In a folded letter
perfumed with
my favorite
    I wrote,
   “I do care.”

In a sealed

I hid
my letter
my favorite words.

And to the sea
my heart whispered,

“Let this bottle go where it belongs.”

___________________________the original

In a folded letter
perfumed with
my favorite

I hid
my three
favorite words

“I do care.”

Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Week: Day One- The first character you fell in love with

My first rune factory game was Rune Factory 2, and Rosalind was a pretty interesting character, and she had such a pretty design!

Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Week – Day 1

The first character you fell in love with

My first RF game was Rune Factory 3. When I first met everyone in the game, Pia was definitely among my favourites! I loved her design a lot, and her eccentric personality was really fun~ I loved interacting with her! She was really cute, aha~

Lena Headey to work with Dwayne Johnson

Los Angeles, Feb 10 ( IANS) “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey is set to be a part of Dwayne Johnson’s production “Fight with My Family”, a new comedy-drama film project inspired by WWE superstar Paige and her family.

The popular actor and former wrestler, who is also known as The Rock, will also make a cameo in the film. Headey will play Paige’s mother, Julia Hamer-Bevis, who is also a wrestler, reports variety.com.

Johnson announced the development via a series of tweets.

“Welcome the brilliant/badass Lena Headey and the often mistaken as my twin Nick Frost to our cast. Fighting With My Family,” he tweeted.

He also tweeted: “Thrilled to have Lena. Amazing actress. The real life matriarch she plays is as loving and tough as they come. Fighting WithMy Family”

The actress is currently busy filming the seventh season of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”, and fans can’t wait to see her as Cersei again. The show will return with with seventh season on Star World and Star World HD later this year.



No, you cannot heal
if healing means leaving me here
alone. I won’t allow it.

Stay close to me, hold
chaos’s hand. Tie your ship
to mine and
we’ll both
go down

No, please don’t heal, don’t
get better if better means
away from me. Don’t do it,
you should stay
and play with
my fire.

I started to heal once,
rehab for ghost hearts and
fragile bones, I patched myself up
with forgiveness and rope.

It came lose over time and the knots
were all frayed and life
undid the healing
I worked so hard for.
Time opens
all wounds.

So it’s better to not try,
accept there is no bandaid that will fix you, you like
your broken parts and
grinding gears, you can’t be
held together with sutures
or forgiveness or rope.

Don’t heal.
Don’t leave me here, broken.
Don’t make me fall in love
as you’re walking away.

can i just say that as a person who suffers from severe mental illnesses, i am so sick of being “tolerated” by society

i don’t want to be tolerated, i want to be loved and accepted and not treated as a problem people have to deal with

my illness does not make me less of a person or some task on your list of problems to solve

my illnesses are mine and not yours, they aren’t yours to complain about to your friends

i will own up to my shit but my illnesses are there and valid. please do not tolerate me. i want to be loved, not put up with.


LOL . naalala ko yung sinayaw ko , salin sa tugtuging yan :D