Legacy Tag!

Thanks to @shipofsims and @melien for tagging me ♥

I’m doing this for the Holt legacy!

Favorite Heir(s): Ginevra and Sebastian ♥

Favorite Spouse: Indie Greenwood by @robotfishes c:

Favorite Spare(s): Samantha and Bianca c:

Mishaps during your legacy? Lots of mobing because of lags and Ethan and Deirdre glitched while aging up to adulthood D: but ofc everything was fixed!

Largest number of children? 5 in generation 5!

Any Surprises? I definitely wasn’t expecting for Ethan to become heir of generation 2! He wasn’t my favorite, but at last i’m happy he was heir, he gave very good genes :)

Legacy OTP: Mmmh i think i’ll go with Deirdre and Atticus Flowers ( @mousysims ). They were just too cute for words ♥

I’m tagging: @sappysims  @blurrypxls @mousysims @mimisapje @moveobjects @sommeliersims

furgemancs  asked:

Dipper: Everything is okay, Craney? You are glitching *his voice is full with worry as he stares at the other*

*As he glitch badly, a familiar voice called for his name. * Uh ? * He blinked, the glitch progressively calming down as he noticed the skeleton. * Dipper ? It’s you ? * What was he doing here ? *

anonymous asked:

different anon, here: i think a fascinating example of surreal 'thing happens, nobody in universe reacts' humor is when it's COMPLETELY unintentional, like video game glitches and vinesauce corruptions. there's something very organic about how everything goes to shit but the game keeps trying to act like your character model didn't just clip through the floor and stretch out 20 feet. it's fascinating to me how it hits the same kind of humor while being completely accidental

yeah, that’s a pretty good baseline to work with. skate 3 glitches, bethesda glitches, things like that - they’re hilarious to us, but it means nothing to the ingame world, at least not in a comedic fashion.

anonymous asked:

what happened to parkjiminsfineass?

Idk. I just checked her blog and there’s only one post on there. I’m not sure if she restarted her blog or if something glitched and she lost everything?

Tumblr Glitch & Redesign

As you might have noticed, our blog was hit by the latest tumblr glitch which reset our BG to the default and removed our header. Everything else seems to be working fine, but please let us know if you’re running into any problems so we can fix them.

As for the design, we plan on doing an overhaul soon to really improve the whole look of the blog so stay tuned! 

-The Mods

anonymous asked:

Glitch is doing a good job of blowing things and people up. To the point where they are calling in reinforcements. When glitch stopped firing a rain of lazers RPG Fire grenades machine gun fire the remaining tanks and whatever else would make a boom being shot and/or fired towards where glitch and the door are.

*Goin’ all out eh? So here’s what Glitch does in retaliation:

*It stands still. And everything hits something. Dust and smoke and debris is everywhere thanks to the fact that there were still shelves with guns and other weapons on them.

*Once everything settles, guess who’s still standing?

*It’s a never-before-seen wall that sprouted out of the ground! Oh, and Glitch as well. It’s standing behind the wall.

Through the communications system the soldiers use, “A҉lri̧ght. ̸Le͟mm͝e jus͠t b̷e ̛t͜he͞ f̧irşt̶ t͡ó ͟say̢ ̨y̛o͞u’re ́f̨i̛gh̴tįng a͟ f͠o̡r̕će͡ y̛ǫu co͢u̕ĺd͡ń’t ̵co̴m͠p͘r͜e̵hend e̛ve͠n b͘eing͠ ͜c̷ońs͘idered͝ sim͠p͠ly un̸d͡e̕rpow҉e͏re҉d͢ t̨o ͠fi̛ght.͘ ͟So I’ve o͠n̴lỳ ̨got ͘one͡ ͝mo͝re ̶thin̶g t̛o͞ ͢s̨a͢ý b̡e̵for̢e I ̢g͡o o̕n t̀he óffensi͟ve.̡ We̢ll ̷a͏c̸t̕u҉aĺly͢ tw͜o.̵ ͘F̷ir̀s͞t,͘ ͜n̶o ͟h̛ard fe͘ęĺín̷gs. Ì ̢bļa̵me̕ ͞y҉o̷u̴r͝ ͜bo͟s̸s ̧fòr this. ̕S͟e̛c̷o̡nd̡..̀.”

