without even showing too much skin

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Hey lovlie, I just love ur reactions and everything about ur blog. I mean that 😂. I was wondering, can I request a bts reaction when s/o flirts with them and they get turned on? Thanks in advance ✨


The wind is barely blowing but its path through the leaves of the huge trees causes a constant background noise, so pleasant that you shudder with happiness. You look up with a smile, watching the filtered sunlight through the branches and leaves, and sigh with ease. Namjoon’s cold hand comes to rest on your neck, gently stroking your hair. You feel his tender look on you and turn your head to smile to him, pressing yourself a little more against his chest. You have been sitting on this bench for many minutes without uttering a word, simply enjoying Mother Nature’s natural symphony.

You remember that you still have a lollipop in your bag and plunge your hand in it to grab it, smiling stupidly when you see it’s lemon flavor, your favorite. You look at Namjoon and ask him if he wants to share, a question to which he agrees without even thinking, his eyes closing when a stronger breeze strokes your faces. You undo the paper and gives a quick kitten lick before putting it in your mouth. You smile and grow a small satisfied moan, your head resting on Namjoon’s shoulder as he passes his arm around you, laying a kiss on your temple.

You feel his eyes on you, especially on your lips, and restrains yourself from smiling. You don’t look at him and continue to suck the lollipop with a totally innocent look, shivering slightly under the caress of Namjoon’s fingers on your shoulder. After a while, you straighten up and handle him the lollipop. He opens his mouth and smiles when the tangy taste invades his tongue. You smile as you see him being so cute and soft and pure and just… Adorable. He lets out a cute giggle as he turns the lollipop on his tongue with his fingers, pressing you a little more against him.

Then follows a dangerous seduction game between you two. Namjoon slips the lollipop into your mouth, purposely passing it on your lower lip. You slide your tongue on the candy while your eyes are still on Namjoon’s, and very quickly the tension between your two bodies becomes palpable. You slide the lollipop outside and inside your mouth, press your lips around it and gives very small kitten licks that tightens your man’s jaw.

“Such a tease…”, growls Namjoon as he takes the lollipop from your mouth, holding back a curse when he sees you’re purposely salivating around the sour candy. He slips the lollipop into his mouth, turning his tongue in small circles, knowing that your eyes are on his luscious lips. His eyes goes down on your lips, his tongue continuing his explicit dance and forcing you to cross your legs, a groan of frustration escaping your lips.

“It was a bad idea”, Namjoon sighs, his pupils dilating a little more as his eyes return to yours. You nod, your body burning with desire and the vision of his tongue around the candy never leaving your mind. You put your hands on his cheeks to kiss him, moaning as your tongue tastes the lemon on Namjoon’s tongue. He slips a hand into your hair, feverishly answering to your kiss, bringing you even closer to him, as if it were still possible. Your tongues dance together until there’s no longer a single tangy flavor in your mouths. Namjoon breaks the kiss, can’t help but laying a few more quick and hungry kisses on your red lips before he whispers :

“Car ?

- Car.”


Taehyung takes out his old camera from his pretty box and looks at you with sparkly eyes before giving it to you. You sit on the bed and caress the camera with your fingertips before giving it back to him, saying how beautiful it is.

Without saying a word but with a completely adorable smile, he puts the wrist strap on his wrist and raises the camera in front of his eyes, the lens aimed at you. You blush, hiding your face and giggling but Tae doesn’t lower his camera, taking a first shot of you. You laugh cutely and begin to pose, feeling so beautiful when he looks at you like that. You pull your oversized t-shirt between your thighs and begin to feel more comfortable, letting Tae capture your natural beauty. He moves all around you before settling on the bed to be closer. You lie down slowly, your hair all around your head and shoulders, your fingers sliding on your thighs. Taehyung captures every detail, every spot where the light brings out the softness of your skin, the glare of your eyes, the sweetness of your half-smile. Tae settles on the edge of the bed and watches you get closer. He gently opens his mouth, his cheekbones taking a slight pinkish color, struggling to stay focused.

You roll on your back and notice how your breasts are almost out. You blush, pressing your hand between your thighs and arching your back, and turn your head towards Tae’s camera. He takes a shot but doesn’t look inside the viewfinder. He looks at you intensely and drops the camera on the bed, not even looking at how he lands. You open wide your eyes in surprise and hold a small moan when Tae slips on your body to get above you as fast as a cat.

He lays a burning kiss on your neck and rests his forehead above the lump of your boobs, his lips grazing your skin. You have only been together for a short time, and never, oh never has he been so close to your body. He wants to wait before he can have your body and soul completely, but it doesn’t looks like it’s what he wants right now… And it’s clearly not what you want either. You still refrain your need to be touched and sigh, stroking his hair by pressing him lightly against you when your arms close around him.

“Fuck Y/N… You’re making things really hard…”, Taehyung sighs, his breath against your skin making you shudder. Well, I wish I could feel it, you’re thinking, but you chase your dirty thought away and press him a little harder against your chest. He notices it and has to close his eyes to hold his need to pass his hot tongue against your soft skin. You smile and let out a cute giggle, seeing how Tae fights against himself not to let his hands go all over your body. Maybe it’s time to make him understand that you have only one desire : to feel his big, perfect hands all over your body.


As you walk along the Han River, as the sun sets and gives a pink color to the sky, Jin stops at a street vendor for you to choose two cupcakes. You giggle like a little girl and choose two pink and glittery cupcakes, very lame, ridiculous and cliché. Jin frowns as he gives the money to the salesman, telling him not to pay attention to you, going out with such a handsome man makes her very cheesy. You burst into laughter and hit his arm, still giggling when he puts his arm around your shoulders, laughing like an idiot as he start walking again.

You put the cupcake in front of your boyfriend’s mouth so that he can take a bite, growing a small moan of satisfaction because it’s really good. You smile hard, looking at him as if he was the most beautiful creation in the universe (which is close to the truth) and literally give him the beak, biting your lip at the sight of him moaning with pleasure. Jin always turns you on when you watch him eat, and today is no exception.

When he finishes the cupcake, running his tongue over his luscious lips, you have a little bit of cream on your fingers. Your eyes still focused on his beautiful brown eyes, you slip your finger into your mouth and clean it with a precise and slow lick, so slow that Jin has time to imagine what’s happening inside your mouth. You take out your wet finger, giving a last (and completely useless) kitten lick, the look in your eyes changing into a call of lust.

Jin looks left and then right, as if to make sure no one is watching you. Once he’s sure that you’re alone, he smiles tenderly :

“You’re so cute…”

Jin pulls you closer to him, leaning towards you to put his mouth against your ear, the warm and hoarse tone of his voice making you close your eyes, head resting against his shoulder :

“I want to see what your tongue can do when your lips are around my cock.”

