LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE » day 12 | favorite OT6 underappreciated quote scene

     I’m waiting for what I guess will be chocolate chip waffles. The last plate drops in front of Lo, a breakfast burrito with hash browns, his hunger apparent as he immediately takes a bite.
     They forgot to order for me, I guess.
     I trail off as a waiter appears, a plate in his hand. The minute it rests in front of me, I start crying.
     It’s a slice of chocolate cake.
     Lily scoots against my side and she says, “Cake fixes everything, remember?” I smile through my tears. I remember.
     “Thank you,” I whisper. How silly, to think my sisters would forget about me. They haven’t.
     Not in a long, long time.

Imagine cuddling with Woozi on a cold, rainy morning while you two are still in bed. Your head is gently resting on his chest and your arms lightly circled around his waist. Woozi on the other hand, has his head leaning on top of yours with one of his arm on your shoulder, pulling you close to him.


that was a perfect shot, too.

Happy coffee day!

Well…it’s coffee day and everyone is here…

Ah…the idea of relaxing with a warm drink and thinking of someone…

Someone who has been here all along.
Someone that lifted my chin, smiled, and told me that everything is going to be OK.

Good morning @swiggle-muffin @lady-mz-hyde @emouel @a-dream-of-secret-stars @coolpurple82 @thebegin @dory888 @fantasyfantatic @gazizaty and @connorisyummyaf … hoping your assassin is taking the time to help you smile and be hopeful ♡