hc for anti

- already took over

- he’s just toying with us. just wait for the whole picture 

- he’s going to come out at us at the most unsuspecting time. 

- like i feel jack will be playing something like “Oh…Sir” or “Cluster truck”, then anti will fully take over when he’s having the most fun and is vulnerable

- but the video won’t have the energy that his videos will usually have at the beginning. 

- it will sound something more like his first videos where he wouldn’t scream or yell or get really giddy and hype. 

- all of a sudden his head will just drop, and Anti will come out, saying something like: “what is this garbage.” and then it will switch over to a game of spoops or something.

- at the end of the video, jack will come back and have no idea what just happened

- the part where its after the outro screen will play (the bloopers) and jack will say “whatever that was, it will not happen again” then it will cut to anti saing “Or will it?”

Bound To Happen

“Where’s the other tripod?” Jack asks, looking around the room he and Joe are currently setting up for filming in.

“Oh, I probably left it in the living room or bedroom.” Joe says as he adjusts one of the lights. “Mind running and grabbing it?”

“On it.” Jack nods, turning and heading out of the room. He checks the living room quickly, but it’s nowhere to be found, so he heads up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Opening the door, he freezes, eyes widening and mouth falling open, because there stands Y/N.

Completely naked.

Except her backs towards him, so she doesn’t know that Jack is standing there, and he can’t seem to force himself to look away or even just close his eyes.

“Any luck?” Joe’s voice carries up to him, and Y/N spins around, revealing the rest of her body to Jack, before she lets out a scream.

That seems to snap Jack out of it, and he quickly slaps a hand over his eyes, stepping backwards blindly.

“I’m sorry!” He tells her, pulling the door closed as footsteps come up the stairs behind him.

“What happened?! Is Y/N okay?!” Joe says frantically, and when Jack lowers his hand to look at the smaller man, he notices the panic across his face.

“She’s fine.” Jack tells him and he can feel his cheeks burning red. “And I am so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Joe asks just as the bedroom door swings open, revealing a blushing Y/N, this time with clothes on.

“Have you heard of knocking?!” She practically spits at Jack, her arms crossed tightly in front of her.

“I didn’t know you were in there!” Jack says, and he meets her eyes for a moment before they both look away quickly.

“What happened?” Joe questions, calming down now that he realizes no one is hurt.

“Uhm, I kind of maybe just saw your girlfriend naked.” Jack admits, scratching the back of his neck. His eyes are lowered to the floor, so he doesn’t see the anger flash across Joe’s face.

“You what?” The calm tone, a calmness that is slightly chilling sounding, makes the younger man lift his eyes to meet Joe’s, and he flinches at the intense glare sent in his direction.

“It was an accident! If I had known she was in there changing, I would have knocked!”

“You could have looked away sooner too.” Y/N mumbles, and Jack really wishes she hadn’t said that, because now Joe looks even angrier.

“You stared?!”

“I was surprised! I know I should have looked away sooner, and I’m sorry, but well…I don’t know!” Jack throws his hands in the air, stepping back from Joe, who looks ready to punch him.

“How much did you see?”



“Everything?” He squeaks out, and for one brief second, he thinks Joe is actually going to punch him, but Y/N steps forward, placing a hand on Joe’s arm.

“Babe.” When he doesn’t look away from Jack, and the younger man swallows in fear, she tugs at his arm until Joe finally drags his stare away from Jack and to her, his face instantly softening. “It’s fine. It was an accident.”


“Oh please, you boys have all seen each naked plenty of times, and I don’t want to punch any of them.” Y/N waves her hand. “Yes, it’s embarrassing, and now Jack knows what I look like without clothes, but so what? It was bound to happen eventually, if not with him, one of the others. You are all to easy going with going in and out of each other’s houses.”

“That’s true.” Jack mumbles, but his mouth snaps shut as Joe glares over at him again.

“Don’t be angry at him.” Y/N says, placing a hand on Joe’s cheek to bring his attention back to her. “Alright? It’s happened. It’s done. It’s over. And Jack will pretend it never happened, right?”

“Already forgotten. What are we talking about?” Jack says, offering the couple a small smile.

“Next time, knock.” Joe tells Jack before spinning around and heading back down the stairs.

“If it helps,” Jack shrugs as he heads for the stairs, “You have a really nice body.”

“Jack!” Joe’s angry voice carries up to him, and Y/N rolls her eyes as Jack flinches before heading down the stairs.

