you know, a thing i think isn’t talked about nearly enough in this fandom is the fact that katara actually saved zuko’s life twice during the comet:

once when she actually, physically healed him and,

again when she took down azula without killing her

because, zuko was prepared to do it, he was willing to do it, he was going to do it because it had to be done but if he had killed, actually killed his own sister, who despite everything, zuko actually, truly loves (bc zuko loves, loves, loves his whole family, even though it’s broken, even though it’s bad, even though it’s truly, actually painful, they’re his and he loves them*), it would have destroyed him.

and like, idek anymore, but i can pretty much guess that zuko spent the whole trip to the capital psyching himself up and preparing himself for a lifetime as a kin-slayer and already starting down the spiral of self-loathing and then katara just… katatra just takes that burden from him. outright takes her down without putting a scratch on her.

and like, now that i think abt it, i’m like 95.15678354% sure that a not-unsubstantial part of the reason zuko chose katara to go with him was because he was hoping that she would figure something out, how to take azula down with minimal damage (bc zuko knows that katara is strong and powerful and prbbly the greatest waterbender in the world at that point, but also incredibly, astonishingly merciful).

i am actually 100% sure that if azula hadn’t cheated, if the agni kai proceeded as it seemed to have been going and zuko won, the very first thing he would have done is to turn to katara and say: “help her“.

idk, i guess that the point is that these kids cause me actual, physical pain and i just felt the need to spread it around

*and if anyone wants, i’m 100000% willing to give you canon evidence of this, starting from “the fatherlord“ to “i remember when my family was actually happy“


“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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Appropriating Latinx Magical Realism: A Twitter Thread

Mel from Books on Wings began this discussion by tweeting: “Apart from all the mess that is MS’ new book, I’ve always been hesitant about non-latinx people writing magical realism. It’s prominently a Latin American genre and she took inspiration from Isabel Allende and García Márquez. But why would we need her voice and story?”

I studied magical realism and the fantastic in college, and wrote my senior thesis on it, so I decided to jump in, because this has often bothered me as well. So here it is: You can write magical realism without appropriating Latin-American stories or Latinx magical realism. It’s easy. Here’s why. 

Magical Realism as a genre was founded by Gabriel García Márquez. One Hundred Years of Solitude and The House of the Spirits are two examples of the genre. This genre is largely a reaction against colonialism and Western realism. The idea is that mythology and spirituality are not as separate from the ‘real world’ in non-Western storytelling traditions. Here’s a way of explaining this: when I was a kid, my parents and grandparents told me a lot of stories about our history that are exaggerated, added-to, mythologized a little bit, etc. If I told a family history, I would tell those stories instead of finding the real ones, because these stories actually explain my family better. It’s an argument that it’s actually sort of more real if you include those tales rather than the ‘historically correct ones.’ You can pull inspiration from this genre successfully without appropriating it. For example, Jeffrey Eugenides in Middlesex uses the same sort of family/historical epic framework, dotted with magical realism, to tell his story. 

Magical realism is used in the literature of many cultures, from Balkan to Japanese to African-American novels and stories. It’s often used to project an anti-Western outlook, but with postmodernism, many Western writers began to utilize it as well. But outside of Latin America, magical realism is a mode, not a genre. It is a literary tool to enhance your story and give it depth, or mystery. It’s used, just for example, by The Master and Margarita, Ulysses, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Lincoln in the Bardo, the short stories of Shirley Jackson and Angela Carter. Would you put those all into the same genre? No, me neither. That’s because these all use magical realism but don’t try to appropriate the genre of magical realism, which is a Latin American genre. They use it as a mode to create a certain feeling, experience, and depth for the reader, but are not directly using the styles of Marquez.

That’s my problem with Maggie Stiefvater’s new novel. There is no reason why you need to appropriate Latinx stories or tropes from the genre of magical realism in order to write a novel that has magical realism in it. As Mel added, non-Latinx people can use it as a mode—but there’s no reason to take Latinx stories away. I agree. Do you want to write a novel with magical realism in it? Great—so do I, in fact. But why do you need to write a Latin American story to do so? The answer is that you really don’t. 

Got7 Reaction to Meeting your Large Family.


