So I’m a big fan of Spooky Altean thoughts and here’s a thing that just occurred to me:

The mermaid planet basically confirms in VLD’s verse that creatures from human mythology actually exist and are out there, just, they’re aliens.

So let’s look at Alteans a moment.

They’re very similar to humans, physically- albeit they average smaller than us. They’re very long-lived, have pointed ears, and the ones we’ve seen are all very pretty- like basically all it took was Coran with a ponytail and half the fandom was charmed by him.

They also have significant magical power and are described as a highly diplomatic species.

Proposed theory: Alteans are the Fair Folk. They chilled out significantly in the process of becoming a spacefaring empire but truth, bargain, and agreements are still very important to them.

The plot in the comic with Coran’s fake hostage situation involved a deal with very steep interest rates- which is classic fae lore. Usually it’s the normal person indebted to the fair folk but there’s also stories of people outfoxing or capturing a fairy and getting massive riches out of it.

Consider how all Alteans, seemingly, can make themselves look almost like any other species they want to- but always come across just a little bit off.

Consider how Haggar is received by the empire. There’s this interesting thing about who uses Haggar’s name, and who doesn’t. With the exception of Zarkon and the Druids, most of the empire refers to Haggar obliquely as “the witch.” And it’s very likely “Haggar” is not her original name at all. When she’s trying to flush out the spy in high command, it gives some context to why the main empire is so scared of her, and her druids. 

With Haggar in particular I think about how there’s lore around the fair folk that depicts them as kidnappers- and people returned do not always return the same way they left, or, entirely… right. And how in-universe Shiro’s prosthetic is evidence that he attracted the “attention” of Haggar. Sendak also shows us some people do it on purpose but desperate or avaricious people barter with the fair folk all the time in fairy tales.

I don’t think the Alteans were secretly evil or anything like that- but a race whose main M.O. is diplomacy had to have some way of dealing with people who were not really interested in negotiating, or who were more interested in negotiating with the Alteans at swordpoint. Having a suitably intimidating reputation, or just a very special gift with words and arrangements would make perfect sense of that.

It is unwise to cross an Altean in a deal.


How Usakumya was named

“Deep in the forest of a faraway land, there lived a stylish little bear. On a sunny afternoon, the little bear happened upon a very long-eared bunny. In that moment, his heart was stolen by those lovely ears. The little bear wanted nothing more than a pair of long ears for himself. Thinking he too could have long ears, the little bear sat in front of the mirror and pulled on his round ears until they turned red. The little bear cried and cried every day because his ears remained the same.

Then, one day, the little bear saw a lovely girl wearing BABY’s clothing. She listened to his story from beginning to end, and decided to grant the little bear’s wish! As if by magic, the girl presented the little bear with an exquisite bunny-eared bonnet. The little bear placed the bonnet on his head, and looked at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden, the tears stopped. The little bear looked just like a little bunny with red eyes from endless crying and long ears atop his head.

The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears 'Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as 'Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.“

tammyhybrid21  asked:

Hey so I recently started my journey with an eevee that my cousin gave me... And I'm a bit worried about him, because he keeps pawing at his ears, and is often skittish for no reason. He will accept food but only if I leave it for him and remove myself from the immediate area(he starts whining when he can't entirely sense me tho). I think that my cousin was doing something ill-advised, who do I ask for help with this?

It might be abuse (call a Pokémon center if you suspect anything), but, personally, it sounds more like canker (still call a Pokémon center–this time for an appointment).

Canker is pretty common and very uncomfortable for long-eared Pokémon. The ears itch, causing pawing and rubbing. Since the Pokémon can’t hear well, they become skittish and nervous. They will often cling to their trainer, since they represent safety. Eating becomes a fretful process, since ducking the head to grab some food further irritates the ears. A quick visit to a Pokémon center should help, and with proper treatment, it will clear up in a week or so.

