One of the most artistic trailer, to promote a game.
Still gives me the chills.

“Love is the highest form of prayer. If prayer is the Empress of virtue, then the Christian loves God, because God is Love … Watch the world only through the prism of love so that all your problems disappear. Then you will see that the Kingdom of God is within you, that man is an icon, and earthly beauty is only a shadow of heavenly life. You might think that it is impossible to love your enemies, but remember that Christ said, ‘Whatever you did to the people you did it to Me’. Keep these words written in gold letters in your heart, keep it next to an icon and read it every day.”

~Father Alimpije Caves

(Art via google.ru)

The rational man must calculate his soul’s misdeeds against religion, reason, ethical virtues, and good moral conduct. He must gather this information within himself or write it down in a book and work at eradicating them.
—  Imam Ali (ع) [Bihaar Al-Anwaar, vol 75, p 7]