“Daddy please?” Your daughter begged. “I really want a pony.”

“I’ll think about it.” Jack smiled shaking his head at the four year old. She got up from his lap on the couch and ran back to play with her dolls screaming happily.

“What was it this time?” You asked, sitting next to him.

“A pony.” He replied. “I’ll go look at some tomorrow.”

“Jack!” You rolled your eyes playfully. “We aren’t buying her a pony!”

“But she wants one.” He have you his puppy dog eyes.

“No. Nope. That’s how we ended up with her in the first place. No. We aren’t getting a pony.” You shook your head and he stuck his bottom lip out.

“I just wanna give my daughter everything she wants. Just like I do my beautiful wife.” He whined to you.

“Fine. But not a pony. We can go look at dogs or cats or something tomorrow.” You agreed.

“WHOOO!” He screamed. “Mommy said yes princess!” You laughed and he ran up to his daughters room.


“Daddy?” Your teenage girl yelled from her room. “Can you come help me fix this?”

“I’m making dinner right now (Y/N).” Jack responded. You turned your head from your seat.

“Jack that wasn’t me.” You looked at him and he was in pure shock. His placed the wooden spoon he had been stirring with down and looked at you.

“I thought- but - it was her?” You couldn’t stop laughing long enough to answer him. Just then your teenage girl came down the stairs.

“Dad. The tv in the game room isn’t working. I need you to come fix it.” She explained.

“I’ll be right up hunny.” He smiled at her and she left the room.

“At least she didn’t hear you.” You giggled.

“This would be a lot easier if you both didn’t call me that.” Jack chuckled before making his way upstairs.


“Daddy? Seriously?” You asked Nate laughing. You picked your head up from his lap on the couch to try to see if he was being serious.

“Yeah seriously.”

“What all of a sudden makes you want your to call you that?”

“I don’t know. It makes the fans like Sammy. Maybe it will make the fans like me too.” Nate admitted.

“Nate.” You sighed, your hand finding his and your fingers intertwining together.

“Your fans worship you. Hell, they think you’re one of the sexiest gods on this planet! You don’t need some stupid nick-name to get people to like you cause they already do.” A smile appeared on Nate’s face.

“You always know what to say boo.”

“Yeah well I don’t want anyone calling you Daddy but me.” You smirked over at him and his eyes met yours

“Oh I get it now. You’re just selfish.”

Wilkinson➳ Sam’s hands ran up and down your body, his lips never leaving yours. He picked you up, playing you on the Jack’s kitchen counter. This wasn’t the time or place to be doing this, but when Sammy gets going, there’s no stopping him.

“Oh god Sam.” You moaned lightly as his lips moved from your lips to your sweet spot. He pulled away.

“What did you call me?” He growled, his eyes full of lust.

“Sorry daddy.” You whimpered immediately missing the contact.

“Eww.” Johnson stood in the doorway. “I thought you guys were joking about the daddy kink. Guess not” he left quickly, leaving you and Sam laughing.


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Amnesia part 2 (Jack Gilinsky)

Part 1 A/N: Due to popular demand, I have done this. Enjoy :)x 

“Jack and Jack are back in town." 
You re-read the text over and over again. They were back. He was back. The love of your life, who had crushed your heart, then found someone new, ended it with her, then continued his travels had returned. You hit the steering wheel hard and then rested your head on it, screaming and crying. Why did he have to come back? It was easier to forget when he wasn’t there. 

Your phone began to ring. You picked up after the second ring.
"Y/N, are you almost home?” Your mum asked.
“Um, yeah, I’m pulling up now.” You replied.
“You okay?” She sounded concerned.
“No, I’m fine. I just uh, read something sad.”
“Oh okay, well hurry up. Jack is here to see you.”
You instantly froze. “Johnson?” You asked.
“No, he left a while ago, Gilinsky has been waiting though.”

You quickly parked in your driveway and ran to the front door. You opened and slowly walked in. “Mum, I’m home.”

“Y/N, hey.” His voice. It made you fall in love with him all over again. You cleared your throat.
“Hi, Jack.” Normally you would have made a ‘hijack’ joke, but that was before everything ended.