Zootopia Take A Stand: The Star of Ceartas ADVANCED PREVIEW

Ok so I know the first TAKE A STAND isn’t finished yet (About 4-6 more chapters left) but I couldn’t help sharing the Prologue I’ve written for it’s sequel. Set 15 years after the events of the first fan fic this story sees a Natural Disaster devastate Zootopia and five young heroes rise to protect the citizens from the spiral of lawlessness engulfing the once great city. This Prologue however is set before the disaster happens and involves a grown up Luna Wilde giving her teenage sister some advice. The art for this was drawn by the amazing @senny74 and features @helthehatter OC Kodi Jones, thanks to both of you for helping with this project. Oh and if you don’t want to read don’t worry I’ll put a ‘read further’ link on it, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this new story…

Prologue: Wilde Sisters

Robyn Heather Wilde wore a sulk mixed with frustration as she sat inside the principal’s office, the fifteen year hybrid girl wasn’t looking the two faculty members in the eye as they kept watch over the scrappy teen. If you were to take a brief glance at Robyn you would almost certainly assume she was a very tall hare with long ears and red fur but if looked closer at her you’d notice something a little more canine about her; her inside of her paws had pads which no bunny or hare possessed they also had sharp claws unlike dull rabbit ones, her coat was thicker and fluffier than a bunny, also the fur colouring on her face resembled a European red fox complete with white speckles on her cheeks that looked like snowdrops, if she was talking you would notice her very sharp predator like teeth but the dead giveaway was her tail which instead of a cute fuzzy wuzzy little cotton tail was long and beautiful brush. Robyn had been dubbed many things; a hybrid, a interspecies child, a box, a funny and by crueller tongues a freak. The teen didn’t care if she had no official species name, she liked who she was and knew her family and her friends loved her, and despite her tough exterior a lot of mammals would say she was beautiful. But at the moment there was dent in the beautiful image, a swollen and cut right eyebrow and a busted lip that had yet to scab over.

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I feel like this is something you may have talked about before (???) but I was wondering what your thoughts were on Universal's Balto. As in his physical appearance and on how he's half wolf in the film. You think it's pretty accurate?

I have talked about Balto before but not so much his appearance in the film. In reality, Balto was not a wolfdog but a Siberian Husky but the story goes that he was half wolf. So I count him as my favorite “fictional” wolfdog character and that’s what I talked about in a previous post.

I guess I’ll look at his character when compared to Balto himself:

Balto was a Siberian husky that had very different markings than the Balto from the movie:

As far as making him look the real dog, I don’t think they even tried which is disappointing. They tried to make him look like a wolfdog, at least that’s what it looks like. As far as him looking like a mid-content wolfdog, I have to say no, he really doesn’t. I see what they went for though, his eyes are a different color than the other dogs, longer legs and muzzle than some, bigger paws, he carries his head lower and has a straighter back in most shots and appears to have a more narrow chest than the other dogs.

When compared to Jenna and Steel, he does look more “wolfy” I guess in that his colors are not as starkly different like the red or black and white. He doesn’t have the same whites around his eyes and they made them brown instead of blue, ect. That being said, his tail is still very long, his ears are very pointed and he has a very sharp stop. So..I don’t think he’s a very good cartoon wolfdog but they did at least make him different from the other dogs in the movie.

Posture difference:

Balto’s eye color:

Jenna’s eye color/markings:

Steel’s eye color/markings:

Steel’s very wide chest and thick build:

Jenna’s posture, very curled tail:

I dunno, it’s kind of hard to critique artwork since everyone has a different way or creating things but there are some things that aren’t style related that could have been better. So all in all, I don’t think the movie did a very good job with him either way. He looks nothing like the actual Balto and he doesn’t look very wolfy either. That being said, they did at least make him different from the other dogs in the movie so he does stand out, just not as much as his could have. I feel like they were very lazy with his wolfy characteristics.