“I’m sorry! But it’s true!”

“Shut the fuck up before I punch you!”

Super Bowl 51

*not requested*

a/n; I can’t believe the comeback in this game, it was amazing!! Also Idk what team he was actually for last night but I just wrote this to go with the imagine. 

Word Count: 497

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“We’re gonna win, babe.” Jack smirked, looking at the score as we started the second half, I shook my head. “I have faith in my team.” I mumbled in response, watching as the Falcons played, “get him!” I shouted at the same time that Gilinsky was screaming at him to run. “The scores 28-9, you still have faith?” He sounded shocked, but he knows, he knows that these games can change in an instant. 

“Yes, I have faith in, Brady.” I gave him an over exaggerated smile, he hates when I do that. He clamped a hand over my mouth as we started up again, both of us focused only on the screen, sitting on the edge of our seats as Tom Brady through the ball, I jumped up when we got a touch down. “Yes!” I turned to Jack, pointing an accusing finger at him, he raised an eyebrow, “don’t get ahead of yourself now.” 

We’re in the fourth quarter now, eight minutes and change left on the clock. “And that was a fumble, the Patriots have the ball!” They announced, I clapped my hands just to annoy Jack, who was starting to become even more annoyed with this game. “We’re coming for you.” I mumbled, leaning towards him, I smiled when he kissed me, distracting me from the game for a while. 

Next thing I know, I looked up and we’re almost to the goal line, “second and three, come on we can do this.” I whispered, pushing myself away from Jack. I shouted, jumping up once again, we got another touchdown. “Well, shit.” Jack watched the screen, glancing up at me. “Ha!” I sat back down in my spot, starting to get back into the game. “Oh, thank god.” I breathed out when we got the extra two points. 

After a pathetic amount of time, we’ve got the ball back, time is running out on the clock, two minutes, come on. “Edelman comes down with the ball, they’re saying it’s a catch!” I bounced in my seat, we’re getting so close. “If you win..” Jack trailed off, simply adding a groan, “why?” He mumbled covering his face with his hands. I laughed, tearing my eyes off the screen for a minute before looking back. 

Another touchdown later and we’re into overtime, first time ever in Super Bowl history might I add. But without a doubt we’re winning because we’re literally right in front of it. I was standing along with Jack who was watching just as intently as I was. “And it’s in! The Patriots win the Super Bowl! Brady has his fifth win!” I jumped up and down, “yes, yes, yes.” I cheered, laughing when they showed Brady’s wife freaking out. 

“There is no way.” Jack groaned falling down onto the couch, “aw, my poor baby.” I teased, placing my legs on both sides of him, “I love you, even though you were supporting the wrong team.” I laughed, kissing him quickly. “Whatever.”

anonymous asked:

Imagine instead of Gabriel become reaper, daughter!reader became reaper after the explosion in Switzerland and one day visit Gade to give him a warning of the next omnic crisis

Gabriel Reyes sat on a worn couch, surrounded by empty bottles and newspaper clippings. Each with variations of the same headline, Explosion at Geneva Overwatch Base. He placed the bottle he had been nursing all night down and grabbed one of the closest clippings. The words swum around him in his drunken haze but he had long memorizes every single one. It helped that they were basically the rewording of the same thing, blaming him for the death of Jack Morrison.

Blaming him for the death of his daughter.

He placed his head in his hand and began screaming. The damned bureaucrats that caused all this just shoved him aside, giving him a house and basic income to stay outside the public’s sight. He grabbed the half full bottle and threw it at the wall, suddenly enraged. At the shattering of glass he realized what a waste of alcohol that was. With a groan he leaned back, head hitting the wall behind him.

Something bristled within him, a deep instinct that told him he wasn’t alone. He slowly moved to the gun he had hid underneath the coffee table. Grabbing it he twirled around, gun pointed at the growing mass of smoke. It pressed forward, grabbing his arm and twisting around before becoming more solid.

“Drop it,” his ears pricked at something familiar in that voice, “You’re more likely to shoot yourself in your inebriated state.”

“Don’t patronize me, you don’t know what I’ve been through,” he snarled, still lowering the gun slowly.

“I know who you are,” the bone white owl mask tilted, “Gabriel Reyes.”

“Whoop-de-fucking-do,” he growled, every instinct in his body screaming at him, “Do you want a gold star for figuring out the obvious.”