When you would introduce him to your family he would probably play it pretty cool on the outside, but feel a little overwhelmed on the inside because he would want to try to remember all of the names of the people he met. He would probably be fairly clingy to you, because the last thing he would want to do is be left with your weird Aunt Linda while you went to get something to drink.



Upon walking in, Mark would be at a loss for words, to say the least. With all of the Hello!’s and How are you?’s being tossed around at him, it would probably make him a bit shy. But as the day goes on he would open up more and more and become a little more comfortable and talk with your fam more willingly.


You wouldn’t even be able to tell that Jackson was nervous, because the moment he walked through the door he would be talking politics with your Grandad or learning how to knit from your Great Grandma. He would be the one to strike up conversations with anyone and probably end up ditching you at one point to meet more people.


Jinyoung would be at his utmost best. If you wanna put it in mom terms: his listening ears and his manners would be on. He would try his best to engage in conversation as much as he could so he doesn’t seem too terribly quiet, but on the inside, he would probably be screaming because why is your Uncle wearing a tropical Hawaiian shirt, that’s tacky.


I feel like Youngjae would handle it fairly well. He would be smiley and polite, but remain close to you. He would probably have a genuine good time, and keep asking you to invite him to more family functions. He would be the only one that laughs at your Uncle Jim’s jokes, as well.


Honestly, Bam would put on a front I’d say. He would act all reserved and social and be polite, but would probably be thinking “Wait, why am I here.” Not that he was mad at you or anything, but he would much rather be around just you, I think. He would definitely make sure that your family likes him though.


Yugyeom would be shy, but that wouldn’t stop him from being kind and respectful. He would mostly rely on you to introduce him and initiate conversation, for the most part, and he would probably be clingy as well. If it weren’t for you being by him, he would have gotten stuck in a conversation with your Grandma Joice about the cute dogs she found videos of in her Facebook news feed.

A/N: Sorry I didn’t post a reaction yesterday, I know I’m a bad blog mom. I will normally try to post once everyday, though, so keep sending in requests because they’re open! Thanks! xx

anonymous asked:

Hey so I was wondering, how did you "approach" the families on AuPairWorld? Like, what did you say in your first message? I want to communicate but I have severe social anxiety so I always overthink everything (btw, you inspired me to try to become an au pair as well, I'm so happy that you can finally go to Germany)

my host family actually approached me first! theres an automated message so you dont actually have to write anything if you dont want to but it’s probably a good idea to add a personal touch to the message if it’s a family you’re really keen on becoming a part of. i replied asking if they would like to skype sometime and gave them my username and whatsapp number and we organised to skype 2 days later. we talked for almost an hour and they said they’d love to have me as a big sister for their 3 kids - and that was that!
as for your profile, it’s super important that you have at least a couple of pictures of yourself and that you briefly describe your family, hobbies, and your experience with children as well as why you want to become an au pair. it really helps if you write about yourself in german and then have the english translation underneath, not just because it’ll probably be easier for them to understand, but it also shows your interest in the language and the culture, which is something your potential host family will be looking for - i got almost 20 applications in just a couple of weeks because there are not a lot of native english speakers on there who already speak the language of the country they want to go to so a lot of people were very curious about how i learnt german and why.
i can post what i wrote in my profile as an example here if you think it might help you get an idea of what you should write :~)

Last Saturday, I ask to see the id of a guy getting chew and beer. He stared at me, confused. I repeat myself, thinking he didn’t hear me.

Him: no, I heard you, I’ve just never been carded here before.

Me: okay, well, it’s the law.

Him: oh, you must be new here.

Me: actually, my family owns this business and I’ve been working here full time for years.

Him: oh….

He still has not handed me his id. We’re both just standing there staring at each other. Finally, he gets it out and hands it to me. He is 23!! I could understand the fuss if he was in his 30s or older, but he’s only legally even been allowed to drink for a few years!!

Tldr; don’t argue when someone asks to see your id for beer or cigarettes. It’s the law.

I was tarzan, but my gorilla family was actually a bunch of robots that were broken and needed me to fix them so they didn’t sound like monkeys anymore. After I fixed them, they transformed into more human looking robots and we all walked back to civilisation.