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I really want to start writing nalu/inukag fanfics but I'm super anxious and don't know where to start :/ hellpp!

Ok ok ok nowww breathe slowly and

1) Have an idea! Without that we can’t start! What do you want to write? What is the situation? AU or canon? Funny, dramatic, cute?

2) Sit down. Right now. Sit.

3) Start writing whatever first comes to mind! or alternatively Take down all the notes and then make an outline!

4) Write some more. It doesn’t have to be in order at all. Just write the scenes in your head.

5) Connect the scenes you have written!

6) Reread your result to see if it makes sense and to correct potential grammar and spelling mistakes!!

7) Voilá! You have written your very first fanfic! ^o^

And feel free to include these inbetween at all times:

X) Take a break. No matter if it’s a few mnutes or a day or two.

X) Don’t give up! You can do it!

So I know I say this all the time but seriously thank you so much, Queen. I’m laying here blasting It’s Late through my headphones and realizing all over again how much you guys really mean to me. Your music is medicine because it fixes all of my problems and makes me feel better, and it’s my best friend because it’s always there for me and gives me great advice. I have hung onto every single lyric and I have listened to every note Freddie hits and every powerful beat of Roger’s drums and every brilliant John bass riff and every uniquely amazing Brian solo. Like I really don’t know how I’d survive without you guys and I could never say thank you enough times, so thank you.

Changing Winds

“I told you, fucker. I told you this shit was going to happen. You can never trust a woman. She fucking chickened out.” The goblin Ziggly laughed and drank his beer while Captain Seawolf sat in his corner seat, hand on his chin, thinking hard. 

“She fucking played us.” Sighing, he removed a paper and writing tool from his satchel and began to scribble a note. “Start contacting our port allies. Let them know I may be reclaiming my routes soon.” Ziggly grinned widely and nodded.

Captain Kurel,
Seems we will have to meet to discuss business. My deal with with Morningshield and since she left without saying a damn word, we may have a very complicated situation now. We will meet tomorrow in Booty Bay. That’s seems fairly neutral for us both. 
Until tomorrow, Captain.
Captain Seawolf

A blue hyacinth macaw flew out into the evening toward Sunspire Port.


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in your opinion, why do you think calvin and Taylor's relationship works out, personality wise

I’ve been saving this is in my inbox since last night (like i do with every message i have to give a thorough answer to) and before i say anything please note that this is all from observation. But basically it’s their natural chemistry. Taylor thinks things out…a lot. She’s serious about everything she does just like Calvin. They both mean everything they say and do and they don’t do what they do without thinking about it in depth. Calvin is incredibly playful (evidently) and super dorky. Remind you of a certain someone? Taylor prides herself on her “I know I’m a dweeb and i don’’t care if you give me weird looks for being me” personality. This is especially obvious when she’s watching performances. We all know Calvin is weird as fuck but not in a bad way. He’s weird in pretty much the same way. We may give him strange looks for half of the stuff he says and does (insert ugly ass pepe meme here that I can’t close my eyes without seeing) but Taylor is so easy to accept that and embraces it because it’s what makes him different and unique. Everyone knows Taylor looooves “unique” (have you seen her random ass antiques?) Then there comes the point where they are both incredibly serious about their work and their craft which is why they probably both mutually accept when they have to be away from each other because they both put their careers first….always. Taylor can be unfiltered sometimes (in terms of sass) but to Calvin that’s probably what keeps him so into her because she may agree with a lot of what he stands for but he also appreciates the fact that she has her own mind. Then there’s the fact that they’re both really affectionate which, in a relationship, is never a problem (queue PDA clips and pics) Calvin has this weird kind of dry sort of sense of humor just like Taylor’s so i can see them in laughing fits together all the time (watch their interviews and catch how many times they both laugh or smile on their own without the interviewer paying attention to them) But even though they’re incredibly silly, they’re both practically geniuses which challenges them when they talk (probably) and this is especially great because that means they’ll probably never get bored. I love these two.