You two sat and talked for a while.
“Johnson will be back soon.” Jack said.
“Can’t wait to see him!” You smiled. There was then an awkward silence. An elephant in the room.

“We could’ve worked you know.” He suddenly spoke. For some reason this made you mad. He was in your house, after eleven months of not making an effort to see you, yet he had the nerve to say you could have worked?
“Are you serious Jack?” You spat.
“I’m serious Y/N.”
“It’s been eleven months and that’s all you have to say to me?” You raised your voice.
“You left me Y/N, remember that.” He sounded irritated, just then, Jack Johnson entered.
“Only because you were leaving me!”
“Y/N, I would’ve come back for you.”
“I CRIED OVER YOU FOR MONTHS! Jack. I cried over you for months. You didn’t have the decency to call me. That freaking hurts. You were leaving me and you expected me to be okay with that Jack? You were going to break my heart. I had to leave first.”
“I would’ve come back for you.” He whispered.
“DON’T YOU DARE TRY BLAME ME FOR THIS!” Tears began to stream down your face. He stepped forward and pulled you into a tight hug. His arms felt like home. You continued sobbing and he gently rubbed your back and kissed your forehead

After you had calmed down, you sat with both Jacks and reminisced. The bitterness you had felt was replaced with your love for them. “Y/N, we have to go.” Johnson reluctantly said.
“I’ll see you boys around.” You smiled and led them to the door. 
“Do you have our new numbers?” Johnson asked.
“No, let me go get my phone.” You walked over to the kitchen and as you were coming back, you heard them softly talking.

“I love Y/N and all, but why’d you let her win that fight?” Jack Johnson asked. There was brief silence, then Jack Gilinsky replied,

“I would rather lose a fight, than lose her completely.”


okay i know i know i said that i was gonna be writing all of your imagine requests and i will but this just like popped into my head like bAM.

Your eyes watched his every movement from behind the stage curtain. He knew you were watching him and that’s why he was doing what he was doing. His hips thrusted out wards in sync with Jack Gilinsky’s. His hazel eyes trailed over to where you stood and a malicious smile fell onto his lips. Jack stopped singing and the crowd of hormonal teenage were continuing to scream at the top of their lungs.

Sammy reached out and grabbed the microphone from Gilinsky, “Alright, I’m gonna head backstage now! LOVE YOU GUYS!” He said, tossing the mic back and jogging over to where you stood.

His white t-shirt that hung around his bare broad shoulders was taken away and he wrapped his fingers around it.

His arm wrapped around your shoulders as you both began walking back to his dressing room that was shared with Nate, but he was still on stage with the Jacks. It was just you two. In a compact room alone.

He opened the door to the dressing room, allowing you to go in first. You made sure to slightly away your hips as you felt his presence behind you. You could feel his eyes grazing over your body slowly. His hands fell to grip your swaying hips tightly, pulling you back into him.

“You’re such a fucking tease, baby girl.” he whispered, his voice low and husky.

“And like you’re not?” you said, turning around to face him. Courage took over you and you ripped his hands away from your hips, pushing him closer and closer to the closed door with every word you said, “I knew what you were doing out there, you little fucking tease.” you whispered, your arms wrapping loosely around his neck.

Your fingers ran through his sweaty hair. His eyes were watching you closely as you leaned in, brushing your lips against his.

“Teasers become teased, daddy.” you whispered hearing a low throaty from fall from his lips.

His hands gripped your waist once again and he pulled your body even closer if it was possible. Your pointer finger ran lightly across his jaw line, down his neck, and down the center of his torso. You could see that goose bumps underneath your touch.

You hooked both of your pointer fingers into the waist line of his navy blue boxers, tugging on them.

As a throaty groan fell from his lips once again, you pulled away from his touch and turned around walking over to the couch and taking a seat.

“What the fuck?” he said, his voice rough and thick with lust. “Oh no, no, no baby girl. You’ve just started something and daddy’s going to have to finish it.”

Daddy's Little Girl

You and Sammy are now married, Sammy’s 23 and just come home from work stressed out from everything. And Daddy get’s a little frustrated when he’s stressed. And the best way to work out that frustration was from sex.

