They tell you they love you for the first time...


“I have to tell you something” Darry whispered with a slight grimace on his face, he wringed his hands nervously. This was a side of Darry that you had never seen before. “I understand if you don’t accept it.”

“Darry” You whispered sweetly, trailing your fingers down his cheek. “Just come out with it, baby”

“I love you…” He trailed off, looking down awkwardly.

“You love me?” You mumbled, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “How can you love me?”

“How can I…?” His head snapped up as he gave you a stern look. “Y/N, you’re so strong and you’re so passionate. You’re nothing like me, you’re soft and gentle and I hurt people without even meaning to. You’re not afraid of anything.”

“I’m afraid of everything, Dar.” You wrapped your arms around his middle, looking up into his eyes. “I’m afraid of not being with you. I’m afraid that everything that makes me happy will be torn away from you… and you, you make me the happiest that I have ever been. I love you too”


“Y/N, I have to tell you something?”

“Hmm?” You hummed as you cut up the vegetables. You were at the Curtis house making them dinner, Darry wasn’t going to be back for hours and you knew that if Soda or Pony tried to cook dinner they’d more than likely burn the house down. “What is it Soda?”

“I love ‘ya.” He said mumbled.

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t hear that” You put down the knife and you turned to face him. “What did you say?”

“I said that I love you.”

“Oh” You said as your breath hitched. “Oh… um, oh”

“You already said that” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Never mind, just forget that I said anything.” He went to walk away, only stopping as I grabbed at his arm.

“Soda wait, look at me” As he turned, you grabbed his cheeks, pressing your lips to his. “I love you too”

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Imagine the Company’s angered reaction to you striking up an unlikely friendship with Lindir in Rivendell

Anonymous as requested. || imagine

 “This…?” you blinked at the small brick Lindir had pressed into your palms. The rest of the company, who had been content to awkwardly waddle about and shoot suspicious looks as Lindir withheld you, peered round your shoulders. About as wide as a hand, the thing was neatly wrapped in patterned, cream-colored paper and tied with a thin piece of grass-green twine.

“Tea,” the elf chirped, a small smile lighting up his face. “The kind we shared in the gardens? I recall you enjoying it.”

(“When did this happen?” grumbled one of the dwarves by your ear.)

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i want the logical conclusion of oblivious!wynonna to be her finding out, immediately putting together all the previous pieces in her head, realizing that literally everyone else knows, and trying to play it off as if she knew all along.

“pffft, yeah well everyone knows you’re dating, duh” *wild arm waving that is probably supposed to be casual*

“oh yeah?”

“uh, totally” *slight grimace that probably is supposed to be convincing*

@uziregar can we take a moment to talk about how painfully awkward namjoon was when he kissed the statue and like can you imagine the first time he kissed jin and tbh there’d been so much build up until that point, so much awkward and not at all subtle flirting, and jin’s pulse is racing because wow this is actually happening!??! and namjoon’s eyes are so, so soft and fond and relieved because he’d finally realized that jin’s okay with how namjoon’s palms get sweaty when he’s nearby, and how he stumbles over his words, or stares sometimes a little too closely and when their lips finally meet, it’s warm and wonderful and achingly sweet–

–and then jin pulls back, slight grimace on his face and says, “yeah… we’ll work on that.”


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by screamsintothesun

“I-“He licks his lips and looks up at Lance. God his throat hurt, and talking didn’t help. “Please don’t make a big deal out of this. I don’t need everyone worrying about me.” He takes a slight pause to grimace as he swallows “I can take care of myself, Lance.”

“Really, Keith? I don’t want to dampen your independent spirit or anything, but it doesn’t even look like you can stand by yourself.”

Keith is sick and stubborn and Lance is a good boyfriend.

Words: 2029, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ckVwEB

Author: alternater34lity
Summary/Prompt: Just a little something I wrote for a Drabble request a while back where someone gets hurt, but she won’t tell and Morgan sees through it. Any and all suggestions welcome!! I would like to improve my writing and if you guys like this I will write more in the future ^_^
Rating: Rated T for some swearing, and idk how long :3 (honestly though, if you guys could review it I would love you forever!!)

Pretty fluffy, kinda gets dark??

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It was late at night, but did that matter to the chocolatier? Not at all. In fact, this was the time when he was most inspired to work on all his latest candies and chocolates.

This night was the night to work on a line of truffles. Some people just couldn’t settle for good and simple chocolate bars, or even bars with flavors. They wanted little balls of chocolate, some with filling and the whatnot. That’s why he was just a tad irritated at the sound of something falling over the wall. Something to interrupt his work was a bad thing no matter what.

Trudging down and out to see what exactly had fallen, he noticed that the Oompa Loompas were starting to head for their beds. He happily waved goodnight before going back to being slightly irate about something distracting him. Luckily, it was a bit warmer than usual that night, but he still put on his sunglasses. Light sensitivity was the reason for that. Violet eyes scanned around with a slight grimace to follow, looking for anything that could resemble something fallen down.

