessarily indicative of public opinion, and Erik is FREAKIN’ MAGNETO, THE GUY WHO TRIED TO KILL THE FUCKING PRESIDENT ON TELEVISION. Neither example is exactly what the person on the street thinks.

(caveat included that I’ve only seen it twice, and I remember that there was something in the school scene with Scott, but I think it was generally favorable toward mutants, Magneto nonwithstanding?)

Another Note About Privacy

you know it really breaks my heart that caliza started as a fun thing for everyone in the fandom to ship and I genuinely loved the support for our relationship and the fanfic and stuff; I thought it was so sweet that you guys were so supportive. but we are just normal people trying to live our lives and use tumblr as a safe space so to have people trying to dig for info on us without consent is absolutely disturbing. as such, I’ve asked the makers of all the caliza fan blogs to delete and they’re respectfully agreed and it absolutely sucks that I have to ask people to do that.

we’re not Clarke or Lexa. we’re not Nicole and Waverly. we aren’t fictional characters. we are real breathing people who are trying to stay safe in a world where there can be serious repercussions for being part of the LGBTQ community.

still not sure how much longer I’ll stick around here. my safety and mental health come first. please respect that.

- ehj



Can I ask for an imagine where tony and reader are going to have a baby and he asks the reader to leave ncis & work something safer or be a stay at home mom so the baby can grow up with a mom, something he never got to do but wanted for his own baby 

Requested by leeanne8866~

Tony knew this was a big request. He’s been thinking about it for a little while now. He didn’t know if this was even a fair thing to ask, but he did know that he didn’t want his child to grow up like he did.

He watched your reaction carefully, taking note of the shock and surprise. “Y/N, I just don’t want anything to happen to you. Not only for your sake, but the kid’s. They shouldn’t have to grow up without a mother.”

Your eyebrows furrowed at his words. “Well, what if they have to grow up without a father?” You challenged. “Will you be leaving NCIS, too?”

Tony’s lips tightening into a line and he shook his head. “Even if something happens, I’d rather our baby have only a mother than only a father. They’ll turn out better than I did.”

There are lots of ways to study, of course, but I haven’t seen any posts covering this particular way. Let me explain – I am a visual learner, therefore I learn by watching and reading and seeing. At the same time, I am not a very neat person, and I usually spend more time making my notes pretty than actually studying (and I know a lot of you have the same problem, let’s not lie to each other, m’kay?). 


  • you can rewrite anything and everything
  • you can add pictures and videos and audio recordings
  • it’s pretty without much effort
  • it’s less likely you’ll lose a file than a piece of paper
  • very useful for subjects with huge chunks of text


  • unless you have a tablet or something, you can’t carry it with you everywhere you go
  • you might be more prone to procrastination since you will be working on a computer
  • this method is not very useful for math and similar subjects
  • not as cute as handwritten notes

This method probably isn’t great for you if you need to physically write things down to remember, however it is a good idea for you if you learn by watching, seeing and/or reading.

I use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, however, the program is not free, so it might not be available for everyone. Google Drive should have the same features, though!

I mainly use PP for history notes, using these symbols/features:

  • title and second title (if necessary)
  • the notes section for explaining terms
  • X for opposites
  • after that → to symbolize an event that followed
  • before that ← to symbolize an event that preceded 
  • since that » for dates and years
  • until that « for dates and years
  • cursive for terms and foreign words
  • bold for people
  • underline for places

I like to add pictures (photos, maps, posters) wherever I can and videos are also super helpful, especially if they’re from the era you’re studying! 

Hope I helped, now get to work.