It’s like your legs can’t hold you no more for one second. This second where the thought of what he just told you flash in your mind and makes your mouth water. You hold back a soft moan, closing your eyes and hiding your face against him. You clench your fingers around Jin’s jacket to keep a semblance of balance and, with a weak voice, you ask to go home. Jin smirks, his arm completely around your shoulders so you can hide against his chest a few more seconds before he rushes home.


Hoseok is lying against you on the bed, his back against your chest and his head resting on your shoulder as he plays video games. One of your arms surrounds his shoulders while your other hand strokes his hair just the way he likes it. You’re so comfortable that you could fall asleep but it’s just impossible. The view you have on his body keeps you from thinking straight.

First of all, his hair and skin smells like heaven. If only it was just that… But he wears a white t-shirt that’s carelessly lifted up to show his hip bone, allowing you to guess the vein that furrows his lower abdomen. His honey skin is absolutely tempting. His gray sweatpants are way too low for your mental health and it’s worse when you try to look away : your eyes are automatically attracted to his venous forearms and hands. His long, thin fingers, the veins that run through his skin, the strength he puts in his movements when he gets a little too much hyped by his game… Hoseok turns you on without even knowing it. You feel a little dizzy and must close your eyes to regain control of yourself.

But you can’t.

You start to kiss the tip of his adorable ear, moving your lips down on his earlobe that you gently lick. Your hand in his hair goes down on his neck as you unwrap your arm around his shoulders to stroke his collarbone over his shirt. When you nibble his lobe, Hobi smiles, quickly closing his eyes under the softness and warmth of your tongue. You smile too, running down your mouth in his neck. You put a few kisses on his hot skin, sighing slightly as his scent hits you one more time. You taste his skin, well aware of how his body tenses as he feels your tongue rolling on his neck. Your hands strokes his neck, his chest, your other hand going down, down, down…

Until Hoseok catches your wrist and slides your hand under his sweatpants.

You moan against his ear when your fingers close around his impressive erection. You swallow hard, sliding your fingers along his member, can’t help but bite your lip thinking about its heat and its thickness inside you. Hobi doesn’t stop playing, but his breathing is more intense, his smirk never leaving his lips.

Let’s see if he can stay focused on his video game while you slip your hand under his boxers…


You have a drink all together in the living room before watching a movie. Yoongi is sitting on the couch in front of you, busy talking to Jimin. You know he hates when you’re glued to him with everyone else around you and you don’t mind. Well, it usually doesn’t bother you. But tonight, Yoongi is particularly hot and you have given up the idea of avoiding looking at him. It’s not your fault, he attracts you like a magnet, especially when he’s dressed all black from head to toe.

You begin to throw explicit looks but Yoongi seems to want to avoid your eyes. You almost have the impression of not being really here. He does it on purpose, this little twat, because he knows that you want him. You look for his eyes again and again, wanting him to lost it and want you back, at least snatch a smile as a naughty promise for later. After a moment, he finally deigns to look at you. You pass your tongue on your lips, making sure he understands what you want only with your eyes.

Yoongi takes out his phone from his pocket and types out a message. Seconds later, your phone vibrates in your pocket. You let a few seconds pass before you read it.

“Stop. I don’t know what you have in mind but don’t look at me like that.”

You sigh, looking up at Yoongi who gives you a threatening look, a look that’s enough to make you look down, blushing slightly. Realizing that maybe you’ve gone too far, that perhaps Yoongi didn’t want you tonight, and that you’d better behave in the presence of all his friends. Despite his threat, you still look up to look at him. This time, it’s a desperate look, a look that says “I need you”. But Yoongi nods slowly and turns his gaze. You sigh, not being able to stop yourself from staring at every detail of his magnificent sulky face.

The boys set themselves up to watch the movie and dim the lights. You take the opportunity to get up to join the bathroom where you can put a little water on your neck, Yoongi turning you on so much you need to refresh yourself. You feel his eyes on you as you leave the room and bite your lip to refrain you from looking at him. You cross the dark corridor and enter the bathroom. After putting some water on your neck and your cheeks, you look in the mirror and mentally urge yourself to stop fantasizing about your man for a second. Just a second, please.

You get out of the bathroom and get slammed against the wall by Yoongi who’s kissing you passionately, placing his leg between yours to give you the friction you crave since the beginning of the evening. You moan against his mouth, your hands passing in his hair while he sticks even more against you. He devours you as if he had not touched you for two days and seems to give zero fuck about the risk of being caught by one of the members. Once he’s done kissing you (for the moment), he beckons you the door of his bedroom with his head. You smile at him, stroking his cheek as he smiles back at you, whispering you to hurry.


When you enter the dance studio, Jimin still has not finished his practice. He’s never done when you join him here anyway. Jimin never stops working. You smile when you see his face lighting up when he sees you and sit against the mirror to watch him dance.

After a while, he let out a long exhausted sigh and walks towards you before sitting on the ground, his legs apart on both sides of yours. He leans on his hands behind his back and swings his head back, his breathing still heavy. “Ah, my legs hurt so much… I think I’m done for today” he sighs, slightly wincing when he wants to lift a leg but gives up under the pain.

You smile tenderly, kneeling between his legs. Leaning slightly, you start to massage his left calf, ignoring your boyfriend’s whine when he tells you not to touch him because he’s sweaty as fuck. You make sure to press your fingers where he’s used to having cramps, tearing him a groan of satisfaction. The problem is that Jimin turns you on when he moans, whatever the situation. Soon, inappropriate thoughts run through your head as you move up on Jimin’s leg, now massaging his gorgeous thigh.

You raise your eyes to Jimin who bites his lip when he sees how naughty this look is. He asks with a hoarse, adorable, playful voice :

“ What was that ?

- Nothing, just massaging my baby…

- Yeah ?

- Yeah. ”

You share an absolutely explicit look but Jimin is forced to close his eyes when you press on a particularly painful point and that relieves him instantly. He’s still moaning, and you know he’s fully aware of the effect it has on you. You bite your lip and, staring at his parted lips, you move your hands a little too far. Jimin opens his eyes and whispers “don’t” but his eyes tell you otherwise. With a naughty smile, you put your hand on his chest and push him gently so he lies on the ground. You lean over him and, your hand slipping on his crotch, you whisper “But you want to…”. His moan and the way his hand grabs yours to increase its pressure are enough for you to know you’re right.


It’s very late at night when Jungkook’s belly gurgles. You turn your head towards him as he hugs you from behind while he plays on his computer (he likes to have something to bite when he loses : in this case, it’s your neck and your cheek) and ask him if he’s hungry. Jungkook nods without looking at you and finishes his game before dragging you to the kitchen. It’s very late and the boys are all asleep, so you have be extremely quiet.

He takes some vanilla ice cream while you take a spoon. You sit on the floor and put the ice cream between your legs. You take a big spoonful and get it closer to your boyfriend’s mouth, a smile raising on his lips as he eats it. You smile as you see him so happy and take a spoon for yourself before giving him the beak again.