Hi everyone, frithislord here. With chapter 3 of Nick’s Family and this one will have a song. ( Yes you read right a song lol ). Hope ya’ll enjoy ; )


Nick’s Family

Chapter 3

After giving his smaller then him step- mother a hug. His step-dad Frank crawled up the Fox’s pant leg, up under his shirt and repeatedly hugging and kissing Nick on his cheeks.
The crazy frilled-neck lizard rambled before his wife yanked him by the ruff of skin on his neck.
“ FRANK…settle down!!!”
The bunny and cheetah were still in a state of shock. Till Clawhauser finally broke the silence. “Hopps, what are those things? Are they monsters?”
“No, they’re reptiles!” Judy answered with excitement.
“What in the name of goodness is a reptile?”
“I remember learning about them in high school, they were thought to been killed off over hundreds of years ago. We’re one of the few mammals to see living fossils. Nick wasn’t crazy, we couldn’t see them because they were using camouflage. They’re REPTILES!!! Oops” Judy said covering her mouth, realising she said reptiles too loudly.
All the reptiles turned their heads torwards the bunny who shouted reptiles.
Nick’s frilled-neck lizard mom shouted with excitement with her arms in the air and her head thrown back.
“ A GIRL!!!”
They all shouted while a anaconda wrapped his scaly tail around the bunny’s waist and throwing her at Nick. Which the fox quickly caught her.
“ Nick, what’s going on?”
“ I just go along with it, fluff.”
Then they all looked at Clawhauser and a copperhead named Mater said “ And he’s brought dinner.”
“ AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Clawhauser screamed like a girl before fainting.
A roar of laughter erupted from the scaly creatures.
“ I just ta’ kiddin’ ya’ll, hey little bunny my name is Mater. It sounds like "tuh-mater,” but without the “tuh”. “Tuh-Mater.” said the copperhead who judy noticed that among the other copperheads he was the only one without fangs. But two big buck teeth.
Without realising she was still in the arms of the fox. Which made her ears turn red. Not wanting him to put her down. But Nick did anyway.
Nick’s frilled-neck step-mom ran up to her. “Look at those long ears, very good for hearing” she replied. “ Such strong legs, strong teeth, big beautiful amethyst eyes, nice big booty.” Francine finished with before slapping the bunny on her buns.
“ OW, hey” spoke an angry bunny.
“ Nicky, she’s so pretty.”
“ And look at those big big feet. They’re huge.” Ted the crocodile said.
That made Judy more mad. Losing her fear of the reptiles and thumping her foot on the ground. Which made the reptiles laugh at her.
“ I’m a bunny, bunnies are supposed to have big feet.” Judy said in a both angry and annoyed tone.
“ Well that’s okay. Our Nicky here has a foot fetish.”
“ UNCLE LEWIS!!!” the embarrassed fox shouted.
“ Yep, big beautiful feet on a beautiful girl. Ain’t dat right Nicky.” Lewis the alligator said while everyone laughed even harder at the fox’s embarrassment as Nick covered his face with his hands. Judy couldn’t help but blush. She never thought of herself as beautiful before. She was always so determined to be a police officer, she never care about her good looks or never even cared about going on dates. But hearing others call her beautiful is very flattering.
“ You will do prefect for our Nicky” Francine said.
“ WHAT!?!” both the fox and bunny shouted.
“ No, No, No, that’s not why brought her here.” Nick trying to derail the topic.
“ I-I mean…uh.. I’m a bunny, he’s a fox.” said a embarrassed Judy.
“ Does it bother you he’s not the same species as you.” asked a voice that was rude but very sexy.
They all looked at where the voice was coming from, while poor Clawhauser was now coming around and noticing all the cute and curious babies.
The voice came from a very gorgeous viper. With beautiful blue eyes. Lime green, brown, black and white colored scales and two lotus flower clips on her head and she had no fangs. She slithered towards Nick, wrapping her body around the fox’s body and drowning him in kisses, trying to hit his lips. But the the fox only let her give him cheek kisses.
“ Hey sis” Nick said.
“ I told not call me sis, handsome” she replied. “And who is this?” eyeballing the bunny with distrust and a hint of jealousy.
“ Viper, this is Officer Judy Hopps. Officer Hopps my sister Viper.” Nick answering her question.
Hearing this fox calling her officer made her feel repected. But made her heart soar when he called her by her name. Why did mean so much to hear this fox say her name. Could it be maybe she might be feeling– no it can’t be.
“ Also he’s girlfriend.” Mater added with a sly smile.
“ WHAT?” the viper shouted.
“ Nah, I’m just kiddin’. The bunny likes the fox for his body. Hehe.”
“ Okay okay look, we are not dating, and It dosen’t bother me that he is a fox.”
“ Then what’s the issue dear.” said Francine, “Why are you holding back such a hot hunk of mam–male.”
( Song Time )
“Is it the sloppy way he walks. ”

“What?” said Nick.

