So worth not doing my homework (sorry mom), losing all feeling in my booty, and waiting three hours in the freezing cold. Not only is Cole basically my childhood, but he’s one of my favourite photographers. I get so inspired by him. Plus, he’s so nice wow !!!! 💓
And then meeting Lili was like the cherry on top !!!! x

hello all! theres no easy way to make a post like this, but i want you all to be aware of whats kept me away for a bit. a lot has happened within the past few days and things are finally calming down but im still very emotional.

basically, my cat casper (heres his tag on my main blog) had to be put to sleep yesterday at about 10 in the morning. fleas have been extremely bad this season, and i never expected that to be the thing that would get him, but he was unfortunately afflicted with a disease that only some fleas carry. its a disease that works quick and doesnt give many warning signs. 

my sister and her boyfriend went to my moms house this past weekend and when they saw him they could tell something was wrong; he lost a ton of weight and he was very weak. they, and my mom, decided it would be best for him to come back here with me. at that time, we had no idea how bad it was. the assumption was just that he would be living with me from now on. (he hadn’t been living with me for a large number of reasons, all relating to his comfort and the fact that hes always been used to my moms house, i never wanted to be selfish)

they came home that night, brought casper with them, and i was elated! but then i pulled him out of the kennel and my heart sank bc i knew. i knew in that very moment that something was Very Wrong. he made it through that night, he ate some food and drank water, i thought maybe he could make it, so i was very hopeful.

he was with me here for about two days before i knew i HAD to take him to the vet. they took extremely good care of him and i feel very lucky that he was in the hands of such sweet people, but unfortunately his red blood cell count was already very bad (the vet said she was amazed he was still here when i brought him in, but i guess he’s always been a fighter)

my final memory of him will be the fact that he would not leave my side the night before i took him to the vet. he usually lays between my legs, but even that wasnt good enough for him. he wanted to be right on my chest, right in front of my face, and i talked sweetly to him the entire night because i wanted him to know how much i love him and how important he was to me.

Casper did so much for me, hes been my light in the darkness and my motivation for making a life for myself, and for him as well. i never got to spoil him like i really wanted to (if i’d had my way, casper would have had his own room in my future home) but i hope he knew that I really truly loved him with my entire being, he was the best cat i’ve ever had, ever known, and I’m glad he’s not in pain anymore. I really really really miss him though, and the world seems a little darker without him.

while I understand my problems in the grand scheme of things (Harvey, Irma, Mexico earthquakes, etc.) are not huge, they are still eating away at what sanity I have left and I feel incredibly bad for not keeping up this blog, my inbox and getting to your messages

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Meet Stumpy!

Stumpy is unfortunately a poster child of severe neglect.  We got her in at work about 2 months ago when her owners surrendered her over to our care.  Not only was she in the cage I took a photo of it was discovered that she only had two legs.   She’s missing both her right legs and while the people told us “they got her that way” I really think that is a load of bullcrap.  We’ve all guessed on she got her limbs trapped on a hamster ball or her cage and no one noticed she was stuck.  She chewed herself free which resulted in only having two legs.  It absolutely pissed me off that someone did not catch this and that this could have easily been prevented!

It really sad since she is a very friendly hamster and became my routine I would always say hi to her when I was taking care of things in the back.  Because of her special needs though that it would have been impossible to adopt her to a proper home.  My managers were basically convinced that she was going to live her life in our store because of that.

Well at least until my talks of Stumpy to my mother resulted in us adopting her.  We figured we can provide Stumpy with what she needed as well as giving her a proper home she can live her days out instead of the back room of my store.  

She’s actually is pretty mobile despite the missing limbs, she can’t really climb much and using a wheel is impossible for her.  I got creative and provide her artificial tunnels and toys that she would be able to use so that she still can be kept busy but as well as providing her an enriching environment. I’m sure over time I’ll do more for her enclosure but in the mean time I’m happy where we are at the moment.

Definitely will be getting video of her walking later on!  The little scamp went back to sleep after I took these photos.

so i just hit 1k followers

honestly thank all of you guys so much for following me. im so glad that you guys are enjoying my shit content!

basically i had been wanting to play warcraft since cataclysm, but i was only able to actually access the game this last year when legion launched. since then ive made such amazing friends who have helped me not only grow as a person, but helped my characters develop as well.

in the future, im planning to do a lot more with my ocs. i’m probably going to try to post my own writing for them a bit AND i really want to commission some artists to get some art of them (looking at you, rassian). but yeah, i plan on trying to crank out a lot more creative content in the future! of course ill still post about my adventures and such, but i do want to try to mix things up.

thank you guys again for 1k and if you ever need anyone to tank something in warcraft, I’m your guy.

- lor

dearest followers

im using my friends phone to type this in math so it will be quick and to the point but basically my parents put me in a bad situation. my queue is set up but i want you all to know that if i do not make a text post saying otherwise before tomorrow morning, i will be gone for a few days until i fix things! the queue will post fob actively but keep in mind i will not be here. i love you all thank you so much for not being angry 

did i tell u guys that one time my friend asked me what my full name was and i thought she was like. discreetly. asking abt my pronouns or smnth because she’d misgendered me once before and i nervously sent her like 2 entire paragraphs that were basically “my given name is ____ but im a guy please dont call me she” and she responded a good few minutes later w what was basically “cool. my full name’s ____” and i wanted to die

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1, 30 and 37?