Dry Those Tears ((Ayakane))

In the suburbs of Tokyo a mission was taking place.

Ayato Kirishima breathed deeply as his kagune let out shard after shard, GIs falling victim to his wrath.

“Ayato,” A voice whispered cooly by his shoulder.

Surprised, the boy turned quickly only to be met by a familiar one eyed ghoul.

Feeling a slight red tinge his cheeks beneath his mask, Ayato grimaced.

“What?” he asked, dodging a bullet being that came flying towards him.

“The GIs in the east sector have been taken down,” Kaneki reported, his silvery white hair glinting with specks of blood.

“Okay, send the surviving ghouls out to the west.”

Nodding in a swift reply, the ghoul rushed from his partner, spreading the message through the ranks of fighting ghouls.

Though the mission was meant to be simple, things were escalating and the rage of war seemed to painting down on the shoulder of every investigator and ghoul.

As Ayato continued to fight, he felt his energy drip slowly away, leaving him slightly exhausted.

Slipping away from the battle, he managed to creep to a dark alley to take a much needed breather.

‘Damn,’ he thought, cursing the direction of the battle.

Though the ghouls were winning, the many ghoul casualties were bearing down on him more than he cared to admit.

“Running away so soon?”

Startled, Ayato felt a yip escape his lips before he was pinned down by an unfamiliar rinkaku.

“What the hell!”

As Ayato struggled against the wall and the kagune, he cursed his low RC and energy.

“Who the hell are you?”, he asked, struggling to see his captor.

“Oh, I’m hurt that you’ve forgotten me,” the mysterious voice cried, feigning hurt.


“You’re the betrayer?”

A feminine laugh caressed Ayato’s ears as Nico stepped out of the shadows.

“Oh my. Darling, how good it is to see you! So a-dor-a-ble,” Nico cooed, earning a harsh glare.

“Shut up traitor!” Ayato barked, once again struggling to escape Nico’s kagune.

“Its no use. You have no energy darling. You see, I did not betray you, per say. I merely assisted in the coming of a fight that was to come,” Nico explained, a tight smile masking his features.

“F*** you.”

“The GIs were extremely grateful for the information regarding the Aogiri mission plan. Everything is going splendid!”, Nico giggled, unhindered by the rot of death and massacre around him.

“You know, I was suppose to kill you, but I could always play with you first,” Nico winked suggestively, stroking his rinkaku against Ayato’s pale face.

'Let me go you disgusting freak!”, Ayato screamed, panic setting down on him.

Disgust crackled through his bones as Nico caressed his face, lips pressing onto his neck causing him to shudder and close his eyes in hatred.

Just as Nico was about to kiss him, Ayato was shocked to hear a velvety voice cut through the crisp air.

“I don’t think I want you to kiss Ayato before I even get a chance tell him how cute he looks in his uniform,” a familiar voice said with irritation.

“Kaneki,” Ayato muttered, relief drenching his voice.

“Yes, Kaneki,” Nico sniped.

“Mm. Now, Nico, may I please ask you to put Ayato down before I get angry?”, Kaneki asked, hints of rage slicing through his normally nonchalant demeanor.

“Hm?Maybe. Actually, no.”

Ayato gasped as Nico’s rinkaku speared him through the stomach, soaking his energy and strength away even further.


With a rapid speed, Kaneki shot out his own kagune and wrapped it around Ayato’s dangling waist, successfully un-spearing the barely conscious ghoul from Nico and pulling him towards the furious white-haired ghoul.

“Kaneki”, Ayato found himself whispering when he was held in the older ghoul’s arms.

“I’m sorry,” Kaneki whispered while gently laying a small kiss on the boy’s forehead.

As Kaneki laid him on the ground, Ayato felt small tears breach his eyes as he shook and thought of, strangely, his father.

He was so lonely, lonely in his confusion against his papa, lonely in his false hatred towards his sister, and lonely in his hated love towards a certain Kaneki.

While Ayato continue to convulse, Kaneki had turned toward the other ghoul with a murderous look in his grey eyes.

Nico smiled and licked the blood off his kagune.

“Mm, delicious. Want a taste?”

Yelling, Kaneki shot out his own rinkaku and fought to spear Nico.

As he dodged and attacked, Kaneki couldn’t help but worry about the sapphire -haired ghoul behind him.

His precious and strong-willed Ayato, hurt once again.

When the fight was completed, Kaneki had successfully pinned Nico against the wall, a glare melted onto his face.

“Disgusting. Traitor. You’ve hurt him and now, I’m going to hurt you.”

Wrapping his rinkaku around Nico’s kagune, Kaneki pulled as hard as he could and was satisfied to hear the sound of the muscle being torn from Nico’s back.

A harsh screech escaped Nico’s throat as he felt his back being ripped apart violently.

When the blood dripping affair was completed, the ghoul was slumped on the ground, dead with his pathetic kagune draped in his lap.

“Pathetic,” Kaneki spat at Nico before turning to face Ayato.

“Oh Ayato.”