“ Or the cocky way he talks.”

“Or that his tail has that musky smell.”

“ l was out in the rain you know.” Nick said trying to stop the singing.

“ He’s more then just a handsome
face he’s so full of love and compassion, despite his tacky taste in fashion.”

“Hey look i- whoa-whoa” Nick trying to get them to stop. But Crush got under Nick’s feet and the fox tryed to keep his balance on his brother Crush’s shell.

“ So, he’s a bit of a fixer-upper.
So, he’s got a few flaws.
Him being a fox he had to get by,
by breaking a few laws.”

Nick tryed to get them to stop, but no luck. Clawhauser was just dancing and laughing with the baby reptiles.

“ So, he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
but this were certain of, you can
fix this fixer-upper with a a little bit
of love.”

As they all pushed Nick and Judy close together. Nick had to get this singing to stop. While Judy was thinking why this song was so familiar.
“ Can we please stop this, lives are at stake here.” Nick said.
“ I’ll say” Francine said before pushing Nick towards the other scaly creatures. “ So, tell me, dear.”

“ Is it the way he runs scared
Or that he’s socially impaired.”
Or that he has connections to
dangers dudes.“

” I kind of already knew about that" Judy said.

“ Do you fear your one of the many
pawns, to another one of his cons.”
Or the way, he tries to hide his
honest goods.“

” He’s just a bit of a fixer-upper,
he’s got serious trust issues.“
"Which is really smart, he will
only open up give he’s feels and
trust to those he lets in his heart.”

“ Awww” Judy cooed realising he opened up to her and trusted her. So that means he let her in his heart. Feeling her with joy.

“ So, he’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
But we know what to do.
Way to fix up this fixer-upper is to
fix him up with you.”

Then cobras wrapped their tails around the fox and bunny’s ankles. To turn them to face each other.
But Nick turned around and looked at his family.
“ Enough, look we gotta solve this Missing Mammals Case, or a family of otters will lose a husband and father and she’ll lose her job and everything she worked hard for, okay.” Nick tryed to explain.

Frank replied “ So she’s a fixer-upper too.”
Nick looked at them with disbelieve and said “ Were you even listening I sai-”

“ So, she’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
she’s got more then one flaw.
she’s an honest cop, but you
Know blackmailing is against
the law.”

“ Wait, how did you know about the-whoa.” Judy tryed to asked before she got lefted by up hundreds of garder snakes under her feet.

“ You don’t think before you act,
that’s a matter of fact, that’s the
type, you conferm the dumb
bunny stereotype.”

“ I am not a dumb bun-ah, not again” said the dizzy bunny, as the lizards throw her up in the air.

“ So she’s a bit of a fixer-upper,
but we know what to do.
Way to fix up this cute fixer-upper
Is to fix her up with you.”

Francine took Judy to the side and hailed her paw and looked into the bunny’s eyes, while the lizard stood on a tortoise’s shell.

“ We’re not saying you can change
him. ‘Cause animals don’t really
change. Only saying loves a force
that’s powerful but strange.
” Everyone makes bad choices
if they’re mad scared or stressed
but throw a little love their way.

With that she opened up her hands and let loose beautiful fireflies. Which Judy looked up in awe.

“ You’ll bring out their best,
true love brings out the best.”

They pushed the rabbit and fox together. When they really looked at each other. Nick never realised how beautiful she is and she never realised how handsome he is. They just stared at each other in awe.

