why pippa soo is an actual cinnamon roll

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  • left ham for amelie
  • can count to 10 in french, will help her in her next role
  • the cutest freckles
  • SMOL
  • loves emojis
  • weirded out by facebook live
  • basically raised to be a star
  • cheekbones r goals
  • gardens
  • rides bike in nyc
  • ???? so eco friendly
  • groff is officiating her wedding 
  • won a grammy 
  • eyeliner always looks a+
  • has pretty hair


The Schuyler Sisters

  • walks onstage dragging peggy
  • cringe bc peggy 

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  • excited for the revolution
  • supports tf out of angelica
  • rushing around the stage and being cute
  • doesn’t like burr
  • starts act 1 as a happy cinnamon roll


  • i thought she was singing what do i do instead of i do in the recording until i saw lins annotations on genius
  • not dancing with anyone bbut angelica
  • basically stays on the right side of the stage
  • actually hates angelica for wanting a harem
  • does a cute dance with her skirt and high fives her girls
  • looks like a lil nervous kid witha crush when ham makes his little speech
  • puts hams letters in a box so she can burn the later lol
  • actually looks adorable in her eliza veil

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  • starts out with her toast and they’re like stuffed in the corner ok
  • her rewinding part is so cool
  • pip’s part is really cool like not as renees but yo
  • the way she goes into kissing him in the toast is cool
  • rhis song is just really great idk

That Would Be Enough

  • sad song prepare yaself
  • pregnancy dress yo its cool
  • excite eliza
  • unapologetically excited to be a mom but also her husband is annoying
  • literally imagine pippa as a mom she’d be so great
  • shes so cute she sounds great in this
  • “let me be a part of the narrative” oh sis
  • ok on another note i hate hearing the notes from its quiet uptown bc foreshadowing

i’m not gonna talk about what she does in the laurens interlude but it makes me wanna die because my heart crumples thx pippa and anthony YALL R THE WORST

Act Two


  • literally just wants her husband to chill and settle down

Take a Break

  • honestly i feel offended when she counts with anthony
  • she looks so mad i love her
  • also mad at her husband
  • i wish my mom could beatbox like pippa
  • ok but if thomas jefferson can chill in france for like 80 years why csn’t alexander spend like 2 seconds with his fam
  • her scream when she sees angelica and hugs her aw
  • acting like she loves alex but irl wants to choke him me 2

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Schuyler Defeated

  • i like how pippa looks concerned and anthony literally looks like he could kill someone
  • also looks concerned because her husband is reckless and could kill someone


  • literally not even a break up anthem its a divorce anthen
  • sorry i hate myself for that
  • looks so broken
  • sounds like she might cry but would probably kill a man before crying
  • i honestly love this song so much because pip is so amazing 10/10
  • literally pippa’s face in this song makes me tear up this song makes me tear up
  • now she isn’t a part of the narrative ok ow
  • one time i burned a tag from some shirt and didn’t think of how to put it out and i didn’t want to get up and i blew on it life was scary and my room smelled like burnt paper
  • this song is so powerful i will never be the same after hearing this like it shook me

Stay Alive

  • hearing the opening notes makes me tear up
  • also screw you for changing the melody
  • now is not the time to count ma
  • her scream is so gut wrenching
  • would make a frat boy cry if burn didn’t already

It’s Quiet Uptown

  • she looks so dead honestly her face is stone cold
  • ouch
  • i hate everything about act 2 oh my god


Best of Wives and Best of Women

  • this song mkaes my heart hurt a lot
  • i like how sleepy she sounds
  • “i have an early meeting out of town” everything is legal in new jersey
  • “why do you write like you’re running out of town” leave a note for your next of kin
  • its cute but ow
  • “i’ll be back before you know i’m gone” 
  • “this meetings at dawn” duel b4 the sun is in the sky
  • her little smile when he kisses her hand breaks my heart

burr couldn’t let ham make his daughter an orphan but he made his wife a widow and his kids fatherless

Who Lives Who Dies

  • eliza
  • the fact that she made something of herself after he died and went on to do amazing things omg
  • i’m not crying you’re crying
  • she did so much i can’t handle myself
  • she told the stories of soldiers
  • she made sense of his damn writing
  • she got help from angelica aw
  • she stands so strong and chris just backs away when she mentions slavery i’m sobbing now
  • the orphanage
  • the way pippa acts during this song is so powerful like her mannerisms ow
  • lmm will tell your story
  • i spoke too soon i forgot the gasp boy am i crying 

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this has been fun guys 

literally pippa is the cutest cinnamon roll (see the deleted john adams rap) and like she looks great 500% of the time and shes always rlly happy (unless she’s leaving the show bc this was sad)

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hi vicky :) sometimes i drop by as an anon, and tell you that you blog is awesome ♡ this is the first time i say that not as an anon :) i'd continue to say this as anon but you removed it so i wanted to say it anyway :) i really like your edits and i hope one day i'll be able to make things as perfect as yours :) i really loved jongin in all black and the last movie posters ♡ please continue to make awesome things :) i'm sorry if you bother you :)

Thank you ;_;


This is a prequel to a Happy letter @crimsonheart01 wrote for me. I hope everyone enjoys!

