Artist Appreciation

Ooookkaaay, I’m gonna do one of these even though the day has passed (ma bad), because I still want to appreciate some artists out there :3 *rubs hands together* so here we goooooo. In no particular order:

@yuy4, @bitterbrokenbones, @gemodawn, @leenhiddles, @asphyxiate-my-soul, @avaptm, @damnhyperions, @jack–apedia, @joycew-art, @iii-scream@rhackrubbishh, @sakibatch, @flintwithsleepingproblems, @froschkuss@jennpy, @sin-storm, @suis0u, @cyristal-art, @motherfuckingmoran, @casuallysuplexes, @qvoro, @arkaena, @redstele, @hyperiontrashbin, @lelelego, @sara-wawa, @brewhay, @glas-onion, @kashuan, @gibilynx, @theteenagehorror, @somesketchyshit, @art-by-g, @oldstupidtemplar, @levaas, @mica-sky, @lilyrutherfordblog, @cocotingo, @slugette, @mistysinkat, @starfleetspectre, @elmroko, @burritorat, @lapaduza, @lantern-fly, @fierce-phoenix, @huerwin-erwin, @hyperionhive, @antisorum, @fool-of-arts, @kermapippurisaatana, @herkal

(sorry if i’m including two of your blogs. Like a side blog or something as well :P) Anyway! You are all so amazingly talented and I love seeing everything and anything you come up with/make <3 Keep being awesome ya’ll! B) Peace!

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