You hear the front door slam from the kitchen and you automatically knew that Sammy was in a bad mood. He passes the kitchen door screaming loudly for a sandwich and then heads to his office. You, not wanting to make him mad, quickly make him his sandwich and put it on a nice plate and bring it to him. 

Sammy is sitting at his desk, his pants unzipped already, and he’s palming his member. 

“Ah, thank you, now I need you to do me one more favor Y/N.” He says placing the plate by the computer. “Get on your knees and blow daddy.”

You nod your head, pushing your hair behind your shoulders and out your way and pull down his pants a bit more to get better access. You slide off Sammy’s boxers and then watch his length come out before you. He was already hard from palming himself and was a solid nine inches. 

You kiss his tip and lick his shaft, staring at him through your eyelashes so you can make sure you’re giving him the satisfaction he wants and needs. 

His jaw opens a bit and you take him all in, letting your hand pump the parts you can’t reach.

“That’s bullshit.” Sammy says pushing you off him. He stands up and grabs you by the arm tightly, shoving you against the nearest wall. Sammy could be angry but he was never usually this angry.

“I’m sorry Daddy please don’t hurt me.” You say whimpering. Usually this would solve the problem, but not today. 

“No, Daddy is going to give you what you really deserve because you won’t give your best. This is a life lesson Y/N, always give your best.” He says darkly. He takes his length and shoves it in your mouth once again. He holds your head at either side and starts guiding it up and down him, making sure that you get all of his length, triggering his gag reflex. 

“Fuck” He mutters, moving his hands from your face to your hair, making a makeshift ponytail and shoving your mouth even farther onto his dick. Eventually Sammy becomes a moaning mess and starts humping your face, making you choke. 

“Yeah that’s right baby girl, choke on Daddy’s dick.” He say’s roughly. He thrusts into your mouth a few more times before coming and finally lets go of you and sits back down in his chair.

Always give 100%”

#252, he has tears in his eyes.

Jack: He hates fighting with you, he honestly does. There’s screaming, shoving, mocking, and he hates it all. Especially when it’s with you, and it gets so bad that you have to run to your room and slam the doors. It feels like he’s been punched in the mouth 15 times over. Now he’s sitting on the couch, head in his hands. He finds himself with tears bridging his eyes, trying to sort it all out before he even begins to try to apologize.

Finn: You’ve just given him the news, that you’ve been expecting for a little while now. The lump in his throat forms nearly instantly, and he kinda feels like he’s on top of the moon. He drops to his knees, lifting up your shirt to put both hands on your stomach. He plants kisses all over it, the tears welling at the brims as he looks up at you. “I love you,” he stands up, kissing your lips as many times as he can. “I love you so much.”

Dan: Because you’re walking down the aisle, and holy shit, you’ve never looked more gorgeous. Your hair is in curls cascading over your bare shoulders, eyes wide as you walk towards him. He feels the goosebumps underneath his suit, and the tears collect in his eyes. When you make it up to the altar, looking at him straight in the eye, he feels his stomach clench and release, one or two tears spilling over. “You look beautiful.”

Phil: He’s had butterflies in his stomach for the past 24 hours that he’s decided to ask, and now he’s here in the middle of a restaurant with an engagement ring on your finger and a tears in his eyes. He was honestly sure you were gonna say no, and his hands were shaking while he asked, but now he sees how ridiculously happy you are to be there with him, and he is looking at you like exactly what you are: his future wife. 

Let go. Chapter 1

“What the hell was that?” Nash asked inside of Carter’s room. All of the boys were staying with him for fun for about 2 weeks. “The girl that lives next door,” they could hear screaming from the girls room, “if you ask me shes just a dramatic bitch.” Carter said not even looking up from his phone. “Carter thats not funny you know her family has a lot of issues.” Matt said lifting his head from his laptop screen. “Is it like this a lot?” Cameron asked while everyone but Carter and Matt were looking worried at the closed curtains. “Yeah, I mean when ever I am over it’s like this.” Matt said looking back at his laptop. “You fucking assholes I hate you!!” they all heard from behind the curtains. “Oh my god this is horrible!!” Aaron said walking closer to the curtains. “I wouldn’t open those if I were you.” Carter said finally looking up from his computer screen, “she will scream at you”. It was too late Aaron flung open the light grey curtains the only things that separated the guys and the girl next door. 