“Everyone’s one a bit of a
fixer-upper, but push
comes shove.”

Clawhauser jumps in
“ The only fixer-upper fixer
that can fix a fixer-upper is…
All jump in
” True, true, true, true, true
Love love true love true"

At that last moment Viper threw Judy in air. Judy didn’t think much of it, just good fun, till she saw something coming at her in the air. It was a hawk with hunger in it’s eyes. It grabbed her with it’s huge talons around bunny’s little body out of mid-air.
Judy screamed.
Nick and his family looked up in terror.


OH NO!!! A hawk got Judy. What’s gonna happen to her? Who will save her? Or will she be saved? And did Viper do that on purpose??? Find out next Chapter. Hope you all enjoy my Zootopia version of Fixer-upper song lol. Please comment and tell me what you think. You are all awesome. :D

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heres a rlly…bad pic of my @sparklecarehospital oc

i…redesigned him 3 times and im still not 100% satisfied w/ the result….

Name: Kid Nees
Species: Wolf
D.O.B: 06/06/06
ID: #666666
Occupation: Nurse
Cause of death: Strangled to death
Age: 24
Gender: dfab male
S.O: gey….

-he gets mistaken for a fox a lot and he hates it..he just has long ears..
-very anxious man…….
-will not hesitate to lash out and/or get violent if he feels threatened
-has killed patients tht have tried to escape/attack him/yelled at him…..he claims it was all in self defense
-anxiety attacks make him vomit (neon green lookin shit)
-nose runs…a lot
-limbs are stitched together but will start to float away if the stitches get loose
-covers self in band aids to keep limbs together
-hes a nurse!!!
-visits the morgue as much as possible……
-has a GIANT crush on dr.livings….
-tlks pretty fast……he stutters a lot and stumbles over words…he also bites his tongue a lot
-LUVS meat and will eat dead patients if allowed to…..
-has a tiny lisp
-wont hesitate to yell at you if you’re making him uncomfortable/afraid
-ppl think hes….rlly……..rlly strange and try to avoid him
-he hates doom so god damn much…..
-howls a lot “HEWOOOOOO!!!!”
-pls let him fuck dr.livings…………..pls

Basics - Sahti Nhubalu

✣ NAME:  Sahti Nhubalu - Also known as Sister Sahti or Moura Sahti
✣ HEIGHT:  5’1
✣ SPECIES:  Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon
✣ GENDER:  Female
✣ NATIONALITY:  Dravanian
✣ NAMEDAY:  25th Sun of the Third Umbral Moon
✣ AGE:  No one knows for certain.  Perhaps around forty or fifty.
✣ RESIDENCE:  The Orn Wild
✣ DRINK:  Quartz water, mint tea, bone broth
✣ FOOD:  Roasted or stewed dodo
✣ SNACKS:  Sesame cakes
✣ COLOR:  Silvery white, the color of the moon.  Soldier’s Sore red.  Daffodil yellow.  Raspberry. Navy blue.
✣ FLOWER:  Dahlias, ranunculus, peonies - anything large and lush
✣ SEXUALITY:  Asexual, perhaps demisexual.
✣ BODY TYPE:  Petite.  Willowy arms.  Thin, quick fingers.  Narrow waist and hips.  Small but broad breasts.  Her tail is sleek and very long, her ears quite large.
✣ EYE COLOR:  Rosy-brown
✣ HAIR COLOR:  Black


Help, I’m being devoured by Kitty la Kitty!

I though it would be fun to make Kitty la Kitty character sheet edits, now when they all have gotten some special characteristics (which honestly wasn’t my plan in the beginning!)