Every time you lean towards him to feed him, you purposely press your arms against each other to bring out your boobs that looks already tasty under the little crop top that you wear. And Jungkook doesn’t miss a single beat of that delicious sight. He looks at you licking the spoon and smirks, his tongue poking the inside of his cheek. He drives you crazy in his white t-shirt, he drives you crazy when he stares at you like that. But you asked for it.

When you think he has eaten enough (and decide that it’s time to push this little cute babyboy against the mattress), you get up and pick up the ice cream to put it back in the refrigerator. You lift yourself on tiptoe to reach it and, the second you place the ice cream inside, Jungkook slams the door. You hold a little scream, scared that it’s gonna wake up the others, but it’s another kind of scream you want to let out when Jungkook sticks his body against yours from behind.

His hands presses your hips, even going dangerously on the front of your thighs so that your butt is glued to his crotch. His mouth begins to devour your neck and you have to clench your fingers on the fridge not to fall under the excitement he causes you. You turn around eagerly, wanting to kiss him so bad, but he barely gives you time to whisper “Jeongguk” before lifting you on his shoulder, heading for his king size bed to make love to his princess.

Cookie Day (WinterIron Quick Fic)

This is just fluffy WinterIron. Just fluff. To make up for the tear fest that was “Moments” lol

Enjoy :)

Bucky made….cookies.

Like really, really insanely good cookies. While humming, and listening to slow music as he took over the kitchen in the Tower. He even wore an apron most times.

And really, the team didn’t know what to do about it.

Mostly because even a year and a half after Steve brought him home, Bucky was still quiet more days than not. He still wore his hair long, his chin scruffy. He hardly ever smiled, hardly ever engaged with anyone. He was never in anything other than a long sleeve because he didn’t like the attention his arm inevitably drew, even though Steve had told him at least a hundred times that no one here ever noticed. He didn’t wake up screaming with nightmares anymore, but no one ever actually saw him sleep either so…

Anyway. Cookies.

Like, the best cookies in the world. Like thick and fluffy and packed with butter and chocolate and enough sugar to put an elephant down. And he absolutely refused to share.

In fact, no one was even allowed in the kitchen while he was baking. Clint had tried one time to scoop some cookie dough and Bucky had (accidentally) almost broken his hand.

So the team retreated, hovered outside the kitchen door and plotted ways to get to the cookies.

Steve had assured them that back in the day, Bucky had in fact been the best cook he had known, always making something in his mamas kitchen, and then cooking for Steve after his parents passed.

It didn’t matter what it was- thick, crusty bread, impossibly light pastries, and of course these amazing cookies— Bucky could make them no problem, and was happy to do every time Steve looked just the littlest bit hungry.

Of course Steve had been allergic to or at least sensitive to nearly everything back then, so little bites and nibbles was the best he could do. And now that he was a 100% healthy, super serum powered soldier who needed upwards of 4000 calories a day to keep his body running… well Steve was just as desperate as the rest of them to get his hands on some of Bucky’s cookies.

But alas, it wasn’t going to happen. Because Bucky only ever baked enough for himself, just enough to pile on a plate that he then hoarded on his lap during team movie nights, an entire gallon of milk sitting next to him because that’s how much milk it took to wash the cookies down.

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BTS reaction when their gf have a habit to putting her hands under their shirt/sleeves

anon: Hi I got a request for you, how would they react to gf have a habit of putting her hand up his shirt/sleeves in a non-sexual manner but as an act of intimacy and closeness

I hope you enjoy your request! ♥


Originally posted by eatkookiie

please ignore this cute fan which is 1000% right

Jin would be okay with that but only when you two are alone. He’s confident abt his look and your habit assurance him in this mind (beacause if I’m not handsome she doesn’t want to touch me, right?). But it take him some time to inure with this. Still when he starts to feeling your cold hand on his chest he can get surprised.

“Maybe I will warm up your hands and then you will back to touching your perfect boy?”


Originally posted by yoonmin

Yoongi have the most soft looking skin in Bangtan so touching him can give you two times more joy. He doesn’t mind it. He would enjoy it but secretly without telling you about that. Maybe sometimes he can tease you but not too much. Yoongi can tell you to touch his arm not a belly around others or even when you two were alone. But if he was working in studio he can tell you to stop doing this. He would love this look on your face of happines when you get to touch his skin.

“If this make you happy just go on but it tickles. You’re such a wierdo Y/N”


Originally posted by hobisu

Fanboing. It’s what he would do when you show your habit for the first time. Touching him is a sign of affection and it makes him happy. He thinks that it’s really cute habit. When you and the boys were watching movie and -without knowing abt this- you started to reaching for his abs, he would smile and kiss your forehead thinking how lucky he is to have you.

“Y/N, you’re cute. I love you and all your strange habits”


Originally posted by rapfluff

Loving it. Enjoying even more then loving. I feel like he isn’t confident abt his look and your habit can make him more self-confident. Namjoon thought it is cute. When you can’t put up his sleeve he would help you with a smile on his face and lauging abt how desperate you look to touch him.

“Let me help you. You could'vesaid what you wanted to doo~”


Originally posted by itschiminie

Mochi can get shy when you touch his abs around boys and maybe ask you to start touching his arm or wrist. He doesn’t want to boys tease you two abt your habit. But after few times he wouldn’t mind it (but still of boys’re around better don’t do this). It can be really realxing habit of yours for him after busy schedule and tiring practice.

“You don’t even know how your touch effect on me. Like you make me realxed and healthy and give me feeling that someone really loves me”


Originally posted by jeonthegreat

There he is. One and only one Tae which will tease you and laugh pretending that your touch tickles him. Gets shy but not acting like this too much. If you touch him around boys, he can say something like “Look. My lovely girl can’t hold back her hands to touch me” and starts to make some fun of you with others. But the feeling of your hand on his skin~~ When he is sad or just wanted to do this- he can take your hand and put it under his shirt or sleeves.

“I think that your habit is cute. And it was too long ago when you last time touching me. Soo now you can,Y/N” - and this representative smile


Originally posted by hohbi

Second one which can tease you. Like “I know that I’m golden maknae and every one want to touch me”. He is international playboy, you know. But it was only to blind you mind. In his head was so many minds. What should I do? Push her away? Maybe start teasing her? FUCK! NAMJOON HYUNG HELP ME! He would act like he doesn’t see this habit but he really enjoy this and always waiting for this habit to show.

“I think that your habit is some kind of serious illness. What should I do with you, Y/N?” -smile and hug because he know you love it and doesn’t be angry at him after this.

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May I have headcanons for the Main 4 + Asgore and Mettaton about having an S/O who's generally reserved and struggles to show affection?

same!!!! - M.M.


S’fine with him. If you’re not the touchy type, then he’s not the touching type. Not like it’s too much skin off his back. He doesn’t really need (or want) physical validation in your relationship–just being near you, being able to talk with you, that sort of thing, is fine for him.


