So for whatever reason I decided to go back and transcribe Percy’s letter to Vox Machina. Needless to say, tears were shed. Again

Major spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

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Since I started sharing fanfiction, many people have suggested that if I published original fiction, they’d be interested in buying it! WELL, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

A Glimmer of Hope by Nina Waters (aka unforth on AO3 and FF.net) is a brand new, never-before-shared urban fantasy novel!  This book is already written, the purpose of the Kickstarter is to cover publishing expenses!

Gregory Adalwin’s life ended the day in 1746 when his liege lord, Duke Haribert Schultheis-Königsmann, was murdered. With everything he’d spent a thousand years building in ruins, Gregory set out to wreak vengeance on those who had killed the Duke. He didn’t expect to survive. Yet, a century after completing his revenge, Gregory is somehow still breathing. He wastes his days in an alcoholic stupor, clothed and fed and housed at the sufferance of Teyrngar Gwehydd. The only things that get him out of bed are the vodka that Mstislav Alkayev sneaks to him and the prospect of spending time with the beautiful pixie Yermolai Praskovya. No one remembers who Gregory is, no one knows him, and no one cares about him. After how Gregory failed his Duke, he deserves nothing more, or so he thinks until someone tries to kill him, and Gregory is confronted by a stupefying question: who on earth could possibly give enough of a damn about him to try to kill him?

Interested? Tempted? Wondering how you can help? Well, you can buy in to the Kickstarter, but if money is an issue, you can reblog and signal boost! You could win a free copy of this book in E-Book format! How?

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Supporting this project helps a young, talented, barely-published author (…that’d be me…) who is cis-female, gray-ace, in a same-sex marriage, and white. Characters come from diverse backgrounds and most are QUILTBAG of some kind. The romantic side plot is male/male. So if any of that sounds like your thing, you might want to check A Glimmer of Hope out! This is the first book in a trilogy but can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel with a “happily for now” ending. Content warnings are included on the Kickstarter page.

Thanks for your help and support, everyone! Once again, here is the link to the Kickstarter, and I hope ya’ll will consider backing it! 

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tell me about Irish wolfhounds (please)

A terrible wolf prowled the countryside, decimating herds of deer and sheep alike. The great beast ate more than its fill, and turned at last to human quarry.

A sad hound, full of anger and desire for vengeance, came into the forest and howled till the horned god of the hunt came to him.

“Faithful servant,” said the god. “What do you ask of the wild hunter?”

“The teeth of a bear, the hide of a boar, and the swiftness of a great stag.”

“This is a powerful blessing, hound. What have you to offer as payment?”

“My heart and my soul, lord. My loyalty and tenacity, everything a dog can give, in its deepest measures.”

The loyalty of a good hound of course is priceless, and the god agreed and the bargain struck. The hound was given a steel trap for his fangs, a thick bristled hide, and the speed of a great elk as it leaps over the moors.

Such gifts were more than enough to slay any wolf, and the hound beat the beast and it’s kind back. The hound holds his end of the bargain well, and when the hunt is over and the quarry growing cold, he turns to a pious and gentle attitude and goes about his business in a monk like state of quiet and worship.


So I was tagged by @metaladdiction to post 4 albums that I’ve lately listened to (thank you very much!)

Here we go:

Turbo -  Kawaleria Szatana

Savatage - Power of the Night

Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance

Chasar - Chasar

I tag (if you don’t mind): @dutchthrashman @steelheart-80s @steelforce97 @crawlinginvomits @captin-metal-head @ride-the-storm @highway-rider @highwaywitch @ourlovebecomeafuneralpyre @bacon-with-a-side-of-souls @beelzeb0ng @bierserker @claudia-warner @crawlinginvomits

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How would a fusion between Duke and Foxy look?

Well I can’t imagine what kind of insane situation would force them to fuse, but it would certainly be one of the weirder fusion dances in the history of fusion dances.

They would be like…the epitome of the crazy royalty from books.  They’ll literally give you gold ingots for doing them a favor, but would also use those diamond claws to rip your throat out for minor percieved insults???  