Cameron’s POV

The girl was pacing back and forth in her room running her hands through her hair. She had brown hair that was about half way down her back, she was kinda tall, and was to be honest was really attractive. Hayes being the idiot he was said “Hey are you okay?” She turned exposing her running mascara, her eyes were puffy and red from crying and just looked at us in confusion. “Carter who are these people?” She sounded nice enough I wonder why Carter hated her so much. “They are my friends, I ’m sure you don’t know what thats like ,Alex, to have friends over.” Did he really just say that? “Bro too far!” Nash said from the other side of the room. “Yeah what the hell man?” Shawn said looking absolutely grossed out by Carter. “It’s not my fault she’s a total bitch.” Carter said loud enough for her to hear. She lifted her head from her hands. “Your an asshole Reynolds!!” she screamed at Carter. “Takes one to know one!!” Carter yelled back at her. “Bro calm down.” I said walking closer to the window where I stood in between Shawn and Nash to get a better look at what was going on. All of us were crowded around the window to look into Alex’s room. “Fuck what is even happening?” “What’s happening is I am being abandoned for the next 3 months.That’s what is happening!!” She said closing the curtains but leaving the window open. “What the actual fuck?!” I said walking over to Carter. “I don’t know she’s insane” “Why were you so rude to her? And what was that whole abandoned thing about?” I screamed at Carter, he didn’t even look up. Nash grabbed his phone out of his hands. “Bro seriously” Nash said. “We’ve just never gotten along okay? And her mom is probably going on a tip with one of her boyfriends.Can I have my phone?” he said like a ten year old. “Fine here you ass."Nash said throwing Carter’s phone at him. "What the fuck guys why are you being so bitchy?” “That girl is in there crying about her fucked up family and you are making jokes about her having no friends?” Hayes said. “And not to mention shes hot as fuck!!” Nash said looking at Carter like he had betrayed him. I turned and looked at Nash in sock and so did the other guys. “Guys come on we were all thinking about it.” Taylor said. “But actually Carter I know you hate her but wow.” Matt said. “And not to mention-” I was cut off by Jack ans Jack walking into Carters room. “We have the,” Johnson said but then lowered his voice when he saw us all towering Carter, “food.” “What’s going on?” Gilinsky said walking over to us holding the TacoBell bags. “Well-” Aaron started but was cut off but the noise of glass shattering. “Was that from Alex’s?” Carter asked. “Fuck!!” I said running out of Carter’s room.

Kisses And Dares - Jack Gilinksy Imagine

I had just finished singing at a magcon event, and everyone was applauding for me. I took my seat on the floor, because it was time for the “question session” that we did. It was when fans asked us questions and we answered them.

The fans asked pretty basic questions. For example; how tall we were, our favourite colours, and stuff like that. The greatest question had popped up in my head.

“I have a question for Jack Gilinksy” I spoke. 

“Jack, kiss the prettiest girl in the room, on the cheek” I laughed. 

All of the fans screamed in excitement, hoping it was them. I waited for Jack to get up and search the crowd, but he didn’t, instead he kissed me on the cheek. 

“Jack I meant a fan!” I laughed. 

“You are a fan of me right?” he laughed

We had finished the show and the meet and greets, so we were all piled up in Carter and Matt’s hotel room. We talked and laughed until Jack had to go to the bathroom. Once Jack left Matt immediately turned to me. 

“You do realize that Gilinksy is madly in love with you, right?” he questioned me in a serious tone. 

“No, he doesn’t” I laughed.

 “Fine, if you don’t believe me I’ll just ask the boys” Matt retorted. 

“Hey, guys, does Jack like Y/N” Matt asked. 

Everyone responded with nods, and a “yes”. I started getting angry, I know that it is a fact that Jack does not like me. 