He doesn’t really? Get it?? But then again, this is Papyrus “No Personal Bubble” the Skeleton. He usually just ends up dragging you into physically affectionate scenarios without even realizing it, though he does immediately let you go & apologize for it. He knows he’s probably not going to get any “showers of kisses” from you any time soon, but. At the very least, though…could you maybe…hold his hand…? Just for a little while??


She’s okay with it, at first. But after a while, she gets fed up. Listen punk!! She likes you a lot & she wants to hold your hand & kiss you & hug you & all that sappy, dumb stuff so you’ve gotta!! Just!!! Get over it!!!! It’s more or less a spur of the moment, “all of this was bottled up for a long time” type spiel she gives you, but after she finally cools down she really tries to find a middle ground with you. She doesn’t want to push your boundaries, but she does want to show some physical affection towards you.


O-Oh! That’s okay!! She…she kinda gets it?? Not that she’s really reserved herself, she’s just kind of anxious when it comes to that sort of thing. But now & then, despite the fact that she tells herself it’s okay that you don’t like touching or being touched, she’ll find herself really, really wanting to hold your hand.


Ah. That’s…a bit of a relief, really. He’s still so shy about actually touching others, that having someone who prefers their space gives him the time he needs to warm up to the idea, & when he does, he seriously talks it over with you. He wants to find a ground where you can both be comfortable with how far you can take things, little by little.


He’s a little dissapointed, really. He loves to touch you, throw his arm around your waist, wind his fingers in your hair, all sorts of stuff. He’s kind of similar to Papyrus in that he’ll just do it without realizing, but he usually won’t let you go until you ask him to. He kind of sees it like “getting you out of your comfort zone” but he knows what limits you have, & makes sure not to push them too far.

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Can you do one with Ethan where you are a successful/ professional make up artist? Based on what Ethan said on TRL ( "I'd want my girlfriend to be a fan of me, because I'd be a fan of whatever she's doing" )

When Ethan said he’d be your biggest fan, he meant it.

Anytime you sat at your vanity, he was already there beside you, gazing at you intently as you carved out a cut crease or stuck on a new pair of falsies. It had become such a routine that he now knew what every single brush and product did in great detail. He’d yell out which brush you were going to pick up next, every time you did your make up.

He let you practise on him, too. He was your number one client. Any time you were having a bad skin day or simply didn’t feel like piling product onto your face, Ethan would volunteer without a second thought and would later on let all of his fans know on Snapchat how incredibly talented his girlfriend was.

You were known for having done make up for the biggest celebrities on the planet, including Zendaya, Cara Delevingne and Ariana Grande— who trusted you so much she had even brought you on tour with her. You were found at the biggest award shows and concerts, and it was safe to say you’d built a pretty big name for yourself.

Ethan was out buying groceries. He’d left you to do your emails and phone calls, knowing well how much you hated distractions.

Conveniently enough just as you pressed send on your final email, you heard Ethan come through the door. It had left you biting your tongue to try and refrain from squealing with excitement, which was all you wanted to do.

“Hey, baby,” he yelled from the front of your apartment, prompting you to slide off your bed and shuffle into the kitchen where he was unpacking the paper bags of food.

“Hi, my love,” you said, moving closer to him to place a quick kiss on his lips.

“Did you get all your work done?” he asked.

You nodded and it took every fibre of your being to hold back a smile from breaking out on your face.

“Did you get anything yummy?” you said, peaking into the bags until you spotted a packet of Cheetos and your eyes were hearts. Ethan chuckled, shaking his head as he placed some milk into the fridge.

“Babe, what do you think of that new Nicki Minaj song? Have you heard it?” you questioned, munching down on a chip.

“Of course I’ve heard it. I’m still upset I couldn’t get tickets for her frickin’ show,” he pouted.

“Well, it’s a good thing your girlfriend just got her to do her makeup for her show here and got two free tickets as a bonus, right?”

You’d never seen Ethan’s mouth drop so fast.

“You’re kidding.”

“Am not.”

“Babe, there is no way.”

“Do you wanna see the email?”

That was enough for Ethan to run and attack you with a hug, lift you up off the ground and shake you.

“I love you so much,” he said, over and over again, forcing laughs to bubble up in your throat at his love for Nicki Minaj.

“Are you saying you wouldn’t love me if it weren’t for Nicki?”



“I’m kidding! I’m kidding. I love you. Nicki Minaj tickets or none.”

late night thoughts

pull her in close, kiss her, hug her, tell her you love her. even if she says it’s too hot to cuddle at that moment and later falls asleep during a show, wrap your arms around her pull her in and feel her skin pressed against yours. tell her you love her, kiss her and hold her, even if she fast asleep doesn’t do it back, still do it every single night. because you don’t know when you’ll no longer be able to touch her, hold her, kiss her, and tell her goodnight and you love her. don’t allow a second to past by without letting her know how much you love her asleep or not, you are still the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and I will continue to love you unconditionally until the day I die.


Prompt: one shot or imagine - Your walking in a runway show for a designer friend and the team comes to the show for support. One of the outfits is lingerie/swimwear and after the show is over guys start hitting on you and Bull gets cranky/jealous. Maybe a little smut at the end? :)

Requester: learning-blues

Words: 1,747

Warnings: Dry-humping

“Anxious to see Y/N?”

At Marissa’s teasing question, Bull shook his head. “Why should I be nervous?” He asked just as coyly.

But that didn’t trick her. Marissa has known Bull for longer than that. Even when he knew just how to cover his true feelings, she could see past it. She shot him a smirk; one that Bull pointedly ignored. “Oh, I don’t know.” She answered. “Isn’t this the first fashion show you’ve ever seen them in?”

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Happy Birthday, brasspistol!

September 24 - Wintershieldshock smutty/ ABO fic for @brasspistol

Written by @ozhawkauthor

“Little sister?”

Darcy could tell that Thor was trying to knock gently, but the bathroom door still shook. She opened it quickly before he could accidentally knock it down.

“Are you well, little sister?” He gazed down at her. “My lady Jane says that you have been locked in here for hours preparing for your date with my shield-brothers Steven and James, and the time is almost nigh for their arrival.” Blue eyes traced over her and his brow furrowed. “You do not look prepared.”

Since she was still wearing a dressing-gown instead of a dress, that was a pretty fair assumption. About all she’d managed to do was put her hair up. “I don’t think I can do this,” Darcy almost whimpered.

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HyunA shares how people reacted when she tried to be sexy without showing skin

HyunA says she tried to be sexy without revealing too much skin.

During a recent interview with Biz Enter, HyunA was asked if she ever thought about appealing her sexiness without showing any skin.

She responded, “I already tried. But people were saying that they didn’t understand why I’m dressed so hot.”