Thank you for these!

1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.

I like fics in which I can just flow with a character as stuff happens around them. I really love getting into their vibe and into their head, exploring their relationships and observations of people around them, being a part of their world with broadly-painted brush strokes of plot and other shenanigans dancing around the narrative but never taking full centre stage. My comfort zone is always angsty-but-warm-and-funny, tense one second and loose the next, hallmarked by fluff and touches and glances and language that borders on reverence. My tone in fic tends to be conversational more than anything – I want it to feel instantly familiar, I want it to be like this warm bath, I want people to sink into it and go “ahh where has this been all my life?”.. I basically just want my fics to become my readers’ friends, haha.

My comfort zone is so hard to describe, oh my god. Suffice to say that I think all my fics share certain qualities that my readers might be able to identify more than I can!

30. Do you accept prompts?

I do! I don’t get them very often, but I do welcome them when they come. I have one prompt waiting for me as we speak but I want to finish the Wishfic I’m working on before getting round to that one. Generally speaking, though, I will always do something with a prompt that lands in my inbox! You can see my other prompt-fills here.

37. Talk about your current wips.

BLESS YOU FOR ASKING THIS I will take any excuse to babble about my WIPs hahaha!

Okay, so, first is something I know y’all are tired of hearing me babble about. The magnum opus, the Wish-fic, the oneshot-turned-multichapter, the biggest thing I’ve written in years. FBOGN is two/three chapters away from its finish line and that officially marks months of work on this fic that started off on a single premise: Ward Meachum and Trish Walker meet in a bar and form a drinking buddies bond over their lives. Since that first moment, the fic’s taken flight and now includes: a Trish/Karen/Marci friendship, copious amounts of food and movies, a fundraiser, Trish getting superpowers, the Defenders and The Hand and Midland Circle in a really AU-version of events because I started writing all of it way before The Defenders came out, a rollerskate-date-that-is-not-a-date, Power Couple™, a smutty scene that takes up a full near-9000-words chapter, and plenty more shenanigans!

Second is PYDR, which is a Kastle-fic that really just exists because Frank lodged himself into my brain and wouldn’t let go until I’d written one scene. I have no idea where I’m going with this one, but the tone of it is fairly dark and confrontational and it may be my most painful/hurtful Frank to date so we’ll see how that goes!

Third is TWATF, which is my Trish-and-Karen-go-on-adventures fic! This is basically my fangirly response to their iconic interaction in The Defenders (which was like watching every single one of my fic-dreams come to life on screen and if you think I’ve recovered from that you may take this moment to think again because TRISHKARENTRISHKAREN!!), and it’s basically Trish and Karen joining forces and becoming a kickass investigative duo who’ll draw some bad attention and get into loads of trouble.

Fourth is an as-yet-unnamed Kastle-fic that centres around Karen being pushed to write another article about Frank now that he’s landing in the headlines again, which eventually results in her own dark past coming out of the woodwork and Frank acting as a mirror-foil of sorts but never as a crutch because Karen Page can walk just fine on her own thank you very much – I’ve yet to figure out where to take it, but it’s not dissimilar to PYDR.

Fifth is my Defenders fix-it fic in which Ward is in the city and taken into protective custody along with the rest of them. Chaos sort-of ensues from there because he’s Trish’s ex and she can’t stand the sight of him, Karen is a pitbull with a bone, and Foggy is just so done with everything. Heavily AU from there on out, probably.

Sixth is my Ward-with-a-baby fic that is already lengthy enough in my fic-notes alone to wind up as a multichapter. It’s very much a Trish-mom/Ward-dad fic in which they find themselves taking care of a baby Danny found (just roll with it yo) and I can’t tell you how psyched I am to write this someday haha! 

Seventh is AOC, which is my Kastle multichapter that’s a direct continuation of two of my early oneshots. It’s horribly AU already at this point – diverging from canon like whoa post-DDS2 – but y’all can pry my Frank&Karen roadtrip out of my cold dead hands okay. It’s epic on an EPIC scale with a Trish-friendship, copious amounts of Micro, Marci being awesome, and the end of the world as we know it!

Eighth and last is CM. CM is my one-day fic. CM is what will happen when I finally find the writer’s voice I need for Banshee’s Kurt Bunker. CM is the thing that challenges me as a writer, given how controversial Bunker’s life is/has been and how touchy the subject of an ex-neonazi-turned-cop can be. CM is the thing I’m scared to write because it dives headlong into darkness and never comes back up for air. It’s possibly my writer’s tour-de-force one day, but that is not this day!

