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Undyne probably shouldn't be playing D&D

*You… you enter the shop. Several weapons are on display.

*I buy as many spears as my money will allow.

*Undyne… that, um, wouldn’t be a good idea, you‘d exceed your inventory weight limit… by, um, like, 23 times?

*Alphys, I suplex boulders for fun. Do you really think a weight limit would drag me down?

*Yes, but like, your character in the game isn’t you. You can’t just buy 500 spears. I’ll just move on if you’re going to , um, argue with me like that. What will you do, Papyrus?


*papyrus… i don’t think that’s how it works.

Special thanks to @grand-empress-of-quelf for being my D&D Resource!

First of all, The US Federal Reserve Bank is not US. It is made up of a bunch of international,
rich guys from all over the world. The second thing, it is not federal. It’s not a US entity…
Third, it has no reserves. There is nothing there. And fourth, it’s not a bank. So that’s why
when I talk to people who need to really understand the new rules of money, which really
began to take effect in 1971 when we were allowed to print money for the rest of the world,
is understanding that this here is causing the rich to get richer and the poor and the middle
class to get poor, but more importantly, the lower middle class is almost getting wiped out…
And the reason the troubles have started, again, is the US Federal Reserve Bank is not US,
it’s not federal, there’s no reserve and it’s not a bank. So if you understand that, then you
can start to hedge your position rather than save money.
– Robert Kiyosaki, Conspiracy of the Rich: http://www.slideshare.net/joseramirovivar/conspiracy-of-the-rich-robert-kiyosaki-41976903

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that is owned and operated by the Rothschilds. http://theglobalelite.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/OWNERSHIP-OF-THE-FEDERAL-RESERVE.pdf

Browse videos on the Federal Reserve here: http://globalelite.tv/category/federal-reserve/

Read articles on the Federal Reserve here: http://theglobalelite.org/category/federal-reserve-news/


Dear Rick,

Hi, I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. From your letter, it sounds as if you have friends in far away places.

I do have a job now. I sweep, mop and clean windows in the prison gym. I earn about $25.00 per month. After I pay for my cigarettes, I have about nothing left for writing material. The prison will not allow anyone to send in envelopes, stamps, paper, or books. However, they do allow money to be sent in, money orders are preferred.

I’ve been wanting to buy a word (over ->) processor (sp?) that retails for about $500.00. It would give me something constructive to do for a change. It would also make my letters easier to send. Seeing how much it costs, I’ll probably never save up enough for it on my $25.00 per month job.

Well Rich, say hi to all of your long distance friends.

Sincerely, J.D.

Source: http://lettersfromserialkillers.tumblr.com/

Book blogging

So i’m new to the book blogging world, and I have been hearing that there is a stigma against book bloggers’ that get their books from the library and not buy them. This makes me nervous to continue blogging about books because I get most of my books from the library. Being in college and having to pay bills leaves me little money to buy books. I’m thankful for my local library for allowing me to save money and still be able to read the new releases.

I’m going to be real stupidly sentimental right now but here goes. I bought Rocket to Russia with allowance money at 11. But before that, my parents thought it was adorable when I would sing along to “I Wanna Be Sedated” from my car seat on my way to ballet lessons, or whatever. I LOVE the Ramones. They are the foundation to my taste in music, they pander to my ADHD riddled brain with a penchant for short songs and endless energy. I’d be a lot different now if I had never listened to them. Their origins reside so physically close to mine that it almost feels like fate, like a common energy and GPS locale set me up to be this way. I won’t ever know what it is, but I’ll always know it is important.

Realizing why I’m fucked up

When I was growing up and wanted something I had to create a keynote/power point presentation with reliable sources to convince my father to say yes.
I remember being 11 years old, creating charts and thinking that it was normal to sign contracts after holding a 20-60 min presentation and negotiating why a new phone was important to me. Apparently it wasn’t that normal.

My brother and I didn’t have any chores, but we had to compete in chess every Friday afternoon for at least 1 hour. We obviously got money for playing but the winner got a bonus depending on how many moves it took.

The first card game I was taught is poker. We started playing with swedish fish as chips but it slowly evolved to money and allowence.

