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Headcanons for the characters when they are sick?

i’m gonna go with the despair disease for this one as in terms of how they’d act if you don’t mind, anon

oh boy this took a while

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Rantarou Amami has become too suspicious

Too fucking suspicious. Which is why he’s very likely going to be our friend. With all the sprites we’ve seen of him that resemble Nagito and with his ??? talent he’s become too suspicious to actually be someone who’ll cause Kaede trouble, at least that’s how I see it. The alarm bells have been ringing since we first saw him and they’re just pushing it so much with the Nagito-like sprites. I’d like to believe that they’re just fucking around with us. Or it’s just a case of reserve psychology and they got me good.

  • Amami:[nervously walks up to Harukawa] Hey! …so uh… you’re a teacher right? You must be pretty smart…?
  • Harukawa:I guess so.
  • Amami:Yeah right? So do you mind if I ask a … “personal question”?
  • Harukawa:Let me guess, about your sexual orientation?
  • Amami:How did you know?
  • Harukawa:Everyone asks me the same question today. If you want my opinion you should talk about it with Akamatsu, she’s more the “feelsy” type.
  • Amami:[walks up to Akamatsu] Do you think I’m straight?
  • Akamatsu:Ask Jesus.
  • Amami:Uh… but I’m not even christian.
  • Akamatsu:So you’re most likely gay since all christians are straight.
  • Amami:Why are you so sure about that?
  • Akamatsu:Because I’m straight and christian.
NDRV3 Personality Headcanons

While we’re waiting for more information on the new cast of characters, namely their personalities- I was thinking about creating a list of personality traits I believe some of the characters may possess due to their current existing sprites and talents which we have been shown.

[I can’t wait to come back to this and see how wrong I was lmao.]

Kaede (Ultimate Pianist): I’m not going to say anything about her because her personality has basically already been confirmed, but I am going to say that the fact that she’s a little more headstrong sounding than some of our other protagonists have been, she may get into a few more arguments with other characters due to this.

Saihara (Ultimate Detective): I’m guessing he’s going to be a little bit like Kirigiri, and not just because he’s also a detective, but because of some of the sprites we’ve been shown for his character. He’s been shown with a thoughtful expression- obviously because he’s a detective, but he’s also been shown with some more monotone expressions, making me believe he’ll be more of the silent type. He’s also shown to be slightly flustered in one of his sprites- so perhaps he is a little more emotional than Kirigiri. Maybe he’s the type that has trouble making friends and gets nervous around other people. I think that due to his helpfulness as the detective of the group he’s going to be one of the first to die; it would make solving the crimes a lot more difficult for the remaining cast.

Gokuhara (Ultimate Entomologist): I think he’s going to be the ‘fatherly’ and ‘open’ type of character. He’s always there for moral support and thinks good of everything. Basically a gentle giant- he’s more reserved and respects people and their opinions. His passion for his talent is enormous and he really loves what he does, and tries to encourage people to enjoy what they do as well. I would say he also gets offended very easily and tries to act like it doesn’t affect him, but it really breaks him down.

Maki (Ultimate Nursery Teacher): I believe Maki will be the mysterious character of the game. I hope I’m wrong with this, but I feel like she may have a very bland personality in the beginning of the game, and our interest will be dragged away from her. Then in the later chapters of the game, she does something that we wouldn’t expect and our attention is suddenly dragged back to her. I believe she will be very unpredictable and her quiet personality will lead people to believe she isn’t a threat- while she is.

Ouma (Ultimate Dictator): I think Ouma will actually be a more intellectual character than what people are putting him out to be at the moment- don’t get me wrong I love the headcanon that he’s meme obsessed and dabs 24/7, but let’s get real for a sec. I mean- he became a dictator for a reason, and I doubt that reason is because he’s irresponsible and brushes everything off nonsensically. Like many past dictators, I believe he will be quite charismatic and will be able to get his way very easily with some of the more gullible characters. I feel like he’s going to be a sly and more seemingly composed type of guy, that seems to have good intentions, but may possibly have bad ones. If you want to be a ruler, you have to make sure you can get people to listen to you, so he has to have appeal. I also don’t really think he’d be a Gundham type character with the “kneel before me I am your god!!” type of thing, but don’t sue me if I’m wrong.