HyunA explained, “During promotions for ’Volume Up’, I went for a female warrior concept so wore a long sleeve top, pants, and even a skirt over that. The reactions were that I looked too hot. So I realized then that not everyone can have the same perspectives. And that’s also when I wanted to have a generous mind that can accept different opinions.”

Lastly, she stated that wanting to change perspectives and trying to prove that she can be sexy without showing too much skin felt like she’s starting a fight with the public.

cr: allkpop

A Night of Wine

Imagine telling Dwalin that he’s adorable and he kisses you to show you that he’s not adorable.

[The main idea for this fic came from @everyjourneylove and I hope I did it justice.]

It was rare that the company of dwarves were ever idle. Yet, under the stone and crystal domes of Rivendell, a dozen sat in a circle sharing a skin of wine smuggled from the earlier feast. Among them were missing two of their number; their king, Thorin, and the eccentric hobbit, Bilbo. And there was one who seemed a stranger among the group and yet as intrinsic a member as any.

The only female among their corps and the only human, a head taller than even the tallest of the dwarves, she was a novel sight alongside the company. Hara had ingratiated herself with the bull-like halflings through her physical prowess and unexpected brashness. Even so, as she was passed the wineskin, she sipped less than her cohorts and handed it along, still feeling within that she was superfluous to their cause.

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To Find A Home - Part Thirteen

Originally posted by octaviagifs

Summary: The Grounders are coming to slaughter the Hundred. Will Y/N make it out alive?

Warnings: violence, swearing, character death

Word count: 4077

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Previous part - Next part

A/N: Holy shit, I finished season 1! Can you believe it? It has been one hell of a ride, and I can’t wait to begin season 2. As always, comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

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The forest was too quiet. There were no wind rustling the leaves, no animals scurrying away from sight, nothing. The atmosphere was heavy, the air pressing on my lungs so hard, it was getting hard to breathe.

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We Used To Be

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

Pairing: Len x Reader

Word Count: 1231

Warnings:  Suggested sex, some threatening, minor abusive boyfriend

Summary: Len sees you in a hotel bar and you give him a flashback to high school, then your rather asshole boyfriend comes and Len can’t let him have you

Originally posted by captaincanarylegendsoftomorrow

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T.O.P for Arena Homme+ Magazine Interview Translations.

*Thank you so much Dana for the full translations! @bigbanggisvip & scans by Jacly, @shrimpljy! The two translators of Bigbang! ^^

Boom. One man stands in front of the camera. He’s chatting as he is touching the back of his hair that grew out behind his ears. It’s Choi Seung Hyun. Now that name is as familiar as the name TOP. He has already filmed 3 movies. He poses with his hands and feet towards the camera. He relaxes his shoulders and takes over the space. The yellow sunglasses look like it is a part of his body. He was not like this in the editor’s memory. It was when he was shooting for the cover of a movie magazine with his movie, . He looked a bit stiff. His piercing eyes were as sharp as an arrowhead, but his body was hardened like a stick. It was understandable. Since it was his first movie and he had to be shoulder-to-shoulder with some big actors. However, he existed in his own way, apart from them. TOP, who came down from the stage, looked like that. Like an awkward fish that just got out of the water. Of course, this is about his past. Now, he has gotten used to the environment to the point he can freely move out of the water. At least it looked like it. In an evolutionary point of view, he is very successful. Because he has survived the sudden environmental change called .

Q: You were very worried about looking too cheesy while shooting. Why is that so…
TOP: We decided to make the retro concept photoshoot more fun by putting long hair extensions on me. I always usually wore a suit during photoshoots. Since I’m trying to show my new side with this long hair, retro-style clothes, and manly faces, it’s very easy to look cheesy. So I was worried.

Q: Looking at the results, do you think they came out okay?
TOP: I think it contains various new sides of me. I don’t try new concepts very often because I want to save them. If I show too much, I could run out of it. I always save some concepts to increase the freshness of them. But I tried to unleash those concepts through . The character in this movie is very different from the characters that I have acted out before, so I was more eager to show the new sides of me. And I also thought that I should show some new stuff since I’m having a photoshoot
for the first time in a while.

Q: Watching you during the photoshoot was something new. You looked a lot more relaxed than you looked when you were promoting a while ago.
TOP: I’ve become too relaxed now that it’s becoming a problem, haha. I fundamentally like doing photoshoots and I enjoy them. The pictures come out better when I enjoy it. I follow the given concept, but I learned how to show a more sophisticated side of me in that given concept. You have to be greedy to get good results. I actually keep my guard up to avoid getting lazy. Because if I get lazy, new things won’t be made. I always hide my cards and stay ready.

Q: Your new movie is exactly like that. It’s like you’re showing us the cards that you’ve been hiding!
TOP: When I was getting interviewed about , I said that this will be the last movie to show my character and that I will be choosing a shocking, unexpected character for the next movie. While looking for it, I encountered but, I hesitated at first. Because I could be harshly criticized by the manias(fans) of the original comic series. But now, I don’t gravitate towards things that don’t stimulate something in me. Even though I knew that it’ll be hard, I still wanted to challenge myself. I continuously tried to draw out the sides of me that I didn’t have while filming.

Q: Daily life, delicate emotions between sexes, fights in the gambling world, humanity, etc. You had to show a wide range of things while acting. It’s completely different from your previous roles that were just mostly emotional.
TOP: Even from the moment I saw the scenario of the movie, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this movie without taking off a few layers of me. And because of that, I had to fight with myself a lot. If I try too hard to draw something out that I don’t have in me, the audiences will think, ‘Uh? Why is that person doing that?’ and think that I’m trying too hard, so it’ll be hard for them to focus on the movie. You must never let the audience see that. The night before we started filming, I was very troubled, thinking about that. How could I express my character more exclusively without making it banal? I thought about that a lot. I didn’t really want to draw a line to indicate how far to go, but I just wanted to take off all the layers of me.

Q: Do you like gambling?
TOP: I just don’t play games at all, including cards. I’ve never even played any electronic games since I was little. I have a serious desire to win, so I feel like I’ll see the end of it once I start. I always keep that in mind, and never play games. I practiced Hwatu very hard this time, but I have decided that I will only like it for acting purposes. I promised myself that no matter how good I get at it, I will not play Hwatu. Haha.

Q: So you don’t want to do it at all cause you get furious when you lose, right? I understand what you mean.
TOP: That’s right. I will even bet my life over it. Haha.

Q: Actually, your movie this time is like a gamble as well.
TOP: I thought that this movie will definitely be a nice growing period for me. Since I had to act out the sides of me that I’ve never shown before or didn’t exist at all, I knew that I was taking a huge risk. But because I knew that it was risky, I gravitated more towards it. Now I don’t gravitate towards things that aren’t risky.

Q: Now that you’ve finished filming the movie, in what way did you grow?
TOP: Honestly, I’m not sure about the appropriateness level here. Haha. As I was filming, I tried to catch all the unique features of each actors, and I was sure that I could show what I learned in the next movie. I gained a little more confidence in a good way. They say that when you work with someone, you can see the spectrum of the life they’ve lived. Through this experience, I could see their spectrum to a certain degree, and I received a lot of good energy.