About that Sasuke leaving Sakura artwork I see in the tags

I’ve seen two versions of that picture going around. The reposted one is here, and the original is here

Now, pairings aside, I really don’t think it’s respectful to do that. 

If you want to show that picture to people, but you don’t want to reblog with your comment which could cause (understandably) drama, you can take a screenshot of it (Alt + PrintScr), and post that instead of directly saving it onto your computer and posting it like you drew it yourself. There is no excuse for taking something that was drawn by someone, even if it’s your least favorite pairing, and posting it without even sourcing.  

Or, you could have reblogged the original picture, and then made a separate post linking back to it. 

Really, that post is getting notes, and I am truly disgusted. I’m tempted to contact the artist and let them know so they can file a dmca and have that reposted art of theirs deleted, reblogs, likes, and all. 

It’s not okay to repost artwork that isn’t yours, without the artist’s permission, period

No excuses, no ifs, ands, or buts. 

imagine #1

I was sitting at lunch, talking to my friends when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was an underclassmen, most likely a freshman, and they had a note. The freshman handed it to me wordlessly and left. 

“That was weird,” one friend said, peering at the piece of paper in my hands curiously.

“Are you getting inducted in a secret society or something?” another friend joked, jabbing me playfully with their elbow. 

I smiled and got up, knowing full well what the note said without reading the contents. “Will one of you dump my trash for me? I have an appointment.” I waved the note in reference, keeping it vague as possible, and left the cafeteria.

I walked the hallways, a beat faster than my normal pace, excitedly trying to destination.

Once there, I walked in and shut the door behind me. The door automatically locks – a new procedure put in by the school to prevent school shootings. 

“Got my note, I see?” He was sitting at his desk,and even from the distance I could see the multiple colors of blue in his eyes.

I shoved the note in my back pocket, “I actually didn’t even read it. You’re becoming far too predictable these days.” I teased as I sat at the end of his desk casually.

His eyes darkened slightly, I knew he liked it when I was on his desk. He got out of his desk and walked towards me, making me turn my body towards him.

“We’re breaking your rule,” I sang, referring to the one of the rules we had talked about when we first started dating.

“And you’re killing the mood,” he sang back as he smirked ever-so-slightly. He took my skinny-jean-clad legs and had them wrap around his waist. My arms, out of reflex, wrapped around his neck and my fingers found peace at the nape of his neck.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he muttered.

Six months ago, when we first started dating, I would look down insecurely and blush whenever he made those comments. But he has given me so much confidence, made me feel so loved and cherished, I can now believe him.

I reached up and brought his lips to mine, the feel very familiar but still exciting. He deepened it as I subconsciously tightened my legs around him, needing to feel. 

After a minute or two, we broke apart and I panted slightly on his shoulder. 

“You know,” he started, “we might have to change the rules a bit.” 


Today is the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster, the worst nuclear accident the world has ever seen.

Let us remember the work of the liquidators, people who sacrificed their health and even lives to clean up this disaster, without them only God knows what would have happened.

Some pics have descriptions, so be sure to check them out.

Daredevil Note #1_Does S.H.I.E.L.D. Already Know?

Warning: Spoilers ahead

One of the many easter eggs featured in Marvel’s Daredevil is the orphanage that Matt stays at after his father is killed. The orphanage that Matt resides in is the same one Skye from Agents of SHIELD stayed at as a child. We know that Skye, though without her powers, was considered an 0-8-4 (an object of unknown origin). People in the village where she was born claimed that she have powers. What is interesting is that it seems too coincidental that both would end up at the same orphanage. It could be possible that the orphanage was secretly a SHIELD facility for children with possible superhuman abilities. Since birth, Skye has been monitored by SHIELD, so why not Matt? Did they believe that Matt was gifted from the accident? If so, that means that Matt could already be on the Index, and is currently being monitored by SHIELD. 