Yumeno (Ultimate Witch): I think she’s going to be the snarky type who thinks everything she knows is correct. Due to some of her sprites I believe she might be a little dismissive when it comes to listening to others opinions. Despite being a magician which may make her appear to be more intellectual than others I believe she may actually be one of the more,,, uhh I guess you could say characters with little knowledge. I feel as if she might guilt trip people into feeling sorry for her in certain situations and if people attempt to disagree with her she makes them feel like they’re in the wrong. I may be completely off though! I’m not trying to say she’s going to be a bad character, I actually enjoy characters who aren’t absolutely perfect with no flaws whatsoever, so I’m all in for more problematic characters.

Amami (Ultimate ???): This guy honestly does not seem like he’d be the “next Komaeda” to me. I think he might actually just be a really chill guy who wants the best for everyone. Perhaps he speaks what’s on his mind a little too often though and has trouble filtering his speech, but that’s just normal for a lot of people. I feel as if they’re showing him to be an important character far too much for him to be extremely suspicious, I feel as if that would be way too straightforward. I personally would be more shocked by a character who didn’t give off suspicious vibes to us before the game even aired. Also, I really doubt he’ll have a Komaeda type personally because it would just be unoriginal to incorporate another character exactly like him into the game, It would kind of disappoint me- I don’t know about any of you though.

Toujou (Ultimate Maid): I feel like Toujou will be very straightforward with a lot of her thoughts and beliefs and won’t really care much if people think she’s right or wrong. She isn’t swayed easily by what others tell her and she’s very hard to get to know. She likes to hide her emotions and comes across as unapproachable and slightly cold. She is very intuitive though and tends to be a big help when analyzing certain things in cases. Her ability to debate is very good and she can easily spit out a believable reasoning which would result in many people conforming to her.

Hoshi (Ultimate Tennis Player): This character I don’t really have too many ideas about. I don’t want to say he’s just going to be another TeruTeru or Hifumi, but I really don’t know what to expect. I think despite everyone’s thoughts, he actually might be a really levelheaded guy. He gets mad a little too easily though- especially when people comment on his height and ask about how he’s able to play tennis. He’s likes to crack jokes to break the ice when people seem distraught and he has good intentions. I won’t be surprised if I’m 100% off on this one haha.

Tenko (Ultimate Aikido ?Practitioner?): I feel like she’s going to be one of your stereotypical, I don’t want to say dumb, but I suppose that’s the best word that fits here- athletes. Some of her new sprites lead me to think that she can be a little too open and possibly overreacts to things way too much at times. She seems like she’d had a strong sense of justice though and believes in being loyal to your companions.

Iruma (Ultimate Inventor): I think she’s going to have a really spunky personality and she’ll really enjoy joking around with the rest of the cast and attempting to lift spirits. She can be a little rude sometimes, but it’s not intended. I think she’s going to be specifically the most street smart among the cast and she knows a lot about getting around hardships in life.

Shirogane (Ultimate Cosplayer): She’s really bright and perky and wants the best for everyone. She’s very into what she does and loves cosplaying. She tries to get others invested in the importance of her talent and encourages them to take interest in it. She will occasionally cosplay to surprise her classmates and put them in a brighter mood. Contradictory to her bright personality, she can be very anxious when it comes to the world. Things spook her very easily and she doesn’t really know how to deal with problems very seriously.

Shinguuji (Ultimate Folkorist): I think he’s going to be very dramatic in the way his speech comes across, after all he is a Folklore Specialist. He is very passionate about what he does and believes that folklore is a very important aspect of the world. He is more of an old soul and doesn’t really enjoy the current time. Perhaps he speaks in an older form of language as if he was an English speaker instead of speaking new English he’d speak in Old English as in the times of Shakespeare, except the Japanese equivalent of that obviously.

