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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 7 Full Translation

I’m super late but here it is, it’s going to be another long read (12.5k words) since this part consists of two chapters.

Chapter 5

(page 208)

Soul Society - Kizokugai

“…No matter how many times I come here, I’ll never get used to walking around Kizokugai.”

In the eastern end of the 6th sector, Kizokugai is lined with mansions belonging to noblemen, high class ryōtei*, and establishments catering exclusively to nobles. (*Fancy, traditional Japanese restaurant.)

At the heart of Kizokugai, Hisagi releases a small sigh whilst heading towards the central block where commoners cannot enter unless they obtain formal permission or an invitation from a noble.

Responding to Hisagi, Hanatarō posed a question.

“You’ve come here a few times then?”

“That Ōmaeda guy invited me to dine with him, along with Abarai. After all, it’s impossible for me to come here to a ryōtei street alone on my salary.”

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Issues with an Asian-Inspired Fantasy World

   Hi, I am writing a story and I hope you could give me some feedback on the setting of my story takes place in. My story takes place in a fantasy world that consists of a large continent and within this large landmass lies four kingdoms, each in the same directions as a compass and in varying sizes, having their own culture, distinct language, and architecture. I was wondering, in your opinion, whether or not it is alright to have one race or ethnicity have control in one kingdom? There is mixing of cultures in the form of people from two different kingdoms coming together and having children of mixed nationalities, race, and ethnicities. 

   For example, in the north lies a kingdom that everyone has varying shades of dark skin and blue eyes, while in the south, lies a kingdom that 99% of its inhabitants have varying shades of red hair, pale skin, and fire colored eyes. Another example is that in the west lies a kingdom that everyone has different shades of brown hair and grey eyes while having a clearly Asian-influenced culture, such as using chopsticks, wearing Asian-inspired clothing, such as kimonos, changshans, Tangzhuangs, military uniform having Mandarin collars, their imperial palace having “slightly curved eaves that extended far beyond the walls”, etc. 

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this and write your feedback and opinion. 

I have problems with the Asian-influenced culture. Big ones.

Not exactly sure why the coloring of the inhabitants have brown hair and grey eyes–I feel like this would indicate to Asian readers with dark coloring/brown eyes that their coloring is undesirable/ugly.

The words “Asian-inspired” along with the clothing being kimono, changshans and Tangzhuangs indicate it’s a mishmash of China and Japan, and there are reasons why this is problematic, namely that those two countries have distinct cultures and also a long history. It’s going to look like you can’t tell them apart at best, and that you don’t care at worst. It smacks of cultural appropriation.

–mod Jess

Mandala of Jnanadakini. Tibet. 1300s.  

The central six-armed goddess, Jnanadakini, is surrounded by eight emanations of the devi that correspond to the colors of the mandala’s four directional quadrants. Four additional protective goddesses sit within the gateways. Surrounding the mandala are concentric circles that contain lotus petals, vajras, flames, and the eight great burial grounds. Additional dakinis and lamas occupy roundels in the corners. The upper register depicts lamas and mahasiddhas representing the Sakya school’s spiritual lineage. The lower register depicts protective deities and a monk who performs a consecration ritual. This tangka was likely part of a set of forty-two mandalas relating to ritual texts collectively known as the Vajravali or Vajramala.

I Told You So

“Hello lovely ! Sorry if this is pesty or anything but could you do an imagine where y/n is like a professional netballer or hockey player or something and Harry (boyfriend) goes to a game and she gets her leg broken by another player and such and you can imagine the rest yeah. Sorry again if this isn’t good you don’t have to do it. Love your work so much xx”

This was a lovely imagine to write, thank you for the request! x

“Good luck, Y/N!” Louis ruffled your hair as he, Niall, and Liam made their way to the stand.

“Thanks,” you replied, blushing slightly. “Do you guys know where Harry is?”

Niall replied with a nod of his head in the direction behind you and you turned on your heels to see Harry; donned in his Packers hoodie and a pair of dark skinny jeans, along with his trademark boots. He was carrying a few bottles of energy juice and was smirking - obviously, he always did before big games - as he approached.

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“Step One: Lower a group into the area by a lift to get the titans attention.

Step Two: When the titans come within range, the group fires in all four directions simultaneously blinding them.

Before the titans have time to recover, seven of us swoop down from the ceiling and strike their vital regions. That’s it, that’s the plan.”-Armin