[Translation] Gruvia: Assassination Classroom Parody

Original art by: astasso
※permission to translate and coloring some pages was given by the author via pixiv
Translator: sarapyon
Translator Note: It’s a parody of Assassination Classroom Episode 04 but astasso-san change the plot somehow ^^ I have no idea if she plan to continue or just leave it like this.

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Hi everyone! So I hit 2k a couple of days ago, which is unbelievable to me. I’ve made so many amazing friends here and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you all for being so amazing and supportive! I wanted to write notes for so many of you but this would have turned into a 10,000 word sapfest so let it suffice to say that I love you guys a lot.

mess squad: chaitroye sotroye nutella-plus-ranchdressing woosivan hyellohoakley lookingfortronler whatstroyler sparkleoakley coomphan  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you guys you mean so much to me and I love you all.

irls: officialseattle bisexual-fanboy rybread0510 fishfriendlyshark cute-princess-of-literature strawberrymilkkid passivelilac teensyemo oreocookieinsider this blog is kind of insane so thanks for putting up with me you guys are awesome.

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And of course, a huge thank you to troyesivan for helping me through so much, and for making it possible to find all of these wonderful people. I really hope to meet you one day.

music blog: soundofsivan
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Ok that’s all bye friends


And here we are folks, a year and a half after I joined tumblr, I have more than four thousand souls that chose to see me on their dash on a daily basis. I’m very grateful for every single one of you, and I really wish you all wake up happy every single day because you deserve it. While I cannot follow all of you back sadly, I hope you know I appreciate every single one of ya.

I could not put all of the people I do follow on this list, though, since that would take ages, so I opted to note down those whose blogs make me cry/laugh/squeal on a daily basis, those who I have the luck to call my friends, and of course those who are little talented shits that bring joy (and tears) to others. So, without further ado, here they are (bolded ones are my special cupcakes):

#-A-B-C: 117electricity, 324b21-clone, 72-up, angiemcrtinelli, aparadoxinflux, alisonhendrunk, aarterton, attackoneyebrows, alisonniehaus, amyackershair, alldieweil, automatgalpals, alison-would-make-it-look-pinkclairetmple, cartinellischnapps, cartinelligirlfriends, connorswolf, chromatics-and-romantics​, clarkegriffindork, cosimahellaniehaus, cloneinstitute, cosima324b21ob, corporateclone, commanderlexaofthegrounders, cosimanotgonnadiehaus, cosmoslions, cosimasmannings, clonesbians

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hi anon! sorry i accidentally deleted your bed-sharing fic rec ask…unfortunately i low-key hate this trope because it’s often them managing to casually start having sex without being like “holy shit you love me too?  this is the best thing to ever happen on this shit, unworthy planet.” And that’s the most important thing like?? but i tried to remember a few pure, good ones for you. maybe people know of more, you can check back on the notes.

Altitude by BerityBaker: i think this is the good ol’ fashioned “we are sharing a bed because of cold…oh ooops now you’re grinding against me and we’re in love” situation that you’re looking for 😏😏😏


Into the Dark by bittergreens: “he couldn’t suppress the small jab of disappointment he felt at the realization that that was probably the first and only time he would ever sit pressed hip to hip with Sherlock” i’m???? :(((((( ??? !!! :( i’m….it’ll be ok tho 

A Terrific Soporific by antietamfalls: a classic of the bed-sharing genre. click here for a good time with medium-sized sherlock. like, know that i would never rec anything where they aren’t explicitly and absolutely in love but this is nice, like, sherlock keeps tricking john into cuddling with him “for his insomnia” and he’s not as TINY as he actually is and you can have a good happy time

Lovers at the Inn by Thistle: short and smoll 🐣🐣🐣💜

Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst: (multichapter) they go undercover for a case at a couples retreat. nothing happens in the bed, i don’t think? but lots of bed-sharing pining but obviously they love each other so much and have amazing sex and live happily ever after 😊😊😊🍦💫

hablamellonyentra asked:

Hi! I don't know if someone asked this before but.. in which book does Tolkien say that Sauron's former maiar name was Mairon? Because I've already incorporated it into my vocabulary but I haven't found it anywhere for sure (not even in a middle earth dictionary)

