Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths: Lords of the Earth and Sky, Scarab God Khepera, and Lady of Slaughter

For Ancient Egypt, in the beginning there was no land, only a vast watery chaos. The gods changed this with their infinite powers, but there is no single creation myth for Ancient Egypt as each region owed allegiance to a different god. Guest Author Ted Loukes breaks down many Egyptian deities and their role in the creation of the universe.

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Penny Polendina Headcanon

Something I said to @mangareader88 as a joke but now it’s going to influence the way I write Penny.

Penny has a ‘Rebellious Teenager’ side to her and dislikes being confined to Ironwoods ship and stopped from exploring, forms of rebellion include but are not limited to:
1) Wirelessly uploading several Terabytes of Trap music to every computer system she walks past
2) Telling General Ironwood “You’re not my real Manufacturer”
3) Slamming automatic doors Because she can
4) Making multiple innuendos in front of members of staff and acting like she has no idea “Ruby is great with machines, maybe I should tell her I need lubricating”