Momota (Ultimate Astronaut): I think he’s going to be very laid back and go with the flow. If someone says something he’s very quick to agree with them and isn’t very entitled to his own opinions. He isn’t exactly stupid, but just a little too lax sometimes. He is actually very knowledgeable in his branch and is eager to inform anyone on space and the things he finds fascinating.

Kiibo (Ultimate Robot): I believe he will be a lot more human than he will be robot in means of personality. Physically he will have many strange attributions which will make him a target of interest to many of the other students. He’s short tempered and doesn’t like it very much when people attempt to mess with his features. He’s very knowledgeable due to data storage inside of his robotic body and is basically a walking dictionary, but he can get slightly confused when it comes to understanding human emotions and speech.

Angie (Ultimate Artist): I think she’s going to be very deceptive and cunning despite her innocent looks. I feel as if she’ll fake a kind and helpful personality and then turn her back on the person of whom she’d gained the trust of. She’ll be very misunderstood and not really understand how she’s harming people- or maybe she will. I’m getting this from the one expression she made in the class trial promo picture- that smile did not look genuine.

So those are my current headcanons on their personalities- probably way off, but it’ll be fun to come back to and look at once the game comes out and we actually see what they’re like.


Hope people ain’t tired of DRV3 lovechildren yet!
So I’ve decided his name is Hitoshi and I’ve seen an Oumami kid floating around and I aDORE THEM THEY ARE GREAT.
So I did a rubbish sketch of Hitoshi meeting Kuro, and slightly basing it off Shuichi’s and Ouma’s fanon interactions thus far (the meeting was mostly Kaede and Amami’s idea) Hope it’s ok!

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Based off the Lovechildren blog ,how a pta meeting would go


  • pta mom ouma and pta mom yumeno go head to head EVERY. DAMN. MEETING. 
  • ‘its time to elect the new president of the pta raise your hand if you want to be entered in the race!’ YUMENO AND OUMA IMMEDIATELY SHOOT OUT OF THEIR SEATS WITH THEIR ARMS UP 
  • ouma stuffing the voting box with ballots full of his name 
  • they have to hold a whole pta meeting to decide if they should allow momota/kiibo robo kid to attend the school (they totally do dont worry they just gotta make sure he doesnt have like finger lasers)
  • angie is in charge of snacks
  • ANGIE SHOULD NOT BE IN CHARGE IN SNACKS she brings horrible things like all natural vegan banana cookies and chia pomogranate pudding and no one ever eats ANY OF IT (except for yumeno and angie)
  • theyre going over the budget for the school year and kaede and ouma get in a huge fight ‘WE NEED MORE MONEY FOR THE MUSIC PROGRAM!!!’ ‘NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE STUPID MUSIC PROGRAM KAEDE’ 
  • neither yumeno or ouma become pta president. its korekiyo in the end and the vice president is toujou
  • ouma literally cries
  • yumeno literally just stops showing up to the meetings
  • theyre planning a huge field trip and everyone is in charge of certain things
  • saihara and toujou handle the location and day
  • ouma and amami gotta get the buses reserved and stuff
  • korekiyo and gonta have to make the itineraries and schedules
  • yumeno and angie are in charge of getting the snacks and waters ready for the trip
  • kaede and maki coordinate getting all the permission slips and making sure the kids know the rules
  • momota and kiibo are in charge of rounding the kids up and keeping track when it comes to the actual field trip because kiibo can just scan the area and be like ‘ALL 23 CHILDREN ACCOUNTED FOR. WE MAY PROCEED’
  • its a good day the kids have a lot of fun the parents are so proud
  • they all pretend that the meetings arent stresseful and pointless and that they dont go home crying (they totally do they hardly ever get anything done why are they even apart of the pta)