It’s actually not in any of the book. The name “Mairon was only mentioned once, and in probably the most obscure location (which is why you didn’t find it, and I never would have without some google-fu) - a note on one of the essays published in the journal Parma Eldalamberon:

But this was altered after he was suborned by Melkor. But he continued to call himself Mairon the Admirable, or Tar-mairon ‘King Excellent’, until after Númenor’s downfall.

hey everyone,

there’s been this post circulating which is a cockles manip made from my photo op from burcon14 and i just keep on seeing it on my dash and getting more and more notes, but the problem i have with it is that first and foremost i have not been asked if my picture could even get used and second there are no credits towards me (which i both feel like is tumblr etiquette?). i don’t know if it seems petty to some of you, but if you have photo ops yourself i think you might understand how one feels if they get publicly used without being asked if it was okay. and i would’ve been okay with it, i’ve been asked in the past, i have never denied it, but i do want to know about it and get the credits i ‘deserve’. i contacted the blogger who initially posted the particular post, but they don’t seem to be very active and haven’t gotten back at me yet (even though i see that they’ve been blogging since i did), but i also saw that they said that they had only found the manip online themselves with no source whatsoever. i mean, no source as to where it came from i understand, but there must’ve been a link to whatever page/blog it was first posted on, but i don’t have that information.

so basically, i don’t really know what i’m particularly asking of you guys other than spreading the word by reblogging this post which would be great; and maybe if you come across the post and reblog it and see that it’s without a source (i can obviously only tag myself in handful) that you maybe tag me yourself on it so that your followers can see the link. or a really long shot, maybe you know who actually made the manip and posted it originally and can tell me their name.

it would be very much appreciated, it does make me more upset than i thought it would.

thank you! <3

I can’t do this anymore. I already have a suicide note written, I already know how to kill myself without interference, I have no reason to live. People tell me I should die, I tell myself I should, even my hallucinations do. So why make everyone wait any longer?
This is it, I’m done. I’m such a burden no one even tells me when they’re about to have surgury or when a family member dies, no one tells me the serious or non-serious things. I’m always the last to know, showing that no one likes me or cares for me or thinks I’m worth any time. And I’m not, I’m only burdening people with my existence.
And I apologize.
This will probably be my last message.
I’m sorry.

Lighting tutorial - part 1 : THE BASICS

I realized that, before making other tutorials and theories on comics’s colors, I would really need to be sure that everyone have a clear and sharp understanding of light, since it’s all connected to colors.

So, Here is the first part of it. In this one, I only talk about the basics that will be necessary to know for the other parts.

The second part will talk about the different lighting scenarios, and how they can be used to enhance narration.
The third and last part of my lighting tutorial will talk about techniques on how to easily create lighting with Photoshop.

Note that the opposite of an additive scheme is the SUBTRACTIVE scheme, 

This is one of the many reasons why a colorist have to know and understand the COLOR WHEEL. There is sometimes some mathematics to perform to know if a surface will be lit or not, with or without a color shift.
For example : Does an Orange streetlight can lit a blue car on grass at night, knowing that there is no other emitter around, and the sky being very dark ?
Orange is made from RED+YELLOW. Blue is a primary color without red,yellow or orange. Green is made from BLUE+YELLOW.

Orange(Red+Yellow) * (Blue + Green(Blue+Yellow)) = Yellow.
Yellow of the grass is the only color that responds to the color cast of the Orange streetlight, so its blue part is completely desaturated and darker. It means that the car will stay dark (light having no effect on it), and that the grass will be a little bit lit, but will also look muddy, kind of brown.

When the sky turns red during a sunset, this is also because of the tiny size of the blue waves and because of the angle of penetration of the light into the sphere of the Earth, making the atmosphere thicker. The smaller balls are completely stop, and all it’s left in the color cast of the sun is Red-Orange-Purple.

To be continued….
I Hope it’ll help, Have fun !

