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MM April Fools DLC Chat room/Call log

Here are the chatroom times and call log for the Mystic Messenger April Fools DLC when I played :) I might have missed some calls.

Call after the chat room

Chat room: 0:00 “Today is…”
Incoming: 707
Outgoing: Jumin, Zen, Yoosung 

 3:29 “Zen’s Birthday" 
Incoming: Yoosung 
Outgoing: None 

7:07 “Can’t leave!
Incoming: Zen 
Outgoing: None 

 10:26 “707, the cardboard ambassador" 
Incoming: None 
Outgoing: Jaehee

12:31 "This is all a dream" 
Incoming: Zen 
Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

14:06 / 2:06 “Cardboard 707 and cat owner”
Incoming: Jaehee
Outgoing: Jumin, Jaehee

16:21 / 4:21 “Suspicious Jumin”
Incoming: None
Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

18:13 / 6:13 “Travelling anarchist”
Incoming: Jumin
Outgoing: Zen, Jaehee

19:47 / 7:47 “Banned plaster bust”
Incoming: Zen
Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

Good Ending

21:19 / 9:19 “Messenger under maintenance”
No one picks up

23:50 / 11:50 “Prep birthday party”
No one picks up

  • Junkrat: We can’t just wait in here and wait for a rescue. We have to break out.
  • Roadhog: Don’t do anything rash. Escape attempts are often seen as admissions of guilt.
  • Junkrat: Yeah? I prefer to think of them as forceful expression of innocence.
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anonymous asked:

Yoosung, Jumin, and the twins w/ an MC that loves to dance. Especially with them.


  • a blushy!
  • when he sees MC having fun and dancing in the living room when a song comes on the TV his eyes sparkle
  • he always squeaks when MC takes his hand and pulls him into a dance
  • he’s always a bit reserved- even at home- and a bit nervous
  • but after a good two or three songs he loosens up a bit
  • it’s also a good way to stretch after hours of sitting down in front of a computer so double win
  • when MC dances to a song he likes he’s going to be 50% more flustered but will dance with 200% more fun


  • he’s a bit of a stiff dancer with modern music on usual days
  • not because he’s shy or anything
  • after all, he knows the guards who might see him dancing won’t peep and that MC won’t make fun of him
  • but he just seems to be a bit stiff?
  • but somedays he’s real flowy
  • especially when MC sings along to the song
  • he doesn’t dance as frequently as MC would like him to- sadly, his work means coming home tired some days and MC has no heart to drag him out of the couch 
  • but then after a glass of wine he comes back to life 
  • one in a while, he’ll play an orchestral piece to dance fancy with MC, not because he wants to look all uppity, but because he adores being so close and in sync with MC


  • MC and him have a deal where MC puts on a song, then him, then MC, then him, and so on
  • he tends to do the macarena dance for every song
  • he laughs a lot, MC laughs a lot
  • tries crazy moves just to see MC’s reaction
  • sometimes acts as if he were the host of a dance show and narrates all of MC’s movements as they dance
  • once he moved his head so fast he almost pulled a muscle on his neck and sent his glasses flying halfway across the room


  • at first he’s very much a stubborn pup
  • “I Will Not Dance Even If The Beat Is Funky”
  • tbh he’s just sorta scared he’ll suck? and MC will be disappointed?
  • but slowly, he starts trying it
  • maybe… 
  • MC is shocked one day when they put on the music and Saeran stands up next to them
  • he’s looking down and moving his shoulders a bit
  • MC takes his hands and starts dancing- and he blushes but copies MC’s movements