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What are Dan Stevens 5 best features in your opinion?? hehehe

Has, your dead…tumblr dead. My god! Ugh…*deep breath*

*banshee scream* lets go…

Dan Stevens best 5 features in my opinion-

5. Hands…

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I have always had a fascination with other people’s hands, I think they are the most telling way of peoples expressions. Dan always uses his hands when he talks to express himself…and the one little gold band on the fourth finger of his left hand..Im always pleased to see that. 

4. Eyes…

I mean COME ON…who isnt taken in by those beautiful blue eyes of that man…my friends always tell me that they cant look at a photo of him for too long because they feel that his eyes are staring into their soul…yea me too. *shifty eyes*

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3. Jawline…

That man has a jawline to die for…shaven or bearded, that jawline has probably caused more cuts to any barbers hand (or Susie’s for that matter) than anything else.

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2. Voice…

I suffer with anxiety and I have to have certian things in place to keep my calm wherever I go…and strangely enough, Dan’s voice is one of them. I have an audiobook of his on my phone to listen to as I’m travelling from place to place. Or if I suffer a panic attack at night, I sit and watch a tv episode of his or a film or even just an interview.

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1. (now I dont know if this counts as a feature as Has can probably see this one coming from a mile off but…) Susie…

I just…I feel like Susie is part of him. It seems like wherever he goes, so does she. I know they have three babies but she’s always by his side when it counts and she always seems proud of her love (just as much as we all are). I’ll admit, I fancy the woman just a tad more than her husband *blushes and hides under a rock for the rest of my days*

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Only 3 gifs for our queen…ugh..why…

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thisonelikesaliens replied to your post “Fanfic ask meme: 12, 14”

I’m curious what pairings you absolutely won’t read

I’m pretty open when it comes to ships, especially when they’re in the hands of good authors. But here’s a few no-go ships on the top of my head. For DA, it’s Fenris/Anders or Dorian/Fenris. In ME, it’s Saren/Shepard. For swtor, Hunter/Agent or Baras/Warrior. 

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now i kinda want to know what silly little phone game and play it too -shifty eyes-

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Please tell me you’re talking about the arcana

It’s called Castle Story, which is a resource management game. You build a kingdom and meet people and do quests. I have a lot of fun with it, because I like the characters.Two characters suddenly get married in the game and I want to explore how that came about. 

It’d be about a princess who’s no longer a princess and a knight with lots of self-esteem issues, which I think could be a lot of fun to write!

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“But I’m able to choose my projects based on what I want to read and write” \o/ GET IT HIPPOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Ha! Thank you! I think a lot of this comes from the fact that when I started writing, I started with a rare pair. There was hardly any fic for my pairing and what I read I didn’t like. Which meant if I wanted stuff to read, I had to write it myself. That attitude just never left!

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shifty eye emoji..... i'm too sleepy to find it

  • the most angelic human 
  • i keep saying the guy in your icons name wrong 
  • your a few hours a head of me >:( 
  • a Perfect Human whom i will protect with my Life :/

//send me 👀 and ill make a ‘callout’ for you!!


Kingbrine dreads a small pause. Of course he’d destroyed homes. Villages upon villages, forests upon forests, as a matter of fact. Leading those blind followers into battle with him. Oh, he was every meaning of the word monster, and he realized it, too.

Droplets PSA

Official notice that I am 75% sure I won’t get Droplets 16 published before October 27th.

… I didn’t realise how much cosplay work I still have to do … kill me now.

Additionally, I only have 6k of the chapter written, so there’s that too … *shifty eyes*

I’m sorry guys! Life is just getting in the way … once cosplay season is over, I’ll be able to spend my free time writing again, and not panicking with a craft knife in one hand and a glue gun in the other.