“If you’re offering,” amusement flickered in the intruders voice, nostalgia prickled through his body.

“Who are you,” he questioned, gun finally resting on the floor.

The figure raised it’s clawed hands, lowering the hood and unbuckling the mask wrapped around it’s head. A face he hadn’t seen for six years stared back at him, puffs of smoke trailing from his daughters face.

He collapsed to the floor and stared blankly forward.

“How? I saw you myself, you were dead.”

“Your friend, the doctor, knows the answer to that,” your face was hard as you stared down at your father.

He snarled and lashed at the couch in rage, and you simply looked on. 

“I came to warn you,” you said, body starting to disintegrate into smoke again, “in this week Mondatta is about to be assassinated.”

“And we’re going to see another crisis emerge.”

“How do you know this,” he questioned, tears streaming down his face.

“Simple,” you squatted next to him, “I work with the people who are going to do it.”


“Yes,” the smoke began to drift out the window, “You have your warning, do with it what you will.”

You drifted from the room leaving your father shell-shocked on the floor. Giving a snarl he picked up his comm unit, about to demand answers from a certain Swiss doctor.


The first time Kent uses the nickname, they’re out grocery shopping, just Bitty and Kent because Jack is away for a game. “We need eggs, buttercup.”

Bitty looks at him with an arched brow. “Did you just call me buttercup?”

Kent shrugs. “Yeah, why?”

Bitty pauses in selecting an egg carton, scratching his head. “I mean, it’s fine, but is there a reason?”

Kent smirks. “Well, you buy a lot of butter, so…”

Bitty punches him lightly in the shoulder. “If this is a chirp, Kent Parson!”

Kent’s laughing too hard to retaliate.


The second time Kent uses the name, they’re sitting on the front porch, waiting for Jack to get home. Bitty’s chattering about plane flights, worrying as usual about Jack’s safety, and Kent reaches over and ruffles his hair. “Cheer up, buttercup.”

Bitty’s eyebrows fly up. “I won’t have chirping on my front porch, no matter how much I like you, Kent,” he crosses his arms.

“It’s not exactly a chirp,” Kent says, and now that he’s trying to put it into words it’s a little embarrassing. He scans the yard for the patch of buttercups he’d seen the other day, jumping up to go grab one. “See,” he comes back, holding it out under Bitty’s chin and then his own so that Bitty can see the yellow glow the sunlight reflecting off of it casts. “It’s kinda like you–when you walk in the room, everything gets a little brighter.”

Bitty stares at him long enough that he starts to feel awkward, and he moves to toss the flower away.

But Bitty grabs his hand and stops him. “Kenny… that might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” he murmurs, and then he leans forward and Kent suddenly has a warm armful of Bitty. 

He’s not complaining.


The third time he uses the name, Bitty and Jack are watching a game on the couch, and Kent leans up behind Bitty to kiss him on the cheek. “Hey, itty bitty buttercup.”

Bitty blushes and turns to kiss him.

Jack turns too, giving him a weird look. “Did you just call our boyfriend a flower?”

“I sure did.”

Captain Jack
  • Okay, so think of this: when captain Jack got undressed by All those robots, where did the little gun come from?? POCKET DIMENSION UP HIS ARSEHOLE MOTHAFUCKA!!! So, from this we can imagine that Ianto never actually died in Children of the Earth, he is actually up Jacks arse, he has a little kitchen and a summer house and all that and when Jack needs a shag, out pops Ianto head first. Once he's finished, back he goes and everyone can just hear muffled screaming. It's like Hermione Grangers bag up there. I mean, the library's great.
BARE IT ALL (Jack Gilinsky) Part 12

PREVIOUS PARTS⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ http://camerondallasbutt.tumblr.com/post/123340872413/bare-it-all-jack-gilinsky-part-11