  • Aikuro’s ears and tail are similar colours as his hair. He has purple shaded whiskers.
  • Gamagoori’s gotten pale ears and tail to match his darker skin. He’s got a bob cat tail without markings.
  • Inumuta’s ears and tail are same colours as his hair. His tail is very silky and wavy. I believe his proud of it.
  • Nonon has snake like pattern on her tail. Top of her ears are darker and she’s got stripes behind her ears to match her tail pattern.
  • Tsumugu has scruffy short tail (not as short as Gamagoori’s) with bandages. He also got two ear rings on his right cat ear to match his left human ear’s earrings. Mugu is my absolute fave to edit into Kitty la Kitty tomcat. His mohawk gives nice contrast to his ears.
  • Satsuki’s got very small ears but long whiskers like guys. Her design is close to black panther. I believe she also has got sharp, long teeth!
  • Ryuko also has got long guy-like whiskers, white in colour. She’s got dark circles behind her ears like tigers do. 
  • Mako is closest to a pet cat, very down to earth and not too flashy. Her whiskers are very short!
  • Sanageyama’s got the longest tail with grey dot. Kitty girls like his tail. His whiskers are also white. 

All the guys have two dots on their cheeks where the whiskers start.


The earlier Kitty la Kitty edits

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on making very long(about 40cm long) ears that point backwards? I haven't been able to get them to point anywhere but out the sides without them looking awful, but unfortunately by going sideways, they created a problem by bumping into people, aha ^^; but yes, do you have any advice for this? I hope you don't mind my asking~

I’m going to answer if this were a fursuit head, since I’m unsure of the intended final project. 

For standard sized ears, regular upholstery foam is just fine to use. But for large ears, you can use a different type of foam, check the camping section of WalMart if you have one of those in your country for blue dense foam mats.

It makes a good stiff structure that is still flexible and can be carved and shaped. If this is not available in your region, do a search for “EVA Foam.” In your searches you’ll likely notice that these are common materials used in cosplays! They are perfect for fursuit stuff too! 

Make your ear base into a C shape, this adds structure and dimension to your ear. When creating your shape, you want the base to be much wider than the final product so you can wrap your ear into that C shape. 

Take into account your curvature of your head – this is often overlooked!! If you are attaching the ear to the head and it is sticking out perpendicular, or like you mentioned– out to the side of the head, trim up one side of the ear and it should start to match the curve of the head and fit more appropriately for your goal ear expression. 

Even for folded back ears, take note of where the base of the ears start and end. Research your critter your costume is based on. For pointy-eared animals, the inside edge of ears is almost always closer to the eyes than the far outer edge of the ear. This will give your ears a natural look. 

You can see the same points in this picture as above. The inside rim of the ear is closer to the eye/eyebrow, the outside rim is further.

As for bumping into people, make it part of your performance when interacting in your costume. Construction-wise, make sure the ears are attached well at the base. Do this before furring by using additional foam around the base, or fabric strips to reinforce. Then it will be safe to bump into things. 

Happy crafting!! I hope these ear tips help!

anonymous asked:

Has friend who is very odd. Has long ears and only hops. Does not kno how for to scream. I give friend bath until friend knows how to be Real Cat.


random caryl headcanons because reasons

Once Daryl’s confident enough in their relationship that he feels comfortable voicing out loud the compliments that have always swirled through his brain the second she walks into a room, he literally can’t shut the hell up. “Mmm, your hair smells so good” when he’s got his face pressed against her, bargaining for five more minutes in bed. “That color looks great on you” when she walks out of the bathroom in the morning, blinking awake while she runs a brush through her hair. “This pie’s even better than the last one” when she had to scramble to find a weird combo of allspice and nutmeg. “I told you you’re her favorite babysitter,” when he tries to take Judith out of Carol’s arms and she starts crying. “Nice ass,” mumbled under his breath while he stretches out on the bed and watches her wiggle out of her jeans at the end of a long day. But no matter how many times he compliments her, she smiles (or turns pink, or both) at single every one.

At least a few times a week, Daryl wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Maybe a nightmare, maybe a coyote howling beyond the walls, maybe just stress-induced insomnia. At first he tries to deal with it alone, quietly pushing away the covers and tiptoeing toward the door. But Carol’s way too light a sleeper for that. “Going somewhere?” she’ll say, a touch of laughter behind the concern in her voice. She never fails to wake up seconds after he does on the rough nights – it’s kind of uncanny. It takes a little time, but after a few episodes he learns to accept that she’s just there, small soft hands smoothing over his shoulder, warm quiet voice soothing in the sleepy darkness. Sometimes he talks to her, tries to make words out of the mess he’s feeling. Other times he just smiles and smushes his face into her neck, plays with the ends of her hair, and relaxes to the feel of her breathing in and out, wrapped tight in his arms.

