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true story: I tried to create jiyong on sims and somehow accidentally made choi seunghyun and I’m still laughing about it  


Seunghyun is elated you finally noticed him and took an interest in him, because now he has an excuse to talk to you. About that, though. He’d talk to you about anything, but he’d speak quickly and nervously and you’d definitely be able to pick up on that. He’d try to find things you have in common (maybe you, too, are a chair collector?) so that you wouldn’t lose interest in him, because honestly, he’d worry about that a lot. 


You suddenly taking an interest in him would make Jiyong really flustered. Like TOP, he’d love it if you two had things in common, like a mutual love of music or fashion that you could talk about, but I think he’d also really love it if you were complete opposites so he could have fun learning more about you. He’d definitely make an effort to start conversations with you more often, but would be thrown off by how you made him blush quite often


Youngbae would gain 10x more confidence in approaching you now that he sees you’re interested. He’d start up conversations with you about whatever was on his mind and would probably tease you if you said or did something he thought was cute/funny. He’d compliment you a lot without letting it get overbearing, but if you complimented him, his cool composure would break and he’d get all smiley and flustered 


Daesung, too, would be elated. He’d make it his personal mission to get you to laugh as often as possible. When he got home after talking to you for some time, he’d probably do a celebratory dance in his living room (ok, but am I wrong? no). I have to add that he’d be really obvious about how happy he was that you were interacting with you more and the rest of the members would not let him live, so I think they would all probably tease you two


a/n: I just laughed for five minutes at youngbae lurkin in this gif

Seunghyun #2 would suddenly want to talk to you every chance he got. He’d invite you out for coffee, dinner, whatever, at least twice a week but would play it off if you asked if it was a date. He’d also try to subtly brag about all his accomplishments: solo albums, clubs, ramen shops, dance school, etc to try and impress you. He’d definitely tease you about anything he could. If you play your cards right, though, you could make him really flustered and blushy. It’s possible, I swear, just tease him right back when he least expects it


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