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“If you’re lucky, your life will be 60 percent happy. There are too many complications for anyone to get to 100 percent. But if you’ve got love, then sometimes it feels like 100 percent happiness, and that’s a wonderful thing.” 

― Red Nose Day Actually (2017)

  • [playing spin the bottle]
  • Cheryl: Okay, Veronica, it's your turn to spin.
  • Veronica: *very drunk* Haha, okay, fine. I'll kiss Betty.
  • Cheryl: Veronica, you're supposed to spin the bottle first.
  • Veronica: I can't believe it's Betty again, fourth time tonight...
  • Cheryl: Veronica, the bottle...
  • Veronica: Haha, me and Betty.
  • Cheryl: Veronica...
  • Veronica: *moves bottle and points it at Betty*
  • Cheryl:
  • Veronica:
  • Cheryl:
  • Veronica: Betty.
  • Betty: Are you fucking kidding me?
  • Betty: *has three hickeys, is already halfway onto Veronica's lap, plans on using tongue*
  • Archie: What's a mob to a king.
  • Veronica: What's a king to a God.
  • Betty: What's a god to a non believer.
  • Josie: What's a non believer to a poisonous dart frog.
  • Cheryl: what’s a poisonous dart frog to a second poisonous dart frog.
  • Jughead: A friend.

Riverdale x text posts pt.2 !!

i might or might not make a part 3,, lemme know if yall want one ;’)