“That, is not true, he does not like me, and you know that!” I said in frustration

We were heading to our hotel rooms, when Jack stopped me. “hey, um, Y/N?” he asked. 

“Yeah” I answered. 

“Do you want to maybe go out on a date with me sometime?” he asked.

I guess everyone was right, Jack did like me. 

“Sure, of course I will!” I squealed. 

This was the start to a beautiful relationship

A/N: I know it sucked, I tried though.



Cameron Dallas

“Cam where are you” you screamed “Cam this isn’t funny we just watched a scary movie don’t do this”

You head the floor boards creek and you got really scared, but before you could see what it was, the lights went out. “CAM!” you yelled horrified “CAM I SWARE TO GOD IM LEAVING IF YOU DON’T COME OUT NOW” Annoyed and scared you turned around and you felt someone grab you. Before you knew it there were lips on yours and you knew who they belonged to. Cameron Dallas.

“Cameron” you yelled

“Yeah babe” he said like nothing just happened

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I wanted to scare you”

“Cam you know I hate being scared” you said crossing your arms, he was now holding you bridal style. Even though you were scared, you never felt safer. He walked over to turn the lights on, never letting you touch the floor. Then he went to the living room and sat down on the couch. It was impossible to stay mad at him because he would flash you his signature smile and puppy eyes, and everything would be ok. But not today. You wanted him to feel bad. You were sitting on his lap, but you got up and moved to the other side of the couch.

“Oh I see what we are doing” he told you “And if you think you’re going to win, your wrong”

He went to rent a movie and he went to the scary ones. You hated those the worst. You grabbed a pillow and held it closer than possible. You could feel him looking at you but you stared at the screen. Knowing what was going to happen he put his arm up onto the back of the couch and was waiting for you to come over and put your head on his neck. But still, you wanted to win, so you didn’t move. Holy shit… I’m not ready for this… I can’t do this. It’s all a joke, you know that he is just wants you to come crawling back, but you can’t let him win.

About a half hour into the movie you thought you were ok. You watched the screen and two hands clapped twice then it went back. You practically dove into Cam’s arm which was still inviting you in.

“I knew that you couldn’t stay away” he told you. You didn’t say anything but just stared horrified at the screen. “Babe, I’m sorry” he said begging to you. “I would never let anything happen to you and you know that”. You started to feel bad “Was I that bad?” You looked at him and smiled.

“Cam, you could be the biggest asshole in the world, but I would always be proud to say that you are my asshole.” You both laughed and he cupped your face and pulled you in closer. You ran your fingers through his hair and held onto his neck, you could feel him show his emotion, showing that he would never want to scare you. Never leave you alone. Never ever want any other person to love you like he does. But you wanted to prove a point, a point that would stay with him, making him know to never scare you again. So without warning, you pulled out. “Babe why would you do that” he asked

“Just wanted you to know what happens when you scare me” you said teasing him

“OK! Ok how do I fix it?” he asked smirking

“I don’t know… just don’t do it anymore”

He laughed and grabbed you pulling you into a warm hug, and before you knew it an amazing snuggle on the couch watching the notebook and never being more grateful than now.  


sorry if its bad… somone wanted a cameron one :) 

I just finished watching Mark and Jack play The Forest. WHAT IN THE LIVING FUCK DID I JUST WATCH.

Within the first 30 seconds, Mark was talking about his veiny arms and ‘cranking’ his fingers. 

Thenhe wanted to talk about other places he gets veiny while Jack screamed ‘SEPTIPLIER AWAY’

They thought they sounded racist when they didn’t

They wanted to make a family on the island and Jack was confused how babies would be made.

After that Mark made himself sound racist (as a joke because he is a giant goober)


And to top it all off, Jack called Mark’s noises ‘glorious’… I AM SO DONE WITH THESE GOOBERS STIRRING THE SEPTIPLIER POT, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?

