without even showing too much skin

late night thoughts

pull her in close, kiss her, hug her, tell her you love her. even if she says it’s too hot to cuddle at that moment and later falls asleep during a show, wrap your arms around her pull her in and feel her skin pressed against yours. tell her you love her, kiss her and hold her, even if she fast asleep doesn’t do it back, still do it every single night. because you don’t know when you’ll no longer be able to touch her, hold her, kiss her, and tell her goodnight and you love her. don’t allow a second to past by without letting her know how much you love her asleep or not, you are still the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and I will continue to love you unconditionally until the day I die.

Supercorp-Marriage Marks

Tattoos and Kryptonians-Supercorp

Okay imagine that Lena and Kara have been dating for a few months now and Kara only recently told Lena that she’s Supergirl. Of course, Lena already knew about it because Kara is just too obvious about it and Lena is just too much of a genius not to know. Lena gets a small Supergirl tattoo one day(because LOVE AND DEDICATION AND some OTHER REASONS) and Kara notices it when she stops by L-Corp with some food for their usual lunch date. Lena’s just being so casual and showing off but Kara is a fumbling mess because traditionally, Kryptonians use markings to solidify a marriage bond between bondmates. Also even without a formal ceremony, having one’s house crest marked on the skin of a significant other is already binding enough to be considered a legal sort of elopement. Basically, Lena just ignorantly married them and Kara is internally freaking out on how to tell this to Lena.

7thsinner  asked:

May I have headcanons for the Main 4 + Asgore and Mettaton about having an S/O who's generally reserved and struggles to show affection?

same!!!! - M.M.


S’fine with him. If you’re not the touchy type, then he’s not the touching type. Not like it’s too much skin off his back. He doesn’t really need (or want) physical validation in your relationship–just being near you, being able to talk with you, that sort of thing, is fine for him.


He doesn’t really? Get it?? But then again, this is Papyrus “No Personal Bubble” the Skeleton. He usually just ends up dragging you into physically affectionate scenarios without even realizing it, though he does immediately let you go & apologize for it. He knows he’s probably not going to get any “showers of kisses” from you any time soon, but. At the very least, though…could you maybe…hold his hand…? Just for a little while??


She’s okay with it, at first. But after a while, she gets fed up. Listen punk!! She likes you a lot & she wants to hold your hand & kiss you & hug you & all that sappy, dumb stuff so you’ve gotta!! Just!!! Get over it!!!! It’s more or less a spur of the moment, “all of this was bottled up for a long time” type spiel she gives you, but after she finally cools down she really tries to find a middle ground with you. She doesn’t want to push your boundaries, but she does want to show some physical affection towards you.


O-Oh! That’s okay!! She…she kinda gets it?? Not that she’s really reserved herself, she’s just kind of anxious when it comes to that sort of thing. But now & then, despite the fact that she tells herself it’s okay that you don’t like touching or being touched, she’ll find herself really, really wanting to hold your hand.


Ah. That’s…a bit of a relief, really. He’s still so shy about actually touching others, that having someone who prefers their space gives him the time he needs to warm up to the idea, & when he does, he seriously talks it over with you. He wants to find a ground where you can both be comfortable with how far you can take things, little by little.


He’s a little dissapointed, really. He loves to touch you, throw his arm around your waist, wind his fingers in your hair, all sorts of stuff. He’s kind of similar to Papyrus in that he’ll just do it without realizing, but he usually won’t let you go until you ask him to. He kind of sees it like “getting you out of your comfort zone” but he knows what limits you have, & makes sure not to push them too far.