You WISH your parents were this dramatically cool.
These faces embody the exact amount of fucks that are given. Which is 0. 

Had to stretch my coloring hand while working on this comic but since I have about a month to finish I wanted to get something out there before completely burring myself in it. 
So here’s some cool Sci-fi, bloody lip, chain smoking Rick and Bon Bon. 

The New Year is right about the corner. Hopefully something special is in store in it for me :) 

Hopefully you like it. :D
Feedback appreciated! 

If Luke survived episode 5:

Bonnie and Mike: let’s steal the truck and all the supplies and leave them behind.

Luke: ok but how about we don’t do that?

Bonnie and Mike: oh ok. 


random fancasting memethe walking dead game (bonnie, mike and arvo).

Listen, we just gotta get away from that guy, Clem, okay? Just be quiet, Clem, please.


((I was bored and i’m ‘’blocked’’ for the comic (fallen angel) and i wanted a new lockscreen for my phone… So yeah? I find it pretty (Not beacuse it’s mine, is only good for my standards and i like it) on my phone! So, be free to use this on your own phone! ^^
And if you want a particular lockscreen like this above but with another character just tell me! Don’t be shy! I don’t bite! k? C’ya! <3))