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SIGNAL BOOST; taelatte and jkookisdaddy are both reposting blogs. they repost gifs without credit and delete captions. Sometimes they repost gifs from different gifsets and compile them or even make a video out of it. 'credit to owner' is in their description which is utter bullshit to any content creator so please signal boost so every can blog those stupid blogs. (pretty sure that both are the same person too and both have very very explicit disgusting tags and captions about jk namjoon tae)



Anonymous said: Another incredibly rude and disrespectful Reposter. This blog has been reposting peoples /ENTIRE/ gifsets and sometimes compile different ones into a whole one. They knowingly stalk blogs to save their gifs. Please everyone report them and get your gifs taken down since some of them even have 4k notes (tagging the gifs as BTS smut lmfao) Some of them arent tagged but most are, go through this to see if yours jiminnieseyesmile*tumblr*com/tagged/BTS


please check if you have your gifs stolen by those accounts,block/report them and please refrain from reblogging posts that:

  • seem suspicious/the gifset seems uneven/is a complication of different gifs
  • the gif(s) has a different watermark compared to the course
  • videos that have no caption and do not state the rightful owner/credit

i haven’t seen any exclipt tags (maybe i didnt scroll enough) and i cant really “say anything” about that,as long as it’s theirpersonal blog etc and they do not try to bring bts’ attention to their blog.As for the tags,I know,they tag gifs as smutxmember because people frequently go though those tags and yeah…better campaign for ‘their’ gifs lol


April 25th, 1926: “Prince arrives today! Prince Naveen comes to the city!”


Art Nouveau Overwatch Girls (part 1)

by soy-bun.tumbr.com – Mercy, D.Va, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Mei inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s works!

Here’s (part 2)


Please do not repost/reedit artwork, use it for any reasons without permission, delete its captions, etc. Please, no art theft in anyway. Thank you!