“I was just telling y/n, that I called one of the girls and told her to not show up. I feel that y/n would be a better fit for the video.” I heard Jack say to Mr. Colluci. Me. Colluci nodded his head and walked away and I turned towards Jack.
“What the hell!” I said pushing Jack.
“Hey I just saved your life and your job!” He said laughing.
“Fucking asshole” I mumbled under my breath.
“Y/n! Get to her hair and makeup!” Mr. Colluci screamed at me. I scoffed and walked away from everybody.
I had my hair straightened. My makeup consisted of winged eyeliner and red lips. They put me in light washed high waisted shorts and a white crop top, with white converse. I looked like freaking 16 year old.
I started walking back to the set.
“Why the fuck the do I look like a 16 year old?” I said sitting next to Johnson.
“You look fine” He paused. “Y/n why did you go to engagement party? No offense but you weren’t even invited… You caused a huge fight between Jack and Madison. Why did you leave without telling anybody and then just come back after two years?” Johnson bombarded me with questions.
“Look I don’t have time for these questions” I said before walking away.
“Everybody come over here” the director started. “Okay so Johnson, Nate, Wilk, and Yow two girls sit on the steps Gilinsky and Y/n I want your over here by the wall. I want you acting very flirty and close.”
“Okay Action!”

I ain’t never met a girl, like you
And you’ll never find a man, like me
Walking out the door, with you on my arm
You can hit me on my phone anytime you want

Got me going mad, when you dress like that
Girl, it’s a trap when you act like that (Yeah)
I ain’t even mad when you dress like that (Skate)
I know you know you bad when you act like that
Oh yeah

Jack was extremely close to me, his lips almost touching mine. By the end of the scene Jack whispered into my ear “do you still love me?” He pulled away and looked at me. I looked back at him with crazy eyes. He walked away just leaving me stunned.

“That’s a wrap guys, the video is coming along great.” The director yelled.

I changed into my clothes and called an Über to come pick me up.
I grabbed my purse and started walking to the the front of the house.
I was sitting on the steps of the front porch. When Jack approached me.
“Do you still love me” Jack asked me again.
“Why are you asking me this” I paused annoyed. “why do you still love?” I asked him.
Out of the nowhere Jack leaned in and crashed his lips with mine, after a minute or two he pulled away.
“Does that answer your question.”

In Love With Lil'mama (N.M & S.W) Part Two

Srry bout dat wait or wateva tumblr deleted my shit, then I got side tracked with the BBMAs, then Mr. Maloley posted that sexy ass smoking snap…..that got me pregnant🙊
Anyway enjoy beautiful- maddi💋

(Sammy’s POV)

I woke up to a pounding in my head that made me want to scream. I tried to open my eyes but that just made my headache worse. “Is he awake?” Whispered a familiar voice, but it seems like that voice was so far away. I tried once again to open my eyes and I let them adjust to the light. “He is awake!” Whisper-yelled a different voice. Then the light dimmed when the people that the voices belonged to stood over me, that caused me to fully open my eyes now and I saw Nash, and Jack G studying me.

“Where the hell am I?” My raspy voice whispered. “The hospital dumbass. Nate did some serious damage to you.” Gilinsky mumbled. Then it all came back to me. What I said, and what I did. But I wasn’t guilty about it at all, it was just a shame that I was the one in the hospital and not him. “And now that your awake we need to talk.” Nash firmly stated. “Talk? About what?” I scoffed. “About what happened last night Sammy!” Jack spat.

I rolled my eyes knowing I had no choice but to listen to their lecture. “Do you know what has happened since you’ve last been awake Sam? Huh? The whole fucking fandom has divided! Their either TeamNate or TeamSammy! Do you know how hard it is for the rest of us! Their starting to think that we’re splitting up because of that stupid fight!” Gilinsky ranted. I just kept my facial expressions calm. I really cared about the fans, but all that drama could be solved later.

“How are you so goddamn calm about this!? Everyone’s running around worried about you! And you don’t give two shits!” Nash scoffed. I just sighed running a hand through my hair. “Where’s Y/N?“They both gave me look of pure confusion and irritation “Get her to me it’s the only way I can fix this. Fix us.”

(Nate Maloley’s POV)

She was in between my legs, while I sat on the counter in the bathroom. She dabbed at my eye cuts surrounding my purpleish-blackish eye. Y/N sighed deeply looking down on the floor. “What if he’s in a coma Nate?” She scolded me softly. “I’m not worried about him and you shouldn’t be either. Unless your in love with him?” I rose my eyebrow questionably. “I’m not in love with Sammy, I love you Skate, but he’s my best friend so I have a right to care about him.”