“W̧͜͡e͞͝l̸͢͝͠ć̵͞o͢҉̶m͡e̸͏̶ ҉̕t̵̢͢͞o̶̶ ̛͠͞M̕͠҉Y̷͘͘͟͞ ̡͟͠u̸͏n̛̛͜͏į̵͘͢͡v̸̷̢͝e͘r̵̀s̨̀̀͢͞e̢͏̷̛.̴́͜͠”

*After saying that Glitch goes on a rampage, first teleporting high in the sky just outside the store and power drives the ground, creating a gigantic shockwave and crater in the ground. Any survivors are picked off one by one, being thrown by the knockback created from the impact.

Majestic As Fuck

So if any of you have talked to me i will be the first to admit that my computer is a piece of shit. It works for writing, but if i try to game, watch hd videos, or even USE TUMBLR it will lock up all. The. Time.

So here’s the story of how my computer made me lose my shit over Skyrim.

I had all the dlc downloaded, and i was sure it would work. My stats checked out, so nothing could go wrong, right? Well…. after the 2 hours of waiting for the game to initially load, a quick trip to the settings to mournfully reduce it to lowest quality settings in an attempt to save my computer from crashing.

It didnt crash, but it might have well. The lighting glitched constantly, impaling everything with solid prisms of light. The cart that the characters were riding on turned vertical MORE THAN ONCE and it took close to three minutes for my character to face the opposite direction.

Needless to say, fighting anything would be a challenge when i could get to it.

The opening scene drug on and on and on, and i didnt even bother customizing my character (because what was the point? i wouldnt be able to see more than a low-res blur thanks to the settings).

But wait. The horse thief! He sprinted off, and the archers were about to fire. The man did a graceful bound, disappearing mid-leap. I stared in awe. He had disappeared before he was shot. I was laughing too hard to play for a moment.

That graceful leap, ascending to the heavens prematurely, the perfect timing.

That was seriously the most majestic thing i have ever seen.



anonymous asked:

what are you using to default ambodyshirtuntuckedsaddle? Do you or anyone else have ideas of what could conflict with it?? I mean I looked through elder and teen and there isn't a similar outfit. i also removed my downloads, then defaulted, it worked, exited, moved everything back and then it glitched again. should i just re-download my male defaults?

I don’t think I have a default for that one. I don’t have that many clothing defaults tbh. 

Did you try to load it with only your male defaults in? Like, all of them, but not the rest of your CC. That helps to narrow down if the problem is in your defaults, or the conflict is another piece of CC. 

You could always redownload of course, or you could try the methods used here. I use the 50/50 method quite a lot. It’s faster than you’d think :3 

hope that helps! 

anonymous asked:

Hey it's the abuse anon again, I tried sending an ask but I think my computer glitched.. I accidentally upset my abuser and now she's ignoring everything I've been trying to say to make it up to her and it's really distressing cause she always does this when I make a mistake? I don't know why I'm sharing this, I'm just very distraught and I'm sorry;;

dude i really recommend cutting ties with her

shes causing you distress and whatnot

- mod takano

I’m a bit annoyed.

So… My old URL was just-a-woman-from-gallifrey.

Every famous post I created? EVERY FAMOUS POST I MADE?! Goes to some other woman who HAS NOTHING ON HER BLOG. SHE gets the credit. I still get the notes and what not but if someone wants to find me? Like, if someone wants to click on the creator? It’s HER FUCKING ICON, her tumbl (which if you click it has nothing on it), and her everything. Tumblr Rhapsody? Hers. The Fallout Glitch Mambo? Hers. My old art? HERS.

Staff? Fix this problem? I’m pretty damn sure I’m not the only one who is a victim of this shit. Is it even fixable? Yeah, it is. You have to program the posts to the blogger account instead of the URL. Get on it.

So yeah, @just-a-woman-from-gallifrey, you probably have a shit ton of followers thanks to the work I did. Great job. Probably a coincidence but I’m betting on not. I would be hesitant to believe it’s coincidence.