Don’t kill off parts of yourself because you wasted time investing them into places that could never see the value in you.

Never allow yourself to believe that someone could walk away with pieces of you that you can’t get back.

Take time to rebuild when you need to. That doesn’t mean you lost , it just means you took a loss.

Update 7/10

Early July birthdays

To celebrate birthdays in the first half of September, each of these idols have received a loading rumor or comic: Kanade Hayami, Tomo Fujii, Mutsumi Ujiie, Azuki Momoe, Erika Akanishi, Yoshino Yorita, and Miu Yaguchi. Don’t forget to send them cards!

With Love returns

The event song, “With Love”, has been added back into the game. Find it with your permanent songs! You can also spend memory keys to unlock voiced previews and event chapters!

Little Riddle results

The Little Riddle event has ended and the event rewards are available from the event page. Go there to see how you fared!

Deresute Night 10 item

The new room item is Mayu’s Cocoon, requested by Yui Makino! Find it in your room shop once your device hits 3 PM.