But seriously, this had me in tears with laughter and I am so happy they are just being weird and uninhibited like this, it makes me giggly and excited that they can just be them without worrying about the weird shit they say.

however, Mark, the noises are a bit much. You sounded in pain dude…


- despite being Kevin Day, Kevin is still to shy to ask for what he wants
- and this thing between him and Andrew and Neil is still new
- but it’s been consuming him
- and Andrew is the one who picks up on it
- one night he’s jacking Kevin off nice and slow, so slow Kevin feels like he’s losing his god damned mind
- “what do you want?” Andrew asks him and Kevin is confused
- Andrew nips Kevin’s hip bone “I see the way you’ve been looking at Neil, tell em what you want”
- Kevin full body flushes, and shakes his head but Andrew slows down even more until Kevin is about to scream.
- Andrew just looks at him
- “I…. I want him to ride my face” Kevin sputters out
- Andrew grins “was that really so hard?

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Nate/Jack Imagine for wtfwilkinson

“I’m sick of your shit, Nate!” I scream, anger evident on my tomato-red face. “You don’t give a damn about me or this relationship!”

“How can you say that?” Nate scoffs.

“When was the last time you told me you loved me? When was the last time you did something nice for me, just because you could? When was the last time you actually wanted to hang out with ME, not my body?” I snarl, fuming with spite.

“I-” Nate stops, mouth open in surprise. I could almost see the gears in his head turning, trying to come up with a plausible answer. “I don’t know.” He admits, hanging his head.

“I need a break.” I grab my coat and bag, storming off towards the door. Nate grabs my arm, but I wrench myself free. “We need a break.”

“You…you’re breaking up with me? "Nate gasps.

"For now.” I huff. “Let’s see if you pull it together enough, then I might consider taking you back.”

I turn away, stomping towards the door. “Damn it, Mae!” Nate growls, but I don’t look at him. My face has gone red from anger, and I could feel myself breaking. I needed a release.

I pulled out my phone, typing in the passcode and my friend’s number. It rang a few times before he answered, but by then, I could hardly keep the tears from flowing.

“Jack?” I hiccup, one tear breaking away and trickling down my cheek.

“Mae, what’s wrong?” He says, the sound of his voice immediately comforting.

“Nate and I just broke up, I need someone to talk to.” I sob, my voice cracking with pain.

“Come over, I’ll put in a movie and popcorn.” He offers.

“Thanks, Jack.” I smile through the tears. I hang up, easing myself into my car to drive over to Jack’s house. The drive takes less than 10 minutes, due to the fact that i was probably speeding. Oops.

I ring the doorbell, listening to it echo before a barrage of footsteps make their way towards the door. It swings open to reveal Gilinksy in all of his handsome glory, who opens his arms for a hug.

I waste no time, and burrow myself into his chest. He smelled really good, like cinnamon and vanilla. My favorite cologne. His arms wrap tightly around my body, rubbing my back. “It’s okay.” He murmurs, “I’m here.”

After a good few minutes of crying, I release him and step back. My eyes were probably a horrid shade of red, and bags were prominent, but I didn’t care. “What-what movie did you b-bring?” I stutter, wiping my eyes.

“I got a few Marvel movies, I know they’re your favorite.” He smiles cheekily.

“You’re the best.” I lean against him, and he wraps one arm around my shoulders. “Thank you.”

“Mae, can I tell you something?” Jack says, looking up from the movie. I turn to him, pausing the scene so I won’t miss the epic battle between Loki and the Avengers.

“Go for it.” I smile, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“I’m…I’m kind of in love with you.” He admits. My hand freezes, and popcorn travels down the wrong pipe-into my lungs. I cough, hacking it up, before looking at him with wide eyes.


“I know, I know.” He sighs, running his hand through his hair. “I know you just broke up with Nate, but I’ve been in love with you forever. And I just couldn’t go another night without telling you.”

I smile faintly, trying to wrap my head around it. Nothing made sense, except for the fact that I was hurting and in need of love. And since I wasn’t with Nate…it wouldn’t be cheating if I kissed Jack.

“I can’t say that I love you back right now, but…maybe if you kissed me, it might help.” I raise my eyebrows suggestively.

Gilinsky licks his lips, staring at my own, before our lips meet together. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced, not even with Nate. Nate was rough and exhilarating, but Jack was gentle and powerful. He caresses my face, cupping my cheek, and deepening the kiss.