In the next episode, starring :

important note

I know everyone is excited about this new show and pixiv is loaded with a bunch of great art, but you absolutely have to ask the artists for permission to repost; just putting on a link is not enough.

I could go on endlessly about why reposting without permission is problematic but here are a few key points:

  1. its disrespectful 
  2. some artists don’t want their work spread without their control (much less edited/etc)
  3. it often forces a few artists to close down their accounts or move to twitter/another platform where they can make their works private and available only to people who respect the fact that they don’t want their works to be reposted

Even though some profiles do not explicitly say that they don’t want reposting (whenever you see these four characters on a profile: 無断転載), it’s because this is right here in the pixiv Terms of Service:

Either way, there’s no harm in asking for permission to repost, especially when it’s very easy to do so though all the different templates available online and there are countless users who will help you out with translating their responses etc.

If they accept, great! Then you can repost on tumblr (but make sure you follow their terms). 

If they don’t, then don’t repost. Even so, you can always just post a link to their art.

I hope this post was helpful in some way or form and thank you for reading this textwall !!!

lyricwritesprose asked:

Probably this is something you're already aware of, but do you mean for your books to be up on ebooks-tree? Because they are, and I thought that if you didn't know about it, you oughta. I'm suspicious because there are some fanfic writers who say that their stuff has been uploaded without their permission.

Thanks for the note. No, they don’t have my permission for those books to be there; I’ve just DMCA’d them.

(sigh) Another hour of my life I’ll never get back. (And for people’s general interest: I wind up doing this with one or more illegal-upload sites at least once or twice a week. I say nothing of the ones I can’t do anything about, and can only gaze at and fume gently.)

Anyway, thanks again.

You deserve a little something

Request: Okay! Will you do one where you and cal are married and you have a teenage son and daughter, and also a young son. Your teenage daughter has been complaining a lot and it’s been really stressing you out, and calum has noticed. So one night, really late you two are in the kitchen, with the lights dim and you on his lap and he is like feeding you ice cream and kissing you and fluff and your daughter is admiring from upstairs without you knowing? Sorry, this is long!!

Note: that’s fine, I had fun writing this super cute request! x

Summary: Calum hates seeing you stressed, so he tries to make you feel better.

Words: 611

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It’s that time, finally, after months of delays on my part, where I open up commissions like I keep saying I will.

So here’s the deal: I am in some desperate need of income right about now. My living situation is far from ideal, I need to acquire food and clothes, I’m trying to save money for wwoofing with a friend on the west coast this fall, and above all else, I am in need of a new computer. Anyone who knows me is aware of the computer troubles that have been plaguing me for the better part of the last eight months or so. It crashed while I was typing up this post in fact. I cannot work and/or contact the outside world without a stable computer.

So I’m offering commissions. Simple as that. (To note: I don’t offer linework)


  • Icon/ Portrait/ Bust: $5
  • Waist-up: $7.50
  • Full-Body: $10

‘Flat’ Color:

  • Icon/ Portrait/ Bust: $10
  • Waist-up: $15
  • Full-Body: $20

Fully Painted:

  • Icon/ Portrait/ Bust: $20
  • Waist-Up: $30
  • Full Body: $40

The price for extra characters and/ or backgrounds can be discussed one on one. Depending on the complexity of a piece, I am willing to haggle and/or charge more for more work (duh) and more time.

I don’t have a very long list of will and will not draws. My limit is basically any extreme nsfw that would probably make a nun suffer spontaneous combustion. (That isn’t to say I won’t do nsfw art at all its just… tasteful stuff, people.) I’m flexible. Just talk to me if you’re not sure about something. As long as I have reference material supplied to me/ available, I’m good to go.

Payment is upfront and through my paypal: mikeccyr@yahoo.com I will begin work after payments are made and information is exchanged. Message me here or through my email (please add a subject if you email me) beforehand.

I remade this blog not too long ago, but feel free to browse through my art tag if you’d like more examples. Thank you for your time, and please don’t hesitate to reblog if you can’t afford commissions at this time.