I rolled my eyes still skeptical that she could be lying. “Well that son of a bitch isn’t a friend of mine.” I grumbled under my breath. My wounds didn’t bother me because I knew that Sam’s were even worse. Y/N purposely applied more pressure to my eye wound causing me to wince and hiss. “This is just a bump in you guy’s friendship. You shouldn’t resent Sam and throw away the years you’ve know each other, over some idiotic fight.” She firmly said with confidence in her words. I just shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair. “You just don’t get it-”

Then her phone rang cutting me off, she walked out the bathroom and into our bedroom and answered it. “Hey Nash…… Oh my god he is……..he does,why-………I’m on my way.” Y/N hung up returning to the bathroom where I was still sitting. “I gotta go baby.” She told me and gently kisses my cheek. “Where?” I asked hopping off the counter. “Sammy woke up and-” That was all I needed to hear before I was completely against it.

“Hell, fucking no.” I dismissed it with a wave of my hand. “Nate your not my father, you can’t tell me where I can and can’t go!” She scoffed, folded her arms, and rolled her eyes. I didn’t want that backstabbing man whore near my girlfriend. I loved her too much to let her go, especially to him. “I know, I-I’m just afraid.” I murmured incoherently. “Afraid of what Skate?” She moved so that her light delicate hands wrapped softly around my neck and I pulled her closer to me. Wanting to feel the warmness her body kept forever. “Of losing you.”

(Sammy’s POV)

Her gorgeous eyes met mine as she walked inside my hospital room, but they saddened when she saw the state I was in. My hair was one hot mess, I had a bruise on my stomach, I had a bloody bandage wrapped around my head in order to stop the beating. That was caused by the impact of Nate bashing my head against the hardwood floor repeatedly last night. “Hey babygirl. ” I smiled softly as she sat her purse down in a nearby chair not taking her eyes off of me.

“We’ll leave you two alone, to uh talk.” Jack G said as him and Nash walked out the room cracking the door a little. “Look at you Sam.” She whispered tears forming in the corners of her eyes. “Trust me Y/N it’s really not that bad, I’ve know Nate for forever, and I’ve seen him do mush worst.” I lightly chuckled, hoping to bring light to the serious conversation we were about to have. She just looked down walking slowly so that she was next to me. “About last night-”

“Everything I said about you is true. I’m in love with you Y/N.” Her eyes widened and looked at mine, I grabbed her hand gently and rubbed my thumb over her backhand softly. “I can’t get you out of my head Y/N. No matter how hard I try to distract myself from you it never works, your on my mind 24/7, and it’s taking a huge toll on me. I know it might sound cheesy but it’s true.” I got out all in one breath, hella nervous for her reaction.

For a second her eyes lit up but then she bit her lip and allowed the tears to spill. “Please be mine.” I whispered to her. As if it was a secret only she could know. “I-I-I’m with Nate. Sammy you know that.” She uttered chocking back the tears. “Just,” I paused sighing and closing my eyes for a minute before opening them again. “Just forget about everything. Forget about Nate, the guys, the fans, and everything else accept us. I need you to think about us and how it can just be you and I together if you just say yes and be mine Y/N.”

I then realized my face was a mere inch from her’s and how we were staring at each other with deep compassion. It was then I saw the look of love flash in her eyes. With that I kissed her. The moment I’ve been dreaming of for forever now finally coming true, with the magic kiss we shared and no one could steal it. Are lips moving in sync together like we’ve been at this for years. But everything shattered into a million pieces so goddamn fast. Her lips were off of mine and my heart dropped when I heard his sickened voice.

“I guess I lost you then, huh Y/N?”

I’m getting good with these cliff hangers😅 So should I do a part three??????

short imagine about da boys

“y/n are you fucking serious, again? This song is so annoying, turn it off” Sammy said rolling his eyes once again, no one likes my music taste, fuckers.

“Don’t worry y/n I like this song too” G smiles at me, and I just laugh shaking my head, I stop the car in front of Skate’s house and him and Johnson get in.

“DUDEEE I LOVE THIS SONG!!” Skate screams and Johnson rolls his eyes, “What’s good about this song, huh? I honestly don’t like it”

“RUUDEE” G yelled and everyone burst out laughing, I decided to just change the song, “FINALLY” Sam and Johnson yelled at the same time, I roll my eyes and we all just jam out to the song we all like, finally we pull up to John’s house.
“What’s poppin you guys” he yells and sits in the back, we all jam out in the car once more, headed for a good day at the beach.

Jack’s shout is almost a scream - ragged-edged, prolonged, uncontrolled. Bitty jerks awake. Jack’s sitting up in bed, his head in his hands. He’s sweating, breathing heavily. Bitty eases up to a sitting position beside him.