Stepping towards the boy, Kaneki sighed and picked Ayato up in his arms, a sad chuckle on his lips.

When Kaneki finally reached the Aogiri dorm he and Ayato shared, he opened the door and laid the injured ghoul on the bed.

Sighing, he gently eased off Ayato’s boots and took of the unconscious boy’s shirt to check his wounds.

Carefully skimming his fingers over Ayato’s pale back, he clenched his teeth in anger as he studied the gaping wound in Ayato’s stomach, which was thankfully beginning to heal itself.

After an hour passed, Ayato escaped his tomb of unconsciousness and looked down with a headache at a certain ghoul sleeping against him, a protective arm around Ayato’s waist.

“Kaneki Ken,” he breathed, stroking the ghoul’s hair.

Woken by the movement, the aforementioned lifted up his head, his eyes dazed with sleep and relief.

“Ayato?”, he asked before lifting up the boy and pressing him against the wall.


“Thank goodness your-”

A pair of cool lips stopped the words from slipping away from his mouth, and as soon as he got over his shock, Kaneki found himself kissing back with just as much force.

Lips, tongues, skin, gasps. A collection of relieved emotions pointed out of him and threatened to crush Ayato.

“I love you,” Kaneki whispered.

“I love you, idiot.”

Another You And Me

A/N: The lovely @destiel-carry-on-my-wayward-sons asked me to write a story based on this really cute giftset; so credit to the creator! I hope you enjoy :)

Dean and Castiel looked around the suburban street with pure confusion. One moment they had been facing Balthazar alongside Sam and now they were somewhere completely unfamiliar. They had been conducting interviews for their latest case when the Angel had jumped them.

“Something isn’t right” Castiel stated as he looked around at the children playing and the cats roaming and the people tending to their gardens. 

“Yeah” Dean agreed. “This place looks so…perfect” he said with a grimace and a slight shudder.

“Yes, but there’s something else." 

"You think we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto?” Dean asked. “Balthazar does seem to have a fetish for screwing with our reality.”

“Yes. This isn’t the world we are used to” Castiel affirmed. “The whole structure feels different. I’m not getting any Angel radio but my grace still seems to be intact. I don’t think Sam came with us either." 

"Great so you can just mojo us out of here” Dean said. “We’ve gotta get back to that Limey bastard before he does anything to Sam." 

"No” Castiel shook his head. “Balthazar sent us here because there is something he wants us to see. He won’t let us return until we figure out what that is.”

“Great. Well where do we start looking for…whatever it is we’re looking for?” Dean said with exasperation as he looked around the street. “Cas?” He said with the Angel didn’t reply. 

He looked around and saw Castiel walking slowly towards the house that they were stood closest to. It was almost like the Angel was in a trance; Dean frowned as he followed after him.

Castiel travelled up to the doorstep of the house with the perfectly mowed lawn, decorated windows, and blue door with a knocker.

“We have to go in here” he said firmly.

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MY FACE!! I said I would maybe… Show my face. Because if you’re going to Vegascon and you recognize me or spot me and say hi- I’m going to have lil gifts to give :)

You can’t find me if you don’t know what I look like though. I don’t always have that slight grimace I promise.

When she had entered the room and done a quick scan, it was obvious Leo wasn’t there yet…. unless he wasn’t going to show.  She doubted it, but the thought crept in there. She went to grab her food and went contemplated whether to sit in the empty table she had this morning, or the table where their little adventure had started.  Both were currently empty and decided it was better to settle in the place they had originated.  Quips to say of their invisible friend went through her mind although she didn’t feel any were funny enough to start a conversation with.  She focused on her food briefly, a slight grimace at the sight,“ I would kill for a corn dog right now…..”

«“This is what the TARDIS gave me, Doctor. Something tells me we’re not where you wanted to take me.” 

The Doctor huffed in indignation, threw open the door, then grimaced. “Ah, well, a slight miscalculation. I’ll just– ” He slammed the door shut and turned to make his way back to the console, but Rose stopped him with a hand on his chest. 

“Nope! I’m not wasting this outfit! The TARDIS clearly wants us here. Please, Doctor?” Rose dusted some invisible lint off his tie and gave him the doe-eyed look she knew he could never refuse.

He looked at her briefly, ran a hand through his hair, and sighed in defeat. Rose grinned. 

“Fine, but if we get into trouble,” [the Doctor] said, pointing his finger at her, “don’t come whinging to me, Rose Tyler.”»

- Catching Flowers, by @goingtothetardis (Chap.1)

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Thirteen: Your muse gets a lap dance from mine

Raiden was.. uncomfortable to say the least at his new ‘friends’ request but he couldn’t say no. putting back another shot he turned to the woman a slight grimace on his face as he glared at her. “I really hope this it worth is Sombra.”

Taking a few step towards the woman, he straddled her as she sat on the chair, his arms extending out past her neck resting lightly on her shoulders. Slowly he began to grind his hips against hers, running a hand through her hair playfully. He felt humiliated.