Q: Since so many famous senior actors were in the movie, were you intimidated at first?
TOP: I actually gained more confidence. Through this movie, I met some deft, amazing people and that stimulated a desire to win inside of me, so I received good vibes from them. They say that there’s a war of nerves between actors during filming, and singers on the stage. But I’m not good at doing something like that. In contrast, I try to feel the good vibe of other people. I try to receive good, powerful vibes and return it to them. I did that a lot while filming this movie.

Q: is a movie for Korean Thanksgiving. When they say “A movie for Korean Thanksgiving”, that means that it’s highly anticipated. It must be a different feeling being in a movie like this.
TOP: I never actually thought about that. It still doesn’t feel real to hear things like “A movie for Korean Thanksgiving” or “Highly-anticipated film”. The movie itself was a burden to me, so I did not have the energy to think about that. Because I already knew that it was highly risky. Ham Daegil was a character from Mr. Heo Young Man’s series that was read and loved by many of the senior generations. I thought and thought about how I could make the character more interesting. I still feel like I was a “substitute” of Daegil that was created by Director Kang Hyung Cheol and Mr. Heo Young Man.

Q: Despite all those burden, you must feel a lot more relaxed now that you’re done filming.
TOP: Not really. My face is breaking out pretty bad right now. I usually don’t really get pimples. I was shocked when I looked at my face in the photo taken during the photoshoot. The moment before a movie’s release or an album’s release is when my skin is at its worst state. Finishing something and waiting to present it to people is the most anxious moment in the world. It’s very nerve-wrecking, and I become more sensitive. I get nervous, and I can’t sleep. So I drink a lot by myself. Right now is the most anxious time for me. Because it’s a movie that I poured out all my energy and emotions into, plus a year of my life.

Q: There’s some ‘sexuality’ in the original comics. You probably had to act that out too, and weren’t you worried as an idol?

TOP: There was never a time when I said, “I can’t do this.” The director also doesn’t really like to show things explicitly. I think he thought that since the story is already very explicit, it would make the original series ‘not-so-classy’ if we were to film it explicitly. But there are some intense scenes too. I filmed a scene where all the actors were naked, I filmed a bed scene, and I also filmed only in my underwear for the first time since I was born. Even though I’m someone that doesn’t even wear short sleeve shirts…

Q: Did you feel a sense of freedom after doing that?

TOP: No, I was so nervous. But I couldn’t even let it show. If I tense up, all the other staffs and seniors would feel that negative vibe too and feel nervous. On the outside, I acted like I was fine, but I was actually very nervous. Just like what I said, I really hate showing skin. I don’t even wear short sleeve T-shirts in the summer. But when I filmed (without clothes on), there weren’t that many thoughts in my head. Haha. Maybe this will be my first and last movie with such exposing scenes.

Q: Why are you talking so conclusively like that
TOP: There is a reason why I decided to show skin in the movie. For example, in an action movie like , it would have been too much if there was a scene where they showed muscles to look cool. People might say, ‘Is he taking his clothes off to look cool in the movie?’ But in the movie, , they didn’t control the lighting to make my body look cool, it wasn’t that type of a scene. As I read the scenario, I thought that ‘the more clothes I take off, the more fun it adds
to the story’. I thought that taking the clothes off makes the movie’s plot more interesting.

Q: True. The scene where you guys play Hwatu naked symbolizes the theme of greed and doubt.
TOP: Because I felt that would be important, I gained the courage to willingly take my clothes off. Hmm.. Looking back at what I said, I feel like I talked like an actress. Haha.

Q: Haha. So you’re more focused on the character rather than the scene?
TOP: I don’t think I’ll take my clothes off if it doesn’t seem essential to the narrative of the movie. I felt that even more through this movie. I think I hate it(exposing skin) psychotically. I always wear long sleeves at home. I hate it when my skin touches objects. It’s been over 10 years since the last time I wore shorts. I wouldn’t say that I’m sensitive; I’m just very shy. To me, “showing skin” is a very embarrassing/shy act. When I was filming (the bed scene), I asked the director, “Do you want to take my underwear off too?” Haha. I thought there would be no difference in wearing underwear and not wearing underwear since I already showed my skin. Haha. It was fun though. Experiencing something like this in my life time.

Q: There are a lot of worries about the movie … Like some comments.
TOP: I read them but I don’t get hurt by them. Even when Bigbang released albums, there has always been hateful comments. But afterwards, I learned that people’s thoughts change over time. It’s also pretty interesting to watch that change. And I feel like I don’t have that many ‘anti’ fans up to now. Haha. Ah, this time, (while I was reading the comments) I did see that people were criticizing me for something that I’ve never been criticized for before. Haha.

Q: Musician and Actor. I think you have a good balance between the two. You’re not leaning towards one, and you’re not doing too much either.
TOP: My main profession is a musician, but I try to find a balance
between the two. I think it’s been about 8 years since I first appeared in a drama. I think I’m someone who carefully goes ‘all-in’ in one specific thing. Not someone who tries a lot of things and finds one thing. I’m the type to put a lot of effort into something and prepare heartily and sincerely one by one. So I think that I am capable of achieving that balance.

Q: The circumstances that allow you to do that must be very nice.
TOP: Well, not necessarily. I know that I should be working more at this time, but I’m the type that can’t easily put something into action. I feel like I’m always saving things. Even when I’m acting, I still sometimes watch music shows. And I watch what people these days do. I don’t really like to jump in, and I really hate showing weaknesses, so I don’t try to get involved in or jump into something that I don’t feel the need to.

Q: Because there’s a risk of losing even though you’re skilled?
TOP: I meant the exact opposite of that. I don’t really want to do things when there aren’t any “strong” ones in the field. Hmm.. Am I being too honest here? Haha. It’s my first time doing an interview in a while… So yeah, I’m someone who makes a move when I feel something stimulating inside me. I slowly became more like that. The fact that there’s a lot of risk in the movie, stimulated me even more. That made me gravitate towards the movie more.

Q: Because it’s a “High-risk, High-return” movie.
TOP: I’m still not sure about what I can get in return from the movie. Compared to the risk I’m taking, I actually don’t think that I’ll be gaining something big from it. If I don’t do well enough to deserve an applause from everyone, this is certainly a risky movie. I know well that the original series was a piece loved by a lot of people. But I still wanted to challenge myself.

Q: As I was listening to you, I noticed that you work very hard.
TOP: I try not to get lazy. Since I’m still young, I try to work while looking at the future. If I don’t take risks and try new things now, I feel like I’ll be an old-fashioned person in 10, 20, 30 years. Even if you fail, if you always look for something new, wouldn’t you be someone who can set the trend even when time passes? If one always takes the safe road without any risks, he will have no change in his life. People will certainly get sick of that person.