It’s amazing how you can meet people that you don’t think they would be a part of your life. I never thought I would meet the Sons, let alone become an old lady for one. I don’t think anyone would have thought a nerdy fangirl that can’t stop reading or writing would have become associated with the Club, but I did while also accidentally peaking the Tacoma Killer’s interest. I first met him when it was the Grand Reopening of Charming’s bookstore with me as the new owner. I was a family friend of the original owners and their kids didn’t want to stay so I made a deal. I could have gone on to other and possibly better things with my brains, seeing as I graduated high school at fifteen, but I was getting bored with school and how easy it was. I had already graduated college at twenty-one witha degree in psychology and wanted to watch people with my new knowledge.

I was surprised at the big crowd that day, but forever grateful. Everyone said I did a great job with remodeling the place and picking employees that were super helpful.
It was the afternoon and the crowd didn’t look like it was going to get any smaller when we all heard the bikes pull up. Some smiled fondly at the sound, some turned up their noses. My employees were quick to get everyone’s attention back to the books as I kept a straight back to make my five foot stature seem taller. I kept my bright smile on as the leather clad men walked through the door.

“Hello! How can I help you?” I greet. The leader with a full head of white hair stepped up with a smile that made me think of a snake. There were four other men with him; a blonde with some swagger, a crazy haired man with matching blue eyes, a scarred man, and a beautiful bald man with tattoos everywhere.

“We’re looking for the new owner,” he answers. I give a little wave.

“That would be me!“ I answer. They all give a skeptical look. I’ll admit, a white beanie over oak brown unkept hip length hair, a Doctor Who t-shirt that isn’t very form fitting, flared jeans, blue converse, fifty styled glasses over almond shaped deep purple eyes, and random bracelets half way up both arms isn’t very impressive for a business owner, but wearing a leather vest all the time isn’t either.

"Ain’t you a bit young?” Crazy eyes asks. I shrug.

“It’s the price of being short and having an ethnicity that generally ages well. What can I do for ya?” I kept my focus on White Hair the best I could as he tried to offer protection for my business with cash payment in return, but I kept looking at tattoo guy from the corner of my eye. His face seemed to be in a permanent scowl, but it wasn’t hard to see what he was thinking through his dark eyes. They would get a little darker when an attractive woman passed by, sharpen in suspicion when a man passed by, and soften at children.

“Well that’s a nice offer and all, but I’m not completely convinced I need your protection. What are you willing to do to convince me?” All of the men smirked and I inwardly rolled my eyes, “Other than vague threats of wrecking my store and precious books. Don’t be that cliche.” They all look taken aback and it’s my turn to smirk. The blonde seems to figure out I have a plan.

“What do ya want?” He asks. I hold up three fingers.

“First, you’ll have three chances to answer a riddle. I’ll even give you a hint, I’m wearing the answer.
"Second, all of you have a week to go to the Pottermore website and discover what Hogwarts house you’re in. Print the screen as proof. Google Harry Potter for more information.
"Third, tall dark and handsome over there has to spend an afternoon with me and answer honestly my questions with detail. No, my questions will not be about your club. I, like the rest of this town, have my speculations, but don’t particularly care either.
"Yes, all three have to be met.” They all look at me with astounded faces, Tattoo Man in particular. They silently huddle to discuss quietly. I patiently wait until they turn back around. They reluctantly agree and we shake hands.

“Okay, here’s your riddle! What are three things that cannot long be hidden?” They all look stumped. I let them know they didn’t have to answer right away and gave the day of when Tattoo Man, whom was introduced as Happy, would have to spend an afternoon with me. I had taken way too much enjoyment out of this, but I didn’t care.

Mine and Happy’s unofficial date was funny (to me) at first, because I could tell from his eyes how uncomfortable he was. So I stuck to very basic questions as we got ice cream first.

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Black, I guess.”

“Favorite movie?”

“Anything with guts.”

“How old were you when you joined the club?”


“Favorite book?”

“Don’t read much, but horror.”

“Favorite show?”