They appreciate the finer things in life, like lounging on thrones and driving REALLY FAST and VENGEANCE.

Do not advise, please do not let these two fuse.

((all that gold and the diamonds and rubies took me forever LOOK AT HOW SHINY THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS))

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V: ... You aren't Donatello... V: Who are you and what did yuo do with him? V: I demand answwrs. [electricity-and-vengeance] ((hello there do you mind if I join this ..? :'D))

((Go right ahead! :DDD))

Sheriff: CHILL

Sheriff: I put him to bed, he’s curled around a pillow. The guy will probably sleep for 12 hours straight or something.

Sheriff: So you’re “|V|” huh? Wow, you two text a lot. :Dc


IMAGINE: The Mikaelson family thinks you’ve betrayed them, and in turn, kills your girlfriend. However, they find out later you are innocent.

You couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed most mornings after she was gone—after the girl you loved was gone. You saved their asses, you gave them safety and support, and still they didn’t believe your claims. You didn’t stick up for yourself either, knowing you could worsen the situation and they would react the exact way they did. You would at a club every night with your girlfriend, where you also first met, and after the last two weeks went by you were sick of getting condolences from customers and your workmates. 

You pushed yourself to move on, however. You were working double shifts, and you even picked up a second job when night shifts weren’t good enough. You didn’t eat or sleep, trying to keep your mind busy, and out of despair or vengeance. As for the Mikaelsons, they were not about to apologize for what they’d done, until they found out you had no part in the situation at hand. Marcel had pointed out you weren’t even in town at that point in time. They realized what they’d done with much regret on their minds.

 You were working at Rousseau’s on the weekend, as Elijah found out, and that’s where they decided to start. “You’re fucking kidding right?” you spat. The minute an apology fell from their lips, the anger you’d been avoiding for so long had blown up. “You killed my girlfriend. You publicly disowned me as your friend and now you’re sorry! Do you know how many times a day I get people’s condolences or their pity? Do you know how alone I am? This is the last time we ever speak. Do you understand me?” you shouted in whisper. “Y/N-” “Do not say you’re sorry. It goes beyond that, Elijah. You know that,” you interrupted Elijah. You looked at Klaus, not about to try your patience. “As for you, you better figure out what the hell is wrong in your brain, because I’ve never met a man so ignorant that he’d kill an innocent to prove a point. Both of you need to leave,” you said, trying to keep your fury on a leash. “We will make this up to you,” Klaus assured you sincerely. “Yeah? I doubt that,” you replied as you went straight out the back exit. 

The Mikaelsons continually tried to squeeze back into your good interests, but it was far from happening soon. Perhaps you would miss them, but you would never apologize for not forgiving them or letting them earn your trust ever again.

i know i talk abt vengeance in cloudland all te fyciing time but out of every song it continues to be my Ultra Fave out of every single song ive ever listened to and thats saying smth and its literally a masterpiece and its just SO GOOD I LOVE VENGEANCE IN CLOUDLAND ITS ME..

Kickboxer: Vengeance - Il ritorno (2016) film completo

►►Clicca qui per vedere … !

Trama del Film:          Eric e Kurt Sloane sono i discendenti di una ben nota famiglia esperta di arti marziali. Da sempre nell'ombra del fratello maggiore Eric, Kurt non ha ma dimostrato di avere l'istinto necessario per trasformarsi in un campione. Nonostante le preoccupazioni di Kurt, Eric accetta un'offerta vantaggiosa e parte per la Thailandia allo scopo di sfidare il campione Tong Po. L'incontro ha perГІ conseguenze fatali e in Kurt matura il desiderio di vendetta, cercando gli insegnamenti di Durand, il mentore del fratello.

Samuel L. Jackson first met Marlon Brando when he sneaked up behind Jackson and started reciting his famous speech from Pulp Fiction. They exchanged numbers, Jackson called, and he discovered that Brando’s calls were always filtered by someone pretending it was a Chinese restaurant, because only people who were supposed to have the number would think to ask for Brando. Source