Q: Because it’s easy to run out of ‘change’. In that aspect, it seems like your strategy to not show yourself often because of that is not that bad.
TOP: But it’s not a very practical strategy for these days. I don’t show myself a lot also because there’s nothing to show off about me. If I was a highly confident person, I would take ‘selcas’ and post them. But I’m too strict to myself to do that. My problem is that I’m too thoughtful.

Q: You have to be thoughtful to avoid encountering external dangers. If you show/expose too much, it could make risks.
TOP: I never do anything that would lead to dangerous situations. When I rest, I seriously just stay at home. If I could have 2 weeks off to rest, I will not come outside of my house for 2 weeks. Even when I meet with my friends, I bring them to my house and drink wine together. I try not to make mistakes any where. I know that I’m like a loose cannon that is unpredictable, so I try to restrain myself even more. Haha.

Q: It must be difficult to wait.
TOP: There’s an expression, “showed all the cards one had” (meaning that one showed everything about oneself). I always have conviction that I have some cards left unused. I always try to save them. As a public artist, I can picture what I should do at this time. Because of that, I’m not anxious or anything. There are still so many things that I can show. Even with music. That’s also the reason why I have never released a solo album, even though the group, Bigbang, has been around for almost 10 years. But of course, that wasn’t the only reason - I did miss the timing to
release it since I had to promote as an actor and as Bigbang. So I am gradually collecting more cards now. And I’m also saving some songs that I have worked on.

Q: So you’re calculatingly planning to release the cards when you need them?
TOP: I’m not calculative. I’m actually a very emotional person. Honestly, I think I’m more of a coward. Since I am an emotional coward that can’t live a calculative/premeditated life, I always try to hide. I also feel like I lack some confidence inside me. Gradually, I will wait and show more things to people when I get stronger. If I were to calculate my talents and skills in percents, what I showed up to now is merely 5% of what I have in me. I know that for sure.

Q: Are you waiting for the moment of explosion after boiling up?
TOP: I like being patient. I’m actually a very enthusiastic person. But as I suppress that enthusiasm, I feel a sense of catharsis. Sometimes when I look at some people, I feel that they don’t have anything left in them because they showed too much. You can tell if you work in the same field. But I’ve always resisted those things. Even when people around me tell me to do more and try to stimulate me, I restrain myself even more. I want to show more of myself when I become more “full”.

Supercorp-Marriage Marks

Tattoos and Kryptonians-Supercorp

Okay imagine that Lena and Kara have been dating for a few months now and Kara only recently told Lena that she’s Supergirl. Of course, Lena already knew about it because Kara is just too obvious about it and Lena is just too much of a genius not to know. Lena gets a small Supergirl tattoo one day(because LOVE AND DEDICATION AND some OTHER REASONS) and Kara notices it when she stops by L-Corp with some food for their usual lunch date. Lena’s just being so casual and showing off but Kara is a fumbling mess because traditionally, Kryptonians use markings to solidify a marriage bond between bondmates. Also even without a formal ceremony, having one’s house crest marked on the skin of a significant other is already binding enough to be considered a legal sort of elopement. Basically, Lena just ignorantly married them and Kara is internally freaking out on how to tell this to Lena.

He Feels Bad in the A.M. - CTH

Hell yes. I can most definitely do this.

So basically, as of right now, I don’t have a “set up” for my imagines.. so this may look like I’m all over the place but I swear to Calum’s Indian tattoo, I am very organized.

Request: Yes! [Requests are also open!]
-Okay I just lost the request for it, but it had to do with having rough sex with Calum and he hurts her in some sort of way that she is in too much pain to go to school to following day and he feels bad.


As any other night, Y/N was expecting Calum to come home -shut the door softly as he always did in case Y/N was sleeping- kick his shoes off, throw his jacket on one of the chairs, grab a beer and go straight to the couch. She expected to hear the TV turn on, as he would always turn it, just waiting for Y/N to come downstairs to join him. Last night was a little different. Instead, he came in, the door slamming behind him, causing Y/N to jump a little but realizing he was probably in a grumpy mood and just needed to be alone for a little bit. However, instead, Calum was on his way upstairs; Not only was his shoes kicked off his feet, and his jacket thrown on the couch, but his shirt was peeled off, now laying on the hallways floor, and he was starting to unzip his pants. As she heard him come for the room she tried to ignore him as she put her nose back in her notes. Y/N was surprised when she felt his warm lips on her neck, sucking on the skin harshly as he noticed she wasn’t giving in. “Baby, please, I need you so bad.” He whined in her ear, moving the chair she was sitting in  so he could pick her up. He wrapped her legs around his body and brought her towards the bed, his pleading voice not matching the lust, mixed with anger in his eyes. Y/N knew that look, and she knew she was in for it. 


Don’t get Y/N wrong, sex with Calum was great. Hell, she loved it when he was rough. If anything, she had to admit that rough sex with his was the best. However, last night, he was rougher than ever and the marks on her skin, and her inability to walk comfortably showed it. Y/N woke up much earlier than Calum, expecting to go to her morning classes but realizing she was in too much pain to even walk. Slipping on his shirt that thankfully covered the bruises he unintentionally left on her hips and sides from gripping them too hard. As she walked downstairs she barely took a step without wincing, but tried to suck it up. Giving up, Y/N, went to lay down on the couch, hearing Calum slowly make his way down the stairs.

“Good morning, baby girl. Aren’t you supposed to be at you class or something?” He asked tiredly, making his way over to her. He bent down, kissing her forehead.

“I didn’t feel too good.” She told him, not a lie but not the entire truth. For a split second, she forgot about the bruises on her hips and sides as she allowed him to rub her stomach, causing her to wince slightly.

“Baby, let me see.” He insisted, starting to push the shirt up. Before she could push it back down, he had already saw some of the bruising. He pulled up the shirt to about mid stomach, staring at the bruises he left. “Why didn’t you tell me I was hurting you?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper. You stayed quiet. “Damn it, Y/N! I hurt you and you let me!” He yelled, causing you to jump a little.

“Calum, last night didn’t hurt, if anything it was pleasurable. It didn’t feel like you were hurting me.” She tried to make him feel better. “It just hurts now.” She sighed.

“I hurt you. One of the first things I ever told you was I would never hurt you.” Calum said, his eyes still fixed on the black and blues. “I’m so sorry, baby girl. God, I’m sorry.” He kept repeating, leaning down to kiss over them. “Baby, I’m sorry. I love you, and please tell me if I hurt you.” He whispers.


so this probably highkey sucked ass but I also haven’t written anything in months so pls don’t judge!


