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what annoys me the most is that aria literally NEVER have had any big storyline that wasn’t connected to a guy. it always leads back to one. (i mean it looks like she has one now but wow it’s not like it took seven season or something like that)

and ezria isn’t cute. i don’t care if it’s fiction, the whole ship is disgusting. 

besides, when has ezra and aria ever had a stable relationship? what is their relationship even based on? because it sure as hell isn’t trust.

the fact that they’re going to get married is so wrong on so many levels. they’ve had more problems than happy moments and yet we’re supposed to believe their love can overcome anything? ew

who even is independent Aria Montgomery? who is Aria when she isn’t pinning after a boy or is having love issues? 

why can’t aria just get a chance to figure out her life on her own without a guy why can’t she just be single for more than 5 minutes

So we just gon sit here and pretend that the puzzle piece just “magically” appeared in Emily’s faculty mailbox after she went off on Addison???

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