You know, I’ve made posts about this earlier but…

When Papyrus says ‘That’s not what I expected’ what he really means is ‘I didn’t think I’d be killed in one go’

Because throughout all the interactions in No Mercy he sees that you don’t give a FUCK about his puzzles and walk through them, and he does notice that your hands are covered in a dusty powder.

I think he’s got enough knowledge to know that monsters turn into dust

He doesn’t say ‘That’s not what I expected’ because he thinks he won’t be attacked because in someway he does expect it with all the evidence. He’s giving you one last chance to turn your life around…and if you don’t he was prepared to blast you with his special attack as he tells you in the undertale patch update.

This also proves Undyne somewhat wrong because Papyrus will indeed attack one another if things come down to it. He’s not willing to let Monsters die if he can stop it.

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I would like to file a Formal Complaint against your blog cause: you don't post enough selfies

u know what i 100% agree, i hope you accept these as compensation for any distress this error of mine might have caused 

cosplans for this summer/autumn!!!

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23 for leosumi please, because I really, really miss those two <3

You left this as free choice, and @theherocomplex suggested “things you said through your teeth,” so I went with that and a little heisty adventure.


“How do you want to get out of this one?” Kasumi whispers through her teeth, barely audible unless you were only inches away.

Fortunately, Leo can hear her perfectly well, because they’re crammed together in a tiny space that is either a janitor’s closet or the least accessible lavatory she’s ever seen. Compliance with accessibility regulations is really the least of the concerns at this place, however, given it’s yet another ill-advised mad-science lab. They are pressed together chest to chest and holding as perfectly still as possible, which makes Kasumi feel small, almost surrounded, but pleasantly so. This close together, she’s unavoidably aware of the amount of taut muscle towering over and around her, and the faint, distinctive scent of his sweat.

This is really not time to get distracted, though, given the unexpected guards out in the corridors.

“Vent?” Leo suggests, his voice just as quiet as hers.

Kasumi nods, her hood brushing against his chest. “Boost me?”

That takes a little maneuvering in these close quarters, but in a moment she’s lofted up, flash-fabricating a screwdriver to pop out the screws holding in the vent cover. She keeps half an ear out for footsteps in the corridor, bolstered by a firm grip that never wavers. The moment she’s got the vent cover free, she taps Leo’s shoulder and she’s instantly tossed up, lofting her way into the ventilation shaft.

It’s narrow. The thin yellow beam from her omni-tool shows her a crossing shaft not far above, but the vertical shaft she has to brace herself in is going to be tight for Leo and his shell.

She’s about to say as much when she hears footsteps and somebody tapping at the lock.

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PAIN was normally something the girl could handle, but this felt like
nothing she had never felt before. she clenched her jaw as
anakin helped her up, she held onto his hand
tightly as she tried to
not to think about the pain in her leg. “ well i guess its nice to know i’ll
be taking you down
with me. “ she said as they approached the ship 


I haven’t ran in a while. I got hit with the flu but my body did a good job of fighting it so I was able to get a run in today. Ran it with my girlfriend so I’m going to blame her for the slow time 😉 @whyywiildthiings. But regardless it was really fun running around Tempe Town Lake.

I was listening to Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra which is hands down one of the greatest albums ever recorded. I don’t even know what else to say about it. Check it out!

I’m going to attempt and do a 10k tomorrow morning before my first 10 hour shift. Last time it felt good to know I already worked out and still burned calories from walking around and going up stairs all day.


Distance: 3.20 miles

Time: 37:13

Total miles in 2016: 34.51

Album: Out of the Blue - Electric Light Orchestra

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hey so i've seen stuff floating around about a "king Mettaton ending" do you know what it is?

It’s this

People probably think it’s an AU when it’s actually not

It’s an ending you get in Undertale when you kill  Toriel and Undyne

Killing Papyrus isn’t necessary, and if you don’t he becomes Mettaton’s Agent along with Sans

If you do kill Papyrus…well, you’d still get the king Mettaton ending, you just won’t get the extra dialogue about how Mettaton rules the Underground