I’ve been feeling really frustrated with the lack of pansexual categories in queer book lists, so I’m going to make my own list of books with pansexual characters to share with y'all, because I know I’m not the only frustrated one. I have a few so far, but if y'all know any, please let me know! any genre is fine!

I’m looking for books with

  • characters who are canonically pansexual, either stated in the book or by the author elsewhere. an example of this is basically when the word pansexual is actually used.
  • characters who are strongly hinted at being or implied to be pansexual. an example of this is when a character says that they just like people or gender doesn’t matter (in regard to their attraction), something along those lines.

I know there are books with pansexual characters, they’re out there, they exist. we just have to do a bit of digging to find them. and apparently no one else is willing to help out pansexual people looking for book rep, so I’m taking it upon myself to do the job (with, hopefully, a little bit of help from y'all).

okay, I’m gonna end this here before I start ranting about how shitty it is for someone to compile a list of “queer books” that only has lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender books, because there are so many other identities that are included in “queer”, and they were just not even mentioned a single time in the entire post, so, why specifically entitle a post as “queer”, when "lgbt" more accurately describes the post?

Modified 30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge

Co-written with @mattsunmakki, now gif/gfx maker friendly!

  1. Favorite character
  2. Character first fell in love with
  3. Character gradually warmed up to
  4. Favorite karasuno ship
  5. Favorite episode/chapter
  6. Favorite team
  7. Favorite position
  8. Favorite wing spiker
  9. Favorite middle blocker
  10. Favorite libero
  11. Favorite setter
  12. Favorite captain
  13. Favorite manager
  14. Favorite match
  15. Favorite non-match scene
  16. Favorite arc
  17. Favorite underrated character
  18. Favorite character development
  19. Favorite non-player
  20. Favorite friendship(s)
  21. Favorite pairing(s)
  22. Favorite rare pair
  23. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd years
  24. Girls
  25. Most relatable
  26. Most like to be friends with
  27. Most heartbreaking moment
  28. Most heartwarming moment
  29. Stage play day
  30. Your choice

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Hey y’all! I got bored and made a challenge meme thing! 

@dcchallenge52 is meant to be a creative fan challenge! The themes were written art and edits in mind, but if you’d like to use them for writing, fanmixes, or something else, please feel free to do so! This challenge is meant to be done over the course of a year, one theme per week (coincidentally there are 52 weeks in a year!)

@damiwayn and I will be running the blog (@dcchallenge52​) and we’ll be posting one theme/challenge per week starting in the new year! We’ll also be tracking the tag #dcchallenge52, so if you use that tag in the first 5 tags, we’ll reblog it to the blog! If you want to see what the challenges will be in advance, you can go here, or check under the cut!

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