“Tom and Jerry.” When I got him a little more comfortable I let him ask me questions until we were both asking each other why? Why did we like what we like? We walked around town, just asking questions until nightfall. His phone was rang at that point. We were at the park, so I went to the swings to give him some privacey. He came over to me when he finished his phone call.

"Gotta go,” was all he said. I stopped pumping my legs and used my feet as brakes to be at a complete stop. I gave him a big smile and stood up.

“Mmmkay!” I answered. He nodded to our vehicles across the street. I kissed him on the cheek once he was on his bike, making him freeze completely. I hopped into my car before he could do anything and left.

I got everything I requested at the end of the week, granted I knew with the riddle they googled it, Happy admitted it to me.

Happy would always ride by when he visited to see his mother. He had scared off a group teenagers that were causing me trouble by just stopping in front of the store and reving his engine.
One day as he was doing club business at the liquor store across the street from my bookstore, I was leaning against his bike. I had to hold back the laughter at everyone’s surprised faces. I knew their reactions were from seeing me waiting with the bikes and my outfit of a mid thigh black flowing skirt, black tank top styled as Darth Vader’s suite, black and grey high top converse, and black lace flowing cardigan. I never show this much of my body when they’ve seen me before; always jeans and loose t-shirt. Happy walked up to me and gave me a nod. I stood up straight and handed him one of Stephen Kings collection of short horror stories.

“The Reaper’s Image is the best one,” is all I say with a flirtatious smirk and walk away to get back to my store. I put my phone number on that story with a smiley face. One of my questions was if I could see more of his tattoos and he took his shirt off, letting me see the rest of the works of art and cluster of smiley faces. After only an hour he called.

He was honest from the beginning that he didn’t do relationships, but I was patient and understanding. I didn’t really care if we became exclusive either way, I just enjoyed his company (and to be honest his dick, too). We were friends with benefiets for almost three months, but it gave me the “Friends with the Club” status, and a reduction on my securoty payments.

He made the decision for us to be together (after seeing a customer hit on me relentlessly). There had to be something wrong with me to find it so hot that he was threatneing a man while showing off his smiley facde tattoos. Once the guy ran off I dragged Happy to the back room with boxes of books. I had a couch back there and pushed him down onto it. I thanked whatever higher being that was into wearing dresses and skirts lately.

He said he had no clue how to be a boyfriend. I helped him learn while he helped me accept the club. We were doing so good the first couple of years! I understood the club came first, and I loved everyone! Well I was iffy about Gemma and Clay, but I always stayed nice. Gemma was impartial to me, but since I never stirred shit up she never bothered too much with me. I made sure to keep my own life so I wasn’t revolving myself around Happy and the club, but I would still be there when he visited, and than when he came back from runs after becoming part of the Redwood Charter.

Our first year of living together went so good, both of us making time for each other but also giving space. But over the past few months he’s been so distant. I know the club’s business has been busy, I made sure to be there for him, but when it started to go calm down he still wasn’t home as much. It seemed like he would just eat, fuck me, sleep, and leave. I would suggest us doing something, but he would say he’s too tired. But on the weekends he would always go to the parties or doing something with the club that didn’t have anything to do with club business. Don’t get me wrong, I would go to the parties and make sure th croweater’s knew he was mine, but wanted more than that, like how we used to be. I was starting to get so lonely and my friends were all busy with their own lives that I could only spend time with them once a month. I had tried talking to Hap about it, but he said I was just over reacting and needed to find more things to do.
And than Pokemon Go happened. I said fuck it and threw myself into it. I would still have dinner ready when it was my turn to cook, but I was almost always walking around town and the neighborhood playing. I didn’t think Happy would care since he’s barely around, but than I found a letter on my phone one morning. I don’t know how many times i read it, but i felt…relieved. Happy has never been good with communcation, most of the time I could tell what’s in his head. but this is the most he’s ever shown this much vulnerabiity, even more than the first time he took me to see Momma Lowman. I also felt bad that I was accidentally treating him the way he was treating me, so I made a list of things to do for us fix our little bump, and wrote him a response. Hopefully it all goes over well…


I did the best that I could, but hopefully this was enjoyable!


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So many whiskers! 

The one on the left there is one of my normal catfish, the one on the right witha derpy looking face is for a trade! He’s also way bigger than usual. There’s only one more bit to do, and that’s put on the second D-ring. 

Other than being this huge catfish-tadpole-eel fish thing, he functions the same as the other fishes, however he has a bit more belly room since he’s bigger! Usually they’re about 15 or so inches, depending on their tails, this guy seems near a solid 20+ inches.