“Baby,” Bitty says. His voice rings in the silent room. “You okay?”

It’s like Jack’s been somewhere else, and slowly he returns. His head lifts, his eyes focus, and he looks at Bitty as though just realizing he’s there. “Yeah,” he manages, his voice shaky. “A nightmare.”

“Oh.” Bitty lifts a hand and rubs soothing circles into Jack’s back. Jack’s T-shirt is damp with sweat. “It was just a dream, honey.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” His voice still trembles. He’s fighting to control his breath. As Bitty watches, a chill wracks Jack’s body. Bitty’s seen him shudder like that before. This dream must have been something.

He leans in, drops a kiss onto Jack’s shoulder. “Shh,” he says, “it was a dream. You’re safe now.”

Jack lets out a breath. “It wasn’t me,” he says. “It was you.”


“It was that game,” Jack says. “The one junior year. When you– I saw you get hit. I saw you hit the ice, I saw your helmet come off. But in the dream, you didn’t–” Another shudder wracks him.

A swell of emotion sends Bitty’s heart pitching from side to side. “Oh,” he says. “Oh, no, Jack.”

“I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything.” Jack hunches forward, averting his eyes.

Bitty takes Jack’s hand in his own, pulls it over and lays it on his thigh. “Baby,” he murmurs. “That was two years ago. I’m here now. I’m okay. We’re both okay.”

“I know.” Jack tilts his head, meets Bitty’s gaze again. “Thank God.” He squeezes at Bitty’s thigh as though testing to make sure he’s real. “Thank God,” he says one more time, a soft smile coming to his lips.

“Come here.” Bitty lays them both down, tucks Jack’s head against his shoulder. He can feel Jack slowly relaxing, uncoiling inside.

“Thank you,” Jack says, finally.

Bitty pets his arm. “Go back to sleep, Jack. Dream about the future this time.”

“Our future,” Jack murmurs, and Bitty can feel that gentle smile against his neck.

“Yes.” He kisses the top of Jack’s head. “Our future.”

(300 words or less prompts - or just prompt me in general)


I don’t have a single intelligent thing to say about this moment that doesn’t amount to [insert 10 long minutes of incoherent screaming], because holy shit! They have been together for three months, but this little physical affirmation of their relationship clearly means a lot to Jack. He can’t be casual about this; he needs for both of them to actually say the words out loud. I mean, I assume that it was real in both of their heads for a while now, but Jack really just needed that extra little reminder that yes, in fact, this is what Bitty wants. 

Also, how cute is it that Jack wants to give Bitty a miniature version of himself by asking this? He’s asking “will you be my boyfriend,” but he’s very literally and figuratively saying; “Here, I’m giving myself to you. I’m yours.” 


Best songs of the 1980s - #6 - Voices Carry - ‘Til Tuesday

I gotta be honest. I know everybody fucking loves him, but I don’t care much for Quentin Tarantino. No, he had nothing to do with this video, but all his movies feel like the same over the top ‘80s video. I mean they’re awesome in many respects. Great shots. Hilarious dialogue. Whacky stuff always happening. But take this Voices Carry vid. It’s cheesy and over the top 80’s, but it all adds up to a helluva emotional wallop at the end. Nothing Tarantino has ever made has ever made me tear up and spin around the room screaming, “FUCK YES! Fuck Yeah! YOU Fucking go girl!” like this video.
Mostly  with Tarantino I just feel like I’m watching some coke-head jack off to Scorsese. And I have never understood movie violence. Sure, I understand punching Donald Trump in the mouth and sexual games of dominance and submission, but flat out graphic violence and murder is a fetish I just don’t get.

It reminds me of something Socrates said, "Evel Knievel is terrified of death, that’s why he does it. It’s about control.” 

Ya see, Evel is not going to meet death on its terms. He’s gonna rev that old Harley and fling himself into the pandemonium at the Astrodome! It’s a wonderful spectacle, but it’s got nothing to do with you and me. All that noise drowns out this subtle blooming reality. This infinite mystery.
Simple devastating death, perhaps of someone you love. The confusion and grief. You can try and obscure it with the fantastic theater of blood and explosions, but that’s a bunch of childish splashing in a shallow puddle.
So as great as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and as fun as Kill Bill was… I’m tired of Tarantino. Play a different tune dude. Ya been tooting yer own horn long enough.

I just finished watching Mark and Jack play The Forest. WHAT IN THE LIVING FUCK DID I JUST WATCH.