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woah, so I really am an Anidala shipper but what I just read:"Your telling me that padme. Both a Queen and a Senator couldn't just buy Anakin's mom and give her a nice condo in Coruscant where she can live in peace and Anakin would have a better peace of mind." And that is true to be quite honest.

Oh hey it’s me again. I forgot that there wasn’t really any romance between them when they first met on Tatooine. *sigh*

Oh yeah I’ve never thought about that before. I’m sure there is a reason why she couldn’t. Maybe she wasn’t allowed to use the money from Naboo for personal stuff? I’m not exactly sure. 

Does anyone else have anything to add to this? Feel free to reblog and add:)

i am so mfn sick of ppl acting lik piracy is outright bad or even “complicated.”

let’s say these are your two options:

1. dont buy the thing cuz you have no money. also do not look at or hear the thing. do not have a free-to-make copy of the digital thing

2. pirate the thing. have a copy that u were never gonna pay for ever anyway

what’s complicated?

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"I`ve heard good things, I wouldn't expect any less, Brook." (She intends to follow along. Never had enough money to attend a concert before.)


   And so, Mali’s private concert has begun,
    as the ‘Bone to be Wild’ blared at
    a full volume.
    Souls dancing; people becoming
    extremely happy, may or may not
    be the job of his bizarre powers.

I’ve been having doubts about social work recently. I’m afraid I won’t be good at it or that I won’t really be able to help anyone or make any change. I thought I was set on my psych/soci double major and grad school for social work. But what if I don’t get into grad school or have the money for it. I thought about changing to poli sci/public policy double to either work for a non profit or on a small campaign kind of thing. Like, that’d be amazing. But I still want to do one on one work where I try to help people. Idk. I’m worried that I won’t make enough money as a social worker. Everyone says that money doesn’t matter, but it does. I refuse to live the way my mom has to. I’m terrified of being poor for the rest of my life. I’m so lucky to be at college. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my dad. But my brothers dad abandoned him, not that he has any money or any worth whatsoever (he’s human garbage). So I really want a job where I can put away money to help him through college. I’d like to be able to save money so I can take him to Disney when he gets bigger and send him abroad one summer and get him a lap top for school. I want to be able to give him things he deserves and things other kids can get. I’m just terrified of picking a career that doesn’t allow me to be financially secure. I don’t even know how much money that takes. Like, what’s it like to be “financially secure”? How much money do you have to make to live comfortably? I don’t even know any of that. Thanks high school!

I’m not even ready for a child yet but I know I want one and just because my girlfriend and I both are registered as ‘female’ I already have to worry about how we’ll be able to have this kind of family years in the future. I’m so, so mad.
No, I’m sad actually.

My girlfriend’s ‘step sister’ told a guy she took the anti baby pill, got pregnant just to not have to work and her son is so cute and he’s just precious, but she gives him coke and juice to drink and never brushes his teeth. Like this boy has no teeth at all for the rest of his life and he’s not even three.

Why is she having a child and we’re going to have to fight so hard for it? She just fucks a random dude, who cares, and has the sweetest sunshine of a child and she mistreats him so much. I wish I was ready and I wish I could take him away from her and give him the love he deserves. Even if that thought makes me a bad person.

I know I shouldn’t think like this but sometimes it’s just so hard on me. I don’t want to have to fight like that… I know life isn’t always fair, but I’m just scared I guess…


Valentine’s day.Oh how all but 1 straw hat member loved it. Zoro just thought it was about the chocolates and nami reaping everyone dry of their allowance money because she,his crush and Robin want chocolates being the only girls so they give chocolates to the guys knowing on white day March 14th they have to give white chocolates and white related gifts. Your (H/c H/s) Waved in the wind as you walked up with a small chocolate box.He was blushing but growled when sanji walked up. “Oh ____ It’s fine if i take Zoro’s. You see he doesn’t like chocolate.” You got upset but Zoro quickly grabbed your chocolate. “Idiot..yes i dont like chocolate but i also dont like seeing her cry! So if she gives me chocolate ill eat it for her.” You smiled as he ate the chocolate but paled a little at ‘nami’s reminder’. “So Zoro, What are you giving her for white day?” ‘Damn it..’ he knew he was trapped now.

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