Before we knew it, it turned into a full-blown makeout session. I had never done this with Nate, not with such intimacy and emotion. Thinking of Nate pulled my heartstrings, and guilt welled up inside of me.

Hesitantly, I pulled back, my lips sore and swollen. “I’m sorry, Jack, this isn’t fair to you.” I sigh heavily.

Jack nods. “I’m okay with being your rebound for a while

"It’s just so damn confusing.” I groan. “Nate’s never treated me so gently, so intimately, even while we were..you know.” I stare at Jack. “But I feel like he’s the right one for me.”

Jack sighs with disappointment, obviously trying to cover up the hurt. The, he turns to me. “Look, I’m happy with whatever or whoever you want to be with. And I will always be here for you.”

“Thanks, Jack.” I lean in and press my lips to his one last time, before getting up and driving back to my place with Nate. Hopefully, he left to go out drinking or something.

“Heyyyy babe.” Nate slurs as soon as I walk in. “Missed me?”

I stare at him in disgust, the memory of Jack’s sweet smile still burning fresh. “Have you been drinking?” Stupid question, I know.

“Yeahhhh, waiting for youuu.” Nate giggles. “Y'know, Mae, it’s been a while since we-”

“No!” I snap, appalled. “We just broke up, you think I’m going to have sex with you? Are you crazy?”

“Crazy for youu-wait, whose cologne is that?” Nate stops, eyes narrowed.

I grind my jaw. “Jack’s.”

“Gilinksy?” Nate yelps.

“Yeah. And he’s a better kisser than you’ll ever be.” I hiss. “Coming back was a mistake. I’m crashing at Jack’s.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Nate stumbles towards it, leaning on the wall for support. “Oh, hey man, uh, Mae left her bag at my pl-” Suddenly, the air was filled with the sound of skin smacking against skin. “What the fuck?” Gilinsky yelled.

“You…you kissed my girl!” Nate screamed, punching Jack again. Jack retaliated, slamming Nate against a wall. “Don’t fucking touch her! She’s mine!”

My mouth drops open. “Excuse me?” I hiss dangerously. “I belong to no one.”

“Shhh, Jack and I are having a mo-ment.” Nate shushes. “Get upstairs.”

“No.” I cross my arms. “I’m leaving with jack.”

“What?” Nate gasps. The shock of my statement is enough for Jack to push him away, stumbling out the door. “Why?”

“Because not once has Jack tried to pressure me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with. Not once has he pressed me for answers, and not ONCE has he hit anyone that didn’t deserve it before tonight. You’re out of control, Nate. I can’t be with you anymore, or ever.” I spit, rushing past him. “Go fuck yourself!”

Jack waits for me, right eye turning black underneath the dim glow of the apartment light. “You’re leaving him? For me?”

“I"m not leaving him for anyone. He’s abused me for too long.” I huff. “But I need time before getting into another relationship, Jack.”

“That’s okay.” He kisses my cheek softly, leading me to the car. “I’ll wait for you.”

Captain Jack
  • Okay, so think of this:when captain Jack got undressed by All those robots, where did the little gun come from?? POCKET DIMENSION UP HIS ARSEHOLE MOTHAFUCKA!!! So, from this we can imagine that Ianto never actually died in Children of the Earth, he is actually up Jacks arse, he has a little kitchen and a summer house and all that and when Jack needs a shag, out pops Ianto head first. Once he's finished, back he goes and everyone can just hear muffled screaming. It's like Hermione Grangers bag up there. I mean, the library's great.
Anon Jack Gilinsky Imagine

“Y/N!! The Jacks are coming over!!” Your brother, Aaron, yelled from downstairs, interrupting your studies. “You make it sound like I should care!” You screamed back, quickly getting up and stripping out of your sweats. “ oh please! The crush you have on Jack G is almost seeping out of your pores!” This made you freeze, before running down the stairs, buttoning your pants. “Is it that obvious?” You ask, your eyes wide in fear.

