My birthday morning started out with a ‘fearless’ challenge. It was my turn to teach at the lululemon in Westport. It was was fabulous. I was nervous when they told me to pick out a shirt because they don’t carry my size. surprisingly i found a very loose tank top that fit over my boobs. This birthday really is turning to be the best birthday I’ve had in a long time. So many amazing peeps from @bendyoga showed up ( thank you and much love to Yell, Jean, Debbie, Emily, Martha and Laura). I really felt the love today, actually this whole month. I look forward to my new year. Thank you mommy for letting me enter into this world. #birthdaymonth #with_luvey #yogaoffthemat #lululemon #love

My mala beads broke. The ones I’ve received from my Kripalu teachers, my first ever…I’m not as upset as I would normally be. Saddened, yes. I looked up the meaning of mala beads breaking, and it fits- the intentions have changed. And I am in a different emotional place than I was when I received my mala beads. Before I noticed that they were broken, I had a good day. Spent it mostly at the studio getting my schedule in order, good class, then Thai food dinner with Yell, and then the most amazing ice cream with a beachfront view. I can’t hold onto that sadness of the mala breaking, I am indeed in a different place, with different intentions, and I am a different teacher since I first received those beads. I will place them in a special box with the dried rose petals, chickpea, and other sentimental bits from my yoga teacher training graduation. I wonder what new mala will enter my life now. I’ve been drawn towards grounding stones lately, but I also know I need more self love. #malabeads #crystals #selflove #with_luvey #yogaoffthemat

Day 2: a quick lunch to fill my belly after class. A mostly pickled veggie salad with lettuce and kidney beans with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. What made the sandwich even more flavorful, was using a tiny bit of this garlic chili paste. So good! #with_luvey #foodgram #lunch #vegetarian #30daychallenge

Day 1: Birthday month is over and begins a year of pushing myself out of comfort zones or rediscovering old loves/passions. For September I plan to have a vegetarian diet for 30 days. One of my lovely peeps gave me Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian for my birthday. So expect quite a few food posts as the month continues. #30daychallenge #with_luvey #vegetarian #foodgram #vsco #vscogram


It was a bit windy and choppy out, much power to these two! #paddleboard #sup #connecticut #with_luvey #summer