Within the first 30 seconds, Mark was talking about his veiny arms and ‘cranking’ his fingers. 

Thenhe wanted to talk about other places he gets veiny while Jack screamed ‘SEPTIPLIER AWAY’

They thought they sounded racist when they didn’t

They wanted to make a family on the island and Jack was confused how babies would be made.

After that Mark made himself sound racist (as a joke because he is a giant goober)


And to top it all off, Jack called Mark’s noises ‘glorious’… I AM SO DONE WITH THESE GOOBERS STIRRING THE SEPTIPLIER POT, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?

But seriously, this had me in tears with laughter and I am so happy they are just being weird and uninhibited like this, it makes me giggly and excited that they can just be them without worrying about the weird shit they say.

however, Mark, the noises are a bit much. You sounded in pain dude…

Nate/Jack Imagine for wtfwilkinson

“I’m sick of your shit, Nate!” I scream, anger evident on my tomato-red face. “You don’t give a damn about me or this relationship!”

“How can you say that?” Nate scoffs.

“When was the last time you told me you loved me? When was the last time you did something nice for me, just because you could? When was the last time you actually wanted to hang out with ME, not my body?” I snarl, fuming with spite.

“I-” Nate stops, mouth open in surprise. I could almost see the gears in his head turning, trying to come up with a plausible answer. “I don’t know.” He admits, hanging his head.

“I need a break.” I grab my coat and bag, storming off towards the door. Nate grabs my arm, but I wrench myself free. “We need a break.”

“You…you’re breaking up with me? "Nate gasps.

"For now.” I huff. “Let’s see if you pull it together enough, then I might consider taking you back.”

I turn away, stomping towards the door. “Damn it, Mae!” Nate growls, but I don’t look at him. My face has gone red from anger, and I could feel myself breaking. I needed a release.

I pulled out my phone, typing in the passcode and my friend’s number. It rang a few times before he answered, but by then, I could hardly keep the tears from flowing.

“Jack?” I hiccup, one tear breaking away and trickling down my cheek.

“Mae, what’s wrong?” He says, the sound of his voice immediately comforting.

“Nate and I just broke up, I need someone to talk to.” I sob, my voice cracking with pain.

“Come over, I’ll put in a movie and popcorn.” He offers.

“Thanks, Jack.” I smile through the tears. I hang up, easing myself into my car to drive over to Jack’s house. The drive takes less than 10 minutes, due to the fact that i was probably speeding. Oops.

I ring the doorbell, listening to it echo before a barrage of footsteps make their way towards the door. It swings open to reveal Gilinksy in all of his handsome glory, who opens his arms for a hug.

I waste no time, and burrow myself into his chest. He smelled really good, like cinnamon and vanilla. My favorite cologne. His arms wrap tightly around my body, rubbing my back. “It’s okay.” He murmurs, “I’m here.”

After a good few minutes of crying, I release him and step back. My eyes were probably a horrid shade of red, and bags were prominent, but I didn’t care. “What-what movie did you b-bring?” I stutter, wiping my eyes.

“I got a few Marvel movies, I know they’re your favorite.” He smiles cheekily.

“You’re the best.” I lean against him, and he wraps one arm around my shoulders. “Thank you.”

“Mae, can I tell you something?” Jack says, looking up from the movie. I turn to him, pausing the scene so I won’t miss the epic battle between Loki and the Avengers.

“Go for it.” I smile, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“I’m…I’m kind of in love with you.” He admits. My hand freezes, and popcorn travels down the wrong pipe-into my lungs. I cough, hacking it up, before looking at him with wide eyes.


“I know, I know.” He sighs, running his hand through his hair. “I know you just broke up with Nate, but I’ve been in love with you forever. And I just couldn’t go another night without telling you.”

I smile faintly, trying to wrap my head around it. Nothing made sense, except for the fact that I was hurting and in need of love. And since I wasn’t with Nate…it wouldn’t be cheating if I kissed Jack.

“I can’t say that I love you back right now, but…maybe if you kissed me, it might help.” I raise my eyebrows suggestively.

Gilinsky licks his lips, staring at my own, before our lips meet together. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced, not even with Nate. Nate was rough and exhilarating, but Jack was gentle and powerful. He caresses my face, cupping my cheek, and deepening the kiss.