Aaron laughed, shaking his head, before choking out, “I’m just your brother. It’s obvious to me.!” You sighed in relief, before glaring at Aaron. “ I hate you sometimes. I almost cried!” You pushed his shoulder lightly, before laughing with him.

“ Yo bro! We’re here!” You heard the deep voice of Jack G in your foyer,  making Aaron smirk. “We’re in the living room!” Your brother shouted, giving the boys a ‘bro hug’ when he saw them. “Hey Y/N!” Jack J greeted you, giving you a side hug. “Hey!” You smiled at the blond boy before being pulled into a warm, strong chest. “Y/N!!!!!!” You blushed, hugging Jack G back. “Hey Jack!” You laughed.

A few minutes passed by, and you were getting drinks for everyone. You picked up two, before walking into the living room, and handing them to the Jacks. “Y/N LIKE JACK G!!” Aaron shouted, clicking when you punched him in the shoulder. “ You DICK!!” You looked at Jack G embarrassed, a crimson blush flooding your face. “ I’m sorry Jack…” You whispered, turning around to go up the stairs, before feeling a grip on your wrist. “I like you too Y/N.” Jack’s deep voice gave you chills as he turned you around and kissed you. His plump pink lips on yours sent shivers down your spine, and you kissed back.

“Will you be my girlfriend Y/N?” He asked shyly, his gorgeous brown eyes looking into yours, a nervous smile on his face. “Definitley.”

~hope you like Anon!

“Who did you get all these roses for?”


Jack’s face was absolutely red as he was sweating bullets. Damn it! He had hoped she wouldn’t notice. “I….ummm….you see…” he stammered like a panicking idiot. “Awww hell…” he moaned giving up and lifting the roses up to Cana. “You. Roses. You. They. For.” he was now uttering random words for no reason. ‘Just say it you stupid sonovabitch!’ he screamed at himself in his head. “The roses are for you!” he finally said it hiding his face behind the huge bouquet in case it upset Cana.

Cana gently took the bouquet from him, a smile on her face. “Jack.”  Arms were wrapped around him.  "Thats so sweet, thank you.“  Although Cana was generally not one for valentines day, this year she had begun to see things a bit differently, putting her in a better mood than normal.  "You’re such a good friend." 

You were jogging one Saturday morning just to clear your head. You stopped at the park to catch your breath for a second. All of a sudden you felt a hand slap your ass. “Hey bitch, you look like fun.” You turned around and saw an ugly man with a creepy grin on his face. “No fucking way. Back up.” You said taking steps back yourself. “Ooh. Feisty. I like them like that.” You felt two strong arms wrap your arms from behind you. You screamed. “I’m here to help.” A different voice whispered low enough in your ear so the man couldn’t hear you. “Why are you bothering my girlfriend?” You leaned back into the boy’s strong arms. Praying that the boy meant good. “Because douche bag. She was here alone and I’d love to stick-” the arms left your waist and one fist connected with the man’s mouth. “Don’t you ever talk to my beautiful girl like that again. You foul piece of shit.” The guy was clutching his nose on the ground. The boy took your hand and led you away. “I’m glad I stopped.” He mumbled. He led you to his car and opened your passenger door before getting in the driver’s seat. You were shaking with fear. The boy put his arm around your shoulder and rubbed your arm reassuringly. “I’m Jack by the way. Jack Johnson.” “Y/n. Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done. I don’t want to know what he would’ve done.” You shivered. He leaned over and kissed your temple. “I couldn’t have my girlfriend getting hurt.” He said with a wink. You smiled. “My superman.” You said and laughed harder. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

A/N: I know a lot of people don’t jog for fun but I just had the idea. I know I don’t jog period lol

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mormon brendon jacking off and moaning quietly and he doesnt hear you come into his room and u just freeze and watch and he doesnt notice until he tips his head back and to the side and sees u and screams and jerks and hes so freaked and scared ur gonna get weird or tell his parents or smth so hes like close to crying and u just shush him and ur like "b stop its ok you were hot anyways" and he stops and hes like "wait what"

I hope it ends with you jerking him off and he’s so blushy and cute and he doesn’t really know what to do or react except for the quiet whimpers he can’t control