without feeling like people were watching and judging him

Family Matters

WinterIron Mafia AU: “Are you seriously offering me money to break up with my boyfriend?”

This is a small gift for @mojishinprocastinatorextreme who got a real scare today. Since you live half-way across the world a little distraction in the form of a fic was the only thing I could think of to help. I hope you’re holding up alright, love! Oh, and watch out for the cut!


Stane blinked. A frown flickered across his features, the movement stiff as though the muscles were unused to express such an emotion, and expertly erased before it had a chance to truly sink into the skin a second later.

“No,” Bucky repeated, his voice firm and unyielding.

A slow smile settled on the older man’s face that did nothing to hide the cold calculation in his eyes. Obadiah Stane was not a man used to being denied, hadn’t been even before he had become the head of one of New York’s most influential families in the wake of Howard Stark’s death. Bucky would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it.

Natasha may have been on to something when she complained about that supposed death wish of his. Not that Bucky would ever admit that out loud.

“120'000 then,” Stane said with an acquiescing nod, as though this was some grand gesture from a selfless king to his loyal guard.

It was probably meant to be inspiring but all it really did was make Bucky wish he’d never left Hydra. Considering the only thing those sadistic bastards treated worse than their enemies were their own damn men, that was really saying something.

“Tempting,” Bucky deadpanned in the dry tone he usually reserved exclusively for the weakest, most idiotic of their numerous enemies—the ones that tried to prove their lack of mental capacities by kidnapping Tony Stark. 

“But with all due respect,” which Stane hadn’t earned much of as far as Bucky was concerned, “I’m still gonna have to say no.”

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