wither so ever they blow .

Sentence starters

Feel free to use these for fics, drabbles, roleplays, whatever. Credit would be nice if and when you use them, though.

“I’m pretty sure incessant beeping is never a good sign.”

“No, no, go ahead. I’m sure he’d love to know why you were trying to murder three orphans at ten o’clock in the morning.”

“Is it supposed to bend that way?” 

“But… Then how do you explain all the gay porn…”

“You know, there’s such a thing as bisexuality.”

“It was a depressed-looking little girl that did this to me, actually.” 

“There’s something under that dock, I just know it.” 

“This may be the angriest I’ve ever seen you.” 

“Okay, let’s not be rash here. Put down the alarm clock.”

“Why do you always feel compelled to stick your penis in everything you see?” 

“No, wait, it’s just spaghetti. Never mind, that’s even worse.” 

“Some hero you are! Come back here and pick up my cabbages!”

“It says so right here. Taking more than two will result in grisly death, lycanthropy, or development of a slight rash.” 

“He turned that squirrel into a killing machine overnight.”

“A hundred episodes a week? Your anime-binge game is weak.”

“Why is the dog chewing on a human femur?” 

“I can’t believe you actually fainted.”

“…have a cookie.”

“What does my being a masochist have to do with anything?!” 

“No, he literally can’t breathe, he has an allergy. For the love of God, don’t just stand there, help him already.” 

“Uh… could you maybe run the list of side effects by me again?” 

“The pentagram I can understand. The avocadoes I can understand. But… there’s a tiger in my apartment. Why.” 

“I think everyone can see it but you two.” 

“See, there’s this thing called acrophobia…” 

“You keep your peppy toads and bad feelings out of this.”

“I reject your science.” 

“What if we’re all actually just Jews in the Holocaust and this is some insane, brink-of-death-induced hallucination we’re having as we all slowly wither and die in the gas chambers?” 

“Jesus Christ, no more whiskey for you. Ever.”

“Are you going to pay for my ceiling or what?”

“What does it mean if it’s blinking though?”

“That looks suspiciously like a love potion.”

“Care to explain why you’re in my yard in your underwear at three am?" 

"Are we going to blow up this building or not?”

“I leave you alone for twenty minutes, and you go and find your soulmate. Fabulous.”

“…dude. The boy’s dormitories are like.. so far away holy shit how did you get here" 

“You don’t even know how to TAKE your free drugs!” 

“8-way polyamory might just be the only way for me to salvage myself.” 

“I consulted my dad once I got home. Beans is indeed tame.” 

“I practically live in perpetual nuclear winter. This shit is nothing.” 

“For all I care, they can shove TWO onions up their ass.”

“What do you mean, there’s another chapter?”

“I set some popcorn on fire and my glasses got slammed in a door and broke. It was great.” 

“I get the feeling that saying ‘it’s just a game’ won’t help at all.” 

“You know, I let you borrow my umbrella last night, and yet you show up completely soaked this morning. What’s with that?” 

“Jesus, you’re a fucking mess. Sit the hell down, I’m getting you some tea.” 

“Why is there a giant-ass fucking wolf in my bathroom?”

anonymous asked:

This is a weird request, but could you write Raph's POV when Leo fell asleep on him in that pre-PC Leo was mugged side-fic?

anon is talking about this prompt. and sure, why not ! :^)

Leo was a solid warmth against his side, folded under Raph’s arm like it was two years ago again – back when there wasn’t ugly contention always sitting between them like a sadistic stranger, back when Leo was happy to see him when he got home. 

Raph felt it when Leo went heavy, loose-limbed in sleep. It was the exhausted kind, the blackout, restless kind, and Raph wished he could thumb those deep circles under Leo’s eyes away. Wished the torn skin and bruises could be peeled off his face like stickers.

“This isn’t working,” Donnie murmured, sotto voce. “He doesn’t owe us this.”

It felt unreal, to be talking so plainly about him with Leo’s head on his shoulder, and Mikey listening, watching them all with grave blue eyes. Don didn’t give ground, though. Looked right through Raph’s closed expression like he’d drag the unwanted conversation out of his head by force if that’s what it took.

“This isn’t working,” he said again, with iron buried in the softness of his tone. “Raph, he can’t do this by himself.”

He’s been doing fine so far, a mean part of Raph’s heart supplied, but Raph knew it for a lie. He was doing better than Raph would have done in Leo’s shoes, but that wasn’t saying a lot.  

Untouched by their tragedy, Leo had strode forward. Gathering up the scant little they had, depleting the savings account sensei had started for them, finding an apartment listing on Craigslist posted by a landlord who didn’t care who was moving in, as long as they had first month’s rent and a security deposit paid up front, in cash. Swallowing his pride and asking Mr. O’Neil for help setting up the utilities. Taking Mikey to Goodwill and letting him pick out cheap, secondhand furniture and kitchen appliances like it was a treat, so the kid wouldn’t have to think about how much they had left behind again, how much they would be without again. Letting Donnie budget, listening attentively and nodding in all the right places as he did his best to be helpful. 

Putting a schedule on the yellowed fridge, “this is where I’ll be working, here are the numbers where you can reach me when I’m gone.” Raph pointing out, cruelly, that the schedule was impossible with school starting again in a few weeks, and Leo looking at Raph without looking at him at all, announcing quietly that he wasn’t going back in the fall with the rest of them. not to worry, he’d take care of things.

Leo, who had done so well in all of his classes, smarter than he ever got credit for next to Donnie. He really got to shine when he could stand alone, when he didn’t have an entourage of little brothers to mother and protect. But it was so easy for him to let that go, to pick up shitty work in shitty parts of town so they wouldn’t starve or go without heat, so they’d have a place that could be home. 

All of them raw and tender with grief, still reeling drunkenly through the motions of this brand new life without their father, any push felt like a blow; but Leo just moved forward without ever faltering, bowing gently with their sorrow but never breaking under his own. 

Raph had hated him for that. Hated him for being okay, for being so strong and doing so much when Raph couldn’t do anything. 

And then he came home on a limp, shirt torn, lip cut and bleeding, and oh, god, it wasn’t hatred at all. Not at all. Leo stood tall when Raph approached him, but his eyes withered as he braced himself for another battle, when he couldn’t shelter from him behind little Mikey, who could cradle the world in his hands if he were as big as all his love, when Raph stopped right in front of him and gave him nowhere else to look. 

“I’m okay,” he’d said, but there was a fracture in his voice that nearly took Raphael apart. He was bleak and pale, all used up, so impossibly tired. Standing in this home he had carved out for them like it wasn’t as much his as theirs, ready to absorb another blow from his hateful little brother, ready to take another helping of Raph’s pain on top of his own – and not knowing what to do, when Raph took his face gently in both hands. 

Leo, who had never been okay. Who had never been untouched. Who had lost mother, and now father, and was beginning to lose himself, a little bit, too. Who stared at Raph like he was seeing him clearly for the first time in months, when Raph touched him without meaning to hurt him.  

I don’t hate you, Raph wanted to tell him. I was miserable and mean to you, but I don’t hate you. 

Instead he pulled Leo closer, his arm a shield – let anyone get to Leo now, let anyone try – and said quietly, “He’s not by himself, Donnie. Not anymore.”