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Just take a pic from far away like others did and…

That’s a reflection on the fan, disrespecting the person they claim to admire. If Chris was at Disney with only Ashley Fink, who is another celeb, that’d be a different thing. They would likely take photos with fans. Today, however, he’s got his sister, father, aunt and other family members with him and he specifically asked for no photos. Of course a sneaky fan is gonna grab photos from afar, but to post them publicly?  And for reputable blogs to reblog them? I think that’s wrong. To say “but everybody does it” doesn’t make it right. 

Chris Colfer Thinks Hillary Clinton is ‘Extraordinary’

Chris Colfer spends a day off at the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland – with a pal on Wednesday (August 17) in Anaheim, Calif.

“Always and forever, the happiest place on earth. I love you @Disneyland!” the 26-year-old actor and author shared on Instagram from his visit.

In a recent interview, Chris opened up about his political views and how they’d changed.

“Being a child in the ‘90s, I grew up in a very conservative household. All of my family were Republican — they’re still Republican. Our dinner table arguments should be filmed, because they’re so hysterical,” he shared.

Chris added, “She [Hillary] was constantly on the news for being ambitious. I remember even as a kid people were labeling her as, ‘How dare this first lady be ambitious?’ like it was a negative quality. And I remember seeing how many times she was publicly told, ‘No, you can’t do that. No, no, no.’ And she always said, “Yes, and…Yes, and…’ I remember as a kid secretly looking up to her. I think she’s quite extraordinary.”