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Do u really believe you have to be severely underweight to have an ED? If so your wrong it's a mental state of being the disorder is in your mind not weight.

omg no one understood me correctly. Yes, I do believe I have disordered eating. It basically controls my life. BUT I don’t think I have anorexia. If you look at the DSM 5 you have to have eating so disordered that it leads to significant weight loss. That is NOT how my eating disorder works. So thx everyone for trying to look out for me but you do not know the specifics of my disorder and I’d appreciate it if people would stop acting like I don’t know what is going on with my own fucking body thx. 

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❤️ all my family (that is basically five)
♌️ libra
heaven help us - mcr
Man enough - def leppard
The last of the real ones - fob
Carry on my wayward son - Kansas
Oh, calamity! - atl

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Why do you think Severus and Hermione work so well as a ship? I believe it to be at least a bit popular, so I'd like to know your thoughts. Of course, we all have our different opinions about the ship.

I personally like the ship a lot. It’s basically my OTP, but I’m not a fan of the ones where she’s really underage and he’s her teacher and acts really OOC.  I like writing “after the war” stories where he survives, or where she meets him somewhere unexpectedly.  I like the ones where she’s in her late 20′s or even early 30′s.  By that point, he’s still going to be in his 40′s or 50′s but even though he’s very smart, emotionally, he’s pretty stunted, and I can see them not really minding the age difference at that point, especially if magical folks age slower than muggles.

I think it works so well because they have a lot of things in common but they also approach things differently (Hermione will come barreling in and give you hell if you’re doing something she doesn’t agree with, while Severus will quip at you and call you an idiot, but will kinda shrug his shoulders as long as it doesn’t directly affect him).  They’d have a lot in common with their scholarly interests, and they’d debate like nobody’s business because of their similar pride levels. I think that chemistry is what makes the ship really fun and enjoyable.  Also, they’d have an amazing sex life (ehehehe). So yeah, that’s my opinion!

Dan and Phil

Okay okay okay…  Can I just say that it amazes me that Dan and Phil are legitimate people? They cook, clean, pay bills etc. Like, I feel as if they aren’t real because I haven’t met them but I know they are and it kinda fucks me up.

They donate a bunch of money to charity and they are about us. It just amazes me because I don’t know how two people who are basically double my age, can mean so much to me and be such amazing people. 

I don’t know why this blows my mind but it really does. Enough with this post that nobody is bound to read


@timesarehardfornewsies asked: CAN I PLEASE GET A MOODBOARD? My name’s Angelina (in case you didn’t know lmao 😂), female, PANSEXUAL HELL YEAH, Ravenclaw or Ravenpuff if you do crosses, gemini ♡, enfp, I love music and band, my aesthetic is basically 50s-70s era fashion. Lots of red lips, classic cars, glitter, makeup, and anything yellow or teal. I also love Dodie Clark and Newsies you are a babe and psttt I’m still waiting on those singing videos 😂😘

I did this with and without your name included, so you’re able to have a personalized one! Hope you like it! ❤

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you easily became one of my fav blogs on here lol do you have twitter?

ive been really against using twitter for the longest time because i didn’t wanna go through the trouble of deleting all my tweets (ive had my account since i was 17…don’t think i had the same perspective i have now, back then so it sounded problematic lmao).

but, since i get this question so often & have enjoyed content from the site recently, i filtered out all my shit and basically can use the site now lol

if you guys wanna follow me on there my twitter handle is @colachmpagnedad

(please notice the missing letter in that bc im one character too long for twitter)

I went to Vegas and came back in one piece... somehow

I am exhausted and I want to die a little but the trip was amazing :D I went with my bestie and we basically did a tour de food of the Vegas Strip. Some of the memorable things:

  1. I ate at this buffet called The Wicked Spoon. It’s like a $50 buffet but the shit you get for that price is UNREAL. I may have teared up at the craw fish etouffee served with blackened salmon, it was THAT GOOD. I ate so much food I actually lost my ability to taste things for the night. First time for everything, I suppose
  2. I got to experience a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and I have NO REGRETS. It was his burger joint inside Planet Hollywood and it was easily the most memorable meal of the trip. The truffle parmesan fries were divine
  3. I got to see Zumanity. It’s a Cirque du Soleil show where everybody was basically naked and were doing some crazy shit with their bodies. There was audience participation and some of the shit that went down had me in TEARS. No regrets there.
  4. My bestie received a love letter from a guy on the street. We had been waiting for food after the Zumanity show (Tom Urban, great food, would eat again), when this dude showed up, gave her a piece of paper and left. It was a love letter to her shoulders and how lovely they are. The letter was strangely eloquent and riddled with mistakes. It was signed “Don The Dark One”. I swear to Bob, you cannot make this shit up! :D
  5. I got sick the first full day I was there. I take the fresh Colorado air for granted, because Vegas was filled with smog, cigarette smoke and that lovely scent of sadness that hotels tried to cover up with perfumed shit. My throat hurt and and I can’t stop sneezing, though I’ve gotten better the moment I went outside and took a deep breath of our lovely, local air.

All in all, I enjoyed myself, but I will NOT be returning any time soon. I was WAY too miserable and the climate almost killed me. Ugh. I am glad to be back, though :D