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Black Aces Tactical Pro Series 5 DT

Pump action firearm chambered in 12 gauge, it would generally be considered a shotgun but not in this case. Using the ATF’s own legal definitions to make this sort of loophole firearm, the Pro Series 5 DT is NOT an SBS or AOW. The ATF has classified it as a “pistol grip firearm”. When you purchase one of these from Black Aces they will include a copy of the ATF paperwork that states the legality and classification. (GRH)


The first pump action shotgun, the Spencer Model 1882

Who invented the first pump action shotgun? The standard answer of course is our lord and savior John Moses Browning with his Winchester Model 1893 and improved Model 1897. However decades before gunmakers had experimented with pump action designs. Perhaps the first practical was a pump shotgun called the Spencer Model 1882, invented by Christopher Spencer, famous for the Spencer repeating rifle. After Spencer invented the Spencer repeating rifle, he made a nice living inventing various tools and machines such as a new type of sewing machine, a lathe, a steam carriage, and drop forged hand tools.  In the 1870’s he was partner with Sylvester H. Roper to produce the Roper Revolving Shotgun, a design which was ingenious but a commercial failure.

In 1882 Spencer formed his own company called the Spencer Repeating Arms Co. located in Amherst, Massachusetts.  It was there that he invented a new type of shotgun, a shotgun using a slide mechanism which loaded shells from a tubular magazine.  Called the Spencer Model 1882 it is famous for being the first successful pump action shotgun in the world and the first commercially successful repeating shotgun design.  Chambered in 12 gauge (with some 10 gauges being produced), the Spencer 1882 held five rounds in a tubular magazine beneath the barrel.  By working the pump action a breechblock dropped which removed a shell from the magazine, then simultaneously ejecting an empty shell from the top while chambering the fresh shell. The tubular magazine was loaded through the open action.

Unlike the Roper design, the Spencer 1882 became the most popular model of repeating shotgun during the 1880′s. It’s popularity would only wane with the invention of the M1893 and 1897 by John Browning. Eventually, successive models of pump action shotguns would replace the double barrel as the shotgun of choice.  Even today the pump action shotgun is the most popular form of shotgun among hunters, police, military, and sport shooters.  The Spencer 1882 was manufactured by Spencer from 1882 to 1890.  In 1890, Christopher Spencer sold his company to Francis Bannerman, who continued to produce the design until 1907.