He loves being a guinea pig when she’s trying out new stuff in the kitchen. Available ingredients are always a constraint on what she can manage to create, but he’s forever in awe of her creativity. Most of the time, her bizarre substitutions work, and the look of appreciation on his face when she slides the spoon into his mouth is 100% genuine. But every now and then, there’s just no way to pretend the beet juice bread or sweet potato/cabbage soup isn’t a train wreck. When the inevitable happens, he fights his hardest to school his face at least into neutrality, but she’s way too smart for him. “That bad, hm?” she’ll laugh, licking some from the spoon she just took out of his mouth. Then, “Oh shit, that’s awful.” He shrugs. Kisses her. (The soup tastes four hundred percent better on her tongue). Eats it anyway.

The first time Daryl mentions Glenn in her presence, her heart cracks wide open. He’s showing her how to make sure the car’s safely up on the jack before she starts changing the tire. Reaching into the toolbox, he mutters without thinking, “Shit, I should clean these wrenches. Glenn would kick-” He stops; the hand that’s twisting the bolt is shaking. She reaches out, puts her own hand over his. “Glenn would what?” she whispers. Daryl’s quiet for a long beat, his eyes staring down at the damp dirt. He scrubs the back of his hand across his eyes and says, voice rough and gravelly around the words, “He’d kick my ass for not taking care of his tools. Was always in Aaron’s garage with some fuckin’ cloth, polishing the damn things. Think he wanted to keep ‘em like Dale did.” She swallows past her own tears and gives his hand a final squeeze, cherishing the fact that he spoke the words at all. She knows that tonight, she’ll finish drying the dishes alone, even though he almost always helps her. She’ll grab a jacket and step into the late fall bite of the evening air. And she’ll walk toward the light in Aaron and Eric’s garage, where she’ll find Daryl on a bench with the entire contents of the toolbox spread before him on a towel, polishing them one by one with the ragged, stained cloth clutched in his hands.

It turns out that he’s actually amazing at massages. She got a tiny taste on top of the bus at the prison, but that’s nothing in comparison to what he has to offer once he finally gets comfortable with touching her skin for more than three seconds at a time. When she steps out of the bathroom after a tiring shift on watch followed by a steaming shower, he’ll give her towel-clad body a lingering look before he says, “Want me to rub your back for a minute?” At first she thinks it’s an excuse to get her naked (as if he needs one), but when she stretches out on the sheets, he carefully refrains from touching anything except her back and shoulders. (Eventually, with her express encouragement and when they’re both in the right mood, he winds up massaging other places as well, until she’s flushed and breathless, whispering that she wants more.)

One of Carol’s favorite weekly rituals is taking the kids so Rick and Michonne can have a ‘date night.’ Carl grumbled a little at first, but now he’s on such a mission to beat Carol at Scrabble that he looks forward to it as much as she does. Her favorite part of the evening is always Judith’s bedtime. For whatever reason, Daryl is Judy’s favorite reading buddy – the child bounces and claps her hands when he heads toward her special corner of the bookshelf, asking which one she wants to read. Once she’s had her bath and is all cuddled up in fresh pajamas with her favorite stuffed animal (a tattered penguin Michonne named Harold as a joke, but the damn name stuck) and her pacifier, she climbs right into Daryl’s lap and snuggles into the crook of his arm, pudgy fingers patting the pages of her chosen book. Carol’s always watching from the table where she and Carl continue their Scrabble war (Carl’s still pissed she actually played “quixotic” in their last game, straight through a triple word with the x on a triple letter), and there are few things she loves more than hearing Daryl say, “Asskicker, I swear if you make me read this goddamn book again-” followed three seconds later by, “Little Nutbrown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare’s very long ears…”