Before we knew it, it turned into a full-blown makeout session. I had never done this with Nate, not with such intimacy and emotion. Thinking of Nate pulled my heartstrings, and guilt welled up inside of me.

Hesitantly, I pulled back, my lips sore and swollen. “I’m sorry, Jack, this isn’t fair to you.” I sigh heavily.

Jack nods. “I’m okay with being your rebound for a while

"It’s just so damn confusing.” I groan. “Nate’s never treated me so gently, so intimately, even while we were..you know.” I stare at Jack. “But I feel like he’s the right one for me.”

Jack sighs with disappointment, obviously trying to cover up the hurt. The, he turns to me. “Look, I’m happy with whatever or whoever you want to be with. And I will always be here for you.”

“Thanks, Jack.” I lean in and press my lips to his one last time, before getting up and driving back to my place with Nate. Hopefully, he left to go out drinking or something.

“Heyyyy babe.” Nate slurs as soon as I walk in. “Missed me?”

I stare at him in disgust, the memory of Jack’s sweet smile still burning fresh. “Have you been drinking?” Stupid question, I know.

“Yeahhhh, waiting for youuu.” Nate giggles. “Y'know, Mae, it’s been a while since we-”

“No!” I snap, appalled. “We just broke up, you think I’m going to have sex with you? Are you crazy?”

“Crazy for youu-wait, whose cologne is that?” Nate stops, eyes narrowed.

I grind my jaw. “Jack’s.”

“Gilinksy?” Nate yelps.

“Yeah. And he’s a better kisser than you’ll ever be.” I hiss. “Coming back was a mistake. I’m crashing at Jack’s.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Nate stumbles towards it, leaning on the wall for support. “Oh, hey man, uh, Mae left her bag at my pl-” Suddenly, the air was filled with the sound of skin smacking against skin. “What the fuck?” Gilinsky yelled.

“You…you kissed my girl!” Nate screamed, punching Jack again. Jack retaliated, slamming Nate against a wall. “Don’t fucking touch her! She’s mine!”

My mouth drops open. “Excuse me?” I hiss dangerously. “I belong to no one.”

“Shhh, Jack and I are having a mo-ment.” Nate shushes. “Get upstairs.”

“No.” I cross my arms. “I’m leaving with jack.”

“What?” Nate gasps. The shock of my statement is enough for Jack to push him away, stumbling out the door. “Why?”

“Because not once has Jack tried to pressure me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with. Not once has he pressed me for answers, and not ONCE has he hit anyone that didn’t deserve it before tonight. You’re out of control, Nate. I can’t be with you anymore, or ever.” I spit, rushing past him. “Go fuck yourself!”

Jack waits for me, right eye turning black underneath the dim glow of the apartment light. “You’re leaving him? For me?”

“I"m not leaving him for anyone. He’s abused me for too long.” I huff. “But I need time before getting into another relationship, Jack.”

“That’s okay.” He kisses my cheek softly, leading me to the car. “I’ll wait for you.”


- despite being Kevin Day, Kevin is still to shy to ask for what he wants
- and this thing between him and Andrew and Neil is still new
- but it’s been consuming him
- and Andrew is the one who picks up on it
- one night he’s jacking Kevin off nice and slow, so slow Kevin feels like he’s losing his god damned mind
- “what do you want?” Andrew asks him and Kevin is confused
- Andrew nips Kevin’s hip bone “I see the way you’ve been looking at Neil, tell em what you want”
- Kevin full body flushes, and shakes his head but Andrew slows down even more until Kevin is about to scream.
- Andrew just looks at him
- “I…. I want him to ride my face” Kevin sputters out
- Andrew grins “was that really so hard?

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“Who did you get all these roses for?”


Jack’s face was absolutely red as he was sweating bullets. Damn it! He had hoped she wouldn’t notice. “I….ummm….you see…” he stammered like a panicking idiot. “Awww hell…” he moaned giving up and lifting the roses up to Cana. “You. Roses. You. They. For.” he was now uttering random words for no reason. ‘Just say it you stupid sonovabitch!’ he screamed at himself in his head. “The roses are for you!” he finally said it hiding his face behind the huge bouquet in case it upset Cana.

Cana gently took the bouquet from him, a smile on her face. “Jack.”  Arms were wrapped around him.  "Thats so sweet, thank you.“  Although Cana was generally not one for valentines day, this year she had begun to see things a bit differently, putting her in a better mood than normal.  "You’re such a good friend."