without a source anyways (or a name at least)


Okay, dusting this old Tumblr off after forever, because it has recently come into my attention that someone’s reposted a photo of my work on Tumblr and it is currently spreading around. I…haven’t ever been in a situation like this, not really knowing how to react so I think the best I can do is give an explanation, so you can understand a few things before anyone rails me for putting furry art in an art gallery.

Firstly, TL;DR: I displayed this, my school and my class had no beef with it, even liked it, I have no shame and should not have shame, I am proud of my work, and HAVE SOME REPOSTING ETIQUETTE SERIOUSLY.

The school (NOVA) did not explicitly display this, I did. The school did NOT take this down for its content though. My Drawing 3 class teacher said that there would be an art showing in school and that it could be nice (as well as extra credit opportunities) for displaying your work. The two works I displayed for the gallery are here in this post, even though one mainly in attention was the first one. The only, ONLY time this particular image got taken down was simply because it had to be moved from one hallway to one in another building with all of the other work, and it fell underneath a bench in the process, where it was then taken back up to my classroom by the next session with only a note that it fell. Nothing that gave any idea that it was removed for its content.

The class of which this was originally given a CRITIQUE SESSION before I could even think of displaying it, had no problems with the content as well. They even actually enjoyed it. Even if the background is honestly complete trash (backgrounds, almost as much of a bane to me as hands.) So I had my class’s approval towards displaying this, as well as my teacher’s support and blessing.

I am a proud artist and cartoonist through and through. I have no shame for any of my artwork I do, and I have pride for my work. An art gallery is where you want to show off your best work, and those two were some of the best work I’ve done in a long while. That’s all that mattered to me, more than the content. I don’t care what the content of it happens to be, so long as I’ve worked my hardest as I can, I do not have any regrets for the work I have displayed nor for any work I display in the future. Something you should have feelings for about your own creations as well. TL;DR, yeah I have the self confidence to show my own work off. (Which I would love to thank my Drawing class for, you have helped me develop a lot in my confidence as an artist.)

Do not repost my artwork without sourcing back or asking for permission. One of my only main beefs with the guy who made that post is the lack of them communicating with me. In the art gallery I’m required to give my name, and my email. They were right there for you to talk to me about the art, that’s also the point of an art gallery. I’m willing to show my own work off in public and link its source to me. The least you can do is reciprocate. This should be common courtesy anyway. Always provide the source as well as have the permission to share.

I think I’ve pretty much explained things the best I can. I don’t know if I should have but I needed to do something. And maybe it’s just fatigue and the resulting nihilistic attitude from having gone through an all nighter, with no extra sleep to make up for it and a long day, but yeah I…still don’t know how to take this.

My two featured works are right there in the post so you can see in that sweet, sweet source quality. Much better than what a camera of it would give you. This, you may reblog, but maintain the message I’ve written for this particular one.

If you are interested in talking to me about my art, or even if I can work on something for you, feel free to email me at rikkitheblackfox@gmail.com !

(Honestly I dunno if I /can/ really offer commissions but I’ll be sure to feel really flattered about it and consider it! Who knows!)

Thanks for your reading and understanding.