Camp Camp theory

Hi! This is a theory i came up with for camp camp! This is just for fun, and it was kinda inspired by a few things, which I aknoledge when they come up in the text below, but I do not own them, and I did not make them.. I hope you enjoy!!

Ok, so bear with me here. What if…David and Daniel were identical twins, exactly alike, with the exception of their eyes (Daniel having light blue and David having a blie-green color), but were separated not long after birth. This would explain their similar names, as mothers who give birth to twins often name them similarly. Additionally: in a psychological study, it was determined that twins, despite being raised in totally different enviroments, socially, economically, and religiously, will find they have more in common than anyone would think. They would share similar: mannerisms (see Daniel and David’s identical movements/mannerisms), tastes (both play string instraments, with David playing the guitar, and Daniel playing the fiddle/violin. Their hair could also fit into this as they have the same hair style/cut), speech patterns (which they do have, and similar voices too), and much, much more. The physical similarities are also undeniable. They look exactly the same. Same eyes, same nose, same ears, same mouth, same height, same everything.  The only difference is their clothes and color scheme.

Anyways continuing with the actual theory itself, While (going along with a headacnnon I found that is at the end of this paragraph) David stayed with their mom (having a not-so-good homelife {see below}), Daniel was taken in by some cultists.

These cultists then put Daniel in the chamber we see Daniel use in season 2 episode 1, Cult Camp (I believe it’s refered to as an ‘ascention chamber?). The effects didnt last as long as they’d have liked them to, so the put him through it again. And again. And again. With each use, the effects lasted longer and his hair and skin got lighter with each use, until his naturally tan skin was a pale ivory, and his hair that had been a chestnut red turned blond. This repeditive exposure to this brainwashing, and maybe evwn physical and emotional abuse by the hands of his adoptive parents (inspiration at the end of this paragraph), made him into the Daniel we see in camp camp. And, neither of them know the other exists, so imagine their surprise when they first meet, and relise how much they have in common.

I also like to think that after the events of the episode, Daniel was taken to the hospital, and had to stay there for a bit. Eventually David visits, dragging a less that enthusiastic Max behind. They talk for a bit and eventually Max makes a curse-filled, snarky remark about how it’s creepy how similar they are, and well, one thing leads to another and they find out that they are twins through a DNA test.

David is ecstatic, and Daniel is honestly a little scared when David insists that they move in together to make up for lost time, but reluctantly, he agrees. Of course, being still not fully recovered from the poison, Daniel is ordered by the doctors to take it easy. David, being dad/big-bro of the year, is determined to take care of his new little brother.

(“David, I’m a grown man! I can take care if myself!” “No sir-re, until I get a call from your doctor saying you’re completely healed, you will sit back, relax, and you will enjoy it, mister!” “DAVID I’M 24, NOT 3” “Then you should ******* act like it” “max, get out before I force poised kool-aid down you’re throat.” “Daniel, what did we say about poisoning the campers?” “*sigh*…not to?” “Good! Now eat your chicken soup.” [Max, behind david: *sticking his tongue out*])

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I love that now I have a excuse to watch Expiration Date almost continuously, and have an even GREATER excuse to slow it down to catch every. single. detail. of the short.

And guys.

The details.

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Hi friends and welcome to the 10 days of Tae-Mas Day 1! I really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it :) 

WARNING: This story contains quite a bit of smut so viewer discretion is advised



Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Smut

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

“Happy Birthday Y/N!”

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Yoongi Scenario: Friends (Part 2: Skinny Love)


Genre: Romance, Fluff, Friends-to-Lovers, Slow Burn (sorta)

Word Count: 3,532

A/N: There are a few time jumps within this story, all of which are based on Part 1 of the series.

November, One Year Earlier

The moment Seokjin opened his door you hurried inside his apartment, being sure not to be too loud that Yoongi might hear your voice from across the hall. You needed to talk. Badly. And this was one conversation Yoongi could not be a part of.

“You’re sure I’m not bothering you right now?” You asked, kicking off your shoes.

Seokjin nodded. “I don’t have to go to work until later. Now what is so pressing and important that you needed to talk about it immediately? And not over the phone?”