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is there a reason why people want unknowns route so bad though?? i just finished yoosung good end and i wanna beat him tf up with a stick after what he said to seven Plus he doesnt even know how to correctly wear a jacket

Idk about others but i’m a slut for characters like Saeran. Even if he’s someone ppl wanna beat tf up 8^D

WELL he gotta show his stupid ass mint eye tattoo somehow without exposing too much skin and freezing y’know? Bad Boi dressing code #34

CEO Zhang Yixing

This one is for getlayd and the car anon. I just hope you like it!

I looked at my reflection on the mirror for the last time. My makeup and hair were all done and my black cocktail dress was way too elegant for me but he insisted in a fancy night out. I still couldn’t understand why he wanted this when we weren’t the fancy type but he cutely pouted at me and I had to say yes. I looked straight into my own eyes one more time and convinced myself I looked fairly pretty.

-Well, this is the best I can do anyway.- I muttered grabbing my purse and left the apartment.

I walked down the stairs and there he was, my boyfriend, Zhang Yixing. Wearing a black well tailored suit that accentuated his broad shoulders and fit figure. He was leaning on his brand new Vanquish Carbon Black Aston Martin, with his hands on his pockets and with a playful smirk, eyeing me from tip to toe. I hate that smirk. I hate it because I couldn’t stop blushing every single time he looked at me like that and the worst part, he was aware of that.

-Wow! You look amazing. - He said stepping up to offer me his hand.- Stunning, I must say.

I felt my face getting several shades of red when he leaned back to contemplate my entire outfit. He bit his lower lip and shook his head muttering something I couldn’t hear then opened the car’s door and helped me getting in without letting my hand go.

From day one, I fell for the cute shyness and sweetness of his character but since he became a CEO, he got a boost of confidence that made him incredibly attractive to the point where I turned to be the shy blushing girlfriend. However, there was something I couldn’t understand. How could my plain looks be appealing to him in any way?

He closed the door and walked around the car. I couldn’t keep my eyes off how well fitted his pants were and the way he unbuttoned his jacket to get into the car made me blush ever harder. How could he made it look like a freaking tv comercial?

I’ve always like his subtle smell of soap, it made his presence feel clean and neat but the freshness of the cologne he was wearing mixed with scent of the car’s leather interiors were driving me crazy. He started the engine, the soft purr filling the atmosphere around us and it hit me in that exact moment. I wasn’t dating a sweet angelic boy who sometimes was too shy to make a move, oh no, not anymore. Right next to me was an incredibly attractive young man who was radiating a sex appeal I wasn’t sure I could resist and he was my loving boyfriend.

-Did I compliment the way you look tonight? - He asked while taking my hand within his, intertwining our fingers and leaving a soft kiss on my knuckles.

-Yes, you already did.

-Well, I’ll say it again. You are breath-taking beautiful.

He said that last part looking at me. Smiling at me. Not his infamous smirk but his sweet smile that showed off his cute dimple and I unconsciously smiled back.

He went full throttle and going top speed, we hit the road. A pleased smirk showed up on his face and I could only stared at him. The street lights lighting up his features, somehow looking way more sharp and manly than usual. One hand on the steering wheel and the other gently holding mine. His thumb stroking my skin. He looked sexy. No, scratch that, he was sexy. Since when he started to exude so much sensuality without even trying?

-Stop staring at me.- He said smirking without taking his eyes off the road.

-I can’t help it, you’re too handsome for me.- I blurted out and regretted it as soon those words were out. I face palmed myself in my head, what a way to evidence how insecure I was.

With a deep grumble, he suddenly pulled over and turned off the engine. I looked around a bit lost and without any warning he leaned over me and pressed his lips against mine. He was gentle but I couldn’t say the same about me. I tilted my head and deepen the kiss trying to take my chance to own his plumb lips.

Our lips were moving in sync and I felt the atmosphere getting more and more heated but I lost my mind when his hand that firmly coped my face, moved down my waist and pulled me closer to him. I couldn’t help it and let out a soft moan.

-I’m sorry.- He said, breaking the kiss, trying to catch his breath. - I didn’t mean to disrespect you.

Disrespect me? I felt empty, I wanted his lips against mine and his hands holding me gently just as he did while we kissed.

-I let myself carried away. Sorry. - He muttered scratching the back of his neck and avoiding my glare. - You look particularly tempting tonight. What on earth are you doing to me?

My jaw dropped. I was fighting the urge to eating him out and I was doing something to him? That was hardly true. He was the one messing up with me, I scoffed just to think about it and he looked at me taken aback.

-Wait! Wait a second. Did you…like it? Do you want this? Do you want…to…to…

-You’re talking about having sex? - I asked in an impulse to save him the embarrassment of saying out loud, his eyes widened and his cheeks started blushing like I’ve never seen before.

-I was…it’s just…I…we don’t…not if…you’re not…not comfortable.

He wanted to be more intimate with me and even if the suggestion took me off guard, I wanted to do it as well, now more than ever, especially when I noticed that his entire and utterly sensual image was, well just an image and he was after all, my sweet, caring and shy boyfriend.

-Well, let’s have dinner first and we’ll see what happens next, ok? - I smiled at him, trying to hide my own excitement. He nodded mirroring my expression, grabbed my hand to leave a gently kiss on it and turned the engine on to drive away to whatever that night had for us.  

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I'm looking for a prom dress too, but I have to find one that's quite modest. Is it possible to find one that's still quirky and interesting? Thank you!

i can sure try! what do you think of these options?

lemonweddingdress: all KINDS of prom wear, including these modest ones

  • long lace cap-sleeved gown, shown in black but available in many colors
  • this purple lace one has a covered neck and chest but a slightly open back on top, so it’s pretty and elegant but not trashy
  • sweetheart floor-length colorblocked dress (custom colors available) - strapless but still fun and young
  • short yet covered-up ruched cocktail dress
  • and i can’t get over this reem acra-inspired cap-sleeved chiffon stunner

michyloudotcom: retro-style clothing and accessories

  • 50s rockabilly-style frock - available with a ton of customization - this would be flattering on a lot of body types, too
  • they also have a FAB hepburn-inspired cut dress - check it out

leelach: specializes in modest fashions

  • sleeved black dress with a funky gold print & attractive pleating
  • greek-inspired party dress with amazing glimmery shoulder accents

fitdesign: another formalwear behemoth

  • this short option features intricate lace overlays in front and back, plus a higher neckline and a cutout rear view
  • another shortie, but with FULL sleeves
  • elegant and feminine, the black lace on this one still adds some sexiness without looking too edgy and showing too much skin
  • this deep eggplant dress has a slight v in front and back, making it perfect for a statement necklace – or backlace!

and some more one-off options:

  • covered-up navy sequin dress with circle cut-out back
  • long-sleeved, draped & clingy wine-red gown
  • classy long evening gown with sheer covered v in front
  • long custom prom dress with sequined tee top and tulle skirt
  • hot yet demure lacy gown - maybe a color other than red would look sweeter and more modest?

are these kind of the style you were hoping for? if not, let me know so i can keep looking around for you!