withbalerion replied to your post: I hoped the whole Diva Legolas/Buzzfeed deal was…

Why do not you like it?

I got rudely bashed in the comment section. There was only negativity and the fact that I didn’t want the article in the first place and that I can’t defend myself is stressing. 

I don’t even dare check the article anymore. I just imagine people pointing the finger at me and laughing at my idiocy and hating on me for ruining Tolkien’s works. 

withbalerion said: I do not think money makes a big difference, PSG and Monaco are billionaires, but PSG did not was far in the Champions League.

if you dont think money is a big thing, look at the past few champions league winners, bayern buys all the players in the german league (recently $48 million for gotze, buying lewandowski who they plan on paying $11 million a season). Chelsea, do I even need to mention the money they spend? and Barca, it isn’t cheap to keep the 4 time ballon d'or winner on your squad, neymar cost $80+ million and not to mention he is a young player who had never played in europe.

 Qatar only took charge of PSG in 2011, and they’ve been in the past two champions league seasons, and did pretty well this season, and Monaco were bought by a russian billionaire in december 2011, and at that time they were at the bottom of the second division. 3 ish years later, they are second on the ligue 1 table.