You looked at him, and with only a sigh as a response you walked further into his clean and organized apartment into the kitchen, where you plopped down on one of the stools in front of the counter. Seokjin followed behind you, pulling out two glasses from the cabinet and a pitcher of water from the fridge.

“I’m so screwed, Seokjin.” You moaned, leaning over the counter to bury your face in your arms.

Seokjin poured some water into each glass. “What’s all this about?”

You lifted your head up and looked him in the eye. “What I’m about to tell you is between you and me. It does not leave this room. Deal?”

“Y/N I’m getting worried…”

“I didn’t commit a crime or anything I just need you to keep this a secret.”

“Okay, okay, I will. But I can’t keep anything a secret if you don’t tell me.” Seokjin laughed, taking a sip of his water.

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Princely Neighbor {Jin x Reader}

Prompt: Your son is sick and what better person to take care of him than your lovely neighbor?

You woke up to crying. Very loud crying. You immediately shot up from you bed, scurrying out of your room and into your son’s room. You found him sitting up in bed, crying his eyes out, his face red, and panting. 

“Jinwoo!” You immediately hugged your son, letting him sob on your shoulder. “Sweetie, it’s going to be okay. Just lay in bed.” Tucking your son into bed, you placed your hand on his forehead. He was burning hot, and his face was contorted in pain.

“What am I going to do?” You muttered. You scurried out of the room and took out your cell phone, quickly calling your usual babysitter.

“Ah hello! I’m really sorry that it’s such short notice, but I was wondering if you were able to take care of Jinwoo today? Oh….It’s okay. If you’re busy then there’s nothing that can be done…thank you, I’ll see you in two days!” 

As you hung up the call, you scrunched up your brows. You just didn’t know what to do. You had to do an important presentation at work, and you couldn’t afford to miss it. Your boss had already chewed your head off for skipping so many days of work because you had to take care of Jinwoo. And the daycare couldn’t take care of him, he doesn’t have the energy to go out. 

You were so focused on trying to find a solution for everything while trying to get medicine and tea for your son, you didn’t hear a knock on the door. It wasn’t until the person knocked a couple more time did you notice the noise. You quickly scurried over.

“Hel-Oh Jin! Good morning! What are you doing here?”

Kim Seokjin, your lovely neighbor for the past year just gave you a smile. He had a box of food in his hand, ready to give it to you. Though, he immediately saw your stressed out faced and grew concerned in a second.

“I just wanted to stop by, give you a meal since I know you have your presentation today. What happened? Are you okay?”

“It’s just Jinwoo,” you took the meal out of the taller man’s hands and ushered him inside. “He’s sick, and I’m trying to find someone to look after him today. Or I’ll probably just call my boss and tell him I can’t make it. I’m sure I won’t get into too much trouble. Oh I don’t kn-”

“I’ll take care of him for you Y/n.” 

You stopped. Your eyes slightly widened as Jin started making his way towards Hyunsoo’s room, with you following after him.

“I can’t ask you to do that Jin. I’m sure you’re busy today.”

“Actually,” Jin turned to face you with a small smile, “I have a free day today. Let me look after him. He knows me and I’ll make sure to update you every hour.”

You were about to protest, but Jin’s strong gaze made you close your mouth. You mouthed a small thank you before getting ready for work. You had hoped he didn’t see the small blush forming on your cheeks. You stepped into your son’s room, seeing Jin already taking care of Jinwoo. 

Jin turned his head to face you, giving you a small smile, “Go. I’ll be fine with him. Go do your presentation and if anything happens, I’ll call you.”

“Thank you so much Jin, I really can’t thank you enough.” You gave Jinwoo a quick kiss before you left. 

It’s been such a long day and all you wanted to do was take care of your son. You’ve been so worried throughout the day, but luckily it didn’t affect how you did your presentations. Your boss approved of your presentation and let you off a bit earlier than usual. It was a good feeling, knowing you did such a good job and received a reward for it. You practically ran back to your apartment. 

The apartment was quiet as you walked in. No sound of a stove on or a pan frying. The t.v. and lights were turned off all in the house. You grew worried, your mind immediately going to the worst scenario.

“Jin? Jinwoo? Are you two home?” You headed to your son’s room. The door was slightly open, so you walked in, feeling around the the wall for the light switch. When the light switched on, you were blessed with a precious sight.

Jin and Jinwoo were both napping. Jin’s legs were sticking out from under the sheets. Jinwoo had rested his heat on Jin’s chest, curling up next to him. He was still sniffling, and his nose was running a bit, but you could see that he was feeling a lot better than he was in the morning. The sight of those two swelled your heart with joy. You couldn’t help, but take a picture of it. So, as you put your phone up to snap a picture, you forgot to take out the flash, which woke up Jin. He was confused for a second, but you saw him look at Jinwoo first. He swept away a bit of his hair that was falling on his eyes. Jin had made sure that Jinwoo was covered up before he looked to the other side. His eyes widened once he saw you there, and he quickly tried to get out of the bed, trying not to wake Jinwoo up. Though, before he managed to get out, Jinwoo had held on to the back of his shirt.


Jin’s eyes widened once he heard your son say those words. He wasn’t expecting him to say this. Though, Jin would be lying if he said he wasn’t thrilled that your son grew fond of him. He quickly took a stuffed animal and slid it to Jinwoo, who let go of Jin’s shirt and wrapped his arms around the toy. The little boy snuggled up against the toy and only took a few moments before he was back asleep. 

Once Jin was sure that Jinwoo was safe and covered up, he finally turned to face you. His heart raced just looking at your face. Even though he knew you were in shock, your beauty still radiated. 

‘Okay, so do I address the face that Jinwoo called me Appa? Or should I just let it go? Would Y/n like that? What is she feeling?’

Jin slowly walked towards you, making sure not to make a lot of sound, so as to not wake up Jinwoo. He gestured you out of the room.

“So, Y/n, how was work? I hope the presentation went well.” Jin had decided that he’ll let you bring up what happened in the room instead. If you didn’t like it, you would let him know. 

Your shoulders relaxed just a bit as you let a smile grace your features, “My boss loved it. And he let me out an hour early. I hope Jinwoo was too much trouble for you.”

Jin laughed, “Not at all, Jinwoo is a sweet kid. I made sure he was covered throughout the day. He slept a lot, but I made sure he ate some of my special chicken soup. He seemed to feeling better, and I guess I got tired too.” He rubbed the back of his head, giving you a small smile. “Oh, and I also made dinner for you too. You work hard having to take care of Jinwoo all the time, so I thought I would at least help with dinner.”

“You really didn’t have to Jin, but thank you. Your cooking always amazes me. Thank you so much for today, I really appreciate it. And…I’m sorry about what Jinwoo said. He’s just really tired and…”

Jin waved his hands, “No, no. It’s fine really. Actually,” Jin stopped thinking over his words before he says them, “I wouldn’t mind if Jinwoo started getting closer to me. I mean…I really like you Y/n. You’re a beautiful woman inside and out. Your son is an amazing child and he takes after you a lot. Being your neighbor for the past year, and being your friend has been the best. If you would let me, I’d like to be more involved in your life, as a partner. But only if you want to, that is.” 

While appearing confident, Jin’s insides were shaking. He felt like he was going to hurl as he saw the look of confusion on your face. He immediately regretted his idea of speaking out and couldn’t bare to hear your rejection.

“Jin,” You said. Your heart was thumping and you felt your cheeks heat up. “I love my son and I will only do whatever is best for him. But I know that you take care of him so much. And he always talks about you all the time. He even asks when you’re going to come over to cook.” 

You both laughed a bit and you scooted closer to Jin, “I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you over a lot more. And I’ll be too.” 

A weight was suddenly lifted off of Jin’s shoulders. He went up to you and lifted you in the air. You both laughed as Jin became much more relaxed. Finally, he was able to make you and Jinwoo more happy. He can help you a lot more. Once he finally set you down, you could see the giant smile that ran across his face.

“Let’s heat up your dinner. And I’ll check up on Jinwoo while you eat. It should be about time for his medicine anyway.”

You nodded as you saw Jin make his way to Jinwoo’s room. You smiled to yourself and sighed. 

‘I can’t wait to see what life will be now.’

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